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(Story 2 Page 326) Loch Ness

After looking over all the costumes you settle on a loch ness monster costume.

You notice that it has 4 flippers but a human upper torso.

You try to slip it over your body but as it is skintight it doesn't fit over your clothes.As a result you are forced to strip and then put the costume on.

Your hips adjust their shape and size into a shape that looks more feminine and you feel a strange tingling on your chest and a pair of nipples suddenly appear near the top of your chest, they quickly protrude as a pressure builds from under them. Right before your eyes, the pressure result in a pair of little breasts appearing on your chest and they don't stay little for long. They get bigger and bigger and bigger! As their growth subsides, you cup them gently. You guess that they must be at least 'c' cup sized. The next stage of the transformation manifests itself as your manhood tingles and shrinks until it is completely absorbed into your body, leaving behind the female part.

Then the main changes start.

You feel 2 lumps at your waist fill out into one set of flippers while your lower legs fill out the other set.

Your upper legs merge into the main body of the costume as another lump fills out the tail.

You feel slits in your neck form into gills allowing you to breathe under water.

The final change is when you gain sonar.

When the change is finished the entire room disappears and the water comes rushing in.

You swim up to the top to see where you are and surprise surprise you are in Loch Ness.

Written by Rusty Raccoon on 24-02-2008 and edited by catprog

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