2:1981 Speak well of the other pack’s leader by Drifting Dragon
“I’m actually glad you feel like, I don’t know, something weird is going on, because I do believe so as well.” “Do you want to know who else knows that?” Your eyes lit up as she hinted something strange to you. “The leader of the other pack has been sensing something’s going on as we

6:725 David by -
Pammy hesitated for a moment before speaking, her voice cautious. "This might not be the best time to bring it up, but I've noticed that you and David seem to be a thing."


Danielle's brow furrowed in surprise at Pammy's observation. She hadn't considered her

2:1980 Talk about the other pack’s leader by Drifting Dragon
“Honestly, I wanted to ask what you think about the leader of the other pack. I wanted to know how the integration is going.” You started. It seemed to be the best option to take her mind off of all the bad stuff in her life, so of course, the best option would be to think about the brightsides

6:719 Stallions by -
As Daniel continued to soar through the night sky as a pegasus mare, his heart raced with a mix of exhilaration and uncertainty. Astra, the pegasus mare who had guided him through this transformation, flew beside him, her silvery-white form shimmering in the moonlight.


Astra's voice

2:1979 Denounce leader by Drifting Dragon
“You know what. I actually agree with you. The leader actually wasn’t right for having more distance with you, especially after everything.” You said. “... Oh? You think so?” She asked. “I mean, he’s the leader, he should know what’s best” She started. “But… I do appreciate hea

6:724 Pammy by -
As Jake walked away, Pammy approached Danielle with a supportive expression, her voice gentle as she spoke, "Are you okay? I imagine having your species changed is quite a shock. But us girls can work together."


Danielle blinked, taken aback by Pammy's assumption. She hesi

2:1978 Speak well of Leader by Drifting Dragon
“I can see where the leader is coming from though.. But I mean I’m still really sorry you’re dealing with that all. Maybe there’s something you could do to make yourself better for him I suppose. If you’re stressed out about these two things then hey, you can solve one, and maybe even the

2:1972 Back to the Cat by -
With the immediate threat averted, you knew that your mission wasn't over. You still held the precious crystal filled with classified data, and its secrets were too significant to leave behind. However, discretion was now your ally, and you resolved to bide your time.


Reluctantly, y

2:1977 Talk about the Pack leader by Drifting Dragon
“So about the leader. What did you think about him?” You asked. “Oh, he’s a really nice guy actually. We had kind of something going on for a while. Things have been a bit different though, ever since we first came here.” She mentioned. “Oh I see I see. Why do you think that is?” You a

6:718 Mare by -
As Daniel soared through the night sky, his transformation into a pegasus stallion complete, he marveled at the newfound sense of freedom and power that coursed through him. The sensation of flight was exhilarating, and he couldn't help but let out a joyous neigh that echoed through the open ex

2:1968 The mother whose child didn’t make it by Drifting Dragon
As you went on this trip, you truly did start to get quite attached to some of your other seal friends. Almost even to the point where you had started to feel some sort of empathy, sympathy, or something like that. There was one seal that you felt particularly sympathetic for and that was the woman

6:723 Jake by -
As Danielle was about to part ways with her friends, Jake stopped and turned to her. He looked both puzzled and concerned.


"I don't suppose you remember what I asked you for?" Jake inquired. "Transforming me into my fursona? You still know I'm a furry, right?&quo

2:1976 Propose documented legal policy for the integration. by Drifting Dragon
“Why don’t we figure out a way to govern the other tribe better?” You mentioned. “I mean, there’s always evil in disorder, as they say.” You mentioned, pulling a quote right out of your blowhole if you had one. “I have some ideas I would maybe… like to draft up with you.” You said,

4:401 Try on the fox mask by CoggerD
You don't exactly have any money, so you decide to try on one of the masks. You've always liked foxes, and the temple seems primarily fox-themed, so you figure it'd be more appropriate to wear that one than any of the others. You pick it up, examining it for a little bit; it's pa

2:1975 Focus on ourselves by Drifting Dragon
“I think we need to try to get them to empathize with us. We should really make ourselves relatable to them, and then they will want to help us figure out the issue we’ve been experiencing since the north- the issues that may have followed us here.” you started. “Well, we can just be ourselv

6:722 Friends by -
Confused and anxious, Danielle's phone rang, and the caller ID displayed David's name. She hesitated for a moment before answering, not sure what to expect.


"Hello?" she said, her voice quivering.


"Hey there, how's my favorite unicorn?" Davi

2:1974 Focus on them by Drifting Dragon
“The idea about considering their needs and hearing out from their side seems pretty good. I think that will help us both find more favor in this situation” You suggested. “Yes I was thinking that myself. The best way to gain favor is to give the people what they want. It’s good to know that

6:717 Transformation by -
As Daniel stood in the midst of his internal debate, the allure of Astra's offer tugged at his very core. The idea of transformation, of leaving behind the human world for a life beyond imagination, was both exhilarating and frightening. He closed his eyes for a moment, took a deep breath, and

2:1973 Talk about Politics by Drifting Dragon
“We should try to find a way to get in better with the new tribe.” You mentioned. “Maybe what you think is coming has something to do with them?” You pondered with the leader for a while. “What do you mean?” He asked inquisitively. “I mean like, what if they’re being nice because the

4:400 Into the shrine by CoggerD
Inside the shrine, the darkness slowly gives way to dim light via candles, torches, and paper lanterns. In the main chamber, on the far end, is a massive nine-tailed fox statue with a plate of offered food and a wooden fox mask, along with a small hand mirror; the walls are covered in strange woode