2:1760 Babysitting by DriftingDragon
“Childcare begins in the home. I would love to find a way if I could work in peoples’ homes to help with their upbringing!” Your reply was clear and concise. You seemed to impress the receptionists, and without hesitation, she smiled. “Do you mind on-site living?” She shot you a raised eye

1:1635 Something Wicked This Way Swims by Hollowpage
About a minute later, the selkie swimming toward the both of you slows and comes to a stop in front of Moirine. You can tell from a glance at the selkie’s body that this one is female given the slender physique like Moirine’s (and yours), and you can also tell it’s a selkie due to the eyes –

6:682 Voice by Ai Dungeon
"What's going to happen to me?" Suddenly, she hears a voice in her head. "It won't be so bad. You'll get used to it." "Who are you?" "I'm you. Well, what you are becoming." The voice says "You'll get used to it." "No I w

2:1759 Begin by DriftingDragon
It’s been so long, and I’m finally getting to see some puppies!” you thought to yourself as you followed. Your excitement filled your mind completely, eager for cuteness, you barely even took note of which hallway you had turned down. “Here we are!” She said in a cheery voice. “Did you n

1:1634 A Fishy Feeling by Hollowpage
You ponder what to do for a minute, since there are plenty of options to make use of – testing to see if you can swim at superhuman speed, experimenting with your newfound hydrokinetic abilities, returning to dry land, swimming around, asking more selkie questions, and so on. They’re all solid o

2:1758 Daycare by DriftingDragon
“Daycare is my specialty. I’ve always wanted to form strong connections with multiple children in a way that would hopefully impact their lives for a long way down the line.” your pitch was clear and concise, by the look in her eye, you nailed it. “Okay, well lucky for you, we have a recent

6:681 Hay by Ai Dungeon
One of the wall crumbles to reveal a moonlit mountain of hay, the smell teasing her nostrils. She leans forward and sniffs it. "Why does it smell so good?"


She reaches out and grabs a handful "How long have I been asleep?" Without thinking she starts to eat the hay. T

2:1757 Childcare Specialist by DriftingDragon
“I would like to be a Childcare Specialist.” You said, with confidence. She looked at you and expressed physical surprise. “Okay? I see you’re a young woman who knows what she wants.” The thought shocked you for a moment. You had only chosen the female suit, the differences in gender didn

1:1633 Selkie Power Talks V by Hollowpage
You ponder what feels best to you – you imagine if you were a ‘natural’ selkie, that tapping into these extraordinary abilities would be pretty easy, since Moirine showed no problem doing just that. But, you aren’t, and, as you hover there, thinking, you wonder if it would be difficult for y

2:1756 Confident by DriftingDragon
“Hello there Ma’am, I’m looking for a pediatric position, particularly of the canine species, any age level works.” You managed to match her body language, confidently taking control of the situation, you ………..

1:1632 Selkie Power Talks IV by Hollowpage
“Okay,” you eventually say. “I think I want to try to see about the hydrokinesis ability first. I figure, or at least I hope, that since I can kind of do it already…” You shrug. “I guess I want to think that means I can do more than just propel myself around, too.”



2:1755 by DriftingDragon
“I’m accountable.” You reassured yourself. “Oh! Is that so?” The guide asked you, “Even better for you then!” He didn’t bother to look over your work, in fact the most he did was pat you on the back before leaving you there. Other than helping you with your form and bringing you here

4:347 Back to the Dungeon by Ai Dungeon
You fall into it without even removing your clothes and sleep like a baby. The next day you are woken by a knock at the door. You get dressed quickly and open the door to see the lady waiting there. "Ah, you're awake, good" You look over yourself to find you look more human then yeste

1:1629 Forbidden Place by Ashley Natter
It was so easy to forget you once where human, these memories felt like a fading dream that with every passing moment seemed more ludicrous and distant.


How could you have walked in two legs and not have scales to protect your frail body? How could you have survived without the instincts

2:1730 Go straight by Driftingdragon
Anxiety clenched your stomach, and you barely wanted to see what was down the other two paths. You wanted to know what was past the tight space, but you didn’t want to take your eyes off the endless looking pathway as it continued way farther than you could see.

1:1628 Exploring by Ashley Natter
Morning comes with the strange sounds of birds crowning and the smells of a hearty breakfast. Goblin cuisine continued to be as strange as it was fat, six goblins around the fire cooked deep fried spider eggs, a generous helping of crushed beetles mashed into a thick paste they ate with pieces of da

2:1729 FULL SPEED AHEAD by Driftingdragon
Without even thinking, you decided to crawl at full speed forwards. Despite any regards to what may have been outside of the tunnel, with full confidence, you realized that this was the only way. A dark brown and black body looked like a blur as the canine- fully agalop out of the metallic prison-ve

1:1627 Sleeping by Ashley Natter
As the night progressed, they broke open their barrels of ale. The golden mixture was poured in a collection of mugs, some of them proper mugs you could guess they had taken from somewhere, but most of them handcrafted ones made out of pieces of armor, furniture, and bones. They cheered and sang hap

2:1754 Ask by DriftingDragon
“So what’s this all about?” you asked, quietly. “This hospital you mean?” She picked apart your question as you walked. “Yeah, I mean. I’ll be working with children, right?” “Of course!” “And this is a hospital?” “Yes?” Her draw was slow and guarded. “Why are these two

4:346 Escape by Ai Dungeon
"Nope" you say going back to the previous room. Luckily the room is still empty. You head up the stairs to find someone waiting for you. "I bet you have many question" she says. "Why do I look like a rat?" you ask. "That is the taint from the dungeon. It will be co