2:1541 Go For a walk by Driftingdragon
Your mind still wandered needlessly, so your feet decided to do the exact same. As the sounds of the voices and banter grew farther from you as you walked away down the hall leading up to the main ballroom, looking around the way just ahead to figure out what it is you will spend your time doing at

2:1561 new car by Driftingdragon
You pieced together random circles, squares, glass panes, and metal scraps for weeks on end, running various tests and trials before you finally came up with the best product possible for your company. A newfangled vehicle! The wheels were slender and light, the frame of the car was sleek and shiny

1:1529 Into the Ocean by Hollowpages
As you push your body through the shallows, further and faster with this new body you’ve been… gifted? Cursed with? You aren’t entirely sure - a few poor choice words made to a genie has inevitably led you to adopting this new visage in place of the human body you once possessed, so you consid

2:1560 Yes by Driftingdragon
Without a moment of hesitation, you decided to take up their offer, working even deeper in an industry than you had ever imagined yourself in. It took about three days to get you fully integrated into the new line of work, firstly introducing you to the new work environment tailored specifically to

2:1559 Splash it on her by Driftingdragon
“Up yours!” You say to your mother in a sassy teenage tone before splashing it on her face as if it were an alcoholic beverage. A shrill scream echoed throughout the room as your mother's fur clung to her skin and started to melt away. The queen pawed at her face to try rubbing off the skin

2:1558 Do Nothing by Driftingdragon
You watched as your mother vacced up the mist as if she were the Ghostbusters. Suddenly a deep rattling began to ring from the depths of the shop vac. The hard plastic shell began to shake out and shutter as if it was just as terrified as you. With a loud bang, the machine suddenly exploded in your

2:1557 Stop Her by Driftingdragon
In an instant, you leaped up to try to stop her, but it was no use. Your mother was much stronger than you, despite her slender size. For some reason you couldn’t help yourself as you moved in to try stopping her from absorbing the dark ashen cinders of what was left. Your paws he tangled up in th

2:1556 Uhhhh by Driftingdragon
You sat there bewildered as the misty grey faces hung in suspended motion, they gazed at you as the conglomerate of gasses began to whisper into your ears. To your surprise you were slowly beginning to understand what the horrifying shrieks of sounds meant. Continuing to listen, you found yourself

2:1555 Mop it up Quick by Driftingdragon
You leaped into action almost instantly to grab a mop and bucket to make up for your accidental laboratory mishap, distracting from your embarrassment while simultaneously trying to make up for it in labor. The jet black screaming skull figures were quickly sucked up and leaned as you swiped the dir

2:1554 Wet Hands by Driftingdragon
You smile, holding the potion haphazardly between your paw pads; slippery with sweat from a long day’s work. Despite your mother's tone, you shrug, smile, and begin pudding over to her innocently. Before you knew it, you had found yourself falling in -what it seemed like- slow motion. The gl

2:1553 Other potion by Driftingdragon
Remembering one of the failed potions from the other day, you grab it from your pocket and instantly launch it up at your mother, splashing her fur slightly with the misty purple liquid. In an instant your mother began melting as if she was a cone of ice cream left out on a hot day. "I'm m

2:1540 Make the right choices by Driftingdragon
You had begun once again, choosing your choices wisely throughout the course of your story, and with your notepads it was almost as if you didn’t even need to think about the choices you made. You seemed to fly through your life as a princess without a care in the world, enjoying your reign, takin

1:1528 Offer him companionship by psto1464
“I can keep you company.” You offer him. He grips your chin and drops your neck. Your knees slid off his lap making you stretch across his knees for a semi-balance.


“Have had this before too.” His words breeze through your facial fur. A real and very scary threat carried on its w

1:1527 Play his game by psto1464
You crawl over on your hands and knees going to the man like a common house hold cat. You reach his hand you rub your face into it. He forces his large hand into your hair. Stroking it backwards with a firm but careful pet. To your surprise it feels pretty good. Before you can stop yourself you go i

1:1526 Fight and find your own way by psto1464
“Damn you!” You stand right up and curse at the sky where the damn bastard dropped you from. You wouldn't play his damn games anymore. You would find your own way.


“Welcome.” A male voice turned you around. A tall man with an amazing head of luxurious hair. He walks towards

1:1525 Accept and adapt by psto1464
“Another meat pile for the grinder girls.” Purrs mix in to giggles while you try to short out your head. Blinking the pain of the light forces a growl from you.


“Hear that growl she's a tough one.” A high pitch tone cackled, and the immense sense of something wrong turns you

1:1524 Yes by psto1464
“Yes.” You choose to play along. Hoping that by doing so you can survive this strange, and you'll omit scary situation. “I was mad, and took it out on you.” You tell him the truth, “I'm idiot, and I'm sorry.” Teenagers, have the right to do something stupid right?


1:1522 “Do you enjoy being a walking stereotype?” by psto1464
“Do you enjoy being a walking stereotype?” You shake your head at him, itching for a verbal tumble to take the strain off your mind.


“Pardon?” His thick brows lowered over his eyes, casting a shadow over his dark eyes. It leaves you with a strange feeling. A primitive urge to tur

2:1539 Walk away by Driftingdragon


You walk away, the conversation having taken up way more time than anticipated. You checked the clock finding out that he had made you late for the ball. The anger began to set in your stomach as you lifted your dress to speed farther down the hallways in order to make it to the ballroo

2:1538 Blank out by Driftingdragon
You blanked out as the droning of his voice nearly put you to sleep. He seemed to be taken aback by your silent planning- or was it? He had absolutely no way to know, you just remained silent until you both had reached the end of the road. “Do you think you can handle that small task?” he asked