6:693 You guys don't look so good by Psto1464
“You guys don't look so good.” Dan pointed out, they looked very much like how he felt just before this big change. “Speak for yourself-” Jake said, slapping a hand over his mouth, his charge for Pammy's on-suite bathroom. “Bucket,” Gassen begged while his tanned skin went to a

6:695 Let's hear it by Psto1464
“Okay let's hear it,” Dan braced herself for whatever wacky statement came out of his mouth. “Youtuber,” Jake waved his hands in the air like a spongebob meme. “What?” Gassen, tilted his head and looked at Jake like the mad man that he was. “I'll search and see if there are a

6:694 I'll check for myself! by Psto1464
“I'll just take a look for myself.” Dan tossed back the covers and slid himself out of bed before his friends' jaws had a chance to hit the floor. Standing up was easy. It felt natural to have the tail hanging behind him. “I thought standing would be harder than it was.” Dan looked

6:691 I want to look by Psto1464
“Don't panic.” Pammy said, taking a large hand mirror of her dresser and turning it to face Dan. Who couldn't say a word. He was stunned into silence. He was... he was... “Cute?” Dan noticed the change in voice again. The gentle coo came out of his mouth naturally, like he had been

6:690 Truth Revealed by Psto1464
“I'm...'' Dan stuttered, caught, and rather easily too. He really had no idea what he was going to say. His mouth was dry and his stomach was turning. Acids breaking down more than whatever he had left over from super. “I am...” Dan trailed off. “Yes?” David tipped his face

6:692 Walk Home by Psto1464


“I just got to get home.” Dan shook his head, his friends, this weird situation. It could all be a bad joke or the worst crisis he ever faced. He just couldn't face it right now, and he didn't have to. All he had to do was toss it all to the side and go home. “It's

6:689 Running by Psto1464
He took his chance and ran. Bringing his hands behind his back and twisted the door handle. Dan was outside the room faster than he thought he was capable of. His sneakers squeaked out noises of suffering as he belted his way down the hall. A rug had him slip, but with his adrenaline pumping he felt

6:688 Truth or dare by Psto1464
“You guys are being weird, plain and simple.” Dan could feel his skin crawl with forming goosebumps. These three were his friends for longer than forever. Even their worst pranks didn't give off the energy they were giving off right now. “Like children of the corn weird, it's down ri

4:351 Feline by NovelAi
"What can I get you?" she asks. You're not quite sure how to respond. "Um...a beer please." She nods and heads off. She comes back a moment later with a saucer full of amber liquid. "Here you go miss," she says handing it to you. "Thanks," you say automat

1:1660 The Yaksha II by Hollowpages
You take some time to ponder over the woman’s question for you – you can’t shake off the fact you have no idea what the heck she means exactly, although you hazard a guess that her ‘true self’ might end up looking completely inhuman. You don’t know, but, despite everything running throug

1:1659 The Yaksha by Hollowpages
For a long moment, no one speaks or moves. You feel a sense of unease not unlike what Fia described to you not long ago, yet this one is more prominent, and it’s partly because you’re feeding off the two selkie’s unease, too. This must be a huge deal.


Still, while they seem uncerta

1:1658 The Planes of Existence by Hollowpages
While you recognize there’s a lot going on, you can’t help but yearn to understand as much as you can, and with that in mind, you can’t deny your earnest curiosity.


“If you don’t mind,” you reply after a beat, “I’d like to know more about these… planes.”



1:1657 The Wish Made II by Hollowpages
After giving it some quick thought, as much as you can spare given the limited time you have before Maazi can no longer remain outside of his lamp, you sigh internally as you make your decision – you feel it would probably be best you focus on the Shard location where Maazi’s Master is apparentl

1:1656 The Wish Made by Hollowpages
You figure you should ask the more important question of Maazi next, so, you do.


“Maazi,” you say as you collect yourself to get the question out. “What did your Master wish for? And what does it have to do with why you turned me into a selkie?”


“Aye,” Moirine say

2:1901 Buddy by Drifting Dragon
You thought for a moment and realized that the easiest person you could cross in one way or another, who would still help you regardless would be Buddy. You had spent the least amount of time with him, and he seemed absolutely loyal to Duke. It was an easy choice for you when considering what you we

1:1655 Maazi the Beaten III by Hollowpages
You have a few potential routes you could go with trying to get Maazi the djinn to tell you about his master, but in the end, you decide you want to be the one to try and press, if only because your ‘good cop’ may well be more useful for the time being.


I’ll do it, you reply, for n

2:1900 Truth by Drifting Dragon
“You know what…” You replied with a tinge of regret and shame in your voice. “I want to be honest with you.” The two of you shared some pretty sincere eye contact for a moment as you continued. Still the talkative dog gave you a moment to continue. “I just wanted you to know that I’m n

1:1654 Maazi the Beaten II by Hollowpages
You make your decision after some careful consideration. “Who is master, Maazi? Why aren’t you with them? I don’t know a lot about this whole djinn and master thing, but, I would expect that you’d be with your master until they’d used up their three wishes.”


Maazi regards you

1:1653 Maazi the Beaten by Hollowpages
You consider the options – of which there are quite a few, admittedly – on how to handle this, or if you even want to at all, before you decide you want to maybe start this whole thing off as pleasantly as you can. While you’re leery of the djinn, of course, given your own experience with you,

2:1899 Lie by Drifting Dragon
“Of course I am!” You replied. “Then why can’t you move the sarcophagus? Why have you been telling the others you’re so all powerful if you can’t even do that?” The sentiment stung your stomach like the sting of a wasp. You took a moment to craft your response. “You’re right.” He