2:1473 Forest by Driftingdragon
The clothes you wore clung tight to your body as you watched your front legs padding forward across the cold earth. Hard white claws scratched up the dry soil as your weight shifted between your new quadrupedal gait. You stepped lightly, as to not muddy your dainty black paws, though you couldn'

1:1510 Chat by Hollowpages
Kris pondered whether or not she wanted to try to sleep, or, if she was more interested in being awake. She mulled this over, and, admittedly didn’t feel super tired despite the events of the day. Tired mentally, sure, but, not enough to where she wanted to throw herself onto a strange mattress in

2:1471 What's beyond the mirror by Jacob
Knowing now that you have to wait a week to morph again to a different costume as your reflection of you was pulling you in, you didn't fight back for you let your nakedself pull you in the mirror and enter its strange new world. You didn't know What to expect from what was happening, but

1:1509 Tree by Hollowpages
Kris mulled over the two options given to her while Shayla watched her with a relatively placid expression upon her face, waiting for Kris to answer.


Kris glanced up while she did and saw it was getting darker for sure - the sky was inching toward blackness, and the moon was prominent on

1:1508 Right by Hollowpages
“Wait, hold on. Right or left?” Kris sputtered at the pressing question since it came out of the blue. She hadn’t even processed the rest of what Shayla had said yet. “Oh. U-uh. Wait, why do we have to choose? What’s the difference?”


“We need to move first, and move fast,

1:1507 Shelter by Hollowpages
Kris was unsure of what to do in terms of picking a choice. This seemed like something out of a video game, but, she didn’t know what the best choice to make was. She wasn’t a nature survivalist, or a skilled hiker, and it wasn’t exactly every day you found yourself with a woman that looked li

6:673 Magic by catprog
As the new unicorn walks down the aisle her horn glows and the sense of decay from the produce fades.


The cashier greets her at the door "Thank you again. Here is your bonus" he says handing her a bag of apples.


Jake is waiting out front, "Another day done?

2:1470 "Where am I?" by catprog
"Where am I?" you ask "Not your temple I mean outside the temple.".


Bast smiles "You are in another dimension. The bigger world outside is based on what to you would be ancient Egypt. Of course the sphinxes their were male."


"But I am female

6:672 Get on the bed by catprog
After a few hours spent pacing the room she finally gets onto the bed.


Straps come out from the bed holding her in place.


Then the group comes out in hazmat suits, and a box of loose fur.


Taking each strand one by one they start attaching it to her.



6:671 Follow her out by catprog
Following her out of the room she goes through the doorway and ends up in an operating room.


Looking behind herself their is no trace of the door.


"Please lay on the bed and we can begin. Or just stay in the room for a long as you like" calls a voice over the speake

1:1506 Help by Hollowpages
Seconds felt like minutes, but, Kris opted to run out and risk it. She sped toward the cheetah-looking woman, who was halfway through getting her leg unstuck from the hole she’d created. Kris could feel the bridge beginning to undo even quicker now, and she heard Shayla make a noise of protest.

1:1505 Go Slow by Hollowpages
Kris felt her pulse racing. She really hated being stuck in this sort of predicament when time wasn’t exactly on her side. Yet, she forced her brain to work, and when it kicked into gear, she opted to take the path that was smarter in her opinion - she kept going at a slow pace, moving as calmly a

1:1504 Old Bridge by Hollowpages
Kris recognized the fact none of this made any damn sense. She’d lived in this area her whole life, and not once in her previous walks or drives had she come across a humongous gorge at the center of two different areas, one of which had a convenient bridge - despite being a very old-looking bridg

1:1503 Stick Around by Hollowpages
Kris relented, and, despite knowing what the SMART choice to make was, she turned and started after Shayla - which didn’t take very long since Shayla wasn’t moving all that fast.The cheetah-looking woman paused in her movements and eyed Kris curiously.


“You’re not going to leave?

1:1502 Stay by Hollowpages
Kris was honestly leaning toward leaving. She could logic her way through why leaving was a good and safe idea - and yet, her heart made it difficult, because even if it was the smart choice, it didn’t make it the RIGHT choice for her.


‘I hope I get at least a little appreciation…

1:1501 Pour it by Hollowpages
She weighed the decision, as she had for most of this, with care. On the one hand, she didn’t even know if the potion would work as it was advertised, yet, on the other hand, she didn’t have the luxury of trying to get to the city and find an actual first aid kit to buy and use. What struck her

1:1500 Healing Potion by Hollowpages
Kris hesitated while she mulled this over. The potion before her looked like something out of a video game, but, the fact this weird man was trying to sell this off as if they could help her raised a whole lot of red flags. She was skeptical they would do much good for someone who was bleeding, afte

1:1499 Survival Supplies by Hollowpages
Weighing the decisions in her brain took a good moment, but, ultimately Kris thought that she could always check behind one door, then if nothing was there, try one of the others. She did wonder where the store owner was, yet she hoped they would be around to help when she chose a door.


1:1498 The store by Hollowpages
Kris struggled to decide what it was she wanted to do, but, deep down, she wasn’t the sort of person to just abandon someone in need, even if said person was probably not the sanest given all the weird surgeries they must’ve had to end up looking like a real life Thundercat. Yet even with that t

1:1497 Help Her by Hollowpages
‘Now what do I do?’ Kris wondered. She couldn’t take her eyes away.


Watching the display of the woman struggling to free herself - and hearing the pained undertone to the strange woman’s grumbling - struck at a part of Kris. Deep within her, she felt a wave of… sensation she’