2:1504 No mercy by Driftingdragon
Having absolutely no mercy, you stomped them all without any hesitation. You knew there was something fishy about the queen’s behaviour, and just like their lives, you stomped out any flame of her evil plan that could have caught your kingdom ablaze. All caught up in your plans for ‘prevenge’

2:1503 Mercy by Driftingdragon
You looked your mother in the eye from the incredible height. The spark of love grew into a roaring fire of passion as you fell to your enormous knees and broke down at the foot of the cliff just beneath where she stood.


In your misty teary eyes you glanced up at your mother, the shining

2:1502 Drink potion by Driftingdragon
“Why should I give it to you?” You quickly think to yourself, only shooting your mother a sly glance. “Okay sure” you say aloud. You turn around and giggle to yourself, the steam from your potion cascaded upwards into your face as you hunched over the rounded flask. The red glowing fluids wa

1:1515 Taking Flight by Hollowpages
“Okay,” you say, having made your decision. “I’ll go with falcon.”


The genie nods. “You must visualize yourself becoming the bird. Picture the exact breed, and envision your body turning into it. Then, it will be so.”


You take in a quiet breath, hoping this work

1:1514 The Wish’s Rules by Hollowpages
“First,” the genie says, “you desire it to be a painless transformation. That is fine, and because you’ve shown me decent respect, I will ensure no physical or emotional pain befalls you during the process. You have also specified not wanting to lose your humanity or self-control - that is a

1:1513 Choices Choices by Hollowpages
The genie’s words sink into you as you ponder them. You’ve seen your fair share of movies and TV shows with genies involved - this one reminds you of the Genie from Aladdin, but, you also know the traditional genies are… not exactly the nicest of beings. This one was kind enough to inform you

2:1501 Make alchemic potion by Driftingdragon
You had chosen the first and most obvious answer: an offensive approach, and the most to-the-point choice of the four. Thinking to yourself what your work file may contain, you were shocked to find out the task was to merely brew a potion.


“What have I gotten myself into!” you ask yo

2:1500 No by Driftingdragon
You kindly refuse the offer, deciding to go on with your own studies. Your sibling, the prince of the kingdom had asked you about some favors to be done. Apparently he was working with your mother on a project that she needed taking care of for ‘family business. They both had required both a range

2:1499 Science by Driftingdragon
You feast your eyes on a book about advanced algebra, trigonometry, and calculus, and over the next few days you spend all your time reading, practicing, taking notes, and solving equations. Delving even deeper into the applied physics field, you take your skill for mathematics to the next level.

2:1498 Go to library by Driftingdragon
The looming presence of what could have been beyond those doors stuck with you, it caused you to want to know what was behind it, your curiosity got the best of you. In the middle of one of your family lectures you decided to wander off into the library of the gigantic palace. Needless to say the am

2:1497 Run away from the job by Driftingdragon
Your gut feeling tells you to get out of the situation, and your brother couldn’t agree more as you two packed up every piece of salvageable lab equipment and took off with your sibling. Heading up the road past the back of your kingdom, you both ran into the desolate surroundings, which quickly g

2:1496 Hire professional by Driftingdragon
You both choose the better option. When saving yourselves, cutting corners is never an option. Eventually they take over the majority of the tasks, leaving you and your brother’s hands free for taking care of your own things. Slowly but surely you ease your way out of debt together, while still be

2:1495 Hire family member by Driftingdragon
In the long term you knew have anticipated how this would bite you both in the ass. After months of working together, only making a bit extra profit over a long period of time, your company began to go under. Barely able to even afford your third business partner, they become more of a nuisance ever

2:1494 Delegate tasks by Driftingdragon
You both quickly come to the conclusion that the only way out is to add in a new business partner. Having run things the same way for years, you both have an easy time integrating the new player into the set of rules. Buying you all a bit more time in the long run, the extra help tremendously takes

2:1493 Evolve the business by Driftingdragon
After a long period of thinking to yourselves, as well as each other, the two of you decide the best course of option is to move the business, rebrand, change the pace of the game as the hustle begins to change around you. Your monopoly became a vast empire of multiple products, as you continued to

2:1492 Braking Bad by Driftingdragon
The two of you discussed an ‘alternate’ career path. With the desires to break away from the traditional prince or princess story trope, you and your sibling decided to forge your own paths against the will of the kingdom. The two of you returned to the surface giddier than ever, having spent m

2:1491 Approach Sibling by Driftingdragon
You continue to see it’s one of the family taurs from earlier, upon squinting your eye, your pupils adjusted to the dim light of the catacombs underneath the palace. You struggle to see who exactly it is, though based on their small stature, you almost immediately assume that the figure is your b

2:1490 Walk for a long time by Driftingdragon
Something in your head told you to walk up the street. Continuing along the path the castle led you to, you followed the dirty gravel roads far behind your fallen kingdom. Vast stretches of greenery, with desert-like stretches of land spanning for farther than your eye could see. After a long while,

2:1489 Go back direction you came by Driftingdragon
Your feet seemed to take you along on their own, without you even needing to think, you ended up walking down the path where you had initially come from. Past bristling branches hanging low in your vision, and the heavy thud of your paws against dusty ground as you kick up the soil behind you. Tiny

2:1488 Leave kingdom by Driftingdragon
Day after day you couldn’t help but think about the kingdom’s grave loss, the repercussions of this only made your heart sink even deeper into the abyss. Over the following weeks you can’t seem to shake your deep feelings of shame; you can barely show your face among your court anymore with al