2:1383 Swim Onwards by Hollowpages
Seconds tick by, and you swim ever onwards.


You swear you see something else moving out of the corner of your eye, but again it is far too fast, and far too dark for you to be certain. You bring your teeth together, as hard as you can, and hope this is enough to get whatever it is by you

6:608 Go after her by psto146
“Pam wait!” Dan cried out running after his upset friend. He felt awkward with all the stares. Some were watching her as she ran; out of confusion. When did you ever see a woman skunk? Other were staring at her chest, with three pairs of breasts juggling as she ran. It was an obvious eye catcher

2:1382 Biggest Section by Hollowpages
You brace yourself and swim toward the one before you, the biggest. You feel it’s the most inviting one, with less of a chance for you to smash into something or for any part of it to collapse onto you - better safe than sorry, in your opinion.


The dark does not grow easier to see as y

6:607 Online? by psto146
“I should get some stuff online?” Dan asked, rubbing a paw to pet the black fur on his other arm.


“Ignore them. I get looked at all the time! It's a part of being a girl.” Pam said raising another shirt from the spinning rack and placing it up against her.



2:1381 Shipwrecks by Hollowpages
You swim about, pondering your decision for a short period of time - perhaps five minutes, perhaps ten, you aren’t entirely sure. It could be either or, but, eventually you choose to go right. After all, the gloominess doesn’t scare you - you are a shark now, the predator of the sea!


2:1379 Otter by Hollowpages
With little other choice, you opt for a brown, furry costume - it could be an otter, you think, as you slip into it. It’s warm, but not sweltering - and both the inside and the fur on the outside is very soft to the touch.


The second you finish slipping it on, however, is when the tra

6:601 An Enigmatic Message by
Outside his house, he looked around twice and changed back, then opened the door on the homely yellow light in the hallway.


“Good to see you back, I was starting to get worried,” Mom said. “So how is Gassan's family doing?”




Up in his room, Daniel f

6:595 Run by Hollowpages
Daniel started to increase the speed at which he moved, clawing at the wet earth and kicking it up with his paws as he flexed his new muscles. He was able to accelerate much better than he could when he was on two legs, and he was soon taking off through the woods, dashing through mud and puddles an

6:594 Outside by Hollowpages
It took a moment for Daniel to realize that he wasn’t in his room anymore; in fact, he didn’t know where he was. He was outside, that much he could tell from the cool wind brushing against him, from the smells of the forest invading his nose, and… Daniel’s mind was awakened rather abruptly w

6:593 Breathe by Hollowpages
‘Breathe, Daniel.’


The woman’s voice echoed in his head. He shuddered, sucking in air more quickly. The warmth filled him, from the top of his head down to his toes.


‘It’s okay. I am with you. Breathe. Relax. I mean no harm to you, I promise.’


The warm

6:592 Merging by Hollowpages
“Excellent,” she said. Her eyes gleamed with glee. “Now, do me a favor, my dear Daniel. Lift up your shirt a little, please. You don’t need to disrobe or anything, I just need your shirt raised a tad.”


Daniel frowned. “I beg your pardon?”


She rolled her eyes.

6:591 Accept. Eventually by Hollowpages
Daniel was, like any normal person, trying to wrap his head around all this.


He wasn’t the sort to blindly leap into things without thinking - he had never been the type, even though as a kid, he was known for having a big imagination. But this… This went beyond his realm of comprehe

6:590 An Offer? by Hollowpages
Daniel was staring at her, slack-jawed, but shook his head. He rubbed his eyes, then pinched himself, and each time, the image before him didn’t change. He was standing, awake in his room at night, while a storm was going on, and this weird wolf woman was standing before him.



6:589 She Changes by Hollowpages
Another chuckle. “In the sense you’re thinking, no.”


“Th-then… what are you?” Daniel asked. He was still freaking the hell out and wondered if he could make a run for it before the mass could… whatever it planned on doing to him.


Now, the mass sighed and shook i

6:582 Stopped by Psto1464
Daniel's claws were stopped and his feet lifted from the floor from behind. His hand disappeared into a much large one, it wasn't human. It was deep, read diamond-shaped scales. The claws were the size of one of Daniel's fingers. It curved his arm in as Daniel struggled against it. So

6:588 Wolf? by Hollowpages
Thunder rumbled outside. There was a flash of lightning. Daniel’s eyes were fixated on the black mass as it seemed to swirl around rather abruptly, taking on an actual physical shape. He watched, his heart thudding heavily, as it took on a body - a body on four legs, it looked, with a mass the siz

6:587 Confront by Hollowpages
Daniel continued to gawk at the sight of the golden eyes peering back at him in dead silence. The only noises he could hear were the pattering of rain rapidly falling upon the roof of his house, the wind outside, and his own racing heartbeat. He wasn’t sure if this was some sort of dream or not, y

6:581 Listen to what he has to say by Psto1464
“Hello Daniel.” His voice sent chills down Daniels spine. Confidence turned to weariness, as he eyes the gunmen staring at him pass their round metal hats and padded with their armoured black jumpsuits.


“I want to go home.” Daniel said quietly. He had wanted to state it with an a

6:600 Magical Boy Daniel by
Daniel was scurrying across the roof of an apartment building when he heard voices, rising clear in the dusk. He approached the edge. Even now, a fall from this high would probably kill him, but his body was too alert, too much under his control, for him to distrust it.


Someone arguing.

6:599 False Alarm by
It was just Mr. Peterson, leaning out of his door.


“Stop monkeying around up there! The next class'll be here in a second.”


He shut the door. He hadn't said anything about the suit. The fellow did seem a bit nearsighted, maybe that had saved Daniel.