2:1882 Ask about the tomb by Drifting Dragon
You figured that if it was his domain- his tomb. Maybe he could help you with your mission. With a quick huff of your chest, you cleared your throat and stood up tall and proud to ask your question. “You say this is your domain?” You asked him. “Does that mean… This is your tomb?” You con

2:1881 Deep sleep. You trust them too by Drifting Dragon
Before you even had the chance to think about what was going on, you started falling into a deep sleep. You could hear yourself snoring but could do nothing about it as you continued to lose control of your body from how tired you were. It felt good to be able to let your mind wander as your mind sl

2:1880 Have them take a shift. You need some rest by Drifting Dragon
At this point, you didn’t want to have to hear a recap of what you just went through. Upon sitting down, you started to feel the hopeless tiredness washing through your body in waves and it became harder and harder for you to keep your eyes open. You thought for a moment, wondering how your side o

2:1879 Stay calm. It may be them by Drifting Dragon
Once again, you figured that patience in this situation was a bit more valuable than being the first to attack, or having the upper hand over something. You al quietly moved forward, hoping that the bright light from the other side of the door wouldn’t have given away your position. Slowly, everyo

2:1878 7135 by Drifting Dragon
“Wait a minute!” You said aloud. “This is a bit more literal than I could have imagined.” You said as you skillfully took a moment to juggle the little rocks around above your head, thrilled that you at least had some kind of lead about what the puzzle had been urging you to do. “L-I-E-S

2:1877 Check stones. by Drifting Dragon
Wait a minute! Barley is actually a genius! When you saw the small square-ish shaped stone bricks tumbling around. You noticed a small number inscribed onto it. Suddenly, you crouched to the ground and started flipping over every rock you could. “This is what they meant by leave no stones unturned

2:1876 It's a puzzle by Drifting Dragon
You took a moment to examine things, still mentally overworked from everything you had gone through prior. It took every ounce of your determination to figure out what this could have been about. The small threesome of yourself and the others almost instinctively took your own little section of the

2:1875 Decorative doorway by Drifting Dragon
Against the opposite wall, there were two paths right next to each other. Moderately sized archways hung overhead. To you, it wasn’t even a question about which one you were going to go through. One of them showed a pathway far more interesting looking than the other- so much so that you barely no

2:1874 Discuss by Drifting Dragon
“What the heck was that about?” Barley commented. “What kind of… illusion was that?” He wondered, trying hard not to freak out. “We really really need to find the others.” Casey added. “What could Duke, Buddy, and the twins be dealing with, if this is the kind of stuff this crazy pla

2:1873 Ask him about his twin by Drifting Dragon
“Hey wait a minute.” You asked. “When I looked at that screen, it seemed that first teleported us. It showed an image of you and your twin together.” the other three looked at you confused. “Oh yeah, I remember that.” Casey agreed, looking at Barley who nodded as well. “Uhh.” Jamison

2:1872 Regroup by Drifting Dragon
As you started to descend, you took note of some of the other pathways. A part of you wanted to see what was beyond those as well, but you didn’t allow your curiosity to throw off your main goal. “Hey everyone!” Barley shouted down to the others. “Are you all okay?” he continued. The dog w

2:1871 Follow them by Drifting Dragon
“I remember seeing the blue lights leading to the entrance. So if we were to go against them, we could find the source.” Barley listened to you attentively. “Taking note of that, we need to regroup with the others. Maybe we should follow this at some other point, after finding the others.” h

2:1870 Recombobulate by Drifting Dragon
The two of you slipped through the little hole from the bottom and fell into a long slender hallway. The room was completely unfamiliar to the both of you and it seemed to bring you an immense feeling of claustrophobia as you looked around, wondering which way you had to go to regroup. “Woah!” H

2:1869 Take your time. Look some more by Drifting Dragon
Now, you were really kicking yourself. Maybe something you must have done under the table had triggered this reaction. But now, you had to really think on your toes! You looked around calmly, trying not to panic, searching the doorless walls for some kind of clue or hint. The timer ticked once more,

2:1868 Examine the table by Drifting Dragon
Your mind was racing, something felt like time was running out. Slowly, you approached Barley’s body on the table- unmoving, you were afraid of the worst. “Barley?” You called out to him. “Huh? Who’s there?” the Samoyed was unable to lift his head from the table. “Is that you? Hero?”

2:1867 Barley by Drifting Dragon
You thought for a moment about which dial you wanted to turn first. Of course, everyone expected you to be the one to turn it. They watched you as you made your decision. Honestly, it wasn’t that hard for you. Barley seemed like he was in the most trouble, the way he was strapped to the table, cov

2:1866 Mess with the skulls by Drifting Dragon
You decided to focus your attention to the skulls spilling with water. For some reason they all seemed to be turned in a particular direction. Their arrangement looked like a vector field to you- a series of arrows pointing towards a central direction. The length of their muzzles corresponded to how

2:1865 Move forward. by Drifting Dragon
“Hey.” You caught the group’s attention. “It looks like there are some pathways just over that way.” You started. In the moment, you were too exhausted to try navigating the tunnels overhead- especially by yourself. What you really wanted to do was get a bit more rest before moving forward

3:408 Stable by NovelAi
The only structure nearby is a stable, one door to the cliffs the other to the grounds. You wander into the barn to find a strange set of horse saddles, the straps to the front and back connecting underneath. Each saddle has its own bridle, bit and reins . You approach one of the saddles to get a c

2:1864 Use a rock by Drifting Dragon
You quickly grabbed the nearest thing you could find, which was a massive brick and tried to prop the door open with it. By that time, the space was only a few meters wide before you were able to slide the hard rock form into the space. With a loud crack, the brick started to shatter, straight down