2:1605 Do nothing by catprog
Do nothing “No not really. Nothing here is interesting.” you said in a sour tone, this seemed to offend the young man, though he tried his best not to show it. “You don’t want to do anything?” he said to you, concerned. “Well listen, we don’t have to do anything at all. We can just go

2:1595 Look around by Driftingdragon
“Oh wait!” you seemed to notice two fishing polls lying around at the bank of the river, along with all the other things you two would have needed right at your disposal. “Looks like theres some stuff we can fish with over there!” you said happily before leading him by the hand over to the m

2:1593 Wait by Driftingdragon
“Wait” you said to your new friend as he climbed down the stairs with an armful of fishing gear. “I think I’d like to get to know your parents a bit more.” The young man seemed upset upon hearing this, dropping his pile of gear clumsily before letting it tumble down the last of the stairs.

2:1594 Go fishing by Driftingdragon
“Okay Decatur, let’s go fishing.” You said as he stumbled down the stairs with arm fulls of fishing gear. You saw him struggling and decided to grab a fishing poll, some bags of bait, as well as a large net for catching even larger game. Apparently he wanted to go big after going home. He smil

2:1592 Sure. by Driftingdragon
You shrugged in agreement, assuming he knew the best as a villager of this novel town. It didn’t take long for the two of you to walk to the other side of the small town, and when you both had arrived at the destination, you found yourself at the largest building in the entire city, though it was

2:1591 Go fishing by Driftingdragon
You looked to the rushing river nearby and took in the sound of the rushing water. It was only a small babbling brooke, though it stretched for longer than your eyes could see. There was no telling where it would take you, but like a gentle leaf, your mind was swept away by what could have been on t

2:1584 Dingo Bingo II by Hollowpages
You end up choosing to leave the cavern, because you don’t like the anxiety of not knowing what the hell to do with yourself - and while you may be annoyed that Erin opted to split up, you can’t shake the idea that sticking together is the wisest choice to do, especially when you still know so v

2:1590 Pescitarian by Driftingdragon
Though you didn't quite remember what it was about, your mind quickly recalled one of the words you had seen from your studies. ‘Pescitarian?’ though you don’t quite remember what this field of study was about, you had immediately gone with it, choosing a direction to walk towards as you

2:1583 Dingo Bingo by Hollowpages
You shake your head, trying to decide. It’s not easy when you have three choices instead of two - that’s not even a fifty fifty split by then. But, you suck this down, and you end up choosing: center path for the time being.


“I guess center, then,” you say.


She nods.

2:1588 Search by Driftingdragon
You decided to hop out of the cart at the last minute, rolling onto the ground and dirtying your beautiful black fur, and the bright pink dress you had worn every day. The stains didn’t seem to bother you though, as your night vision helped to guide you through the dark depths of the tunnels. A he

2:1582 Jumping Spelunking by Hollowpages
You don’t know why you’re the one that has to decide this, but, you don’t know how fast this thing is or if you can outrun it proper. But you do NOT feel like sitting around and seeing if it’s a friendly dingo or a wild, savage animal that wants to try some kangaroo-slash-human meat.


2:1589 Stay by Driftingdragon
You rode together in the creaky old mine cart until you felt the creaky wheels beneath it begin to shutter and shake. The rapid pace of the cart as it began careening down the wobbly track faster and faster began to unsettle you to your core as you began to pick up the distressed energy of your tour

2:1581 Jumping Jack, Jumping Jill by Hollowpages
You can’t help but be a little curious as you think about all this; you recall how your introduction to this woman was her bounding out from the bushes and landing in front of you. You’re pretty sure a kangaroo can’t naturally jump that high and that fast, so, you decide to stay here for now a

2:1587 Carts by Driftingdragon
You looked around anxiously trying to figure out what you were the most interested in, though the only thing there other than the two of you, and the rocky walls surrounding you, was the large metallic glaring of the minecarts nearby. Their bodies were made of a thick polished yet weathered wood, he

2:1580 Hop, Skip, and a Jump II by Hollowpages
You end up swallowing your reservations and choose to follow this Erin person. She’s the only one you’ve met so far, and since she claims she has experience, you hope to learn a bit more from her about all this insanity. Plus, you’d rather be safe than sorry trying to be on your own right now.

2:1586 Accept by Driftingdragon


Though this was all new to you, the situation seemed quite interesting, not really putting much more thought into it, and finding your surroundings pleasing enough for you to distract yourself. You happily nodded and accepted this reality, even inquiring a bit about how you could join t

2:1579 A Ruse of a Roo by Hollowpages
You decide that maybe backtracking a little would be the wisest, at least until you can figure out what could be rustling about in the forest. Besides, you remind yourself you’re not some professional fighter or survivalist for that matter - you need time to figure things out before you can even b

2:1585 Inquire by Driftingdragon
You were a bit confused, and your mind was racing with hundreds of possibilities, regardless of their convincing attitude. How could these few people build an empire? How is the work they’re doing helpful as a whole? What made them even want to live down here, despite the opulent looking setting,

2:1578 Hop, Skip, and a Jump by Hollowpages
When the transformation is complete, you blink a few times before another door manifests in front of you. You try to walk toward it, but, you find that being in the body of a kangaroo makes walking feel almost awkward, not to mention the shape of your legs and new body make it a little difficult to

2:1577 Mines by Driftingdragon
“Mines!” you said happily, as you shot the taur a friendly look. She looked a bit concerned, lowering her head and gesturing you forwards before bobbing her way through a thinly spaced walkway, opening the door from the inside. With a loud creak of the hinges, the heavy metal doors swung open an