2:1373 Door seal by catprog
The doors in the room suddenly drop down.


"Ok, now we might be in trouble" one of them says "That is caused by a atmospheric problem"


"We have lost atmosphere and you say their might be a problem." you say.


"Well our ships are de

2:1372 More Information by catprog
"So for a lone female to be without her pack that is very wrong. " one of them says "Do you remember your name?".


You think for a moment but shake your head "I can't even remember any aliens, just the one human planet"


The ship shakes again

2:1371 Lessons by catprog
"So what do you remember anything about your pride?" you are asked.


"No" you say "I was human and then I was this."


"Well it seems like we will need to try and help you remember. From the point of view of the humans we are what you would cal

2:1370 The otherside by catprog
The lights dim for a period of time. The other lionesses check to make sure you are secure and then secure themselves.


The ship jolts and the others look worried for a moment before getting you out of the room and deeper into the ship.


"Don't worry" one of th

2:1369 Spaceforce by catprog
Suddenly a bright beam of light appears in front of the ship. The radio crackles in some alien language while the lion talks back in the same. Eventually he turns to you “Change of plans. My ship needs me back right away. They are aware of you and are organising alternative transport.”


2:1368 Get Up by catprog
“I have had enough sitting around. I want to see more then this room” you say.


He nods “Ok. But if I say so, you are to come right back here Ok?”


You nod “Ok.” and while it takes leaning on him, you are able to slowly walk around.


Outside the room you

2:1367 Costumes by catprog
“I was in a room, trying on a costume. Next thing I was this lioness and in space ” you say.


He nods “I see, some confusion and memory loss after time in space is normal. Hopefully once we get you back to your pride they will return.”


“My pride?” you ask confused

2:1366 Captain by catprog
“… the captain” it says.


After a brief struggle with the mask and failing to remove it, you are interrupted.


“You might want to let me take care of that for you.” says a lion man as he walks through the doorway and over to you


“Who are you? Where is th

2:1365 Rescued by catprog
You come to lying on a bed, a mask strapped to your face pumping air into you.


“Patient is awake” a mechanical voice says.


“Where am I?” you ask, the sound muffled by the mask.


“Please remain calm” the voice says “Contacting ...”


1:1462 Your belly starts growing by
You look at your belly and see its growing. Your belly starts to starch your clothing. Then...

4:334 Pack by catprog
One of them walks up to you sniffing you.


"Human" they say, the presence providing you with just enough to understand "What have you done?"


"Not my fault" you say back in response.

1:1461 You decide to eat the candy by
You reach into the jar and grab out a piece of candy. The wrapper was blue and you unwrap the wrapping. The candy is a blue hard candy. You toss the candy into your mouth. You taste nothing, however something is happening to your belly.

4:333 Others by catprog
While you try to walk around, you hear the howls. From somewhere in the new body you know they are from the same species as what you are changing into.


The other creatures approach you and talking, but with the presence sleeping you have no idea what they are saying.

1:1460 You go up to the Transformation candy by
You go up to a jar of candy labeled “Transformation candy”. The description on the jar said “ Transformation candy is a special candy that will transform you into candy or sweets!

4:332 Out of the town by catprog
The world flashes before your eyes again.


You find yourself looking at the roots of trees. Quickly you realize why. The change has not only changes both pairs of arms into legs. But now you are unable to stand upright


A pressure on your mind that you had not realized was thei

1:1458 Your transformation continues by
You feel something crack in your back and it becomes harder to stand on two legs until you’re on all fours. You try calling for help but all that comes out are roars. You realize you transformed into a full lion. What do you do now.

4:331 Spotted by catprog
As you stand on the inn's roof your ears flick and you hear the sound of alarm. An arrow thuds into the ground and you blink onto the ground.


The change has progressed, another pair of arms has grown under your current arms.


The guards see you and with a shout start chas

1:1459 Your skin is changing color by
Your skin started to feel weird. You look and see your skin is changing color, into a...

1:1448 No by catprog
While your instincts tell you to go for it you shake your head and turn back. The tiger sighs “Ok, but let me just say you do make a pretty tigress.”. The instincts again try to get you to stay but you run off.


Eventually after a couple of hours of getting lost you find the lake and

4:330 Escape by catprog


Looking over the room you try to figure out how to escape when the tentacles stretches out and you suddenly find yourself standing on the roof.


The fur has covered all of the body. The bumps on your chest are now clearly breasts and between your legs your manhood is missin