1:1471 Give a Ride by
"Wait! Stop! Okay, I'll give you a ride." You decide it is better to try than give up already. So you kneel down on all four legs and allow the pig to jump aboard your flank.


  It sits on your back and gives a happy little snort. "Fly! Fly!" You realize it is ve

6:580 Take your new found power and kill him! by Psto1464
Rushing forward Daniel could feel his eyes turn to narrow slits, as his anger at the Doctor tunnelled into a furry at him. He saw nothing but his tanned smug face, since he obviously was able to go outside. Those cold blue eyes staring down at him like he wasn't even human! That vicious voice t

1:1470 Into the woods by
You travel past many trees and they all look alike. However, the deeper you go the more you swear you can hear something in the distance. It takes a while for you to understand your sensitive ears are picking up the sound of water. Your ears are still human in shape, but they are tender with ability

6:579 Play dead and sneak attack by Psto1464
Daniel laid there waiting. Patience's, he needed to lay there and access what was going on. He knew from experience what they were coming for. They came to laugh, and they came to drag him of to him. Daniel didn't even rate a hospital or lap table, they would simply grab him by his hair or

1:1469 Get Changed by
Your wings flap on instinct. The feeling surprises you but you only give your back a glance before turning your gaze eagerly back to the pixie. "You can? You would? Do I have to do anything in return?"


"No," laughs Reth. "I'd be happy to." It lifts a ti

6:584 Phone them and meet somewhere? by Psto1464
Going home would be a bust, surly his parents would be looking for him and that would bring attention. Daniel had enough of their attention, he didn't want it coming down on his family too. Friends would bring the same kind of problem, but he couldn't do it alone. The only co-promise he co

1:1468 A forest by
Then, in the distance, you see it. It could be a mirage, you fear it is, but as you draw closer the edge of a forest becomes clear. You are half way to the fruit now, but you are more concerned with seeking shade than anything.


You dash down the sandy hills, try not to stumble over your

6:583 Try getting back to Pam's house? Anyone's house? by Psto1464
Feeling secure in the idea of getting help from a nearby house or possible getting a ride to Pam's. Daniel could pull this whole looking like a dragon thing as a costume. Right? Yeah, Daniel nodded encouraging himself as he walked. The woods weren't as deep or the idea of getting far away

1:1467 Through the Desert by
You plod along but the sands seem to stretch on for an eternity. The near silence makes you abundantly aware of your new body. It feels like you have a thousand muscles you didn't have before. Your haunches tense and release with each step. Your hips sway from one side to the other as your foot

6:578 Attack and run by Psto1464
The door creaked open, a now familiar cry of rusty metal door. The hard thunk of their black military boots stepped into the room. Whistle a cheery tune. Daniel didn't know the tune, but the sound; the pure bliss coming from that bastards mouth made his teeth grate.



1:1466 Empty Bottle by
You look at the bottle. You gasp. The genie was not mocking you without cause. You were so foolish to not notice before. The bottle is empty! There is nothing inside. No fluid or dust or goo or tiny eats. It is vacant and clean.


“I can make you the potion. There is a spell I know very

6:577 Everything by Psto1464
Everything. That is what could go wrong. Daniel was panting heavily in a secluded room even his nightmare's couldn't come up with it. It was cold, dark, and the only sound he could hear was the hard ting of water drops hitting the metal of his room. Shaking, curled up in his own vomit he w

1:1465 Take it by
“That’s what I want,” you call out. Then you lunge forward, desperately, in an attempt to grab the bottle. Your outreached paw swipes at the genie’s hand. You almost have it, but then he pulls back and your claws meet only air.


“Tsk. Tsk.” The genie chides you with clicking s

1:1464 A cure? by
“Regardless of what you were before,” the genie says. “You are a mystical creature of the female persuasion now. You should be thanking me, you know. Not everyone is so fortunate to be blessed as you.”


“Blessed?” You ask between the rough rumbles of a growl. “I am a man! I

6:576 The Dare by Psto1464
Daniel's friends had become incredible busy with their new high-school lives. He was excited to have the five of them altogether for their traditional weekend hangout. Daniel was determined to make it a good one. Of course. All this drive was hidden under a mostly calm and dopey face of his. He

1:1463 Look around by catprog
"Great" you say aloud, watching the mana on your screen trickle away. "the game gave me a skill that is bugged"


Looking through the menu you try and find the exit button. Unfortunately the only menu screens you can find are the ones in game. No saving or loading. But

2:1378 Contact by catprog
The lights come back up along with the screens.


"Can anyone hear me" says the lioness on the screen.


One of the lionesses from you group goes up to the screen "Yes, we are here, and we have the lone lioness here."


"How do you have a lone o

2:1377 "What is wrong?" by catprog
"What is wrong?" you ask.


"That is not the artificial gravity. That is probably due to the ship entering the edge of an atmosphere and causing drag." the leader says "and with no engines , we are going to end up crashing into the planet".



2:1376 Taking stock by catprog
One of the lionesses takes charge and gets the rest of you looking around the room to gather supplies.


It takes a while for you to even get used to moving around in zero gravity but eventually you are sort of moving.


The leader smiles at you "I am sorry we could not get

2:1375 Out of Jump by catprog
As the ship keeps shaking and the light remain off one of the, says "This ship should be able to handle this"


Eventually the ship stops shaking , the lights are still off. Also everyone is floating in mid-air.


"Ok we appear to have an emergency" another on