2:1615 Abysmal Abyss II by Hollowpage
“Erin!” you say.


She stirs and turns so she’s looking toward you. She seems genuinely startled to see you there, although she recovers from that quick enough.


“Bloody hell,” Erin says. “Am I ever glad to see you, mate.”


You can tell that getting up t

2:1614 Abysmal Abyss by Hollowpage
You take a breath and reflect on what you can do, weighing down each option in your head. None of them stand out over the other given the fact you’re unsure of where you are or where to go - all you know is that your main goal right now is finding Erin, the person who did help you out, even if you

2:1613 Jumping Spelunking II by Hollowpage
You bounce nervously in place while you muse over this. You’re a kangaroo, which means you’re not exactly equipped to be spelunking into some unknown depth of a cave you’ve never been in prior to this day. Even worse, you feel that you could trip, or scrape something, or worse if you decide to

2:1612 Teeth Clenched Teamwork II by Hollowpage
“What do you want?” Maggie demands as she eyes you, waiting for you to answer so she can leave already.


You hesitate for a few seconds longer to decide. “Well,” you say, “do you have any other friends here? Any, um, other dingoes…?” You blink and recall the proper word. “

2:1611 Teeth-Clenched Teamwork by Hollowpage
“Do you and Erin know one another?” you ask after considering your options and picking. “The way you were shouting down that path made it seem like it.”


Maggie snorts. “Oi, rack off. None of your bloody business if I do or not.”


“Oh, come on,” you say. “I di

2:1610 Still Help by Hollowpage
You sigh, but, you don’t move. You wait there and watch as this proud dingo woman tries again to pick herself up, and she manages to get onto one knee. And then she promptly drops again, groaning from the pain she’s in.


You silently offer your hand down to her for a third time.


2:1609 Dingo Bingo V by Hollowpage
You sigh grudgingly after mulling over what to do next with the dingo woman - as reluctant as you are to offer her any sort of sympathy when she made it clear she wanted to eat you, you aren’t the sort to be petty or spiteful, even when you’ve ended up in some bizarre realm where that means noth

2:1604 Bullshit by Driftingdragon
Something about this seems fishy, though your intent was far from punny, something about this situation seemed off, almost abusive, as you watched them transporting the fish from their containers to the mound just outside the half-covered rooftop. “Hey wait a minute.” you said to your new friend

2:1603 I can vibe with this by Driftingdragon
There was something calming about the way the chorus was sung by the numerous villagers above. The bright light shining down on you and your new friend caused his bright fur to glow beautifully in the sharpened beams, and the subtle smell of fish seemed to entice your scavenger senses. Despite wanti

2:1608 Phenoix by catprog
(Written with the help of AI Dungeon)


As the costume bonds to your skin the head feathers catch fire. You can feel the heat radiating from your body and as it burns hotter, you feel like you will burst into flames. The costume is burning hot against your skin and you cannot stop the tran

2:1607 Dingo Bingo IV by Hollowpage
“What are you shouting at me for?” the dingo woman asks after a pause. She growls. “You mental? I’m the predator here, you witless fool, and you’re the one that needs to play the role of the prey. Get that through your tiny skull.”


You mull over the choices for a moment, but,

2:1602 This is weird by Driftingdragon
“Hey wait a minute, I don’t think this is okay?” you asked your friend, “This is a bit off. Why fish? What’s even going on here?” Decatur looked at you with a cross yet angry face. “Wait. you think this is weird?” He reiterated from you. “This is like… my culture.” he said to y

2:1606 Dingo Bingo III by Hollowpage
The path Erin chose is a winding one, but, it doesn’t seem to be quite as narrow to travel through, you notice - and you’re relieved at this, for sure. But your heart is racing in your chest, pounding feverishly due to the fact you have no clue what the hell you’re going to run into when you g

2:1601 Something else by Driftingdragon
The general tour didn’t seem to be the most appealing option for you, though his mention of some congregation building seemed to catch your interest way more than simply walking around and seeing buildings. You wanted to MEET people, and where better to go than a place where others congregate. It

2:1600 Princess by Driftingdragon
“I’m actually a princess.” you blushed hard as you felt your heart racing in your chest, something about this made you feel like you picked the wrong choice when the both of you sat in silence. A moment passed, and you began to notice your new friend’s expression as it slowly smoothed over

2:1599 Pescitarian by Driftingdragon
“I’m a pescitarian, and I came here to do more studies on your country and what it means to live here.” he gave you a very confused look, as if you didn’t seem to know fully what you were talking about. You surely didn't, but it’s not like you were going to let him know that. “What

2:1598 Sure by Driftingdragon
You decided it was best to go learn the layout of the town first and foremost, since you haphazardly planned to spend an unknown amount of time in this novel village you thought it was a good idea to try not to get lost while exploring, and a quick tour would have been the best possible way to tackl

2:1597 Meet people by Driftingdragon
The signs hanging around were what had interested you the most. They were scrabbled in a tongue you were unfamiliar with, but you could imply what the markings on the doorways were about by their appearance. A fish. A staff. A book. There was clearly a bit more than you understood going on here, so

2:1596 Step in by Driftingdragon
Though you were greatly confused, you felt the need to defend your new friend. “Hey calm down dude!” You yelled at him. Somehow the situation had escalated to a point where even you couldn’t stop things from going the way he did. After yelling some things about how fancily you were dressed, or

2:1605 Do nothing by catprog
Do nothing “No not really. Nothing here is interesting.” you said in a sour tone, this seemed to offend the young man, though he tried his best not to show it. “You don’t want to do anything?” he said to you, concerned. “Well listen, we don’t have to do anything at all. We can just go