1:1401 Sphinx by Kolaghan
“Merciful?!” Yowls the former guide, “you’ve turned us into monsters, freaks!”


“Ah, you say that now, but you all have yet to see the extent of the gift I’ve given you.” Bast retorts with a knowing grin. “You all are now members of a special pride of lions, modeled afte

2:1351 A few more days by psto1464
Still, no sign of human life. No clues to your way home, but your steadily marching on. A diet of water and raw fish left you with some stomach trouble. You manage to overcome it with most of your dignity intact because at least no one saw you.


While fishing a larger, much more aggressiv

1:1400 Female? by Kolaghan
One by one each of the men feel their backs snap into place. They wince, feeling their spine realign to stand on all fours. The small consolation of being able to stand comfortably does not come close to making up for the fact that fur is slowly growing over their arms and legs. The guide starts to

2:1350 Food by psto1464
What kind of jungle didn't at least have banana's?! You woke early with the grey light of dawn barely peaking out. Not that you wanted to or even that you thought to get a head start. Your stomach woke you. Water did not fill your stomach, well it could but it wasn't the same! Crumbli

2:1349 Recovery by psto1464
Spending a day and night unconscious in a mud trail that ran along the river wasn't your idea of a good time. You did feel better for it though, all well that ends well. Isn't that how the saying goes? Unsure if you would be lucky enough to find another source of water and not wanting to r

1:1399 Transformation by Kolaghan
All at once the poachers’ and their guide’s hands seize up in pain. They watch helplessly as their fingers shrink and widen. Soft tawny fur grows on the backs of their hands as their fingernails shrink and sharpen into retractable black claws. Their palms get rough as paw pads grow out. Within

2:1348 Follow that water by psto1464
You decide to risk it. The average human could go four days without water. The average manticorn could go how long? Were you ever consider a manticorn? Considering how your body was either swallowed or transformed into your current state. Shaking your head free of these cluttered and unnecessary tho

1:1398 Falling by Kolaghan
Without a moment’s hesitation Bast leaps from the ridge and down to the small camp. Fear fills your heart as you feel your body fall at a rapid speed from a height of several feet. Much to your relief however Bast lands gracefully on her paws, not even shaken by her jump. She tilts her head upward

2:1345 Let him Approach by psto1464
“Ruben! Please this one can talk, surely this is a sign that we can talk things out and bring a peaceful time between our people.” Ruben snaps. He comes forward with slow steps. “I'm Ruben, a local man of God.” He holds out his hand, ignoring the call of his comrades “Can we talk? Sur

1:1406 Headbands by
You a some headbands on shelf. You go and check them out and find there are...


1:1397 Poachers by Kolaghan
Bast leads you over to the ridge in question. As the two of you peer over, it becomes clear what she’s referring to. There’s a group of men, five to be exact, sitting around and drinking as they clean their rifles. Four of the men are obviously tourists. They’re middle aged white guys dressed

2:1347 Next Day by psto1464
The sun woke you with your blinding light. Waking you to your dry throat. You would never take your refrigerator for granted again. The idea of pouring yourself a nice tall glass of juice would have made you droll, if you had the saliva to spare. You stretch high up, flexing your paws with the famil

2:1344 Asleep by psto1464
“There it is.” a high squeal of a whisper reached your ears. Waking you up from the sleep you didn't remember falling into so easily.“


Quiet you fool! You'll wake it up and doom us all.” Another more confident whisper chastised the other. You can smell them. The cold sw

1:1396 Africa by Kolaghan
When you wake up things just aren’t right. First things first: you’re lying on the ground, and not just the carpeted floor of your apartment. No, you’re lying in a grassy outdoors area, one that definitely doesn’t look like anywhere near home. If you had to venture a guess as to where you a

2:1346 Look for a way out by psto1464
You were a man. A human male. You may have a sweet high voice, and temporarily lost your favourite body part; but you haven't lost your personality and be damn you would die alone in some fucking jungle! You choose to walk straight, in theory you should find something or someone eventual under

1:1395 Back Home by Kolaghan
Once back at your place it doesn’t take long for Bast to begin reprimanding you. Every little detail that is not exactly to her liking is nitpicked without remorse. She nags both internally and externally as you flop onto the couch to try and escape this nightmare for a while. Once she finds that

2:1343 Stay Put by psto1464
You have chosen to stay put. Whenever you hear about hikers getting lost, they always tell you to stay where you are. You have a better chance of someone finding you. Taking the opportunity to get more comfortable. You sat up and made your way to lean against the tree but something large and hard wa

1:1394 Partial Accommodations by Kolaghan
You start to focus on this foreign reflection in the mirror. Before your very eyes your body begins to shift and change once more, winding up as a very familiar human form. You sigh in relief, rubbing your smooth, hairless face in disbelief. This is your body, no feline features, no womanly curves o

2:1357 Princess by catprog
As you look around you notice your clothes are also changing. Soon you are covered in frills and have a crown on your head.


New knowledge enters your mind about your new royal family and how you are next in line for the throne.


As you try to adjust you find yourself in the mi

2:1342 Jungle by psto1464
You wake slowly. Your hearing comes first, the cries of tropical birds fill the air. You remember the soft and high trills from the visit of the local tropical pet store. Disorientated, your brain tries to catch up with events as you slowly open your eyes. Why were you at the pet store? You wonder a