6:678 Five, you idiot! by aidungeon
She stops and thinks for a moment "Five, you idiot!" She puts her hands to her mouth as she feels her tail splitting into five identical fox tails. She tries to cover it with her hands but can feel it slipping through her fingers.


"Good night, Dan" David calls back to

2:1684 Facility by Driftingdragon
You had to address the elephant in the room. What was this odd facility you just came across. It was clear you had just come from here, so what was everything all about? Something didn’t seem to add up here, and your gut told you that it had everything to do with this eerie presence. It took a mom

1:1585 Curiosity II by Hollowpages
You take a moment to look past Akam, toward the direction you came from. You haven’t heard any gunshots, nor any screams or anything that would give you alarm. That, you feel, and the lack of reaction from Akam makes you think that there’s no reason to worry. Plus, Shira is there, and Akam himse

1:1590 Selkie Wisdom III by Hollowpages
You mull over all the possible topics you could ask in the moment, since you are before a large, clearly ancient being that knows way more then you could ever hope to learn in a lifetime. You just KNOW that’s the case, because it’s not every day you meet a whale-sized magical seal creature that

2:1683 Stand around by Driftingdragon
Nope, you really couldn’t beat what your family said to you about being lost. That along with other vaguely recalled sayings from your childhood. Clearly it was right, since you learned it a long time ago. Anyway, you decided to begin relaxing and calming your mind in order to increase your likeli

1:1584 Curiosity by Hollowpages
You mull over the things you could ask, at least until you get a little tired of having to continually make choices - it’s been a long day, you feel - so you decide you’ll try to get everything you can asked, since why not? However, you decide on where you want to start on this: the history of g

2:1675 Look over the room by aidungeon
You look over the room. It's fairly boring, just a bed, desk, chair and wardrobe. There are tons of posters on the wall advertising bands you've never heard of. You check the wardrobe and see various female clothes, all about your size. Look for the least revealing clothes. You grab underw

2:1682 Up by Driftingdragon
You could feel it within the pit of your stomach. The drive to escape. One hand after the other, your dark claws dug deep into the crumbling earth around you. With the help of the tangle of green vines growing from the cave walls- possibly even roots- the clusters worked as appropriate footholds for

1:1583 (Un)Welcome Intrusion II by Hollowpages
The man with the rifle gazes intently at the footprints that you and Ali left behind. Obviously, he will likely start to follow them, and if he does, he will end up coming right to where you and Ali are currently hunkered down trying to hide. You don’t know what to do with yourself - nor do you kn

6:677 Six by aidungeon
"None of you are right" said Dan before gulping "A litter can be up to six kits". She realizes the ramifications of this as two points on her chest start to tingle. As the grow out into a second pair of breasts another pair of tingles form underneath.Dan shouts out into the night

2:1681 Wait by Driftingdragon
The closer you got to the bright white light, you realized that you couldn’t have continued like that. Patiently, you waited for your eyes to adjust from the overwhelming sensory at the mouth of the cave. “Like hell I’m just crawling out into whatever the hell awaits me out there.” you thoug

1:1582 (Un)Welcome Intrusion by Hollowpages
The scent is approaching quickly, and you realize you don’t have the time to dawdle around for super long - you snap to attention, then turn to Akam.


‘Akam, I know this is a lot to ask of you, but…’


“Master,” the djinn says, a knowing look in his eyes. “Speak wh

2:1674 Her Home by aidungeon
"My home, where else could we go?" She answers. Linda seems focused and determined, but you sense she is nervous. "Why are you so quiet?" You ask her. "What do you mean?" Linda asks. "You're quiet, you barely talk. I've been with you for an hour now and I

2:1680 Keep crawling by Driftingdragon
The bright light began to engulf your eyes, it was becoming increasingly difficult for you to see what was just outside of the dark tunnel. Beaming light rays contracted your pupils, and you found yourself crawling on some loose-feeling peat moss just beneath you. To your surprise, the floor seemed

1:1581 Investigation IV by Hollowpages
You mull the decision over for a moment, leery about the prospect. Sure, there’s no harm in learning more - or, at least, you tell yourself that much - but you don’t know what to expect if you continue seeking out more information.


But as you stand there on all fours, thinking, you h

6:676 Vixen by aidungeon
Dan struggled to say what he wanted to say before the wrong answer came out "T... T... Vixen. I am a Vixen" "Good, Good, you are learning" David replies. "Hey that's not fair, you told him the best choice," says Jake.


Gassan looks over at Dan before ask

2:1679 Go right by Driftingdragon
Go right Stuffing yourself past the entrance was an easy task. You took a moment to assess your situation as you slid even farther into the vent. Right away, you noticed that you had a new set of skills and senses that you were quite excited to try out. Firstly, your eyes were fully adjusted to the

1:1580 Investigation III by Hollowpages
You admit that, while yes, you are fascinated by the world of genies and magic, and yes, you do consider yourself a very inquisitive person by nature, the looks on the faces of the two djinn make you give pause to really ponder whether or not it’s a wise idea to ask further. Even so, you’ve come

2:1678 Go left by Driftingdragon
You slid your slender body into the metallic rectangle. The metal slats buckled under your weight, and you were almost afraid that it would have given way beneath your weight. Shortly after, you come to the crossroads within the metal like prison. You had to make a decision, left or right. You flipp

2:1696 Space Station by aidungeon
Your wings stretch out and you fly upwards, towards the stars. Suddenly, you hear a voice from below: "Hey! What are you doing up there?"


"I'm flying!" You reply as control of your body returns to you.


"In a space station?" the voice asks. Y