1:1449 The herd by catprog
The rest of the horses fly up to you.


"Are you new here?" one of them asks you.


"How could you tell?" you ask.


"You are fighting the instincts of the body. We all were the same at first." he says.


"You are changed by

1:1447 Swim Over by catprog
Swimming over you shake yourself dry. The other tiger responds by splashing you. You roar trying to speak, this body seemingly only able to talk like a tiger.


The other tiger smiles to you and nudges you towards the trail he has come down before walking down it. Following him you come to

2:1359 Space by catprog
The first thing you notice are the stars. They are solid and unblinking.


The second thing you notice is a lack of ground beneath you. You are in space. You look around in amazement until you see yourself. You have no spacesuit on. What little air you have seems to be the remnants of the

4:322 Interupt by catprog
As she begins to speak there is a commotion on a nearby table. Looking over you have just enough time to see a cat-like creature jump from the neighbouring table onto yours.


As you try to watch it, it seems to shift left and right before passing you, only for you to feel it actually ent

1:1446 To the waterfall by catprog
Climbing down the ladder you feel your body shifting again. This time your hands shift into paws while your arms become legs.


Being on a ladder as this happens you find yourself losing grip and falling. Twisting in the air you soon find yourself landing on all fours.


The path

1:1438 Back in 5 by crunchynachoes
You stare at the sign in horror as you approach the shop. There are a few people milling around the entrance to the shop. It was an open air center so there was nothing shielding you from prying eyes. You turn tail and start walking back to your car. You hear from behind you one of the people ga

6:574 Joining by catprog
"Why you are joining our pack." she says


Daniel gulps and tries to run pass her.


The wolf shakes her head and grabs his legs biting through and letting go.


"I was going to give you some choice about your wolf form but you left me no choice."

1:1445 Back to the Room by catprog
You shake your head “This is too much for me” you say and race back to your room.


Once inside you feel the fur shift back into the fursuit. Breathing a sigh of relief you take it off finding yourself back to normal.


The room however has changed. It now looks like a treeh

1:1437 Go Home by crunchynachoes
You carefully sneak into the house, you had ditched your classes for the day, unsure if anyone else was home or not. You had not seen your sisters car or your parents, but that did not mean they were not here.


Throwing caution to the wind as soon as you hit the stairs you bolt up to you

1:1444 In the Lounge by catprog
Taking the pass you quickly head over to the lounge. Inside you find everyone is in a fursuit. One of the tigers notices you and walks over.


“Hello, is this your first time here?” he asks the voice much deeper than yours.


Nodding you ask back “How can you tell?”


1:1436 Try to change back by crunchynachoes
Deciding that this was simply too much adventure for one afternoon, you turn to the wizard after admiring yourself in the mirror for a few minutes. "Ummm sir?" You say in a low voice, your vocal cords new and husky despite your feminine body. "Is there anything you have that will ch

6:573 My Pack? by catprog
"What do you mean by my pack?" he asks.


"You came with your friends right?" she says. "They are your pack."


"Yes" he says "we did not know this place was inhabited."


The wolf smiles "That is the way we like it

1:1443 Tigress fursuit by catprog
Everything is too female for you to wear, until you pull out a fursuit. While still female it means that you are hidden inside and no one will see you.


Once you have put the costume on you look around. The door is now clearly visible. Heading out you find yourself in a packed hallway fil

1:1433 The Kitchen by crunchynachoes
Ivan turns to you and says gravely, "We should get the worst option out of the way. There's no way she could have left this place without outside assistance, and judging by her sunny disposition, I do not think there is any worry in her making any new friends at this point. So since that

1:1432 Jennifer by crunchynachoes
You knew Jennifer would be in trouble in short order in this place, you ponder as you absentmindedly stare at a couch unsure of how to position yourself on it in a comfortable manner. You were certain that she had not listened to any of Ivan's warnings and was certain to be doing everything ex

1:1435 Second Vial by crunchynachoes
You see the wizard holding out a second vial, this time a bright pink "F" resided on the side of the vial in bright bubblegum pink.


"What does this one do?" You ask hesitantly.


"Oh nothing much, it will simply change your gender from male to female.&q

1:1431 Go Through The Portal by crunchynachoes
Ivan pauses for a second, holding up his hand. "Oh I forgot to mention. The magical plane is quite a bit different than where we are coming from. Some of my counterparts look at humans as a blank canvas and will take every opportunity to permanently change them as possible. So in effect yo

1:1442 Female by catprog
The inside of the bags only contain female clothes. The name on the bag however is your name. The ID inside while the sex is marked as F is still has your photo.


While you are looking at the clothes the door has disappeared. Not only that but there is no trace of the phone either. As yo

1:1426 The first customer enters by crunchynachoes
You awake from your slumber, to the sound of a door chime. You had fallen asleep watching some sort of soap opera on the TV. You could not tell if just a minute had passed or a thousand years. You suppose it did not matter as you were still firmly stuck in the wall of Ivan's shop.


6:567 Kiss by DesmondFallout
"Hey!?" Jake shook Denise a little harder with how unresponsively lost in thought she was. That got a bit of life back into her blank, expressionless stare, and he sighed in relief. "Oh good! For a second I thought you went completely blank. MPH?"


Denise responded by

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