4:433 The costumes are back by TheGreatJaceyGee
Jared wanted to see it all, but there was no damn way he was going to experience it driving around in a car. He was going to fly through it every day, not giving a damn how tired it made him or how far he would actually get. He was going to quite literally spread his wings and enjoy every second of

4:432 Back to the Apartment by TheGreatJaceyGee
The air jerked him hard, pulling the skin of his face off his skull and knocking the wind out of him. His wings stayed straight, so did his heavy cat body. His human half stood erect, the arms out at his sides like he was balancing on a rope. He looked down and saw his forelegs dangling above a slow

4:431 Take off by TheGreatJaceyGee
Apparently, he didn’t have to. Looking up from his phone he noticed a vast space in his apartment where there wasn’t any furniture. It led to a wide pair of sliding doors which in turn led into a balcony. Wait, I never had that. Jared stepped outside and realized it was one of the balconies sphi

4:430 Photos by TheGreatJaceyGee
But there were other pictures too, ones he never remembered taking. They were shots of the earth taken from the sky. Beautiful landscapes that included rivers, mountains, forests, and plains. The shot that amazed him the most was that of the city. What looked like a million skyscrapers were stretche

4:429 Apartment by TheGreatJaceyGee
At a stop light he pulled his phone out of his pocket and opened the GPS app. Luckily, the first option that came up was his apartment address. Only one thing was odd. It said the distance between his location and the park was over 7 miles which was way longer than what was between his apartment and

4:428 Driving by TheGreatJaceyGee
The entire sequence was amazing in its banality. Jared had just watched a mythical creature climb into a pickup truck and drive away. After a whole week spent alone in the forest, it was the small things that would strike Jared silent and make him wonder what other oddities he would encounter. It wa

4:427 To the truck by TheGreatJaceyGee
“Are you OK?” she asked. “You look lost.”


Shit. I probably am lost. Just act cool. “Um, sorry. I just wandered into the woods behind me and got a little disorientated.”


She smiled at him. “Oh, that’s alright. Are you looking for the entrance?”



4:426 Park by TheGreatJaceyGee
His train of thought was cut by the sudden sweep of a shadow. It blew across the forest floor and blew past him with enough speed to make him duck. He looked up at the canopy and saw what had created it zooming just over the treetops. A bird or… something? Jared hadn’t seen it long enough to tel

4:425 Wear it by TheGreatJaceyGee
Like always, there was only one way to find out. Jared laid the suit out belly-down on the tree roots and saw that the zipper was on the back this time, starting at the root of the tail and going all the way up to the front of the hood, bisecting it. Makes sense. Would be a pain in the ass getting i

4:424 Track by TheGreatJaceyGee
He made a slow but inexorable trot towards the smell, his flat, pink tiger nose constantly twitching. Sniff-sniff-sniff. This was his hunter instinct unbridled, that primal part of his brain tapped into. That smell of recently cleaned floors, old clothes, and mothballs grew more distinct with each s

4:423 Search by TheGreatJaceyGee
He hadn’t enjoyed the comfort of his cot after his journey before he was determined to restart it, this time in search of something. Not far, but not close. Not hard, but not easy. Maybe he’d find it soon, maybe never. That made him wonder, how on earth was he going to find it in the first place

4:422 Hungry by TheGreatJaceyGee
“Wait… So, they’re really not here?” Jared wondered aloud when he was done reading the letter. He looked up from it and into his closet where the skunk and wolverine onesies were hung. He double checked that there were no others and confirmed that it was the case. He read the letter again. Y

2:2014 The first day by -
our first day at the university proves to be a whirlwind of emotions as you grapple with the complexities of your transformed existence. The schedule is filled with classes that range from Mythical History to Elemental Magic, but there's a notable absence of any courses that could help you reve

2:2013 Uni Dorm by -
As you grapple with the bewildering realization of your altered form, you find yourself standing outside what seems to be a university dormitory. The scent of unfamiliar creatures tickles your sensitive skunk nose, causing it to twitch nervously. A mix of trepidation and curiosity washes over you as

1:1692 Pegasus Mare by -
After you put on the vr glasses and you have entered the game you find yourself looking over a collection of mythlogical creatures.


As your gaze lingers over the magnificent Pegasus, the air around you begins to shimmer with a magical luminescence. A symphony of ethereal sounds fills th

2:2012 Seek and Destroy by Drifting Dragon
You knew you already had the element of surprise on you. They had no idea you were coming after them. Still, you made sure to stay a safe distance behind, making sure to keep a good eye on them as well. You used the flat flippers to walk silently on the snow behind them until you were close enough t

4:421 Tail by -
As you step through the gates leading into the lion enclosure, a sudden and surreal sensation takes hold. The world around you undergoes a subtle transformation. The metal gates, which were once clearly visible, vanish into thin air as if they were never there. The landscape seamlessly blends into t

4:420 Breakfast by -
A gentle knock on the door signaled the arrival of breakfast. Paula padded over, the soft carpet cushioning her steps, and opened the door to find a server with a tray laden with a delicious assortment of cheetah-friendly dishes. The aroma wafted through the room, making her stomach growl in respons

1:1691 Wolf by -
As the moon ascended in the mythical sky, its silvery glow cast an ethereal sheen over the landscape. As the first rays of moonlight touched the ground, a subtle vibration pulsed through the air. Caught in the midst of this celestial ballet, you felt the initial twinge of transformation.


4:419 Werewolf by -
You take a moment to collect yourself, adjusting to the disorienting shift in reality. As the confusion subsides, you glance down to find yourself in a brown cloak with a single button securing it close. It feels odd against your body, and you realize that something is different. A closer inspection