6:714 Robotic Tiger by -
Daniel found himself in a sterile, dimly lit room that seemed to be part of the hidden complex beneath Area 50. The walls were bare, and a single metal table dominated the center of the room. His heart still raced from the encounter with the haz-mat-suited individual, and his mind raced to make sens

2:1939 Dive down and search by Drifting Dragon
“Everyone! Be sure to stay together!” you called out before shooting into the water like a bullet almost instinctively, a few others were still scanning the surface, but not many of them went as far down as you had just to find the mother’s young child. In the chaos, it was starting to hard to

1:1688 Extra: 2 Tails by -
You find yourself in the midst of this astonishing virtual world, having embraced your new quadraped stance as a fox-like creature. Your senses are heightened, and your curiosity knows no bounds. With every step, you're discovering the wonders of this digital realm, and you can't help but

2:1938 We need to leave and find another group by Drifting Dragon
“We need to find another group, with more people we can go hunting easier, and chances are, if we can find a small group, we can send out scouts to be able to find a place where we could all settle where there’s more food.” You suggested. “That sounds kind of risky.” A random voice mention

8:144 A Viewing Platform by -
Lycan Gruff had always prided himself on his vivid imagination and his knack for crafting intricate science fiction tales that transported readers to distant galaxies, fantastic worlds, and strange dimensions. But standing beneath the enigmatic shimmering blue dome that now trapped him on an island

2:1937 Lie by Drifting Dragon
“Well. Even I haven’t been able to catch fish the way I used to.” You mentioned. “It’s been rough for us everywhere, and I’ve come from a far away land because of that. We’re all out of fish in my homeland and I haven’t seen my family in years. I don’t know if they’re starving or

6:713 Vicky by -
As the vixen padded further into the room, her senses attuned to every sound and scent, a gentle voice echoed over the speakers. "Welcome, Vicky."


The vixen paused, her ears twitching as she registered the sound. The voice was soothing and melodic, but it took her a moment to p

4:386 Yourself by -
Yourself in an another setting.

2:1936 With the fish by Drifting Dragon
“I’m here to help with the fish problem.” you mentioned. “What? How did you know about that?” Someone asked.

5:76 Sphinx dreams by -
You find yourself sitting cross-legged on the tatami mat in Setsa's room, surrounded by the soft glow of a single candle flickering on a nearby nightstand. The air is thick with tension and curiosity, both of you drawn together by the inexplicable dreams that have been haunting your nights. Set

2:1935 I’m here to help by Drifting Dragon
“I’m here to help.” You mentioned. “Help with what?” he asked. In that moment, you wondered what you could have helped with anyway.

1:1686 Stance(Quadraped) by -
You stand there, or rather, you don't stand at all. You're down on all fours, feeling the strange sensation of your body adapting to this new quadraped stance. It's a transformation like no other, and as you take in your altered form, a rush of curiosity floods your senses.


2:1934 Announce yourself by Drifting Dragon
“Hey, I’m… Uhhh.” In that moment, you kind of forgot your own name. You were mostly just distracted by how everyone was staring at you, showing their sharpened teeth defensively. “Hey, Is that a human?” You heard one voice cry out. “No it couldn’t be, humans cannot be in the water wi

6:712 Vixen Costume by -
Daniel's heart continued to race as he was led through a series of sterile corridors, his footsteps echoing against the cold linoleum floor. The haz-mat-suited figure remained silent, their grip firm on his arm. His mind raced with a mix of anxiety and uncertainty about what awaited him.


2:1933 Approach the seals. by Drifting Dragon
You decide to approach them. You could hear their barking together and after you got a bit closer- when you started to really focus your hearing on their banter, it started to sound like english to you. Before long, you started to make out what they were saying. “Yeah. The fish nowadays just aren

2:1951 Cleaner by -
The guard's greeting is cordial as he leads you through the corridors of the data vault building. His attention shifts between the identification card in your paw and the holographic interface that acknowledges your presence. The neon lights within the building create a cool, ethereal ambiance

2:1932 Take note of the location and continue. by Drifting Dragon
You were particularly freaked out by what you had noticed, but you took note of the shape of the iceberg sticking out of the water over where you had found the bodies. After looking at the sun and noticing that it was starting to set, you realized that it would be a better idea to not meddle in this

1:1689 Stance(Quadraped) by -
You turn your attention back to the character selection screen, and only one option remains: 'Stance.' Your curiosity piqued once more, you select 'Quadruped' without hesitation.


As you make your choice, your body undergoes another transformation. It's a gradual

2:1931 Try Taking the body out. by Drifting Dragon
You try multiple times to try breaking the ice but it seems almost futile. You would pop back up to the surface multiple times until you were almost completely exhausted. Still you tried over and over again, desperate to break off some ice blocks with the specimen inside. You were making some progre

6:711 Caught by -
As he continued to observe, a noise behind him made him freeze. He turned slowly, his breath catching in his throat as he met the gaze of one of the haz-mat-suited individuals. The figure stood in the duct entrance, their expression hidden behind the mask of their suit. Panic surged through Daniel a