1:1528 Offer him companionship by psto1464
“I can keep you company.” You offer him. He grips your chin and drops your neck. Your knees slid off his lap making you stretch across his knees for a semi-balance.


“Have had this before too.” His words breeze through your facial fur. A real and very scary threat carried on its w

1:1527 Play his game by psto1464
You crawl over on your hands and knees going to the man like a common house hold cat. You reach his hand you rub your face into it. He forces his large hand into your hair. Stroking it backwards with a firm but careful pet. To your surprise it feels pretty good. Before you can stop yourself you go i

1:1526 Fight and find your own way by psto1464
“Damn you!” You stand right up and curse at the sky where the damn bastard dropped you from. You wouldn't play his damn games anymore. You would find your own way.


“Welcome.” A male voice turned you around. A tall man with an amazing head of luxurious hair. He walks towards

1:1525 Accept and adapt by psto1464
“Another meat pile for the grinder girls.” Purrs mix in to giggles while you try to short out your head. Blinking the pain of the light forces a growl from you.


“Hear that growl she's a tough one.” A high pitch tone cackled, and the immense sense of something wrong turns you

1:1524 Yes by psto1464
“Yes.” You choose to play along. Hoping that by doing so you can survive this strange, and you'll omit scary situation. “I was mad, and took it out on you.” You tell him the truth, “I'm idiot, and I'm sorry.” Teenagers, have the right to do something stupid right?


1:1522 “Do you enjoy being a walking stereotype?” by psto1464
“Do you enjoy being a walking stereotype?” You shake your head at him, itching for a verbal tumble to take the strain off your mind.


“Pardon?” His thick brows lowered over his eyes, casting a shadow over his dark eyes. It leaves you with a strange feeling. A primitive urge to tur

2:1539 Walk away by Driftingdragon
You walk away, the conversation having taken up way more time than anticipated. You checked the clock finding out that he had made you late for the ball. The anger began to set in your stomach as you lifted your dress to speed farther down the hallways in order to make it to the ballroom in time.

2:1538 Blank out by Driftingdragon
You blanked out as the droning of his voice nearly put you to sleep. He seemed to be taken aback by your silent planning- or was it? He had absolutely no way to know, you just remained silent until you both had reached the end of the road. “Do you think you can handle that small task?” he asked

2:1537 A lot more by Driftingdragon
Before you knew it, you and him were in a deep conversation about his plans, you almost even began to outtalk him when it came to his plans on merely letting the kingdom fall before rising to power. He gave you sharp side glares as you suggested more and more things the two of you could have done wi

2:1536 What by Driftingdragon
Your humble attitude about this quickly showed your sibling how willing you were to at least learn a bit more about his plans. His droning voice continued to lecture you on and on about possibilities, what brought him here, your parents, all sorts of things that your mind wasn’t fully ready to tak

2:1535 No by Driftingdragon
No. You decide against your brother’s psychotic plan as you kind of judged him for letting your family be picked off like that. Though you were completely unsure about what you were going to do from here on out. You spent most of the time sulking in your room, barely even able to get out of bed. T

2:1534 Yes by Driftingdragon
“Would I ever!” You said to him with excitement as the two of you passed through the threshold. With the others having survived, they were already taking on the task of rebuilding all that was destroyed from scratch, you had also pitched in, remembering some of the vague constructive techniques

2:1533 Hesitate by Driftingdragon
You hesitated to speak, trying to get your brother to respond instead of just putting you on the spot. Before you knew it, you found yourself compulsively lying about your kingdom. Sharing with the young man’s head with the vague things you’ve read in your historical escapades. Though you didn

2:1532 Wing It by Driftingdragon
You quickly turned to address the young man and began to speak. You talked about the kingdom and your country trying to pacify him, as he quickly walked in step with the two of you. Unbeknownst to you, as you talked you ultimately spilled more information than you needed to, but by the time you noti

2:1531 SURE by Driftingdragon
You quickly agree to him, and grab some more appropriate garbs as well. To your surprise, he led you out of the castle through the back entrance of the palace. Through deep catacombs from beneath, you both found yourself exiting through the deep tunnel into the brush just outside of the city limits.

2:1530 Prepare for the Ball by Driftingdragon
Like a good princess, you take your time preparing for the ball though your mind couldn’t stop wondering what the rest of those history books were trying to tell you. Nonetheless you decided to brush it off, focusing only on looking the best for the upcoming ball. You choose one of your favorite p

2:1529 Stop by Driftingdragon
You place the book down, disgusted and unentertained. Not caring to finish studying this subject, you decide to occupy your time with something else. After falling asleep and taking a nap for the entire day, you realize that you needed to prepare for the attendance of the ball, which had completely

2:1528 White Dress by Driftingdragon
You didn’t even need to think about it, you chose the white dress; you knew that the color scheme would have matched the scheme your parents had told you to prep for, in terms of the celebration. Following orders you had dressed yourself in a slick white dress, forming a contrast with your thick b

2:1527 Red dress by Driftingdragon
You choose the red dress, as it stood out to you the most. The color of blood, though it adorned your body in beautifully tailored hues which clung to your body’s curves as if you were a true princess. The black and white stripes of your fur matched well with the bright red saturated colors of you

2:1526 Keep Going by Driftingdragon
You fared on, continuing from cover to cover. You read stories about previous kings and queens, their rise and fall, as well as elaborate assassinations and hidden plots to rise to success, you especially were interested with how the previous generations would use elaborate colors to portray message