2:2013 Uni Dorm by -
(Using second person point of view write a story about a male human who has been turned into a female skunk taur and have found themselves in a new reality where they are about to enter a university dormitory. Play up her confusion at the species and gender change, along with the new location )


1:1692 Pegasus Mare by -
After you put on the vr glasses and you have entered the game you find yourself looking over a collection of mythlogical creatures.


As your gaze lingers over the magnificent Pegasus, the air around you begins to shimmer with a magical luminescence. A symphony of ethereal sounds fills th

2:2012 Seek and Destroy by Drifting Dragon
You knew you already had the element of surprise on you. They had no idea you were coming after them. Still, you made sure to stay a safe distance behind, making sure to keep a good eye on them as well. You used the flat flippers to walk silently on the snow behind them until you were close enough t

4:2011 Tail by -
As you step through the gates leading into the lion enclosure, a sudden and surreal sensation takes hold. The world around you undergoes a subtle transformation. The metal gates, which were once clearly visible, vanish into thin air as if they were never there. The landscape seamlessly blends into t

4:2010 Breakfast by -
A gentle knock on the door signaled the arrival of breakfast. Paula padded over, the soft carpet cushioning her steps, and opened the door to find a server with a tray laden with a delicious assortment of cheetah-friendly dishes. The aroma wafted through the room, making her stomach growl in respons

1:1691 Wolf by -
As the moon ascended in the mythical sky, its silvery glow cast an ethereal sheen over the landscape. As the first rays of moonlight touched the ground, a subtle vibration pulsed through the air. Caught in the midst of this celestial ballet, you felt the initial twinge of transformation.


4:2009 Werewolf by -
You take a moment to collect yourself, adjusting to the disorienting shift in reality. As the confusion subsides, you glance down to find yourself in a brown cloak with a single button securing it close. It feels odd against your body, and you realize that something is different. A closer inspection

2:2010 Exploring the Village by -
The next day dawned with a sense of both novelty and routine. You awoke in your three-headed form, the reality of your situation sinking in. The villagers had already made arrangements for your integration into their daily activities, and you found yourself swept up in the rhythm of Cerberus life.

5:79 Kangaroo by -
You carefully enter the room marked by the lotus flower engraving, and the door creaks softly as you push it open. The hidden lantern casts an eerie glow on the contents within. The room is filled with an eclectic assortment of objects from various cultures and eras. Ornate weapons, ancient scrolls

2:1950 Stay back for a moment by Drifting Dragon
You just stay back and watch. At this point, it was still hard for you to make out what they were saying but before long you started to hear what you thought was some kind of garbled english. Since you decided to stay back, you just sit and watch as they continue barking their complaints, but you st

2:2009 A Home by -
As the blinding white light dissipated, you found yourself standing on the outskirts of a humble village. The air was filled with the familiar scents of nature, and the surroundings were populated by beings with three canine heads like your own.


The villagers approached you, their three

5:78 Throught the Skylight by -
You carefully navigate the rafters above the Inner Garden, avoiding any loose boards or creaky spots that might give away your presence. The soft sound of the waterfall below provides some cover, but you know that any sudden noise could alert the meditating Yeomen or the hidden student in the rafter

6:731 Why are you not a male human? by -
"Why are you not a male human? " Pammy asked.


With a gulp she started her answer, "Because I am not...", she thought desperately if she could explain all of this away, " because I always felt off in my old body... Like it didn't fit right..." Why was sh

4:418 Dragoness by -
"So, how do you like being a dragoness?" Roland asked with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes.


Paul blinked, still adjusting to the fantastical setting. "Wait, dragoness? This is a dragon. I am male," he replied, his voice carrying the deep resonance of his draconic fo

2:2008 Fine then by Drifting Dragon
“Okay whatever.” You said. Honestly, you wern’t particularly invested in convincing the group of whatever you could come up with on the fly. Honestly, it just felt too exhausting to keep up with all the lies you could have ended up telling this random group of seals. With that, you decided to

6:740 2-3 David by -
The room held a moment of anticipation as Danielle made her choice, opting for '2-3' and selecting David. The dice seemed to acknowledge the decision, and a sense of consequence lingered in the air.


As Danielle completed her choice, Gassan and Jake felt a curious sensation on t

4:413 Alpha Female by -
The zookeeper's voice echoed through the moonlit forest, cutting through the surreal atmosphere. "Of course, we already have the alpha male, so your role will be the alpha female," he announced with a grin that sent shivers down your spine.


As the words hung in the air, yo

2:2007 Other Seals by Drifting Dragon
“Well I’ve seen some other seals in the area, if there’s something going on or anything, then I wanted you to know that it’s about that. I think we’re trying to be invaded or taken over or something.” You mentioned. “Oh really? Huh? That’s weird because actually-” “Hey! Don’t t

6:739 Royalty by -
David, the last to take his turn, approached the cosmic board with a mix of anticipation and curiosity. He picked up the dice and gave them a roll, the room holding its breath as the dice clattered and the final card materialized with an ethereal glow.


The words on the card hinted at a s

3:412 Female by -
As you stand in the aftermath of your initial metamorphosis, a subtle yet profound shift begins to permeate the air. The magical energies that linger in the room stir once again, taking on a different quality. Your skunkish senses tingle, alerting you to the impending transformation that awaits.