2:1466 Mother by catprog
As you look over the kitchen you hear noise from another room. A larger tigress steps out.


"You are a good daughter to me" she says "I have been so worried about your sister. She has not been home for so long."


You finish preparing the meal and set it do

2:1465 Costume by Driftingdragon
The silence of your room is almost deafening as the harsh reality set in. You anxiously await nothing in particular as your body shakes, watching the sight of the dead king before you. In an instant you remember your purpose: the costume, its opulent display in the throne room, and the delicate disp

2:1464 Wait by Driftingdragon
Immediately after, you locate the king’s beer bowl, filled with the thick aromatic alcohol from earlier. You look around, searching for something hard to crush the seeds against. Instantly, you look to the tan brick walls of the palace, and crush the tiny hard balls into the wall with your thumb,

2:1463 Back to the Pharoah by Driftingdragon
The following morning you were awoken by the thin bright slits of light shining in through the opening doors. Your eyes slowly adjusted to the sharp beams of sun through the cracked metal doors, the only things apparent to you were the backlit figures standing in the doorway. Your heart began to bea

2:1462 Jail by Driftingdragon
"Pharaoh Aman! We have found the rogue sir!" barks one of two generals on either side of you, they released your tied arms from their tight vice grip "Very good" he replies, you notice his growing interest upon entering the great hall. "Now leave us" he concludes. The t

2:1461 Pharaoh by Driftingdragon
"I guess this is what happens when you take your larping to the next level." You think to yourself as the two guards lead you into an immaculate palace. The towering pillars stretched far over your head and reached several meters high. Their carved cylindrical shapes worked as a sturdy thi

2:1460 Captured by Driftingdragon
They promptly and nervously bind your hands before walking you through the streets of Ancient Egypt, the towering prehistoric buildings were breathtaking, as you watched the flowering empire in its early days. You couldn’t help but feel excited as you watched the citizens turn their heads to face

2:1459 Struggle by Driftingdragon
In the struggle, you successfully knock a couple of the guards down from the thick wooden beam as they clamber towards you. Sharp talons clawed the wood aggressively, attempting to hold tight to the smooth surface of the wood as their bodies are helplessly dragged downwards by the force of gravity.

2:1458 Look around by Driftingdragon
The bright outside light helped you realize that your body had changed drastically. The flesh on your arms and legs appeared sun-dried, and speckled with dark patches of skin. The heat didn’t seem to bother you as much as before, though you can still feel the sweltering sun beating down on your ne

2:1457 Sphinx Cat by Driftingdragon
Upon walking for quite a while, you find yourself in what appears to be an untouched tomb; a small room with various colored and symbolic carvings directly into the wall. The floors were lined with beautifully painted jars, gold, shell jewelry, items that appeared foreign- imported. You figure that

2:1456 New Costumes by Driftingdragon
You leave immediately prior to your morning routines, making your way to work with the quickest possible efficiency, as to catch up with Roxy as soon as possible. The normal route to your job never seemed to take as long as it took today; you spent your morning worrying about Roxy and why she could

2:1452 Nursery by Driftingdragon
Having listened to the queen you’ve decided to make your way to the nursery. Most of your fellow ants have strived to make it to this point in their career, being able to tend to the following generation’s wellbeing. And on top of this, the culture of your particular colony tend to have extra us

2:1451 Queen by Driftingdragon
One day you and your friend find yourselves talking a lot more than usual one day. Upon having the conversation you remember your main goal once again, of talking with the queen to figure out what you’re supposed to do here. You ask your friend, “Hey, how can I get to the queen?” your voice so

2:1449 Workers by Driftingdragon
You suddenly wake up, your shoulders shooting bolt upright as you spin your body around, propping yourself against your thick abdomen behind you, your social stomach being empty and a dark red color matching the rest of your plated skin.


A line of other workers can be seen walking toward

6:648 Call of the showers by psto1464
Daniel turned away from those expecting eyes. Choosing the safer choice of the pounding showers. She could hear the heavy sigh behind her. It was heavy, and weigh on her back. It was his disappointment. Expectation. Sucked. They sucked in school, but here. They weighed a hell of a lot more, and it c

2:1437 “And how do I find them?” by Hollowpages
“And how do I find them?” you ask. You are wary, certainly, and yet, you are still somewhat hopeful at the prospect. You doubt this sort of thing will ever happen again.


“You must want to find them,” the fox replies with a methodical nod. “And they must want to be found.”


2:1436 Others by Hollowpages
The fox’s smile returns. “Ah, no. You see, you aren’t the only one like this,” it uses its tail to gesture to your new form. “There are others. Many others. Male, female, both, neither. They came through other doors in other rooms and donned new skins of various kinds. Some are close, othe

2:1448 The King by Driftingdragon
“You again?” one of them hissed at the frail male lion you’ve stalked with. He only retorts in spatting. “We were hunting here.” You say to the lion. “Yeah well you followed them right into our territory.” she nearly cuts you off. The other lions now circling around you. They begin tal

2:1443 Theater by Driftingdragon
The following day is when you and the male squirrel start to execute your plan. The two of you arrive to your classes on time as to not rouse any suspicion, then during lunch the two of you meet up and discuss the logistics of your plan. “Okay so if you’re looking for a costume I think I know wh

6:652 Leave by psto1464
“You know what? Forget it.” Daniel said wiping her muzzle with her hands. Sighing, she felt tired; very tired. Not because she finished a work out and it was getting to her rest period. She had enough of them, the secrets, and not feeling safe. “Messer?” Matthew asked it softly. Daniel scoff