1:1430 What if they come with you? by crunchynachoes
Ivan looks at you hopefully and says, "Well, what if they come with you?"


You pause for a second, at a loss for words, then nod. You would like it better if they came along with you.


Ivan claps and laughs, "Perfect! I will make the preparations, listen you�

6:569 Elsewhere by catprog
A beam of sunlight wakes him up.


He is now in a simple room, wooden shutters over the windows.


"Welcome the first hero of the prophecy" says a transparent figure as it appears.


"Please select your role."


"What are you talking a

6:566 A new creature by DesmondFallout


The Renamon's let out a raspy breath as her eyes rolled back into place. All at once her knees buckled, and she collapsed to the floor a panting, tangled mess of fur. The light of the machine died down leaving only the faint glow of her digivice screen and flashligh

6:572 Fire by catprog
Just when he thought it could not get any worse, his skin caught on fire. Strangely though the pain went away with the fire.


Trying to put out the fire he grabbed a fire blanket from the wall. Wrapping it around himself he breathed a sigh of relief.


Only to have the blanket b

6:571 Werewolves by catprog
As he looked around a wolf's howl came from the tunnel. Turning around he saw a wolf sitting in the doorway looking at him.


Looking around the room he grabbed a stool, while rusty, it was still better then nothing to defend with.


"Their is no need for that" the

5:56 Fish Path by catprog
The moment you step through the fish path statues you find yourself wet.


The entire roof is now a shallow sea. The ripples from your arrival the only thing spoiling the calm surface.


The next set of statues are waiting for you while your hands have a scattering of scales.

5:55 Horse Path by catprog
You step between the two horse statues. As you do so you feel static wash over you.


The path in front of you shifts. It now appears you are in the middle of a rolling plain. The next set of statues are in front of you.


Turning back you see the plains continue as far as the ey

6:570 Awake by catprog
"No" he said when he awakes.


Looking around he finds himself lying on the ground, the area lighting up as morning approaches. The others all were all their as well, lying on the ground as well.


The sun peaks above the horizon. The direct sunlight touches his skin.

1:1441 Run Away by kamenriderfire
You look up to the Lionstaurs, your heart racing. You feel the muscles in my your neck start to tighten. You can almost feel the three Lions gaze burn into you. The one lionstaur in red warpaint looks down at you, his green eyes show nearly prideful anger in them. This scares you more than you wis

1:1440 Feline room by catprog
“Feline” she says moving onto the next guest.


You make your way to the elevator and are surprised when it opens directly onto your room.


The door closes behind you and seemingly disappears into the wall. The room itself is decorated as if you were a giant cat. There is a

1:1434 Dog by crunchynachoes
You hesitantly pick up the one labelled in big red letters down the side, "DOG". The wizard nods to you, eagerly waiting on you to try it out.


"How much?" You ask..


"Oh not much at all, if you demo that product my only ask is that you demo another as

6:568 Surgery Again by catprog
She keeps singing and suddenly finds herself back in the surgery room. "How did I get here?" she asks looking around.


"Welcome to Project Regensis. We are lucky, another couple of days and you would of been lost to us. But now with your lovely voice, you have joined our gr

1:1429 Pay the Price by crunchynachoes
Ivan joined you inside the bathroom, out of some new instinct you pull the towel up and over your new furred breasts. Your stomach gurgles precipitously perhaps feeling some lingering effects of the potions running through your veins. You can feel the fur pushing out of your pours and your white a



"What!? NO!!"


By the time Daniel had realized what that outburst had meant it was too late. Her hand shot for the digivice only to slam rigid several inches away. The static noises erupted with a pitch

6:564 Scan by DesmondFallout
Daniel's tail began to wag feverishly. "No shit? So this little thing was set up to fix me from them!?"


"Wait, you really are broken?"


Ignoring Jakes questioning stare, Daniel fiddled her digivice between clawed hands. The magnetic pull between it and

6:563 Computer by DesmondFallout
"Cool!" Jake pushed past Daniel making her sequel as he approached their discovery. "Think we can charge our phones on this thing?"


"Are you nuts?" Daniel rushed over behind Jake but was relieved he made no moves for any buttons. "This thing could melt

6:562 Digivice by DesmondFallout
"The fuck?" Daniel reached back into her skirt pocket. There was only one other possession on her person; her digivice.


She palmed the thing in one hand to illuminate it with her flashlight. The little glass screen flashed in rhythm to a deeper toned beeping that was in sync wi

1:1428 No ones home by crunchynachoes
You open the door, to find the living room thankfully empty. You sneak on bare feet into the living room and slip down the hallway to your room at the back of the house. You know that Shelly, one of your roommates has a crafting room, perhaps you can use her sewing machine to use whipping up some

6:561 I'm a by DesmondFallout
"M-me?! I'm a…" Daniel's muzzle slammed closed hard enough for Jake to hear her fangs click together. The idea of almost self-identifying her gender for the first time made her tail curl low between her legs. It almost felt like she was giving up after only being a guy some hou

6:560 Jake by DesmondFallout
Jake's hand promptly shot up. "I say me!"


"I say, Jake!" agreed Pammy.


Gasson nodded. "I say, Jake."


"I say literally anyone else!" Daniel said through clenched fangs.


"Three to one, sorry girl dog.&quo

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