4:312 “So...the one hunting us is...?” by AGhostInTheMachine
“So...the one hunting us is...?”


“A foe we cannot hope to ever defeat,” Seated on a log across from Tyrus, Feylin asked all the questions he could think of. All around them, more of the Morphs, as the hyena called them, were preparing for a move; they had to move to a new locatio

2:1356 Trunk one by psto1464
Trunk one. You pull on the costume in a blind rage. Without clearly looking at it. Familiar pain strikes you down to your knees as you body changes and transforms into fuck knows what. Once again a black hole appears and swallows you whole. This time you didn't pass out. Instead, you felt apart

1:1409 To the city by Quuentong
You quickly begin to race down the other side of the dune and weave your way towards the city, checking to make sure that you are on the right track every now and then. About halfway through your journey, you come across a scorpion the size of a small dog. It seems hostile and your suspicions are qu

4:311 Can't Remember by AGhostInTheMachine
“I...don’t know. Can’t remember anything, and I can’t think of anything...”


“Hmm...let’s call you, Feylin.” A rather confusing name, that earned Tyrus a look that matched it. “You’re a Feline-Morph; Feylin’s rather suiting.” And that just left even more questions,

1:1404 Months Later by Kolaghan
Several months later Bast and you go back to check on the pride. You find them living in a large cave. It has been so long that you aren’t even sure which of the sphinxes were tourists and which one was the guide. They all seem content with themselves, two of the sphinxes are eating some meat whil

1:1408 Get moving by Quuentong
It takes you an hour of searching the hall where you had spawned to come to terms with the fact that you will be stuck here for awhile. Now that you think of it, this experience has also been far more realistic than any other virtual reality game that you have played in the past. Never before have y

4:310 Hyena Male by AGhostInTheMachine
...for one, male...but also anthropomorphic as well; head that of a hyena’s, with fur covering him as well, though his was dark brown and spotted. He also wore a brown loincloth made from plant fibers, and in hand, he held an obsidian tipped spear.


Overall, he looked like another lost

2:1354 A cabin by psto1464
You woke up once again around dawn. Which had become your routine in this pass two weeks. You were a bit groggy at first. Your body creaky from sleepy on the hard stone path. Blinking a few times cleared your vision and you thoughts.


“The cabin!” You shout pushing your body up despit

1:1407 Journey Into The Sands by Quuentong
You have just put on your virtual reality headset in order to play the new hit game, Journey Into The Sands. It is supposed to have a vast array of characters to choose from and very detailed graphics. When you first look around, you notice that you seem to be standing in a ruined temple. The optio

2:1358 Robot Pilot by catprog
The scene before you changes. Standing before you is a human.


"How much do you remember from before?" they ask.


"From before what?" you ask.


They nod. "This is expected. You are now the pilot of one of our defense robots. As a side effect

4:309 Feline Female by AGhostInTheMachine
He felt a dull, throbbing pain across his entire wasn’t fun in the slightest, and no matter how much he tried, he remained painfully aware of it...but pain was a good thing, from what he learned from his work. Pain was something good, in times of crisis.


Pain meant he was sti

1:1403 Back home by Kolaghan
“Well, I hope you learned from that!” Bast remarks, stretching out on the couch.


“I uh, I think I did? Can we turn back to normal now?” You ask bashfully.


“What do you mean, my host? We are- ah! Your chosen form. Of course…” Bast sighs, slowly reverting your sh

2:1353 Keep following by psto1464
The next day continued as much as the first. Some carvings changed as you start to pass berries and fruit trees. They were marked with an x or a circle. The system was easy to understand x's were bad and circle's good. You hum as you picked a hand full of berries as you walked. Whomever yo

1:1402 A new leader by Kolaghan
“How did… What in the…?” The lioness looks at Bast for answers.


“It can talk?!” Squeals one of the sphinxes who quiets up the moment Bast shoots him a glare.


“Do not worry my child,” Bast retorts, placing a hand on the lioness’s shoulder. “These sphinxes w

2:1352 Keep Going by psto1464
Worn from yesterday's break down. You walk along the waters edge, not because your hope has returned. Or your anger at yourself as wane. It is simple because you have no clue what else to do. You were far from home and the idea that you could never return to it. Reigned like a dark cloud over y

1:1401 Sphinx by Kolaghan
“Merciful?!” Yowls the former guide, “you’ve turned us into monsters, freaks!”


“Ah, you say that now, but you all have yet to see the extent of the gift I’ve given you.” Bast retorts with a knowing grin. “You all are now members of a special pride of lions, modeled afte

2:1351 A few more days by psto1464
Still, no sign of human life. No clues to your way home, but your steadily marching on. A diet of water and raw fish left you with some stomach trouble. You manage to overcome it with most of your dignity intact because at least no one saw you.


While fishing a larger, much more aggressiv

1:1400 Female? by Kolaghan
One by one each of the men feel their backs snap into place. They wince, feeling their spine realign to stand on all fours. The small consolation of being able to stand comfortably does not come close to making up for the fact that fur is slowly growing over their arms and legs. The guide starts to

2:1350 Food by psto1464
What kind of jungle didn't at least have banana's?! You woke early with the grey light of dawn barely peaking out. Not that you wanted to or even that you thought to get a head start. Your stomach woke you. Water did not fill your stomach, well it could but it wasn't the same! Crumbli

2:1349 Recovery by psto1464
Spending a day and night unconscious in a mud trail that ran along the river wasn't your idea of a good time. You did feel better for it though, all well that ends well. Isn't that how the saying goes? Unsure if you would be lucky enough to find another source of water and not wanting to r