1:1564 Exploring by Karlyene
It had been part of the reason that you'd made fun of the genie in the way that you had... because you weren't sure of yourself. You had a feeling that if there were men in here that had once been human, they might have been feeling a little insecure... which would mean that they wouldn�

2:1634 Continue by Driftingdragon
“Heck yeah I am! What are you going to do about it?” your bold attitude caused the others’ eyes to widen in surprise. The guard was silent. He began to lead you all towards an enormous mountain. At the base, you saw a wooden frame, marking the entrance of a vast mine spanning throughout the en

1:1563 Zoo by Karlyene
You push yourself shakily to four feet. The movement is so unnatural that you actually stumble upon trying to take your first step. Every bit of concentration that you have goes in to getting your legs beneath you and then taking that first shaking step forward without swaying or falling. The tail b

2:1632 Bandit by Driftingdragon
"My life wasn't that of a typical upbringing" you gave them a moment to react; a quick scan of their faces showed you that they were becoming invested. "Ya see, I lived my life in a family.. of thrives!" You manipulated them with your body language, quickly moving and making

1:1562 Waking Up by Karlyene
Your body is still stinging from the shock of what has happened to you. The memory of it comes in perfect clarity, though your eyes are attempting to adjust to the new lighting in the enclosure where you exist. The genie had been furious at your words; perhaps it wasn't the best idea to taunt a

2:1631 Failed scientist by Driftingdragon
"I had a job… And I failed it." The words rolled slowly off your lips, and your shame was strong enough to show in the way your vocal chords pulled in air sharply as you spoke. Besides the bustling sounds of captives working in the distance, it fell silent between you and the others. You

2:1630 Rollin’ On A River by Hollowpage
You mull over this for a moment, thinking about which of the two options would work the best. One is obviously more risky than the other, yet, at the same time, there is a workaround to ensure there’s more leeway… in that you feel one of you could remain out of the water and meet them down the w

2:1629 Fight by Driftingdragon
In a single moment, your hand seemed to take control of itself. You curled your fingers into a fist, and swung your arm at the nearest person coming at you. The shock caused your knuckles to tingle, yet something inside of you wanted to do it again, and so you did. Soon an all out brawl; fists were

2:1628 Skipping Stone Slipping Stone II by Hollowpage
You watch Maggie - who is still looking thoroughly amused at what you’ve told her, thus, she’s in the midst of trying to quell her laughter - for a long pause, mulling over the next decision to make in all this. That, and, you’re waiting for her to finish her snickering. That takes about two m

2:1627 Ice by Driftingdragon
You froze in place. The pupils of your eyes quivered as you looked into the vast audience. The tongue in your mouth seemed to recede all the way down your throat as the lump forming deep within seemed to catch your woods like a sharpened fish hook. The crowd seemed vast, like an army of shadows with

2:1626 Refuse to apologize. by Driftingdragon
“Hhmph! At least I’m not as weak as they think!” You argued. The advisor rolled his eyes. “Well it’s whatever. They’re going to buy it anyway.” the confidence in your tone rang out through the hallways as the two of you slowly paced towards your bedchambers. Your tail whipped back and

2:1625 Back Up A Creek by Hollowpage
You muse over the newfound knowledge that Maggie has upper body strength at her disposal, and, you weigh the options presented. While they all seem to have their own merits, you figure that it might be wisest to go with one that seems the least… troublesome for the both of you.



2:1624 Apologize by Driftingdragon
“Sorry about that. Really. I just don’t know what happened. I suppose, I just blanked” You said, looking down in shame. It was then, your advisor began to pity you. “Princess, I know there’s lots of pressure on your shoulders. But if you’re going to take over the kingdom one day, then yo

2:1623 Making Frenemies III by Hollowpage
You mull over your words for a moment, if only to decide what to ask, and how to best ask it, before you look at Maggie. She seems annoyed and upset at the same time, although her expression is a bit hard to read - she might be upset at you, but, you wonder if maybe she’s worried about her former

2:1622 Rock by Driftingdragon
You turned your back to the stage to take a better look at your latest ‘care,’ it looked sturdy and stable. Four wooden wheels held it up, and the motor was smelted from used armor. It ran properly, as you had tested it yourself, yet something about durability popped into your head; you wanted t

2:1621 Making Frenemies II by Hollowpage
You ponder your choice for a long few breaths, since you aren’t in a rush exactly to somehow drop back down to the ground to see Maggie. She may well be on the search for you or Erin for food, or for her own amusement, and the last thing you want is to make the mistake of thinking she’s going to

2:1620 Lie by Driftingdragon
"Of course I am" you said with confidence "I have fully been briefed, and had ample time to prepare for the... speech tonight." "That is wonderful, miss!" Your courtman replied, "I will have the lectern properly set up for you as well, my princess." For a mome

2:1619 Making Frenemies by Hollowpage
Time ticks by, and you feel yourself growing warm from sweat, probably due to the nerves bubbling in the pit of your pouch-covered stomach. You need to choose what to do, you know this, but you struggle to decide for a good moment until, with a quiet sigh, you make your choice.


You don

2:1618 Sell it by Driftingdragon
You pieced together random circles, squares, glass panes, and metal scraps for weeks on end, running various tests and trials before you finally came up with the best product possible for your company. A newfangled vehicle! The wheels were slender and light, the frame of the car was sleek and shiny

2:1617 …Without A Paddle by Hollowpage
You mull over your choices for a short pause, and then decide what to do.


“I don’t think we should chance the waterfall with your leg,” you say. “And frankly, I don’t think I’d be lucky if I tried testing the waterfall a second time. I wouldn’t be surprised if we ended up f