8:130 Not Well by Nero Hopps
I look to the hand. There are now four fingers that are capped from tip to the first knuckle with… hoof? I grimace from the pain and stand myself erect again. “Yeah, I should be fine. Just, serious pain in my gut.” “A pain in your stomach? I felt the same thing a while after eating that deer

2:1332 No by catprog
"Well, I am sorry but I want to be alone, and most of the time I am." she says heading into the jungle.


You move to go after her but the wolf stops you "The costume has taken control of her. Tigers generally want to be alone. Stay long enough and you will most likely want

1:1387 Moonbeam by catprog
Just then a moonbeam falls onto your body and your shudder as you change continues.


He nods "It seems like you are a were, In some ways you are lucky, you can become human or wolf. But when the moon calls most can't resit the call."


You look up to him as you fe

2:1323 Store by Karlyene
But you still have enough sense in your mind to keep running, and to grab the first door handle that you can find and wrench it open.


This is a different store than the mall that you were in before, a smaller boutique that you might have found charming before. The store owner gives you a

2:1331 Tigress by catprog
The tigress hits you before sniffing you "You are new, your not him."


You get back up helping her onto her feet "No I only just got here. Are you one of the people trapped here?"


"Yes, I was a guy before, and I don't know how long I have been her

8:129 Vicki by Nero Hopps
He looks up at me with a quizzical look. “What are you talking about? It’s me, Vicki.”


I say nothing. Instead, I gesture for ‘Vicki’ to look at himself. With heavy confusion, he looks himself over. The confused look turning slowly to shock and horror.


“What the he

2:1330 Sure by catprog
"Sure" you say "Do you know what lies this way?"


The wolf shakes his head "We have never been out this far. Their are rumors though..." he starts off before going quiet.


You hear the rustling as well in the bushes before something jumps out right

2:1321 It's Time by Karlyene
The days melt into one another, and you find that you're starting to get used to this form, and starting to feel like it's something that you could continue to get used to. Still, you don't want to get stuck like this, and you know that you're going to have to look for the new co

8:128 In the Morning by Nero Hopps
I nod then consume. I am incredibly hungry, so I eat more slobbish than I normally do. I quickly finish and lay down on the ground, rubbing my belly which is thankful for even that bit of food. At this point, it is night. The sun has set and the moon hung just below the canopy, sending lunar light t

1:1381 Women by Kinky Chameleon
“So if I answer your riddle,” she huffed, “you’ll leave and take your sinful lifestyle with you? Fine. It’s obvious, isn’t it? It’s ‘woman.’”


You blink, surprised at both the speed and the accuracy of her answer. Seems like you’ve received two out of three of the a

2:1329 Moving on by catprog
Shaking your head you continue in the same direction. The rest of the wolves following you.


You wait for them to stop before speaking up "Are you coming with me?"


"If you would have us. The hope that you will be better then the other tiger is enough for us"

2:1306 Rembering by Lifeguard Arran


The next few days do, luckily enough, not end in snowstorms. So you wander around again. After the chance encounter with another one of your kind, your mind settles more and more for the fact that you may just be like this forever. And you probably wouldn't even mind. You are stron

2:1320 Heat by Karlyene
"Going into heat soon?" A small tri-red Australian Shepherd speaks to you. Her green eyes are a pretty color, but her words bring you up short when you're about to hit the agility course.


"Excuse me?"


"No offense, but I can smell it on you. It�

2:1328 ...And gone by catprog
"Could one of the wolves carry it?" you ask.


The wolf nods and one of the wolves climbs the tree and grabs the costume. It immediately comes alive, covering the wolf as he fades away.


"What happened" you ask.


The wolf looks at the branch "

8:127 Bunny by Nero Hopps
An hour passes when finally, a bunny hops along. Vicki and I hold our breaths in wait to see if it will take the bait. The rabbit halts and sniffs, only a few feet from the vegetation. The small, forest dwelling creature inches its way closer, and closer. I tense up and clench my teeth in anticipati

2:1313 Getting used to the Body by Siegmar
The sun shines mercilessly from the sky, in your black fur you quickly get warm. You need shade and you're thirsty too. That's why you're walking to the right, because there's water splashing. After a while you reach the river bank, the water flows sluggishly and splashes over th

2:1305 Another Tiger by Lifeguard Arran
Another tiger.


You freeze in your tracks and your whole body becomes tense. This is the hideout of another cat. A male, nonetheless. This could be dangerous... or interesting.


Trying to decide if you want to encounter another one of your kind, the howling of the storm pushing

2:1327 Ghost Costume? by catprog
"Thank you" you say to the wolves and climb the tree.


Your instincts kick in and you struggle with your claws before reaching the branch.


Reaching out you try to grab a hold of the costume.


Only to find your hand going right through. Loosing your balance

2:1319 "Get Lost" by Karlyene
"Easy there, girl. I'm just testing the waters."


"Go test it somewhere else," you spit the words out at the Doberman, your eyes narrowing and your ears pinning back. "Maybe you'll drown."


But even as you say that, there's a sinkin

6:535 Jake Returns by catprog
Jake returns "What were you talking about?"


Danielle smiles "Just tiger stuff."


He nods "Sometimes I wish you could teach me to understand them but I don't have the ears or the speech to talk it. We can't spend the entire day with the tigers