6:712 Vixen Costume by -
Daniel's heart continued to race as he was led through a series of sterile corridors, his footsteps echoing against the cold linoleum floor. The haz-mat-suited figure remained silent, their grip firm on his arm. His mind raced with a mix of anxiety and uncertainty about what awaited him.


2:1933 Approach the seals. by Drifting Dragon
You decide to approach them. You could hear their barking together and after you got a bit closer- when you started to really focus your hearing on their banter, it started to sound like english to you. Before long, you started to make out what they were saying. “Yeah. The fish nowadays just arenâ

2:1951 Cleaner by -
The guard's greeting is cordial as he leads you through the corridors of the data vault building. His attention shifts between the identification card in your paw and the holographic interface that acknowledges your presence. The neon lights within the building create a cool, ethereal ambiance

2:1932 Take note of the location and continue. by Drifting Dragon
You were particularly freaked out by what you had noticed, but you took note of the shape of the iceberg sticking out of the water over where you had found the bodies. After looking at the sun and noticing that it was starting to set, you realized that it would be a better idea to not meddle in this

1:1689 Stance(Quadraped) by -
You turn your attention back to the character selection screen, and only one option remains: 'Stance.' Your curiosity piqued once more, you select 'Quadruped' without hesitation.


As you make your choice, your body undergoes another transformation. It's a gradual

2:1931 Try Taking the body out. by Drifting Dragon
You try multiple times to try breaking the ice but it seems almost futile. You would pop back up to the surface multiple times until you were almost completely exhausted. Still you tried over and over again, desperate to break off some ice blocks with the specimen inside. You were making some progre

6:711 Caught by -
As he continued to observe, a noise behind him made him freeze. He turned slowly, his breath catching in his throat as he met the gaze of one of the haz-mat-suited individuals. The figure stood in the duct entrance, their expression hidden behind the mask of their suit. Panic surged through Daniel a

2:1930 Dive deeper by Drifting Dragon
As you plunged into the ocean, the feeling of the ice cold water was almost relieving the deeper you pierced into the water. You could feel your body cutting effortlessly through the ocean as you continued to swim. Somehow, you never felt this alive in your life- maybe it was just the cold water on

6:710 Duct Infiltration by -
The journey to Area 50 was nothing short of an adventure. Daniel had heard of the place before, a rumored government facility hidden away from public view, shrouded in mystery and conspiracy theories. He wasn't entirely sure if the place even existed, but he figured it was worth checking out fo

2:1929 Achieve Id by -
On the third night, as the neon lights of the cyberpunk city begin to cast their vibrant hues upon the streets, you find yourself standing once again in the presence of the anthro cat. His form emerges from the shadows, his eyes gleaming with a mix of intrigue and satisfaction. There's a sense

2:1928 Dreams by -
In the realm of dreams, a vivid tapestry unfolds before your closed eyes. You find yourself in the cyberpunk city once more, but this time, your perspective has shifted. You're no longer an anthromorphic rat navigating its streets; instead, you're a male human, your form blending seamlessl

2:1927 Scavenging by -
As the anthro cat's presence fades into the shadows, a sense of contemplation lingers within you. The weight of his proposition and the implications of his knowledge about the hidden journal have left an indelible mark on your thoughts. You find yourself standing at the precipice of a decision

2:1926 The Hacker by -
With a belly partially full from the discarded food you scavenged, your thoughts turn to the challenge of acquiring an identification in this cyberpunk city. As an anthromorphic rat, you've realized that blending into society isn't as simple as it might have been in your human life. The bo

2:1925 The Second Night by -
s the gentle rays of the setting sun begin to filter through the hidden corners of your apartment, your body stirs from its slumber. You awaken with a sense of clarity, your mind still steeped in the memories of your human life yet knowing that those recollections are fleeting, like dreams slipping

2:1924 Secret Journal by -
With the first light of dawn coloring the sky in delicate shades of pink and gold, you descend from the heights of the Megatower, leaving behind the mesmerizing cityscape that you've come to adore. As you navigate the labyrinthine alleyways, you find yourself drawn to a hidden corner of the cit

2:1923 Cyperpunk by -
The moment your nimble paws touch the rain-slicked pavement, a rush of exhilaration courses through your veins. The city's cyberpunk charm envelopes you, its neon-lit streets beckoning you to explore its secrets. You dart through the bustling crowds of humans, androids, and fellow anthromorphic

2:1922 Rat by -
You stand before the mirror, the rat costume draped over your arm. Its worn fabric feels strangely alive beneath your touch, as if it's whispering secrets only you can hear. Curiosity gets the better of you, and with a shrug, you decide to try it on. The moment the fabric envelops your body, a

2:1921 Rhino by -
As you step through the creaky door, you're met with an unexpected sight. The room is filled with an array of colorful and meticulously crafted costumes, each one resembling a different female land animal. Zebra stripes, leopard spots, and even the elegant antlers of a deer adorn the outfits th

4:385 Sphinx by -
As you pass through the portal, the space between realities becomes a kaleidoscope of colors and sensations. You feel weightless, as if you are floating through an endless expanse of cosmic energy. Time loses its grip on you, and the concept of past and present blur together.


The colors

1:1685 Dragoness by -
The ground grows smaller beneath you, replaced by a panoramic view of the sprawling kingdom below. Your heart races, a mix of fear and regret flooding your veins. How did a moment of arrogance lead you to this perilous predicament?


"Get me down!" you demand of the genie, your v