6:553 "You're a bit late." by DesmondFallout
"You're a bit late."


Daniel yipped, almost toppling backward out of her cool entrance pose. A lot of the mingling kids that had been watching giggled as they went about their own days. However, Pammy stood only feet away looking at her wristwatch with a sour expression.

6:552 Get out of Traffic by DesmondFallout
Daniel almost did that last one if not for the warning horn. Realization she had drifted into the oncoming traffic lane hit before the car. Just in time to prompt her paws to push off the ground. Never losing momentum, Daniel hopped onto the car's hood and continued running along its roof. Anot

6:551 Former Human Hand by DesmondFallout
Make that former human hand. Daniel blinked, staring dumbfounded at the supposed children's toy, and then the three furry, clawed fingers clutching it. Her arm had joined its opposite in becoming a full fledge canines paw. At least now she had some semblance of symmetry. * Standing around in st

6:550 Skirt by DesmondFallout
Eventually, skirts won this crucial debate. Daniel felt getting used to the draft would be a better experience than having shorts clinging to her butt. Turning to check her profile in the mirror, Daniel gave a small sigh. The hanging fabric did nothing to hide the heavy bottom nature of her changing

1:1420 Try to Escape by Crunchynachoes
You turn quickly, looking for an escape, whatever this old coot has planned is not something you want to stick around for. Your balance shifts on new legs, your extra weight up top carrying you around. Your new legs catch something unseen and with a shock you realize that you're about to cras

6:549 Getting Dressed by DesmondFallout
"Frack it!" Daniel snagged a random sports bra to proceed with dressing. The world was glitching out on her. Odds were good no one would raise an eyebrow over some girl clothes now. Technically they were not inappropriate anymore.


Daniel adjusted the straps gazing at the loose

4:321 Escape 2 by AGhostInTheMachine
“Ah...he escaped. I expected as much,” Knelt down at the pond’s edge, Nugruc watched one of the Odo Hounds approach it, sniffing rapidly before whimpering, at the sadness of a lost meal, and a displeased master. Yet, the eyeless reptile reached out to caress the beast’s head, rubbing it and

6:548 Girl by DesmondFallout
School! Daniel reeled from his thoughts in a new panic. He was going to have to try and fit into something if he hoped to get out of this room. Whipping back to the closet he attempted to make a selection among the usual assortment of…




Fur and animal mutations had

1:1419 Vials of Liquid by Crunchynachoes
Stepping up to the table you spy an array of liquids all contained neatly in vials on the table. Despite not being heated, some bubble and give off faint trails of steam others churn and twist as if they were alive and seeking some escape. You look over the table with wonder, but keep returning t

6:547 More Changes by DesmondFallout
A wave of dizziness put a pin in that plan. Daniel groaned as he leaned against the closet door. Not because the world was spiraling out of control, but all muscle in his feet were refusing to work as designed. Goosebumps turned into a mild itching as white fur broke through the skin to engulf his f

1:1418 A way out? by Quuentong
“Hold on, I’m getting to the point. There is one scroll that’s tied shut with a golden ribbon. When I asked the man what the reward for it was, he simply told me that it would grant me life. In my desperation to leave, I said that I would do it and rushed into battle even though I was warned t

4:320 Escape by AGhostInTheMachine
Tired, battered, and bruised, Feylin couldn’t afford to sleep, nor eat, as the Morph felt himself touch down, and for the chilled air to brush over his exposed parts, making him pat and rub his exposed breasts...there was no time to feel a lack of modesty. He was there. He found the way out.


1:1417 Get more info by Quuentong
“What do you mean? I’m not saying that you’re right, but I am curious,” you reply. Perhaps this man can help you, but you still remain cautious.


He laughs quietly and turns to look at you. “What you say tells me everything. That isn’t the response one of the NPCs here would g

4:319 Run by AGhostInTheMachine
“Ah, here you’ve eluded me for quite some time, you two.” Emerging from the bushes himself was the monster himself, with more of those sick beasts in tow. In his hands, he held some sort of lengthy, technological rifle, that seemed to...fold itself up automatically, before he rested

1:1416 Inn by Quuentong
This entire day has been nothing other than exhausting, so you decide to return to the inn and go to sleep. When you walk through the door, you notice something that hadn’t caught your attention the night before. The sound of people talking and laughing can be heard from a room opposite of the hal

4:318 Escape Found? by AGhostInTheMachine
“...I didn’t think anyone made it this far, but now that I see this, I direly wish they didn’t get far at all.” Feylin had to agree at the morbid statement as they saw a few bodies, decapitated, hanging from a tree. Secured by durable, silver rope, they were completely skinned, with their fl

1:1415 Health by Quuentong
“There, I completed the job,” you exclaim upon your entry. “Can I please get paid now?”


The man looks at you with mild amusement and then pulls out a small sack of coins. Once he opens it, they all float into your satchel and you turn to leave, but something stops you. The man is

4:317 Memories by AGhostInTheMachine
“Feylin, have any of your memories resurfaced?” Seated against a cave wall, the feline Morph tossed away his sixth trout carcass to the side, shaking his head in response to Tyrus’ question, as the Hyena Morph stared out of the cavern’s mouth, watching the forest for any signs of movement as

1:1414 Boss by Quuentong
Once the last of the spiders are gone, you take a few deep breaths and realize that something is wrong. You recall that the scroll said something about a boss monster. Just as the thought crosses your mind, you see her.


A woman that is a normal lady from the waist up and completely arach

4:316 A few days by AGhostInTheMachine
Jabbing his spear into the water, Feylin skewered another trout for dinner. It’d been a few days since the...utter massacre but, he and Tyrus were doing well to keep themselves stay away from the path that beast took to find them the first time. They saw plenty more Odo Hounds yes but,