2:1428 Squirrel by Driftingdragon
Your brown hair blew in the wind as you stand on your balcony, sun rising over the tall buildings. You look down at the ground below, the streets bustling with people, cars, busses, and the occasional garbage truck. The fast pace of the city becomes like a roller coaster of sounds and smells as you

2:1426 Turtle by Driftingdragon
A humming tune fills your senses, the gentle swaying of you falling continues to push you farther into your sleep. You can’t help but focus on the humming tune, which conversely begins to jolt you awake. “What happened?” you think to yourself, head throbbing, you bring up your hand to touch yo

2:1425 Salamander by Driftingdragon
This outfit seems particularly interesting to you, the bumpy surface, the webbed fins. You can’t help but think to yourself about how this experience seems like one like none other, “What is this?” You ask yourself aloud, thinking how regardless of what’s ahead of this road for you, it must

2:1424 Village by Driftingdragon
After a while, you come across a small macaque village, blood covered, carrying a tiny body, limp and nearly a corpse. The villagers cower in fear in your wake, you hear a few hissing and spitting at you, ‘murderer’ they sneer. “I need the elder” you say with confidence. The people are silen

2:1423 Battle by Driftingdragon
When you return to your safe zone you immediately gulp down your prize and fall asleep, not knowing how long your body takes to recover from the constant frantic movements and sensory processing.


You find yourself waking up way later, not even knowing how long you’ve been sleeping for.

2:1422 Food by Driftingdragon
Over the next few days you begin compiling a list of what all you would need for this type of remote survival. Thinking to yourself how you couldn’t possibly survive this round by simply climbing trees all day.


“Shelter, check. Food and water…” you remember the most important par

2:1421 Jungle by Driftingdragon
You lay there half conscience and propped up, a little twinkle catches your eye. A mouse crawls on your face sniffing your muzzle, you scrunch your muzzle at the smell as the tiny creature runs off afraid. You adjust to using your deep pits to sense the smells and temperatures of things; the world s

2:1420 A vision by catprog
While you glide down a vision appears to you.


The griffon with a crown looks down to two smaller ones. "I know the two of you both think you have a claim to my throne."


"Unfortunately with both the crown and the princess lost, the throne cannot be passed on. If

2:1419 Lizard by Driftingdragon
You’ve once again reached safety, in the comfort of your own dwellings, you reach into your bag to grab your outfit, this one is covered in smooth thin scales. You feel the scales dragging along your body as you pull the outfit tight over your skin and you can feel the cloth pulling tightly over t

2:1418 Found out by Driftingdragon
That morning you find yourself wandering around the house idly, your feline curiosity gets the best of you, “I have to know what's in that chest!” You creep your way over to the corner and gently lift the hinges open. Your eyes light up as you see an array of new outfits piled into the bott

2:1417 Shepard by Driftingdragon
Fur rustling through the wind, your muscles flex and contract with great swiftness as your mane flows like a fire behind you. The sheep veer left, you turn right, they run forward and you skillfully and quickly carve your away around them, leading a herd of hundreds of sheep across the field.


2:1416 Working by Driftingdragon
It’s been a week and a half and the days have been growing longer and longer with the tasks you have been assigned.


Shear the sheep, cut the grass, clean the stables, milk the females, but all you want to do is run in the vast green, and herd some sheep. All you want is the sheep. Even

2:1415 Pasture by Driftingdragon
You blink your their eyes awake sun filtering through the clouds. You dream of your home, light filtering through, curtains the smell of breakfast being prepared. Your eyes suddenly open wide as you sit bolt upright. Bright green grass sprawling over acres of land. Creatures can be seen in the dist

2:1414 Lion by Driftingdragon
You eye the pale skins up and down. Your eyes light up as they have promptly decided on their newest match. “I think I'll go with this one” you mutter to yourself, running your fingertips down the length of the slender fluffy set in sleeves.


When you find yourself in safety you

6:645 He aggrees by Jasondicks
“...Alright, fine, man. But if this is a stupid prank, don’t expect me to believe you the next time you come crying wolf, alright?”


Daniel felt a wave of relief wash over her as Allen gave in, honestly glad he wouldn’t have to keep going back and forth with his buddy.


6:644 Call a friend by Jasondicks
Uneasy, Daniel glanced around frantically before spotting her phone on the bedside dresser. She hurried over - admittedly almost tripping over her own tail - and scooped up the smartphone, tapping away at the passcode to grant herself access. Maybe she could call someone - yeah, someone who could he

6:643 Dominate by Hollowpages
“Daniel,” Aria said, snapping him from his daze. She was eyeing him again, her expression almost unreadable. “I… I know this is very sudden and strange to you, but, I cannot help but feel this… desire. I feel like there may be something of a future for us just by being in your presence, al

6:642 Panic by Jasondicks
Doing a few deep breaths in the hopes of calming herself down, Daniel went ahead and made her way back to the mirror to take another look at herself. Growing uneasy, she angled her head this way and that, studying the unusual, feline structure of it; she had never seen a tiger up close before, led a

6:641 Details by Hollowpages
‘Um, Kura?’ Daniel thought.


“I do believe she’s attracted to you,” Kura replied, a mixture of amusement and interest coloring her tone. “How exciting! To not only be gifted with me, but also to find a potential mate in the same night! Hoo boy, you must be thrilled.”


6:640 Tail pull by Jasondicks
She was a tiger, whether this was some stupid dream or not. Most people would just be startled, or hell, even amazed; but not Daniel - he didn’t want to be a tiger, he wanted to be a regular human being! Maybe if I just… Daniel hesitated for a moment before he reached around haphazardly for that