2:1869 Take your time. Look some more by Drifting Dragon
Now, you were really kicking yourself. Maybe something you must have done under the table had triggered this reaction. But now, you had to really think on your toes! You looked around calmly, trying not to panic, searching the doorless walls for some kind of clue or hint. The timer ticked once more,

2:1868 Examine the table by Drifting Dragon
Your mind was racing, something felt like time was running out. Slowly, you approached Barley’s body on the table- unmoving, you were afraid of the worst. “Barley?” You called out to him. “Huh? Who’s there?” the Samoyed was unable to lift his head from the table. “Is that you? Hero?”

2:1867 Barley by Drifting Dragon
You thought for a moment about which dial you wanted to turn first. Of course, everyone expected you to be the one to turn it. They watched you as you made your decision. Honestly, it wasn’t that hard for you. Barley seemed like he was in the most trouble, the way he was strapped to the table, cov

2:1866 Mess with the skulls by Drifting Dragon
You decided to focus your attention to the skulls spilling with water. For some reason they all seemed to be turned in a particular direction. Their arrangement looked like a vector field to you- a series of arrows pointing towards a central direction. The length of their muzzles corresponded to how

2:1865 Move forward. by Drifting Dragon
“Hey.” You caught the group’s attention. “It looks like there are some pathways just over that way.” You started. In the moment, you were too exhausted to try navigating the tunnels overhead- especially by yourself. What you really wanted to do was get a bit more rest before moving forward

3:408 Stable by NovelAi
The only structure nearby is a stable, one door to the cliffs the other to the grounds. You wander into the barn to find a strange set of horse saddles, the straps to the front and back connecting underneath. Each saddle has its own bridle, bit and reins . You approach one of the saddles to get a c

2:1864 Use a rock by Drifting Dragon
You quickly grabbed the nearest thing you could find, which was a massive brick and tried to prop the door open with it. By that time, the space was only a few meters wide before you were able to slide the hard rock form into the space. With a loud crack, the brick started to shatter, straight down

2:1863 Take a rest. by Drifting Dragon
You noticed the others started looking a bit weary as well. Surely Duke wasn’t going to have them all keep going. Looking around, you took a moment to check the status of the others. To your surprise, they were just as exhausted as you. At this point, it was all just a matter of who was first to c

2:1862 Go inside, right away. by Drifting Dragon
“Woah!” Casey gasped as she saw the true massiveness of the tower. Duke and Buddy also made a quick noise at the magnificence of the structure. You had already seen it before, but part of you also wanted to gasp in awe- despite not letting a single breath pass your lips. You still wanted to seem

2:1861 Regroup for a moment. by Drifting Dragon
“Nice one!” You heard Duke barking up at you as you slowly made your way back down to the team. “You should have one of these yourself!” He joked with you as he shouldered his gun. The others joined in laughing for a moment before the twin felines added their two cents. “Yeah! Sure got be

2:1860 Rock it's world. by Drifting Dragon
Thinking on your toes, you quickly swooped to the ground and grabbed a handful of smaller rocks before flying high up again. One by one, you threw them from your grasps, trying to even flap your wings hard enough for them to gain speed. Alas, all it did was slow the beast slightly as the hard pebble

2:1859 Warn them! of course! by Drifting Dragon
You quickly swopped down to their levels before calling out to them. Their attention was quickly directed to you as you cawed a warning their way. “Look out! Tiger! Just ahead.” You swooped in the direction as well, trying to deter the massive feline as it stalked them. Despite your in-flight ag

2:1858 Explain what you've seen in detail. Keep their trust. Do your best. by Drifting Dragon
You tried your best to remember every little twist and turn along the route they had to take. Surprisingly, it was a lot more effort than you initially anticipated. Still, this new body had far more endurance than your old. The way your wings spread out to catch the wind beneath them was something y

2:1857 Agree by Drifting Dragon
You figured it’d be significantly easier to fly on your own. The idea actually seemed to excite you. Remembering the rush you felt as your body fell through the air, confident that your body alone was enough to keep you from careening into the ground to a horrible death. You’ve done it before, s

2:1856 Leadership role. by Drifting Dragon
From the moment you woke up, you were filled with the same vitality you had felt from earlier. It didn’t take long before you started feeling like your normal self again. You almost immediately got up and started assessing the others and their conditions. One by one you looked over everyone’s wo

2:1855 Get some rest yourself. by Drifting Dragon
Soon, the sun began to rise again, the others started waking up one by one. They all seemed to feel much better than before, and your medical attention really worked wonders on them. It was like that was all they needed to return to nearly tip-top shape, despite the severity of some of their more se

2:1854 Be Friendly with the team as you keep watch by Drifting Dragon
Time passed for a while and you watched over the others as they slept. Your eyes were stuck on their gently heaving chests as their breath slowly expanded and contracted their chests. Everyone still slept in full gear and you were the only one still half-clothed. Your chest was completely revealed,

2:1853 Be their guide. by Drifting Dragon
“Luckily for you all, I’m a bit of an expert navigator.” You spread your wings, showing off their massive broad shape against the backlighting of the fire. “If you need any help, I’d be more than happy to assist.” Casey and Barley laid back to back with each other, watching you in approv

2:1852 Continue the lies. by Drifting Dragon
You realized the only way to gain their trust, achieve their alliship, and ultimately continue your mission was to make them believe that you were truly out to help them. You thought for a moment before nodding your head in agreement. “Yes.” You started. “I’m a hybrid being of this land.”

2:1851 Stay for the night. by Drifting Dragon
Part of you wanted to leave the group, now that they were all together. In a way, you wanted to remain the mysterious stranger, wavering in and out of their personal story like the tide. In another way, you thought about your mission, wondering if it would be better to stick with them for a while.