2:1641 Dishonest by Driftingdragon
“Um…” you hesitated, something within you just didn’t want to admit to your failure. “Was it about today?” he asked calmly. Before you could think of your response, you immediately blurted out your anxious word vomit. “NO!” he stopped for a moment, taken aback. “Then what could it

1:1570 Give in by Karlyene
Your feet carrying you forward against your will, and the eyes that are looking in your direction seem to flare to life, as though they can sense your ascent to the situation that is happening, your inability to fight your own instincts any longer. You're still trying, but you know that it'

2:1639 Dad by Driftingdragon
For you, it wasn’t even a choice. You knew the only person who would understand you would be the king himself. His endless sympathy for his people definitely would carry over to you, the princess themselves! It took a bit longer than you expected, but he arrived in a significantly timely fashion.

1:1569 Resist by Karlyene
No. You say this word to yourself and you decidedly turn and walk in the other direction, but your body is burning and your mind is reeling, and you're finding yourself suddenly very concerned with what is happening. Because there's a thought trickling in the back of your mind about what i

2:1638 Mom by Driftingdragon
The first person who came to your mind was your mother. The femenine energy she exudes seemed to be a comforting factor in your decision, and at once you had your guards send for her. You were surprised by how quickly she actually showed up, but when she arrived, you didn’t even have to explain an

1:1568 Biology by Karlyene
There's no reason to refuse the food, and you eat this time, snagging your portion and dragging it back to the corner that you have set up in. A part of you wants to explore the cave where the males retreat. It seems like there are creature comforts in there, and warmth. Connection -- your mind

2:1637 Flight by Driftingdragon
All at once, the tension in your stomach released. You didn’t realize you were spraying until you saw the crowd covering their faces and slowly receding back into the murky black shapes of the audience. Even your guardsmen began cowering at the almighty power of your stench. You were completely hu

1:1567 Refuse to eat by Karlyene
--- You fall asleep in the corner, and there is only the slightest bit of worry that the males will come out while you're vulnerable to do something to you. There's a part of you, perhaps instinct, that knows that they wouldn't. There was something about the way that they spoke, about

2:1636 Escape alone by Driftingdragon
You quickly clamped your hands around your mouth, hushing your excitement, and trying to be subtle enough for the others to fall back asleep. It wasn’t a hard task, everyone else was absolutely exhausted, and with the idea of how much work was to be done the following day, nobody wanted to risk an

1:1566 Males by Karlyene
It's not a dream. You've been here for hours; you rested for a while, but a loud announcement in a language that you don't understand wakes you. The people behind you are shuffling away, and you can only assume that the voice was announcing that it was closing time. At least there won

2:1635 Princess by Driftingdragon
"Meh, I'm just a princess" the others began to laugh, but you remained silent… serious. “I really am!” you demanded, yet their laughter continued to ring out louder than your meager little voice could. “Yeah. Right!” the old lady teased. “Then what’re ya doin out here li

1:1565 Back to the Start by Karlyene
Almost of their own volition, your wings start to twitch and work behind you. You don't know how the muscles work, but somehow your body seems to know for you. It ripples, and the muscles in your back around the base of the wings twitch and work... and they give a great flap that almost lifts y

2:1633 Confess by Driftingdragon
“Wait! That’s not right. I’m actually a princess!” You yelled, “Yeah right” the guard said, “You think I’m going to believe that? How’d you even end up here if that’s the case?!” You didn’t even have the time to respond before the shackles at your ankles began to tug. Everyon

1:1564 Exploring by Karlyene
It had been part of the reason that you'd made fun of the genie in the way that you had... because you weren't sure of yourself. You had a feeling that if there were men in here that had once been human, they might have been feeling a little insecure... which would mean that they wouldn�

2:1634 Continue by Driftingdragon
“Heck yeah I am! What are you going to do about it?” your bold attitude caused the others’ eyes to widen in surprise. The guard was silent. He began to lead you all towards an enormous mountain. At the base, you saw a wooden frame, marking the entrance of a vast mine spanning throughout the en

1:1563 Zoo by Karlyene
You push yourself shakily to four feet. The movement is so unnatural that you actually stumble upon trying to take your first step. Every bit of concentration that you have goes in to getting your legs beneath you and then taking that first shaking step forward without swaying or falling. The tail b

2:1632 Bandit by Driftingdragon
"My life wasn't that of a typical upbringing" you gave them a moment to react; a quick scan of their faces showed you that they were becoming invested. "Ya see, I lived my life in a family.. of thrives!" You manipulated them with your body language, quickly moving and making

1:1562 Waking Up by Karlyene
Your body is still stinging from the shock of what has happened to you. The memory of it comes in perfect clarity, though your eyes are attempting to adjust to the new lighting in the enclosure where you exist. The genie had been furious at your words; perhaps it wasn't the best idea to taunt a

2:1631 Failed scientist by Driftingdragon
"I had a job… And I failed it." The words rolled slowly off your lips, and your shame was strong enough to show in the way your vocal chords pulled in air sharply as you spoke. Besides the bustling sounds of captives working in the distance, it fell silent between you and the others. You

2:1630 Rollin’ On A River by Hollowpage
You mull over this for a moment, thinking about which of the two options would work the best. One is obviously more risky than the other, yet, at the same time, there is a workaround to ensure there’s more leeway… in that you feel one of you could remain out of the water and meet them down the w