2:1389 No Food by Hollowpages
The palm trees around you appear barren beyond their big green leaves. You decide to push a bit on, while you keep your eyes peeled for any sort of food.


You consider the possibility you could leave the path and branch out into the trees. The trunks are thick, but there are enough gaps f

2:1394 Follow the Tunnel by Hollowpages
With little else to do, you swim into it, following this one instead. Like the first tunnel, this one also loops around and goes up and down - it’s strange how these tunnels are perfect for your size, and yet, they make these odd angles, almost like they were made purposefully to confuse or annoy.

6:615 Magical Bimbo by
Daniel had at least refused to sleep in the bed, as if that was going to make any difference, but when she closed her eyes she was there again. It was a dream, one of those dreams where fear is suspended. The drapes had been pulled aside and the hazmat-suited figures stood around her. One of them w

2:1388 Press On by Hollowpages
You take a few steps forward, the skin of your feet still feeling bizarre against the coarse texture of the sand still - you won’t adjust to this for a while, you tell yourself. You soon notice that there appears to be a path smack between two trees, a path that leads deeper into the trees.


6:605 The Second Change by
That – night? – he remembered his dreams more clearly. He thought he saw a figure, invisible inside its protective suit, standing by the bed, writing on a clipboard. It must have opened the drapes. As soon as he'd registered that thought, some sort of needle stung him, just briefly. He was

2:1393 The Underwater Path by Hollowpages
You swim about in the lake, thinking. You could follow the river and see where it leads, yes - that one is relatively obvious and in one way could be the safest choice. You could also leave the water and follow the path in the forest toward the weird cave you see, yes - this one is less obvious in a

2:1387 Shore by Hollowpages
You swim there, pondering your choice, for a long moment. You could go right toward the gloomy murk, to potentially a shipwreck. But, in the end, you feel that it might be safer if you go toward something potentially less dark and foreboding, so you opt to go left instead, and begin to swim toward t

6:604 The White Rabbit by
Daniel couldn't remember his dreams, but they worried him. He woke up flushed and sticky with sweat, and for a long dark space he didn't know where he was.


Remembering the fall and the deserted underground didn't improve things, but at least it gave him a firm point: somet

2:1386 To the structure by Hollowpages
You swim toward it, hoping it has an answer to your aching question.


The structure has a big opening - a doorway of sorts, but there is no door, it’s just open. You swim in, entering the weird building, and find that it is quite spacious. Not only spacious, in fact, but almost like an

6:603 Daniel in Wonderland by
Daniel hurried back to the well – not running, yet – and braced for a jump. There had been ledges and things; if he could get hold of one, he might be able to climb up. The first time he didn't jump with full power, just to save some hope. He didn't even reach the well's opening.<

6:610 Truth (Human) by psto146
“Truth or Dare.” Dan said to Pam. She remembered how flat they had spoken. How without emotion they all were when it happened. She tried to repeat it but failed there. Her voice was shaking too much.


“Truth.” Pam said quickly. Too quickly.


“Is that the truth?” Dan

2:1380 Through the Door by Hollowpages
You tentatively reach out to touch the door handle. Your paw-like hand can grab it well enough, and you pull it open. On the other side of the door is a massive forested area, including a large lake a few feet away from you - one that appears to branch out into a river stretching endlessly onward.

2:1385 Give up the Gem by Hollowpages
You pause and glance around to double check, covering the bracelet with your other hand - thankfully, as you scan these depths, you are indeed able to see, for it is murky like the top portion where the ships were, rather than pitch black. You feel a swell of relief at this and return your attention

6:609 Time to leave by psto146
“Pam we should go.” Dan said. Thinking it though this wasn't the Pam she knew. Maybe it was an off day or she just needed to vent? “They're still at the store trying to pick me out a shirt.” Pam face flashed from disappointment to the happy smile that she always knew Pam for.


2:1384 Follow the glow by Hollowpages
Realizing this may be a good thin, that this is likely going to lead you to something that is hopefully good, you start to swim in the direction of the glow, moving slowly so that you can be mindful of when it dims or gets stronger.


As you swim, you again have the sense there is somethin

6:602 Daniel Falling by
Daniel stretched and clenched his fingers and stared at the writing. It didn't change. The handwriting looked like his. The suit had done things to his body; was it able to communicate with him like this?


He looked out the window. Night had fallen completely now, the lampposts were

2:1383 Swim Onwards by Hollowpages
Seconds tick by, and you swim ever onwards.


You swear you see something else moving out of the corner of your eye, but again it is far too fast, and far too dark for you to be certain. You bring your teeth together, as hard as you can, and hope this is enough to get whatever it is by you

6:608 Go after her by psto146
“Pam wait!” Dan cried out running after his upset friend. He felt awkward with all the stares. Some were watching her as she ran; out of confusion. When did you ever see a woman skunk? Other were staring at her chest, with three pairs of breasts juggling as she ran. It was an obvious eye catcher

2:1382 Biggest Section by Hollowpages
You brace yourself and swim toward the one before you, the biggest. You feel it’s the most inviting one, with less of a chance for you to smash into something or for any part of it to collapse onto you - better safe than sorry, in your opinion.


The dark does not grow easier to see as y

6:607 Online? by psto146
“I should get some stuff online?” Dan asked, rubbing a paw to pet the black fur on his other arm.


“Ignore them. I get looked at all the time! It's a part of being a girl.” Pam said raising another shirt from the spinning rack and placing it up against her.