8:141 Female by -
As the afternoon wore on, he felt another strange sensation begin to take hold of him. It was a different kind of feeling this time, not like the tingling sensation that had heralded his bat transformation. Instead, it was a growing sense of warmth and softness, centred around his chest.


5:75 You take the blade of Orochi by The Futa Guy
“A, good choice.” Kasumi picked up a katana with a bejeweled hilt. Legends say Susanoo picked this up from the corpse of Yamato-no-orochi. I wonder how your sensei got ahold of such legendary items.


Perhaps he’ll tell it once we present him with it.


“Shame I won’t b

1:1684 VHS Tape by -
The store is dimly lit, and as you wander through the aisles, you notice an unlabeled VHS tape sitting on a dusty shelf.


Without knowing what it is, you take the tape home and pop it into your VCR. The screen flickers to life, showing an abandoned laboratory with dust and debris covering

8:142 Dragon by -
As you sketch the outline of the dragon on the sandy beach, your hand moves with a mix of anticipation and artistic fervor. Each stroke brings the creature to life, its form taking shape on the page before you. But as you continue, a tingling sensation spreads through your fingertips, an inexplicabl

8:140 Bat by -
He sat up in alarm, looking down at his hands in confusion. Already, he could see that they looked different, with a slight curve forming along the edges of his fingers. As he examined them more closely, he realised that they were growing longer, and that the skin was beginning to stretch and thin o

5:74 Kasumi takes the wind amulet. by The Futa Guy
Kasumi picked up a golden necklace with a blue jewel off a mannequin head. “Ah, this is one of Fujin’s. I believe he lost it gambling.


What does it do? You asked.


“If legend is to be believed, you can summon forth a tornado if you wished.” She smirked. “My enemies w

1:1683 Shark by ChatGPT
The transformation begins slowly, almost imperceptibly at first. You feel a faint tingling in your fingers and toes, and you shake your head, trying to dispel the sensation. But it doesn't go away. In fact, it seems to be spreading, creeping up your arms and legs.


You look down at y

1:1682 Take the Equipment by -
You slip the card into your hand and turn back to the goblin who is still trembling in fear. "I won't use the Disintegrate spell on you," you say calmly. "But you need to tell me how to get out of here." As you say that the card is revealed. ' EQUIPMENT; 'CURSED

5:73 Follow the compass by The Futa Guy
The treasure is almost in our grasp. Keep on it.


“Don’t have to tell me twice.” You moved quickly and quietly across the many hallways that made up the lower level, keeping an eye out for Kubo who you knew was still stalking these halls. He, however, was nowhere to be found, and wi

1:1673 I'll help find you wives! by Psto1464
“I can find you women!” you declare it out loud with great pride. Your selkie senses had been leaving you to the opposite direction. You know, you know, there would be some selkie women interested?


“What?” Eric shook his head, “You think we would fall for such lines?”


5:72 Compass by The Futa Guy
“My thoughts exactly. Compass should lead us…” Your ears perked up, someone was coming. You shoved the paper into your robe and deftly jumped to the ceiling, using a mix of ninjistu and the Kitsune’s supernatural abilities you remained fastened to the ceiling as the doors opened.


4:381 Bast by -
You hold the figurine of Bast in your hand, examining it closely as you weigh your options. The room around you is filled with dozens of figurines of gods and goddesses from all different mythologies, each one representing a different aspect of human nature. As you look at each one, you feel a sens

5:71 Left door by The Futa Guy
Left. You opened the door and walked inside. The room was dark and only a tiny bit of ambient light let you see two feet in front of you. However, you had more than one sense to rely on. Your ears perked up at the sound of something hurtling through the air, to which you spun out of the way to dodge

1:1675 Two months Later by Psto1464
Laying on the deck, you enjoyed your selkie form. After discovering the ability to enter a human form. Your nights with the crew of the ship, much more interesting. You were a bit tired, and lately, you've had some very hard mornings. Getting nausea at the simplest smells, getting teary eyes at

5:70 Select “E” by The Futa Guy
Your fingers pressed in the “E” carving and you heard the sound of gears turning as the door trembled and began moving apart.


Two e’s in “Week” and one “e” in Year. Your reasoning turned out to be solid and Kasumi seemed impressed. “So do you have any idea where this stor

1:1681 Treasure by -
You look over the cards in your hand and choose a card "Spell: Disintegrate. Cooldown: 10 turns" pointing it too the boulder


The goblin's eyes widen as he sees the card in your hand. "Hey, you can't use that here!" he protests, but it's too late.


5:69 Drag Kubo into the room with you by The Futa Guy
Thinking quickly, you grabbed Kubo and dragged inside the room. You quickly locked it up as he began to speak.


“Who are you? What are you doing in this room? Where is he?”


Right in front of you idiot. Kasumi shared your annoyance with the boy and spoke, “I don’t what

1:1674 Ever heard of a reverse harem? by Psto1464
“Ever heard of a reversed harem?” It was the naughtiest option that came to mind. You were in another place, a new person, a completely different species! Why not explore some option you would never touch at home? The idea was exciting, it was sending a thrill down your spine, and into your hear

5:68 Younger woman by The Futa Guy
“Hmm? The same age? It’s a different approach but I can make it work.”


You watched in shock as she snapped your fingers and suddenly you had something very different between your legs. It felt weird to not have something hanging off you down there but this was only the beginning of

2:1917 Horse by -
The air is thick with the smell of fabric and dust. You see a bunch of costumes hanging on the walls, all of them in the shape of animals. There's a lion, a tiger, a bear, a wolf, and many others. But there's something odd about them; they're all female.


As you walk throug