5:61 Turn right by The Futa Guy
Turning right down the hallway, you immediately locked eyes with a patrolling student.What bad luck!


“Halt! Who goes there!” The student was considerably shorter than you were now, and in your elder form you saw him less as a contemporary and ore as a child.


Drat. Kubo! W

1:1678 Now Alone by -
Using second person write a story about a magic board and card game that transforms the players when they play cards but they remain human until then.


Rewrite the following page "At first, you and your friends are ecstatic about your new game, You eagerly unbox the game and start se

5:60 Older woman by The Futa Guy
“An older woman? I like the way you think, those boys won’t know what hit 'em.”


Woman? You watched in shock as she snapped your fingers and suddenly you had something very different between your legs. Your body began to grow taller, putting you two heads taller than you were.

1:1669 Fight, and run! by Psto1464
When the man become closer, you use all your strength to wiggling and fail about. Hard shouts urged on your adrenaline racing body. More shouts, made you struggle even harder. Then you were free! Free as a selkie can be! You do the awkward seal roll to move across the deck of the ship. It took two o

5:59 Accept Kasumi's offer. by The Futa Guy
"I'll do it." You say. "Take over my body." You dry swallow and steel yourself for what is to come. When Kasumi speaks next it feels as if she’s inside your skull. "Good choice, you won’t regret it." Suddenly, what felt like a gust of air rushed up your knows a

2:1916 Exploring the town by
Your body feels strange, and you feel as if you're wearing some sort of heavy, uncomfortable costume. You're not sure what to do at first. You feel confused and overwhelmed, but then you hear a soft whine from outside. You get up and walk to the window, and you see a friendly-looking golde

2:1915 The First Day by
You take a deep breath and look around the barn, taking in your new surroundings. You're surrounded by other anthropomorphic goats, all milling about and going about their business. You're not sure what you're supposed to do or where you're supposed to go, but you know one thing

1:1668 Human Curiosity by Psto1464
That ship was way too interesting to pass up! You decide to get a closer look. It didn't take you too long to catch up with the ship. When you got closer, you see the reason why. The large ship, which was something from a pirate movie for sure, except this one was for hauling fish. Braided thic

5:58 Decline Kasumi’s offer. by The Futa Guy
“Sorry, Kas. There has to be another way to do this.” You blew out the incense in the shrine and heard Kasumi snarl.


“So be it. I doubt you’d make it down the stairs without my help but it’ll be entertaining to watch!” The room then went silent, leaving you to ponder if you s

2:1914 Goat by
You stand in the room of costumes, surrounded by costumes of different animals, all of them female. You start to feel uneasy, realizing that you have no other option but to put on a costume if you want to get out of the room. As you move closer to the costumes, you notice that each one is very clear

1:1677 10 Months Later by Psto1464
“That was exhausting,” your face is drowning in sweat and tears. You look up to see not only the Silva, the woman you met on that first day; ten months ago. Also, four others that were part of Silva's den. A group of female selkies that banded together to raise their pups.



5:57 Pray to a spirit for guidance. by The Futa Guy
You decide that a bit of otherworldly help never hurt anyone. Thankfully there was a small shrine in your room for such a purpose. But there were so many potential spirits, which one would you choose? Perhaps praying to Amaterasu herself? She was the most powerful of the Kami, but what you needed ri

1:1676 Selkie Experience by Psto1464
You don't have a real chance to decide with your head. Your body has chosen your path. Burning with a need, that you now figured out to be the selkie's heat cycle. You swim inside the entrance of the cave, it was dark and wide. You find yourself caught up in the oddness of the light. Disap

1:1664 Female Snow Lepoard by ChatGPT
As you feel the genie's magic coursing through your veins, you are overwhelmed with an intense sensation of heat and pressure. It feels like your body is being pulled apart and reshaped from the inside out. Your bones grind and twist, and your muscles bulge and stretch.


You let out

1:1663 Female Anthro by ChatGPT
The transformation starts at your hands, which are the first to morph into paws. The bones in your fingers start to fuse together, the skin growing thick and covered in soft fur. Your fingernails recede, replaced by black paw pads. You try to move your hands, but they feel strange and foreign.


2:1913 Temple by ChatGPT
As you awaken in the abandoned temple, you instinctively stretch out your furry body, feeling the cool breeze wash over your well-endowed form. Quickly realizing that your chest is large enough to be a bother. This comes as a shock to you, as you were once a male and never had to deal with such a th

8:139 The next morning by ChatGPT
The next morning, John woke up to the sound of seagulls once again. She had slept fitfully, with strange dreams that she couldn't quite remember. She sat up and shook off the leaves and twigs that had gathered around her fur during the night. John felt an ache in her stomach and realized that s

8:138 John the Skunk by ChatGPT
John woke up to the sound of seagulls squawking in the distance. As he tried to stretch, he realized that something was very wrong. His arms felt shorter, and his fingers had turned into paws. He sat up and looked down at his body, shocked to see that he was no longer human. He had become a female a

2:1912 Space by ChatGPT
As you fall through the floor, you suddenly find yourself in the vacuum of space, surrounded by nothing but darkness and stars. The coldness of space hits you like a ton of bricks, taking your breath away. You try to move your wings, but they are no longer there to carry you.


Panic sets

2:1911 Harpy by ChatGpt
You stand there, staring at the door. You're not sure how you got here, but you're surrounded by an array of female flying mythical creature costumes. The door is stuck, and you're trapped in this room. You can hear muffled voices and footsteps on the other side, but the door doesn�