2:1967 But wait? by Drifting Dragon
“There’s a more. We need to think a bit more about this. Maybe we need to bring someone along with us?” You mentioned. “Who’s someone you trust.” You asked him, seriously. “Well? One female was always super helpful whenever I needed something. Though, after we had left back home, somet

6:721 Journal by catprog
In her room, Danielle carefully placed her journal on her desk. The room itself felt both familiar and alien at the same time. As she examined the various photographs scattered across her desk, she couldn't shake the surreal feeling that washed over her. These were photos of her life as a human

2:1966 Search party by Drifting Dragon
After so long- so many lies, you finally decided to own up to exactly what you were trying to do at this point. You and the leader had organized a defined search party and with the help of everyone, after a little bit of effort, you all were able to gather up a specified group of individuals able to

6:716 Pegasus by -
As the lightning illuminated the room again, the mysterious figure stepped forward into the faint glow. To Daniel's astonishment, it was not a person, but a magnificent four-legged creature, a pegasus mare. Her coat glistened a silvery white, and her wings were strong and feathered. Her golden

2:1965 Fishing trip by Drifting Dragon
“Maybe if we organize a group-wide fishing trip, then that would find a way to show everyone all at once how strange things are getting underwater.” You mentioned. “That’s not a bad idea. We could get on it immediately!” The leader started. “And that’s not too wild of an idea for peopl

6:720 Unicorn by -
Daniel stared at his reflection in the bathroom mirror, unable to believe what he was seeing. Instead of his usual human appearance, he now had the body of a bipedal unicorn mare. His coat was a shimmering shade of silvery white, and a long, flowing mane of rainbow-colored hair cascaded down his nec

2:1964 Later on… by Drifting Dragon
“Okay, we definitely need to spend a bit more time and think things through.” You mentioned. “Who knows what this could be about, and I just wanted to make sure that whatever it is out there that we’re trying to find, that we could be prepared for it.” You mentioned. “That sounds about r

3:410 Tigress Necklace by -
However, one particular item caught your attention. It was a necklace, resplendent with jewels that shimmered in the moonlight. Deep blues and vibrant greens danced within the encrusted gems, casting an enchanting radiance that drew you in. The necklace exuded an aura of wealth and power, unlike any

4:399 Stay on the main path by CoggerD
The sign at the trailhead may or may not have been part of the atmosphere, but you decide not to risk it— besides, as far as you know, that path probably leads to an employees-only area, and you have no intention of getting in trouble for trespassing. The path is long and winding, but eventually y

2:1963 Right now! by Drifting Dragon
“We leave tonight!” You mentioned, not really giving all too much thought into it. Just as hasty as you always were, you figured that there’s no better time than now. You and him concluded your plans swiftly and ended up heading out right then and there. Of course, you were a Selkie, you didn

4:398 Make a run for it by CoggerD
You're fairly certain that following disembodied voices in the forest is a bad idea, and decide to run- even if you don't know where you're going, as long as you go downhill you figure you'll eventually run into the park again and be safe. The voices chase you for a bit, gigglin

2:1962 Find evidence by Drifting Dragon
“Well, if you’d like to know my opinion of things. First thing I think we should do is maybe try to find some evidence for your odd feelings. The best way to prove to others what you’re experiencing is to get them to experience it as well.” “Okay. Yes… I see.” The leader said, ponderin

4:397 Explore the side path by CoggerD
You're genuinely curious about where the dirt path might possibly lead, and figure that it's obvious enough that it wouldn't count as “straying”. After all, they wouldn't put it there if they didn't intend for it to be used. Besides, if it turned out to be an employees-o

2:1961 Business by Drifting Dragon
“You mentioned something coming. Right? Do you think we can talk a bit about that.” You said, bringing the conversation to a more serious note. You truly did want to help these people out, especially because in the long run, it will be helping you out. That’s just how the game is played. “Le

4:396 The mountain path by CoggerD
As much as you like dark rides, you think you'd rather just explore for a bit more, and the mountain path seems like a perfect way to do it. The twin fox statues seem charming in a way, and the path looks quite well-kept, with gravel made of smooth pebbles and the occasional small flight of st

2:1960 Bribe by Drifting Dragon
Well, you knew you had him wrapped around your finger. Out of all the things you could have done, the one thing you were really sure about was that if you had rolled over and submitted to the leader like a dog, you would instantly get his favor. They were just like wild animals or something anyway,

4:390 Hidden Mountain by CoggerD
Upon passing through a Torii gate-like wooden arch, the park suddenly gives way to a medieval Japanese village, with the namesake mountain looming over it, covered in deep forests and capped with a Shinto-esque shrine. The smells of traditional Japanese cooking fill the air, making your mouth water.

2:1959 Talk about Politics by Drifting Dragon
“I just wanted to be able to talk more about this wonderful pack of yours. Tell me a little bit more about what’s going on here. I’m also interested in how well everyone’s been fitting into the other pack?” You asked, honestly wondering what was going on nowadays. “How does it compare to

4:389 Mystic Waters by CoggerD
A fresh, cool, salty ocean breeze wafts towards you as you approach Mystic Waters; upon passing through an arch, you see a massive bay stretch out before you, the architecture looking decidedly Greco-Roman. A water park with slides of various sizes—seemingly made of marble, some even looking like

2:1958 Go back by Drifting Dragon
“Hey, this was fun, but I promised you that I was going to make sure you’d get back in time.” The sentiment made him shoot you a warm smile. You nodded back at him, urging him to take your advice. You knew the time was ticking. “Okay. I really appreciate the reminder.” He said. “We can g