1:1533 Deeper You Go by Hollowpages
You ponder this for a moment, or whatever could be considered a moment for a selkie floating underwater with a human’s mind - and then, you decide, hey, why not swim down into the larger section of the sunken ship and see what might be lurking beneath. It’s bigger, so, more space and more to che

1:1538 Awakening the beast within, with stripes by Jacob
Watching where you prec yourself from the injection site, like a stone being thrown into a still pond that a tidal wave of fur was shortly after speading. While the potion travels down through your bloodstream that the fur reaches down to your hands as it starts to change the fingernails into claws.

1:1537 Tiger by Jacob
You hesitantly began to look through each of them one by one, till one caught your interest. Picking it up that it was labeled with big black letters down the side as it said tiger. Nodding, the wizard seemed to be eager as to be waiting on you to use it and try it out that you then turn to him and

1:1532 Swim Around by Hollowpages
You swim around the area at first, taking in the sight of this long lost beauty - it looks like it might’ve been from well over a hundred years ago due to the splintered wear and tear, including the torn and barely existing fabric of the flag that seems to have no discernible symbols on it. There

6:674 Computer by catprog
Sitting in the middle of the island was a computer screen.


Approaching the computer it boots up showing a block of computer files.


function loadModel(){ //Set ModelFile = "quadraphil" //Set ModelFile = "carpetic" //Set ModelFile = "ralityr" //Se

1:1531 Choosing the Sunken Ship by Hollowpages
After a long moment of consideration, you decide that while the possibility of exploring the deeper sea is tantalizing in an adventurous sort of mentality - who knows what could be down there and you have no clue how far you can go, either, since you are neither human nor seal but something between

2:1552 It’s a trap! by Driftingdragon
From the moment you crossed the borders, you knew that the kingdom wasn’t as kindly as they came off to be. Knowing from your studies, you figured that this kingdom was one of the warring northern kingdoms; generations of jealous kings and queens have tried invading and destroying the more opulent

2:1551 Open immediately by Driftingdragon
You watched how the royal court tore into the box like a ravenous carnivore, though what was inside couldn't have surprised you more. It was a box filled with killer bees! You managed to get away by spraying your skunk scent as a deterrent, though the king and queen were absolutely furious by t

2:1550 Don’t by Driftingdragon
Completely exhausted by a long day’s worth of work, you decided whatever it was could wait until tomorrow. You closed your eyes to go to sleep, yet before the night was over, you felt a thump from beneath your bed, which woke you up bolt upright from beneath your sheets. in surprise, you checked u

1:1530 Float Around by Hollowpages
For a moment, you float there, taking in… everything.


Being where you are right now in this instant, underwater in the ocean without having the need to rush up for air or without feeling any sort of immediate fear for your life is unlike any sensation you’ve experienced in your life

2:1562 Where are you? by Jacob
Slightly backing away as You began to look over your new form in the mirror that while blinking a couple of times, you still didn't believe what just happened to could this have happened as you thought about the sign was some kind of sick joke, but now... all of this was far to real tha

2:1549 Answer it by Driftingdragon
You answered the door to find one of the royal’s guards standing just behind the threshold. In his hand was a similar looking letter, and to your surprise when you swiped it from his slinky hands and began reading it as you stood, not even dismissing him, you nearly leaped into the air as you real

2:1548 Neither by Driftingdragon
You shook your head, signaling to them that both of the ideas were absolutely awful. Using your diplomatic skills, you decided to yourself that you needed to step in with the insight you had skimmed over in the libraries in order to properly solve this delicate political situation. One of the things

2:1547 Yes by Driftingdragon
Without hesitation, you jumped at this chance to prove yourself once more. You agreed to deliveer a ‘revenge present’ to the Northern Kingdom, though something about this didn’t seem to settle well with you. It wasn’t long though, until you were off again on the long journey back to the Nort

2:1546 No by Driftingdragon
You politely refused their offer. They both looked to you more confused than before. They both took turns questioning the legitimacy of your diplomatic skills, almost shaming you into taking on the grueling task. You continued to stand your ground though, time and time again giving them the exact sa

2:1545 Wait, look, listen by Driftingdragon
Once you set the box down, you realized, though you weren’t even touching it, it seemed to move on it’s own. “Wait a minute” you said aloud, catching their attention suddenly. You placed your powerful ear on the table and realized that within you could hear the faint sound of bussing, you pe

2:1544 Leave it be by Driftingdragon
Like a good princess, you take advantage of your disciplined upbringing, and you leave the present be all the way to the Southern kingdom. This time it was a warm summer-like breeze which rustled through your dark black onyx fur. The white stripes lining you from your nose to your tail fluttered lig

2:1543 Open It by Driftingdragon
You opened the box in your curiosity. The ride was simply taking too long! Before you knew it, you had sprung a trap. A life’s supply of bees was released in your caravan before you had even made it to the kingdom. The gift had never come, and you realized the error of your ways too late. In your

2:1542 Warring kingdoms by Driftingdragon
Warring kingdoms You decided to go to a set of the warring kingdoms you heard about from your studies, though you hadn’t learned much about their culture or what it was they did, you decided to travel to the Northern Kingdom. You read a little bit about how they didn’t seem to get along with the

2:1541 Go For a walk by Driftingdragon
Your mind still wandered needlessly, so your feet decided to do the exact same. As the sounds of the voices and banter grew farther from you as you walked away down the hall leading up to the main ballroom, looking around the way just ahead to figure out what it is you will spend your time doing at