6:686 More Changes by AIDragon
She asks the computer "How many crew are their meant to be?" "39 crew are missing." the computer says, almost immediately. "Scan range is limited, even in the ship. Repair materials depleted" "Can you change me back to the way I was?" she asks. "Emergency

1:1644 Plants & Ruins by catprog
Picking a necklace up you place it around your neck. You look around for a mirror before noticing a growing vine growing in the room. Looking around you find it's not just the vine. the entire room is being overtaken by vegetation, with vines snaking up through holes and cracks to reach every p

8:137 Ocean by NovelAi
You head towards the ocean. And then you see it. Some sort of seal washed up on the beach. But it is just the skin. It's eyes are open and staring blankly ahead. What does this mean? Is it dead? Did it drown? Was its death caused by the barrier? Why did nobody else notice anything strange about

2:1823 INTERACT WITH THE PUPPIES by Drifting Dragon
You spent the whole morning watching the teacher as she taught the class. She forced you to take a seat among the children as you watched the way she conducted herself during the lecture. The children were more quiet than ever as she spoke, their ears were perpetually perked up in attention as the l

2:1822 TEACH PUPPIES by Drifting Dragon
Almost immediately after the phone rang, you noticed the pitter patter of many tiny weightless little footsteps. Their sloppy gait overlapped each other like thousands of rain droplets falling down during a spring storm. The sound caused your ears to perk up in excitement as you began to look around

2:1821 BEGIN WORK by Drifting Dragon
To your surprise, you followed the woman down the opposite side of the hallway. The pace of her gait made it almost impossible for you to read the titles of the rooms- maybe they were just numbers?- slowly, as you made your way through the long corridors, you began to feel as if you were becoming mo

2:1820 LEAVE by Drifting Dragon
You decided it was about time to leave. Slowly you backed away from the door and made your way back down the hallway towards the receptionist’s desk. It was difficult to overcome your curious urge to continue on down the opposite of the hallway, but you had to. It was completely unbeknownst to you

2:1819 EAVSEDROP by Drifting Dragon
To your surprise, you didn’t immediately hear the sound of bantering youngins and for a moment, it was only silence. Soon your sensitive ears were able to pick up on some approaching footsteps. You continued to listen until it sounded like the pair of clicking shoes had entered and settled into th

2:1818 Distracted by Drifting Dragon
“What’s with this survey” you thought to yourself. Slowly blinking your eyes, you struggled to even raise your paw to answer the next question. “What’s even a… Hippo- Something.” Your eyes slowly switched from the words to other things around the room just to rest your eyes. The hallwa

2:1817 ARRIVE by Drifting Dragon
The wizard nodded when you got to the front desk, encouraging you to approach by yourself. Honestly you didn’t even realize that he left shortly after you got there, and you barely noticed the sound of the door closing behind him as your sensitive ears began to pick up the heart pounding away in y

2:1816 GET IDENTIFIED by Drifting Dragon
“Identification?” The old woman behind the desk croaked. You looked to the guide behind you, his only response: A shrug. You looked back at the woman and remembered the ID you found earlier and began to fumble for it in the folds of your flowing makeshift dress.. “Will this work?” You said a

2:1815 What even by DriftingDragon
“Y’all bitches hirin?” for a moment, time seemed to stand still. You could feel the heavy gaze of the guide’s eyes as they fell upon your back, and the receptionist’s mouth hung open, eyes wide with surprise. “Wait… Pardon me?” she stuttered. “I said Are YALL bitches HIRIN?” You

2:1814 Head to Orientation Early by DriftingDragon
“What harm could it do to show up a bit earlier than everyone else?” You thought to yourself as you justified your excitement, “heck, it should show how much of a good work ethic I have if I show up early! Maybe they’ll even let me help set up or something?” You continued as you went to ch

2:1813 Nevermind by DriftingDragon
“Friends are a waste of time” you said to yourself before turning and leaving to go for a quick stroll outside. “Might as well get to know the grounds while I have a chance, I may not have time later.” And in a few steps you found yourself outside again on the sidewalk. You looked across the

2:1812 Knock by DriftingDragon
“I wonder if this person is friendly.” You asked yourself silently before mustering the guts to knock on the door, soon after, you knocked gently on the wooden divider and gave it a moment. It wasn’t long before that moment passed, for some reason, it felt like an eternity, and after a while i

2:1811 Groceries: Ramen, Rubbing Alcohol, Erasers by DriftingDragon
11 Groceries: Ramen, Rubbing Alcohol, Erasers This person seemed to be an organized individual; this drew you to them. All the way down to the way they spaced their writing seemed far more organized than you ever cared to be. Regardless of this, whomever they were, organizational skills are universa

2:1810 Neighbors by DriftingDragon
One of the first things you noticed was the hanging lists on each of the doors lining the hallways. On top of each of them, you could see a small name plate engraved just below the peep hole “An interesting arrangement” Your mind couldn’t help but be distracted by the colorful decorations on e

2:1809 Too excited by DriftingDragon
“Wait no… There really is too much stuff to do around here.” You bolted upright in the bed. “I can’t forget what I’ve come here for.” You continued before quickly glancing around your room one final time to make sure everything was neat and tidy, then at once, you left. “Guess there

2:1808 Fall asleep by DriftingDragon
There was no use fighting it, off to sleep with you. It was one of the most satisfying naps you had ever taken, yet for some reason it felt like you had only blinked your eyes shut for mere seconds when you had reawakened to your alarm. To your surprise, you had only slept for twenty minutes, and yo

1:1643 Tavern by NovelAi
"Duncan..." You begin hesitantly. "Do you really think there will be a lot of people coming here?" You ask, your curiosity piqued. "And is that... bad? Will they be a problem? Or... or is this place safe, somehow? It doesn't seem like a city... but it's all of thes