4:410 Back Home by TheGreatJaceyGee
He got up at the crack of dawn, shaking his fur of the morning dew that had beaded everywhere. The smells of nature were heavier and more blended in the humidity. Hopefully it wouldn’t prevent him from realizing when he was wandering out of his territory and into someone else’s. He didn’t bump

2:1998 Taking the fish by Drifting Dragon
“The humans were using their massive ships to scoop up fish in the thousands. They’ve been coming around and making it more difficult for individuals like us to get food. Maybe even… You all have had the chance to see things for yourself.” You said, kind of shooting in the dark with your pit

2:1986 Yeti by -
You found yourself in a dimly lit, claustrophobic room filled with an endless array of costumes. Panic gnawed at the edges of your mind as you frantically searched for an exit, the walls of the room seemingly closing in on you. Memories of how you ended up here were hazy, and you were desperate to e

2:1997 Taking your women by Drifting Dragon
“The humans have been using their massive ships to take female seals. They’ve been using them for some kind of meat or harvest or something. I’ve even seen some of them wearing the pelts of other Seals” the idea seemed to strike some kind of strong emotion in the crowd of other seals now ful

6:729 Myth creature by -
As Daniel stood in the dimly lit room, his partially furred body pulsating with an otherworldly energy, he felt a surge of power and connection to something beyond his comprehension. The symbols on the walls, now bathed in a soft, ethereal glow, seemed to whisper ancient secrets.


As he c

2:1996 I’ve seen humans by Drifting Dragon
“You see. I’ve had lots of experience in endurance swimming, I can go for a long time in the water with these extra limbs, and my body is particularly smooth and aerodynamic enough to glide through the water at great speeds over great distances. On my journeys, I have seen humans and they have s

4:409 Explore by TheGreatJaceyGee
Breaking his self-appreciation was his building thirst, a reminder of why he’d gone there in the first place. He noticed how he was already kneeling on his forelegs but couldn’t reach his face into the water like a cat would. He leaned over and dipped his fingers into the stream, feeling its gen

2:1995 Humans by Drifting Dragon
“There is an unseen danger somewhere around here. It was coming from the north and it was quite weird… I saw some stuff that I was never meant to see and I want to be able to help you all figure out whatever the hell is going on here.” You mentioned in a brief yet convincing pitch. The other s

6:728 Latex by -
As Daniel approached the bunker, the echoes of the metallic clang seemed to intensify. He hesitated for a moment, glancing around to make sure he was still alone. The green glow from the moon cast eerie shadows on the abandoned structures around him.


Summoning the courage, Daniel cautiou

2:1994 With the unseen danger by Drifting Dragon
You directly start with the orcs. You learn about the war “I’m here to help with some unseen danger out here. I’m here because it is my duty to come and help other people of my kind. Things are going to go very wrong very quickly. There’s something here you don’t yet know about.” You sta

4:408 Through the Forest by TheGreatJaceyGee
The answers, if he would ever find them, were deeper in the forest where he would have to go find them. He took a deep breath. It’s alright. I’m a tiger. Nobody’s gonna mess with me, right? I mean, other tigers I guess, but something tells me I’m not going to run into any of them soon. Thus,

2:1993 Stay on the surface and look around by Drifting Dragon
You could see chaos from all directions around you and from deep down below. Dark shadows passed all around you, rapidly like bullets. It was clear that the pack was in distress from everything that was going on, somehow, you all seemed to sense some kind of tension in the water, you didn’t know w

2:1992 One more truth for the road? by Drifting Dragon
Sheesh, it sure did feel weird being so honest with all these seals for once. You were playing a game after all, why would you want to break the immersion by talking about why you’re actually here. Oh well, I mean you’ve had a good run, lied enough to make some progress whether it be good or bad

2:1991 You definitely shouldn’t tell them you’re a transformed human. by Drifting Dragon
“Well… I was just. I don’t know I mean.” You stammered as you thought up your latest lie. Of course, you felt as though you were done giving out all your personal information to some complete strangers. Out of everything, you surely couldn’t tell her about the fact that you’re just a tra

4:407 Forest by TheGreatJaceyGee
“Easy, easy,” he cooed to himself. “Like riding a bike. A four-legged, half ton, living, breathing bike.” A few more laps around the floor and he’d hit a rhythm. It wasn’t rocket science; just don’t think about it. If anything it required less finesse than what a human needed to walk o

2:1990 Tell the truth by Drifting Dragon
“Well… It’s kind of hard for me to tell you about this.” You started. “But, do you remember what had happened on our way here.” You continued, your voice was so weak and meager as you tried fighting just to get the words out. “I wanted to tell you that, well, I could have helped your k

4:406 Primitive Cottage by TheGreatJaceyGee
Jasmine stood there for a few moments, stretching her arms to collect herself. Looking down at herself she saw a tan underbelly studded with abs that ended when the tiger body did. Bringing her arms up she saw how defined they had become. While the wolverine body was beefy and huge, the tiger body w

2:1989 Overt by Drifting Dragon
“I think… We should be open about it. First, we can spread the word about it, try to rouse some suspicion, maybe, highlight all the other wrongdoings that any other members of the pack may have gone through.” You suggested. “What do you mean?” The female wondered. “So like, just talk to

2:1988 Covert by Drifting Dragon
“Honestly. I really don’t know what we could do about this… I wouldn’t want to be particularly in-the-open about it. If you know what I mean.” You started as you gently prodded “No. Actually. Tell me more about what you mean?” Somehow, her tone made you feel as though she knew more tha

6:727 Explore by -
Daniel nodded, determination welling up within him. "I'll do whatever it takes to protect both worlds and unravel this mystery."


With those words, the sphinx gently pushed Daniel through the first gateway. The world around him twisted and contorted, and he found himself st