2:1657 Think about a password by Driftingdragon
“G-A-M-E” you typed. A red screen flashed on the display; you jumped at a response, and then tried typing another password in “F-U-R-R-Y” You said aloud as your fingertips stomped hard onto the tiny little keys. Once again “WRONG” showed up. To your surprise, a timer began to countdown,

2:1669 Rollin’ On A River IV by Hollowpages
Suffice to say, your suggestion has both women staring at you with similar expressions - somewhere between incredulous and questioning whether you’ve lost your mind. You merely shrug at their stares, since it isn’t like you have a whole lot of other choices to work off of right now.


1:1573 Schooled IV by Hollowpages
After a pause of thinking over what you wish to do, you admit that, while you are somewhat eager now to see what else you as a selkie can do, you want to be smart about this whole ordeal. Rushing into things… that’s what got you into this predicament in the first place.


‘I think I

2:1656 no touch by Driftingdragon
You figured that this wasn’t quite your field of expertise, so you continued to figure out what you could do to unlock the device. Since finding the piece of paper was an absolute failure, you figured that the next thing you should do is to see if there were any clues left on the computer itself.

1:1576 (Wet) Wild Hearts by Hollowpages
You hesitate for a moment to really mull this over - and by a moment, that means about ten seconds, since you ARE still submerged underneath the water and all. And, keeping in mind the fact you are not a water-breathing creature even with the magic of shapeshifting, you decide quickly.



2:1655 tinker by Driftingdragon
You looked at the inner workings of the sophisticated machine through the transparent glass pane on the side of the computer. Your curious eyes looked at the latches holding the hardened glass window and a sudden urge came over you. Instincts took over as your textured paw pads stuck to the glass; f

2:1651 GUARDS by Driftingdragon
“Guards! Guards! Come quickly!” You yelled without even thinking of the consequences, you began to call your guards to the scene. “What is it princess?” They asked you, your advisor didn’t even have the chance to interject before you began to address the enormous muscular protectors. “Th

2:1668 Rollin’ On A River III by Hollowpages
“Alright, let’s get the show on the bloody road,” Erin says. She seems worn out from all the excitement, and you can’t say you blame her.


“Hold on a moment,” you say. Your mind is racing as you come to a decision on what you feel could work the best. “Instead of you limping

2:1654 stop looking by Driftingdragon
That was it, you were too tired, you had given up looking for the wifi password. Regardless, the computer’s build seemed to fascinate you more than you could have imagined. Despite the fact that the room you found yourself in was nothing more than ‘shanty’, as if it was the kind of motel-type

2:1653 Surf the web by Driftingdragon
Left to your own devices, there wasn’t much you could figure to do. Freelancing wasn’t something they taught in your school prior, and even then, what kind of job could a bit- uhh, an individual of your stature do in order to make some money around here. “He said it was by the paper…” You

2:1667 Rollin’ On A River II by Hollowpages
You stand there near the river for a long few moments of relative silence, beyond the sound of your heart beating and the river itself, of course. You admit, you don’t know what to expect when they come falling down from the waterfall - your mind is ablaze with different questions, most of which a

2:1665 Castle by AIDungon
A looming castle sits on a hilltop, dark and ominous against the moonlit night sky. Tall, sharp spires cast long shadows across the land, while the moonlight reflects off the small bits of armor that encrust the battlements.


You take flight, unfurling your majestic wings of flame. From y

2:1652 Freelancing by Driftingdragon
The strange man’s options didn’t seem appealing to you, despite this, you knew that you couldn’t just sit around doing nothing in particular. Or maybe you could? Maybe it was another option? With such endless choices at your disposal, you may never know the life you could have lived. Anyway, i

1:1575 Wild Hearts II by Hollowpages
You aren’t the sort of person that’s ever actively gone hunting before. The concept of hunting doesn’t frighten you or disgust you, by any means, but, you admit that you have a hard time visualizing yourself killing a creature, especially when it’s NOT with bare hands - no, this would be bar

1:1572 Schooled III by Hollowpages
After a moment longer of pondering over the options you’ve been presented, you decide on which you’d rather learn about to start with - time feels like it’s on your side, regardless of the decision you make, and you see no reason to worry about it otherwise.


‘I think I’d like t

2:1648 Confusion by Driftingdragon
“I know what we can do!” you said before whispering to your guards. You grabbed a pint of ale and ran out onto the stage, just as the stranger finished his speech. You took over the lectern and began to speak as the applause died down. “And with that! My people! We party!” you raise your gla

2:1649 Let finish by Driftingdragon
You and your advisor took a moment to let the stranger continue. No action was taken until the roar of the crowds’ applause echoed far and wide through the kingdom. Only then was it the right time for you to make your move. The stranger gave a modest bow and began to walk towards you. From behind,

2:1650 GO IN FOR THE KILL by Driftingdragon
You spent some time watching his every move. After a few hours had passed, you realized it was time for the fancy dinner to ensue. Without hesitation you brought the stranger into the mess hall. Never taking your eyes off your mysterious counterpart, you made sure to sit as close to him as possible.

2:1647 Send away subtly by Driftingdragon
After a moment of thinking, you opened your mouth to speak. “Okay. I think if he’s as dangerous as you thought he was, then we should definitely take care of him. I’m afraid that it may be too late in terms of allowing him a platform, so at this point maybe we should play our cards smart. “W

2:1646 Listen by Driftingdragon
You decided to listen to what your advisor had to say about him, even though you were slightly annoyed by his unentertaining tone, you figured it was best for your kingdom that you took the time to see this from all sides. “Princess. Do you see those jewels on his clothes?” you took a moment to