2:1924 Secret Journal by -
With the first light of dawn coloring the sky in delicate shades of pink and gold, you descend from the heights of the Megatower, leaving behind the mesmerizing cityscape that you've come to adore. As you navigate the labyrinthine alleyways, you find yourself drawn to a hidden corner of the cit

2:1923 Cyperpunk by -
The moment your nimble paws touch the rain-slicked pavement, a rush of exhilaration courses through your veins. The city's cyberpunk charm envelopes you, its neon-lit streets beckoning you to explore its secrets. You dart through the bustling crowds of humans, androids, and fellow anthromorphic

2:1922 Rat by -
You stand before the mirror, the rat costume draped over your arm. Its worn fabric feels strangely alive beneath your touch, as if it's whispering secrets only you can hear. Curiosity gets the better of you, and with a shrug, you decide to try it on. The moment the fabric envelops your body, a

2:1921 Rhino by -
As you step through the creaky door, you're met with an unexpected sight. The room is filled with an array of colorful and meticulously crafted costumes, each one resembling a different female land animal. Zebra stripes, leopard spots, and even the elegant antlers of a deer adorn the outfits th

4:385 Sphinx by -
As you pass through the portal, the space between realities becomes a kaleidoscope of colors and sensations. You feel weightless, as if you are floating through an endless expanse of cosmic energy. Time loses its grip on you, and the concept of past and present blur together.


The colors

1:1685 Dragoness by -
The ground grows smaller beneath you, replaced by a panoramic view of the sprawling kingdom below. Your heart races, a mix of fear and regret flooding your veins. How did a moment of arrogance lead you to this perilous predicament?


"Get me down!" you demand of the genie, your v

4:384 The Rest of the world by TheGreatJaceyGee
Jasmine all but burst out of the front entrance and into the parking lot. As expected, all of the cars were stretched widthwise to accommodate their much girthier occupants. On the way to hers Jasmine spotted one of her neighbors getting out of his truck. Back in the human reality he had driven a gr

4:383 Homelife by TheGreatJaceyGee
That reminded her, she had a scale in the bathroom in both her previous lives. She turned and saw it next to the shower stall. It was a large platform made of acrylic with a digital screen for displaying the weight. That was almost exactly how it looked before, only something was different about it.

4:382 Wolverine by TheGreatJaceyGee
Jasmine held on to the letter for a while, reading it and rereading it several times over. There was no reference to Leland’s handwriting, but she had no doubt that the eloquently curvaceous script in front of her was a result of the wizard’s hand. How did he find her so quickly? Did he always k

2:1920 Safron City by PoKeHybridTrainer
The excitement of mystery was too much for your curiosity. Like slotting in a cassette, your mind switched gears and focused, gathering all your psychic energy together. In a dazzling bright light, you disappeared with a poof.


A faint Mew-head shape was scorched into the ground in your w

2:1919 Mew by PoKeHybridTrainer
Opening your eyes, you find yourself in an unfamiliar place. Sitting in the middle of a carpeted room, away from anything familiar, you try to assess what brought you here. The carpet lines not only the floor but also the walls and ceilings. At the end of each of the eight directions in the circular

2:1918 Panther by -
As you step into the room, the door slams shut behind you, the click of the lock echoing ominously. Your eyes widen in disbelief as you take in your surroundings. The room is filled with an array of animal costumes, each one unmistakably feminine in design. You hesitate for a moment, unsure of what

8:143 Dragoness by -
As your gaze shifts back to the sketch you've drawn, a wave of astonishment courses through you. The lines on the paper seem to come alive, flowing and twisting as they transform into the elegant form of a dragoness. With wide eyes, you watch as the illustration takes on depth and dimension, he

8:141 Female by -
As the afternoon wore on, he felt another strange sensation begin to take hold of him. It was a different kind of feeling this time, not like the tingling sensation that had heralded his bat transformation. Instead, it was a growing sense of warmth and softness, centred around his chest.


5:75 You take the blade of Orochi by The Futa Guy
“A, good choice.” Kasumi picked up a katana with a bejeweled hilt. Legends say Susanoo picked this up from the corpse of Yamato-no-orochi. I wonder how your sensei got ahold of such legendary items.


Perhaps he’ll tell it once we present him with it.


“Shame I won’t b

1:1684 VHS Tape by -
The store is dimly lit, and as you wander through the aisles, you notice an unlabeled VHS tape sitting on a dusty shelf.


Without knowing what it is, you take the tape home and pop it into your VCR. The screen flickers to life, showing an abandoned laboratory with dust and debris covering

8:142 Dragon by -
As you sketch the outline of the dragon on the sandy beach, your hand moves with a mix of anticipation and artistic fervor. Each stroke brings the creature to life, its form taking shape on the page before you. But as you continue, a tingling sensation spreads through your fingertips, an inexplicabl

8:140 Bat by -
He sat up in alarm, looking down at his hands in confusion. Already, he could see that they looked different, with a slight curve forming along the edges of his fingers. As he examined them more closely, he realised that they were growing longer, and that the skin was beginning to stretch and thin o

5:74 Kasumi takes the wind amulet. by The Futa Guy
Kasumi picked up a golden necklace with a blue jewel off a mannequin head. “Ah, this is one of Fujin’s. I believe he lost it gambling.


What does it do? You asked.


“If legend is to be believed, you can summon forth a tornado if you wished.” She smirked. “My enemies w

1:1683 Shark by ChatGPT
The transformation begins slowly, almost imperceptibly at first. You feel a faint tingling in your fingers and toes, and you shake your head, trying to dispel the sensation. But it doesn't go away. In fact, it seems to be spreading, creeping up your arms and legs.


You look down at y