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(Story 1 Page 1071) Up the tree

"What do you mean true wolves?" you ask.

"They are wolves who unlike us are stuck in the quadruped form" he answers "They hunt any werewolves like us down. Luckily they can't climb trees."

"So we just sit on the branch all day?" you ask.

"Nope. I have a tree house up in the branches. While it is small, it is better then sitting here doing nothing. Besides I think you want some clothes rather then being here naked. "

He starts heading up the tree. Not having anything better to do you follow him.

Soon you arrive at his house. It is more a platform of logs with a roof.

"Welcome to my humble home. It is not much but it is a start." he says shifting back into the anthro form. "You may find it more comfortable to shift half way like me."

You nod and as easy as breathing you are furry again, with thumbs.

"So what is your story" he asks.

"Well, their was a genie" you start before he interrupts.

"Who only does transformations. You made a wish and found yourself here" he adds to your story.

"Yes to the first, no to the second. I may of made him mad and well he turned me into this." you say correcting him

"I made a wish for adventure. Well it certainly has been an adventure." he explains.

Written by catprog on 29-05-2016

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