2:1991 You definitely shouldn’t tell them you’re a transformed human. by Drifting Dragon
“Well… I was just. I don’t know I mean.” You stammered as you thought up your latest lie. Of course, you felt as though you were done giving out all your personal information to some complete strangers. Out of everything, you surely couldn’t tell her about the fact that you’re just a tra

4:407 Forest by TheGreatJaceyGee
“Easy, easy,” he cooed to himself. “Like riding a bike. A four-legged, half ton, living, breathing bike.” A few more laps around the floor and he’d hit a rhythm. It wasn’t rocket science; just don’t think about it. If anything it required less finesse than what a human needed to walk o

2:1990 Tell the truth by Drifting Dragon
“Well… It’s kind of hard for me to tell you about this.” You started. “But, do you remember what had happened on our way here.” You continued, your voice was so weak and meager as you tried fighting just to get the words out. “I wanted to tell you that, well, I could have helped your k

4:406 Primitive Cottage by TheGreatJaceyGee
Jasmine stood there for a few moments, stretching her arms to collect herself. Looking down at herself she saw a tan underbelly studded with abs that ended when the tiger body did. Bringing her arms up she saw how defined they had become. While the wolverine body was beefy and huge, the tiger body w

2:1989 Overt by Drifting Dragon
“I think… We should be open about it. First, we can spread the word about it, try to rouse some suspicion, maybe, highlight all the other wrongdoings that any other members of the pack may have gone through.” You suggested. “What do you mean?” The female wondered. “So like, just talk to

2:1988 Covert by Drifting Dragon
“Honestly. I really don’t know what we could do about this… I wouldn’t want to be particularly in-the-open about it. If you know what I mean.” You started as you gently prodded “No. Actually. Tell me more about what you mean?” Somehow, her tone made you feel as though she knew more tha

6:727 Explore by -
Daniel nodded, determination welling up within him. "I'll do whatever it takes to protect both worlds and unravel this mystery."


With those words, the sphinx gently pushed Daniel through the first gateway. The world around him twisted and contorted, and he found himself st

2:1970 Truth by Drifing Dragon
“I just overheard you all talking earlier. I just wanted to make sure everything was okay.” You looked over to the young seal. “I know you have children, and I just want to make sure they’re safe.” Somehow, your newfound motherly instincts started to kick in. You couldn’t have lied to th

2:1949 Fight for him by Drifting Dragon
You struggled and strained to get him back up the narrow tunnel and it was even harder when the water would gush through and push him back some inches. Still, you fought and fought, thinking back to everything you had gone through with the pack so far and at this point, you were completely determine

2:1969 New pack’s leader by Drifting Dragon
You felt pretty comfortable with the people you have bonded with so far on the trip, but the new group seemed exciting to you as well. You realized that you hadn’t found much time to really get to know some of the other pack. You kind of felt bad about yourself- a bit selfish even, but hey, now bo

2:1984 Talk about her kid by Drifting Dragon
This time around, you had really given it a lot of thought. It was probably the worst option for you, but you figured that at least talking about something like this with the mother may have been just as important to her as finishing the game is to you. Maybe, you should have considered her a little

2:1985 Make up another lie. by Drifting Dragon
“Well, do you remember when you lost your child?” You started. “There was something about that night that you needed to know.” Your mind raced as you continued to make up another wild story right there on the spot. “You see, the leader of the pack wanted to get you out of his inner circle,

4:405 Tiger(taur) by TheGreatJaceyGee
This was the second of Leland’s letters to find Jasmine, and yet it offered no less feeling of being watched than the first. She lived in the same address as always, so it made sense Leland still knew where she lived. However, she doubted moving anywhere on Planet Earth would help her escape his o

2:1987 Cerberus by -
As you opened your eyes, you found yourself in a dimly lit room filled with costumes of all shapes and sizes. The air was heavy with the musty scent of old fabrics, and the only source of light came from a solitary, flickering overhead bulb. You tried to remember how you got here, but your memory wa

6:726 Sphinx by -
As the lightning flashed again, revealing the mysterious figure, Daniel's eyes widened in disbelief. The dim light outlined the majestic form of a sphinx, as if she had stepped right out of Greek mythology. Her wings were spread wide, and her golden eyes bore into his.


"Hi, Dan

2:1983 Discuss a coup by Drifting Dragon
“You know what. Haha! I’ve actually been thinking about something.” You started. “There are lots of problems going on here. I mean I’m seeing it all around, I don’t know… how much we could do to help with it but… I don’t know, people like you and I have been wronged in life, I thin

4:404 Dragoness by -
You looked down at your hands, or what used to be your hands. They were now clawed, with iridescent green scales that glittered in the dim light of the pub. Panic surged through you as you realized you were no longer human. You tried to scream, but only a low, rumbling growl escaped your newly form

2:1982 Denounce other pack’s leade by Drifting Dragon
“I don’t particularly agree with that.” You mentioned. “I don’t know, I’ve just had a bit of loyalty formed to the original group I’ve been in y’know, we’ve all been through so much together and-” “Well, listen.” the female started to become a bit visibly irritated at you.

4:391 Jungle Gym by CoggerD
The air becomes humid as the asphalt road of the entrance area becomes a wooden plank path through a deep, dark jungle; the sounds of nature—the hoots of monkeys, the chattering of tropical birds, and roars of jungle predators—surround you, seeming to come from all sides. As you traverse this pa

2:1981 Speak well of the other pack’s leader by Drifting Dragon
“I’m actually glad you feel like, I don’t know, something weird is going on, because I do believe so as well.” “Do you want to know who else knows that?” Your eyes lit up as she hinted something strange to you. “The leader of the other pack has been sensing something’s going on as we