2:1578 Hop, Skip, and a Jump by Hollowpages
When the transformation is complete, you blink a few times before another door manifests in front of you. You try to walk toward it, but, you find that being in the body of a kangaroo makes walking feel almost awkward, not to mention the shape of your legs and new body make it a little difficult to

2:1577 Mines by Driftingdragon
“Mines!” you said happily, as you shot the taur a friendly look. She looked a bit concerned, lowering her head and gesturing you forwards before bobbing her way through a thinly spaced walkway, opening the door from the inside. With a loud creak of the hinges, the heavy metal doors swung open an

2:1576 Down to up by Driftingdragon
You decided to begin on the lower part of the kingdom first, and though it lacked the opulence and beautiful setup as the upper grounds had, there was still something stunningly magical about the environment as you walked up to the towering double gates of the mine entrance. Looking around for someo

2:1575 Delete It by Driftingdragon
In your eyes the only right thing to do was to completely delete the database, though it wasn’t ideal for your job, you knew that this was the step you had to take in order to help liberate all of the people who would ultimately be suppressed by this. And with a few clicks of your mouse you found

2:1574 Physical by Driftingdragon
This scroll directed you to the science labs, comparing old anthropological artifacts, particularly the petrified remains of other creatures. The job kind of took you aback, scaring you slightly as you took small bone marrow samples and compared them to the data pulled up on your computer of anatomi

2:1573 Look around by Driftingdragon
You had no time for this folly, you needed to get out of this situation on your own, the skunk taur looked a bit disappointed as you wandered off into the deep depths of the mines. They all figured that you would die down there, never to be seen again. Unbeknownst to them you had a journey to take c

2:1572 Sit, listen by Driftingdragon
You endlessly questioned her, and for once you had gotten an explanation. As you had noticed, the people above seemed to treat taurs a bit differently than others. Their superior strength and physiological build, you were absolutely disgusted. In your own castle taurs and anthros worked together to

2:1571 Social by Driftingdragon
This scroll allowed you to attend some of the social gatherings in order to fully understand the perceptions of the people living here. You were absolutely elated, upon hearing this, you immediately hopped from your bed to the guest closest which was filled to the brim with new and fancy clothes. Th

2:1570 Everything by Driftingdragon
You spent some time thinking about what you have learned and choose to take matters into your own hands. The rest of your studying time was spent on a plan to help the other taurs liberate themselves in this fractal society. Taking notes all night on what you've studied your trade much harder t

2:1569 Nothing by Driftingdragon
Fear froze your limbs and you decided if you were treated well before, then they will treat you well now. You had already established that you were a professional in your field; a well read anthropologist who had only come here to be professional and progressive in your trade. That night you fell as

2:1568 Cultural by Driftingdragon
This scroll directed you to go to yet another library. A familiar sight to you, as you walked past the enormous threshold. The scroll directed you to do a job completely novel to you called cultural resource management, unbeknownst to you, one of the most mundane tasks you had never heard of before.

2:1567 Up to Down by Driftingdragon
You decided to begin where the majority of the palace was placed, the high up cliff was lined by a thick rocky precipice which caused your head to spin as you looked up at the towering magnificence of this kingdom. When you had arrived you were greeted by a leagues of workers, butlers, greeters, and

2:1566 Anthropologist by Driftingdragon
You set off to the west calling yourself an “Anthropologist” a word you had read vaguely about in your studies, though you only truly understood it to be ‘studying people’ so that was what you did. In the Western parts of the land, you found yourself among a medium sized minging kingdom, hal

2:1565 Travel as a neutral party. by Driftingdragon
As the middle most neutral land between the five kingdoms, you decided to yourself that you wanted to tour every one of the other kingdoms with a newfound passion for history and literature. You knew that traveling the world, you had to find a nice sounding and official title to go by just so that y

2:1564 Leave by Driftingdragon
You decided to not get into it, the warring nations were outside of your control, though the mission you were sent to do was an utter failure to your pristine standards, you thought it would have been too much work to try to stop what was going to happen. Having already done enough in warning them,

2:1563 Open it yourself by Driftingdragon
You decided to open it yourself, gesturing to the curious onlookers to take a step back, your fingers felt the smooth laced fabrics cling to your pawpads as your gentle grip untied the sparkling rivulet. The air was thick enough to cut with a knife, everyone's eyes were fixed- committed to gazi

1:1561 Wolf: Wild Hearts by Hollowpages
You end up going with the curiosity, because you can’t help yourself by this point. Your stomach grumbles quietly in protest, but, hey, it can wait. Besides, worst case scenario, you can always turn back into a human to eat if it gets to the point where it’s painful.


‘Sorry for bei

1:1560 Wolf: A Hunting We’ll Go, II by Hollowpages
‘You know what,’ you say after pondering this. ‘I think… you take the lead on this. I’m not the sort of person that gets a bruised ego if I’m not in control. And you’ve got way more experience than I do in this, since you’ve been doing this longer than me.’


Ali’s eyes

1:1559 Wolf: A Hunting We’ll Go by Hollowpages
You give it some thought, before you make your decision. ‘I… I think I’d like to try hunting. I’ve never done it in the past.’ You pause, then, after considering something, you add, ‘although to be honest, I’m a little… wary about it.’


Ali chortles internally. ‘I’m

1:1558 Wolf: A Tale of Tails by Hollowpages
Before you end up asking anything, however, you notice something - neither of the genies were with you or Ali when you were racing. You look around without getting up, and wonder where they might’ve gone off to. You recall that Akam could leave if he desired it, so, you consider that maybe he chos