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(Story 1 Page 620) You're a Tree, and an Idiot.

You stop growing pushing out your roots immediately, but you feel the tip of your root touch another. You try and retract, but find it impossible. The other root suddenly reaches out and wraps around yours. A tingle flows through your branches and you feel permanent somehow.

"Is that a newcomer?" you hear another voice say.

"I think it is, welcome to the forest, stranger. I'd introduce myself, but I can't remember my name." another voice says.

"None of us can," a third voice says, "don't worry you'll forget it too, and you'll forget your past, whether you were male of female, you'll forget just about everything. Just don't forget you were human. We've had a few us who did that and they don't talk anymore. It's a constant danger."

"That's why I grabbed you." says the first voice, sheepishly "We run out of things to talk about, so a new voice gives us something new to concentrate on."

"I'm a tree? Forever?" you ask.

"I'm afraid so. We should have let you go, I suppose, but at this point I'd rather curse someone new then risk fading away." the third voice says.

"That's terrible!" you say angrily.

"Don't be selfish, it's the lives of a ten or twenty of us trees versus you're one humanity." The first voice admonishes.

This is all a little much to take.

Written by An Anonymous Wierdo on 19-03-2008 and edited by catprog

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