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(Story 3 Page 380) Enjoy What You Are

It may be too warm, but this is what you think you want to be.

"Error," says loud voice, "transformation has reduced human content below minimum."
This frightens you and you run quickly around the room looking for an exit. Spotting a hole in the wall, you squeeze through it only to drop into nothingness before landing in snow.
Looking around, you feel the wind ruffle your fur. You are not too warm now. Ice and snow are all around you. On the wind you can smell something, and you recognize it is a polar bear. It has made a kill.
You cautiously run towards the smell. The polar bear has killed a seal and is eating it. The bear is not happy to see you and growls a warning. You wait until it finishes.
It comes after you but you are much faster and run away before circling back to the remains. You manage a couple of bites before the bear returns and chases you away again.
Finally it finishes its meal and walks away, leaving what little is left of the carcasses for you. Soon you joined by another arctic fox.

Written by Nom on 06-03-2016 and authorised by catprog

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