2:1341 Massive Foraging by Stella Purple
The next day, you proceed as usual, collecting as many resources as you possible can. By your, some of the rocks and wood have been stacking up beyond 100 items. You hope that it’s a good sign, meaning you can stack up to 999 items in the same slot. Soon, even the apples, grass and mushrooms are q

6:546 Get Ready by DesmondFallout
Wait, what if the same thing that overcame his mom happened to them? It would be very hard to get help from people that could not understand you even had a problem.


Daniel glanced at the little toy his mom had called a digivice still clasped in his three fingers. That had to have been wh

1:1391 Where are my hands? by catprog
“Where are my hands?” you ask. “Thank god I can still talk.”


“Crew identification final attempt. Hands, small breasts, female, earth. Search failed. loosing Earth cretera. Earth visited race found. Dna program found. ”


“Cancel program. I can’t take anothe

2:1340 Good Investment by Stella Purple
You spend all of your money away, but you can tell that this will be a good investing for the long term run. It’s already evening out, so you return to the tavern for some nice warm meal and a good night’s sleep. The next day, you wake up and spend almost the entire day foraging and gathering re

6:545 More changes by DesmondFallout
That damn dial-up static nearly startled Daniel out of his boxers. Yet his Mom merely blinked at his hand, oblivious to such noise cutting through the air. Her pensive expression fell back into a nearly vacant stare as she shifted to meet her son's eyes. Apparently she had no idea why her poor

2:1339 Second Gathering by Stella Purple
Using the new (or in this case, old) tools you’ve recently received, you are able to gather even much more resources from the surrounding forest outside the town at the next day, accumulating a hefty amount of rocks and woods this time around, on top of the usual plants you can gather, including s

1:1390 Chest Size by catprog
You point to your chest “These things on my chest. They are too big. And that is just for starters.”


“Searching for correct identification” the computer speaks “Second DNA program initiated”


“Wait” you say “Don’t just change me again, let me, “ you say

6:544 Denise? by DesmondFallout
Of course Daniel did what any rational person would do at such a sight; scream like a little girl. Covers were sent flying in his swift flight from bed over to the dressing mirror. It was a relief to find a still mostly human self gawking back in his boxers. Only his hand holding the device seemed t

6:540 Get dressed by catprog
She looks over her changed wardrobe, trying to find something that is not feminine.


Once she find and puts the pants on, she falls forwards, her hands now paws and unable to stand upright.


“Are you ok hun?” says her mother heading up the stairs


“I’m fine.

2:1338 Self-Discovery by Stella Purple
You’ve gathered a bunch of wild plants, such as maroon mushrooms, carrots root that you dig out the ground, and a bunch of flowers. You bring all of them back to the Adventure Guild so that you can exchange them with some coins and pay the membership fees, which you easily obtained this time. Now

6:543 Awake by DesmondFallout
He almost dropped the device when after one random combination cause the device to vibrate violently. The beeping became replaced by a shrill static noise, not unlike a classic dial-up signal.


It was probably that signal which opened an ominous swirling portals in front of Daniel. His ja

2:1337 Accept new self by Stella Purple
You decide to venture through the town, socializing and exchanging initial information with the local shop owners and passing by townspeople, while still hiding your real identity as a person from the modern world. You doubt that anyone would believe that you are actually from where you say you are

1:1389 Female? by catprog
You gulp “What do you mean by that. Cancel procedure.”


“Voice print not recognised. DNA identity confirmed. Nanobots programed”


The floor underneath you turns liquid and flows up your body.. You feel a force lift you up off the deck with only a thin stream of the li

6:542 Bonk by DesmondFallout


Apparently someone could hear him, unless random electronics falling from the sky was a regular occurence. Not to mention pain was something dream rules seemed to have conveniently forgotten. Once Daniel was done rubbing his head uttering every curse he knew, he stooped to pick up

2:1336 Deny new self by Stella Purple
You’re unable unable to accept the changes that happen to you. The depression causes you to shed your fur frantically, eventually making you feel sickly and unhealthy. People avoid you when they can, and you feel so all alone in this world. Even when someone is kind enough to offer you their help,

1:1393 Bulbasaur by catprog
A bulb grows out of you back starting the process to turn you in to a bulbasaur.


But what kind are you becoming?

1:1392 Vulpix by catprog
A pixlated vulpix jumps out of the screen and merges with your body.


But what kind of vulpix are you becoming?

2:1335 Fox taur by Stella Purple
You are curious about the pile of fox suit, which at first looks just like any regular fur coat to you. But upon closer inspection, you realize that it actually has two other sleeves and a pair pantsuit attached to the rest of it, which you’ve never heard off before.


Curiously, you dec

1:1388 Spaceship keyring by
Something catches your eye as you look around in the shop, Digging around in the .container of keys you pull out one attached to a tiny spaceship.


“I see you have found a trinket” the storekeeper says. “$2 and it can be yours.”


You hand over the money and walk out wit

6:541 Dreams by DesmondFallout
Normally people wake up from falling in dreams, right?


Daniel contemplated that thought while watching the island approaching below. It was his only real sense of motion. This land mass rapidly taking up his vision seemed to be afloat in a black void of nothingness. Daniel could not even