1:1475 River by catprog
You follow the river downstream. During the next few hours you pick up a few new skills including survival and walking.


Around noon you end up feeling hungry, luckily a grove of fruit trees are around, allowing you to eat your fill before setting off again.


As the sun sets yo

6:586 Down the path by catprog
Looking around Daniel tries to figure out how to get back, but no matter what he does the lab does not reappear.


Giving up he starts to walk down the path. As he does so the numbers on each gate keep going higher and higher. Despite being in a foreign language he finds the writing star

6:598 School Day by
Daniel sat through the English class. He wouldn't be able to test this new body until the class was over – the school-day, rather; there would be too many people around during the break. He wasn't afraid of anyone finding out. It was a more irrational fear, as if the suit would stop work

1:1474 Stat Boxes by catprog
You feel a sense of direction from the horn and look in that direction to see the unicorn walk through a door into nothingness. "Good luck" you hear in your mind as it does so.


The notifications pop up in front of you.


You have discovered your first absorb characte

6:597 White Suit by
Inside was a swathe of white cloth and a subtle smell, like an exclusive fashion store.


Daniel pulled out the cloth. It was an outfit: a slim-lined white shirt and a pair of white slacks. When he held the pants dangling to the ground, they looked about his size. Who knew him well enough

1:1473 Another Creature by
Before you can leap into the river, a change in the lighting of the water catches your eyes, causing you to pause. You squint, trying to get a better look at whatever has your fur standing on end. Instinct has your nerves tingling like pins and needles. Suddenly, you leap backwards. Your body reacte

8:132 Fall down by catprog
You fall down as you feel the changes continue.


Looking down at your legs you see them all floppy. All the muscles and bones are gone.


The remains of your legs are merging together, forming a fish tail.


Looking at it in disbelief you realize you are now a mermaid

6:585 Cupboards by catprog
Inside the lab a wrecked cupboard sits in the middle of the wall. A door hangs by a hinge.


Daniel looks inside. Despite the cupboard only be a few feet deep the inside is lined with torii gates going deeper and deeper into the cupboard.


Turning around he finds himself looking

6:596 Surprise Delivery by
Daniel had overslept a few minutes, no thanks to the dreams wearing him out, and had to cram down his egg-and-toast to make sure he'd make it to school on time. He was just finishing his breakfast when he heard the harsh signal of the doorbell.


Daniel bounced to his feet and rushed

1:1472 Cross the River by
You sigh a breath of relief as the river comes into full view. The genie hadn’t mentioned all the potential obstacles you had faced thus far and you wondered if he knew you would be inconvenienced by a pixie and a tiny boar or not.


“Now is no time to get distracted,” you tell your

1:1471 Give a Ride by
"Wait! Stop! Okay, I'll give you a ride." You decide it is better to try than give up already. So you kneel down on all four legs and allow the pig to jump aboard your flank.


  It sits on your back and gives a happy little snort. "Fly! Fly!" You realize it is ve

6:580 Take your new found power and kill him! by Psto1464
Rushing forward Daniel could feel his eyes turn to narrow slits, as his anger at the Doctor tunnelled into a furry at him. He saw nothing but his tanned smug face, since he obviously was able to go outside. Those cold blue eyes staring down at him like he wasn't even human! That vicious voice t

1:1470 Into the woods by
You travel past many trees and they all look alike. However, the deeper you go the more you swear you can hear something in the distance. It takes a while for you to understand your sensitive ears are picking up the sound of water. Your ears are still human in shape, but they are tender with ability

6:579 Play dead and sneak attack by Psto1464
Daniel laid there waiting. Patience's, he needed to lay there and access what was going on. He knew from experience what they were coming for. They came to laugh, and they came to drag him of to him. Daniel didn't even rate a hospital or lap table, they would simply grab him by his hair or

1:1469 Get Changed by
Your wings flap on instinct. The feeling surprises you but you only give your back a glance before turning your gaze eagerly back to the pixie. "You can? You would? Do I have to do anything in return?"


"No," laughs Reth. "I'd be happy to." It lifts a ti

6:584 Phone them and meet somewhere? by Psto1464
Going home would be a bust, surly his parents would be looking for him and that would bring attention. Daniel had enough of their attention, he didn't want it coming down on his family too. Friends would bring the same kind of problem, but he couldn't do it alone. The only co-promise he co

1:1468 A forest by
Then, in the distance, you see it. It could be a mirage, you fear it is, but as you draw closer the edge of a forest becomes clear. You are half way to the fruit now, but you are more concerned with seeking shade than anything.


You dash down the sandy hills, try not to stumble over your

6:583 Try getting back to Pam's house? Anyone's house? by Psto1464
Feeling secure in the idea of getting help from a nearby house or possible getting a ride to Pam's. Daniel could pull this whole looking like a dragon thing as a costume. Right? Yeah, Daniel nodded encouraging himself as he walked. The woods weren't as deep or the idea of getting far away

1:1467 Through the Desert by
You plod along but the sands seem to stretch on for an eternity. The near silence makes you abundantly aware of your new body. It feels like you have a thousand muscles you didn't have before. Your haunches tense and release with each step. Your hips sway from one side to the other as your foot

6:578 Attack and run by Psto1464
The door creaked open, a now familiar cry of rusty metal door. The hard thunk of their black military boots stepped into the room. Whistle a cheery tune. Daniel didn't know the tune, but the sound; the pure bliss coming from that bastards mouth made his teeth grate.