3:401 Not Very Convincing by iAteTheRamen
Nesmith has always been the most kind and caring soul. The dwarf puffer was considered the most peaceful in your friend group. Out of everyone, Nesmith definitely doesn’t deserve to be permanently transformed. With this in mind, you rush to his hide near the castle.


“Nesmith, Nesmith

3:400 Altruism by iAteTheRamen
“I… I need to go back… I need to help whoever I can...”


Despite the terror in your heart, you know that you can’t leave without at least attempting to save others from Myrio Ridge. The guilt would follow you forever if you didn’t try.


“Are ya sure?” Gart asks.

3:399 The Truth by iAteTheRamen
The terror of being alone subsides when seeing the amano overrides everything. You stand your ground and show that you aren’t fazed, but fear lingers right below the surface. The bad feeling you had in your gut last night was right all along. You summon up your courage to throw him a warning.


3:398 Finding Gart by iAteTheRamen
The last time you trusted a strange voice, Kieran came to your aid. Despite the possibility of danger, you decide that the benefits outweigh the risks.


The next day, you visit Kieran’s hide -- a reasonably sized, artificial shell. A few branches of the native plants have been laid on t

3:397 Settling Down by iAteTheRamen
Just like Wheeler said, you managed to settle down nicely in your new environment. It was difficult to think about adversaries in a town that rarely seemed to experience conflict.


With the help of your friends, you found a home of your own -- a quaint stone hide with a large front hole

3:396 New Friends (and Enemies) by iAteTheRamen
Kieran and you travel just past the castle to a small cluster of hollow rocks. The two of you go into the largest rock and come face to face with a group made up of various species.


“Hey everyone,” Kieran announces, “we got a newbie!”


The new animals come to greet yo

3:395 Myrio Ridge by iAteTheRamen
Kieran has been kind enough to teach you how to swim. With the only other option being to wander aimlessly, you opt to follow his lead. He hops off the rock and floats down to the ocean floor; you hurry after him as he walks away from you.


“So,” you awkwardly start, “tell me more a

3:394 Meeting Kieran by iAteTheRamen
There was still a lot for you to take in, but a talking crayfish has promptly jumped to the top of your list. Taking in its words, you look around. The open water stretches on in all directions as far as the eye can see. “What do you mean ‘aquarium’? This place is huge; there’s no way.

3:393 Taking the plunge by iAteTheRamen
You make your way to the first door nearby. The room you enter is almost bare. An exceptionally large aquarium stands against the back of the room, a deep sink resides next to it, and a large window currently showcases the midday sun. The tank itself nears three meters in length and is equipped with

6:626 Put the costume on by catprog
"Fine, I will put it on." he says.


"Wonderful" the figure said pulling a zipper down the back. "Now get in"


After putting the suit on he feels the zipper being done up.


"Don't worry while the transformation will take a few d

6:625 Sphinx by catprog
The wall flipped around to show his suit.


The suit was hanging on a frame, the quadruped form clearly visible. The wings on the back gave him the thought of flying but the exposed breasts gave him pause.


"You expect me to wear this?" David asked.


The fig

6:624 A Choice by catprog
Eventually the trip ended and David was able to get up. The room he ended up in had four windows. Through each of the windows was one of his friends.


Two of them looked normal. Pammy however was still covered in the short fur, although it was slowly coming off.


Daniel on the

6:623 David by
David shook his head and tried Jake's phone number. No response, any more than from Pammy or Gassan. Three of his buddies wouldn't get back to him, that was hardly a coincidence any more – no. He shook his head as if he could get the thoughts out of there by force. Better to assume they

6:622 Jake by
For once Jake wasn't spending the evening in chat with his buddies at FurStar, because there was a King Kong marathon running on TV, and dad, his brothers, and Uncle Mel had bribed him into joining them with chips and beer. The films weren't really his jam, but he did feel like he needed t

6:621 Gassan by
It was dark outside, and Gassan was still at his desk studying. It was no way to spend the summer break, but his grades at the end of the year had been just good enough to get him into medical college without needing to take a remedial course. He didn't want to just barely scrape by.


6:620 Walking Home by
It was later than Pammy had intended when she stepped out of David's family's house. The sky was fully dark and all the summer warmth had left the air: not cold, just a chill after the sweltering heat of the day.


“I'll call you ASAP if I find out anything,” she said in

6:619 Happiness by
She woke up in the canopy bed, soft as a dream. For a while she couldn't remember what had been so bad, then she moved her legs and felt velvety fur brushing together.


She got up to sitting on the edge of the bed. The fear was slow and less important than the spinning in her head.

6:618 Corruption by
Daniel turned back to the lab. There was another door, narrow and plain like something you'd find in a school stationery room, half hidden behind a workbench. She realised she was trying to judge whether she could make it across the room without exhausting herself.


She walked instea

6:617 Lab by
The ledge was raw rock, it had an irregular edge that cut into Daniel's fingers and made it barely possible to keep gripping, and it wasn't big enough to do anything with except holding on. Daniel swung her legs looking for purchase, and felt something. She shifted her weight onto her fee

6:616 The Figures by
Perhaps it was because the bed was harder and less comfy, but sleep was just a thin broken film over reality. Someone was standing in front of her, maybe more than one. She only had a sensation of shadow and weight.


“We should move her to the bed anyway.” A male voice? “It would m