1:1589 Selkie Wisdom II by Hollowpages
You mull over your choices for a moment, before you decide you want to stay the course - you want to learn more about the selkies, because fantastical anything fascinates you to the very core.


‘I would like to learn more, yeah,’ you reply.


Moirine nods. ‘Very well then.

2:1677 Look harder by Driftingdragon
You searched through the messy drawers, underneath the bed sheets, even in your dresser once again. To your surprise, you found a hidden door nestled in the very back of the enormous wooden box. “What the…” you said to yourself as you knocked on the hard wooden surface. “Hollow?” you said

1:1579 Investigation II by Hollowpages
ou mull it over for a moment, but in the end, your own curiosity has proven to get the better of you - you can’t help but want to find out what may be lurking under the ground, so you nod in agreement to the idea.


‘I say we go for it,’ you remark. ‘Nothing makes me think it’s a

2:1673 City by aidungeon
"What the hell? I thought this was some sort of dream!" You say as you look at your surroundings.


The room has changed into a strange cityscape with buildings and people moving about.


"I'm not dreaming! This isn't happening, I need to wake up!" Y

6:675 Fox by aidungeon
"A Fox. No I'm a Fox. That is not right. Why can't I say what I am?" Dan says." "Because you are a fox and that's how we know it. " said Jake. Dan holds out his hands. "Do these look like fox paws?" he said before watching in shock as fur starts to g

2:1672 Freedom by Hollowpages
From the instant you reach the waterfall, everything that follows happens pretty fast - all three of you drop down from the waterfall a good moment later after you internally went about preparing your body for the drop. You expect to scream, and to hear the other two scream as well, but thankfully,

2:1664 smack the keyboard by Driftingdragon
Whatever the password could have been, you didn’t care to think too hard about what it could have been. You slammed your paws down onto the keyboard, mindlessly typing stuff, and on the second try you actually figured out what the password was. You were greeted with a simple interface, clearly thi

2:1663 Wait around. by Driftingdragon
Despite the anxiety clutching hard, your body seemed completely frozen, sitting still, and awaiting what would become of you in only three… two… one… Suddenly, you heard yet another knock at the door. This time it was way heavier and with intent; it was almost as if the stranger was about to k

1:1578 Investigation by Hollowpages
You sniff the air several more times to get a better register of this weird smell you and Ali have caught wind of, but it’s hard to pinpoint given the other scents surrounding you. It’s definitely different from what you’re used to, and, it isn’t at all like any other smell you’ve known.

2:1662 just... stand there… by Driftingdragon
Your exhausted limbs could run no more, whatever this could be, couldn't have been as dangerous as what you were escaping from in the first place. For a moment, you could feel your heart racing within your chest, but when you noticed three slender figures slinking through the bushes, it felt as

2:1671 Rollin’ On A River VI by Hollowpages
“Shit, shit, shit,” Erin says. “You gotta be kidding me with this nonsense!”


“Look, calm down,” you say, although you know you aren’t exactly the best person to be saying that. “We’ve got a moment to decide. What do you two want to do? Go right? Go left? Or stay at the

2:1661 Yeah what am I doing? by Driftingdragon
They gave you a confused expression, you were taken aback. “What… do you mean?” the female asked as she came closer to you, looking you up and down in a curious fashion. You folded your arms to hide your multiple rows of breasts, slightly exposed by the slightly revealing fashion you sported.

2:1666 Morning by AIDungon
You wake with a start, sitting up in bed as you blink your eyes and let out a yawn. There's a burst of dazzling light from the other side of the room, flooding over you as you blink your eyes.


A gorgeous female humanoid phoenix is watching you. Her face has the brilliant, vivid beau

8:133 Go to the summit. by J.B. BJkowitz
The walk to the summit is full of discomfort as you hack through the thick trees and bushes, all while your expanded breasts bounce uncontrollably with different sensations. "Can we sit down?" You ask, sweat starting to beam from your face.


"What for?" Marcus asks. Yo

1:1574 Selkie Wisdom by Hollowpages
You give it some thought before you decide that, while they all seem like they could be fun, your own desire to learn outshines the rest. You make your choice.


‘I think I’d like to go to the rock,’ you say, gesturing toward it. ‘I feel like since I’ve been turned into a selkie,

2:1660 retreat by Driftingdragon
You slowly retreated in the bushes, backing away without rustling the nearby leaves. For a while, you were doing quite well until you felt the sharp snap of a twig beneath your bare footpaws. In an instant you saw the figures jolt in your direction, your sensitive ears could pick up on their subtle

2:1670 Rollin’ On A River V by Hollowpages
The way you see it, you don’t know whether or not this big hunk of stone will work properly. While it DOES appear to be the right size and shape to hold all three of you on it (and fit in the river), what stops you is whether or not the rock will sink, or, if it’ll stay afloat.


But t

2:1659 Duck and cover by Driftingdragon
Your body decided to move on its own, and you ended up flinging yourself into the bushes nearby. Trying to halt the rustling with your hands, yet the viridescent petals aggressively rubbed together as your newly transformed body moved among the brush. To your surprise, the three strangers entering y

1:1577 (Wet) Wild Hearts II by Hollowpages
Obviously, the notion of keeping what abilities you’ve been giving is a strong one. You don’t want to lose either, since, they are quite useful - and while Akam has given you no reason to question him, there is still that little voice in the back of your head that makes you pause to think it ove

2:1658 Ditch the place by Driftingdragon
Anything else would have been better than sticking around, so you bolted. The anxiety of your previous experience couldn’t have matched anything else you could have been dealt in the outside world. You were able to feel the wind between your knees as you ran through the forest. The environment was