6:620 Walking Home by
It was later than Pammy had intended when she stepped out of David's family's house. The sky was fully dark and all the summer warmth had left the air: not cold, just a chill after the sweltering heat of the day.


“I'll call you ASAP if I find out anything,” she said in

6:619 Happiness by
She woke up in the canopy bed, soft as a dream. For a while she couldn't remember what had been so bad, then she moved her legs and felt velvety fur brushing together.


She got up to sitting on the edge of the bed. The fear was slow and less important than the spinning in her head.

6:618 Corruption by
Daniel turned back to the lab. There was another door, narrow and plain like something you'd find in a school stationery room, half hidden behind a workbench. She realised she was trying to judge whether she could make it across the room without exhausting herself.


She walked instea

6:617 Lab by
The ledge was raw rock, it had an irregular edge that cut into Daniel's fingers and made it barely possible to keep gripping, and it wasn't big enough to do anything with except holding on. Daniel swung her legs looking for purchase, and felt something. She shifted her weight onto her fee

6:616 The Figures by
Perhaps it was because the bed was harder and less comfy, but sleep was just a thin broken film over reality. Someone was standing in front of her, maybe more than one. She only had a sensation of shadow and weight.


“We should move her to the bed anyway.” A male voice? “It would m

6:615 Magical Bimbo by
Daniel had at least refused to sleep in the bed, as if that was going to make any difference, but when she closed her eyes she was there again. It was a dream, one of those dreams where fear is suspended. The drapes had been pulled aside and the hazmat-suited figures stood around her. One of them w

2:1401 Climb the Dam by Hollowpages
More than this, however, you notice that there are now two more paths that appear before you - not quite a fork in the road sort, though, more of two very clear paths for you to pick. You swim up to the dam and climb on top of it to get a better lay of the land around you.


To your surpri

2:1400 Swim Up by Hollowpages
You focus back on the river going up the hill and start to swim up it. Because it goes up at an angle, you realize you’ll have to use more strength to push your way up it.


You start kicking your arms and legs, but you end up either overestimating how much force you need or underestimat

2:1399 Swim Forward by Hollowpages
You keep this in mind and swim forward for about a minute.


It’s only around a minute because you catch sight of something in the corner of your eye and stop once more, grabbing onto some stones jutting out of the river side to keep yourself in place. There, lodged in one of the tree tr

6:614 Remove the Top by psto146
Dan removed the top with a swift swish over her head. It rubbed her the wrong way but to hell with it, Dan thought. Draping the offending garment over her back. She felt herself ease up. The cool air from the store air condition made her nipples feel less raw.


“I should have taken it o

2:1398 River Path by Hollowpages
After spending some time deliberating, you decide to follow the river to see where it might lead. If anything, you hope it might take you away from this strange place, but, you aren’t going to assume that’s the case.


Using your new otter body, you start to swim toward the river. Ther

2:1397 Dive into the lake by Hollowpages
You hesitate for a few seconds, then leap forward, careening down until you hit the lake with a mighty splash. The water seems to embrace you - you don’t feel any pain, only mild stinging, and you soon swim upwards until you are safely at the top of this massive lake.


Now, you think, i

2:1392 A Fork by Hollowpages
Despite the brevity of your rest, you feel a second wave rush through you, and a newfound sense of desire - a desire to find your way out of this place, or to at least find answers for what is going on. You start going again, carrying yourself strong and eager.


Time seems to fly by you,

6:613 Used Clothes by psto146
“Stop sulking Jake!” Dan snapped. “Help find some clothes!” Jake sighed and started flicking though the stores inner racks. So to her sizes Dan was staying to the outer racks. Gassen was helping navigate the people away, leaving her with Jake for help.


“These clothes are so ugl

6:605 The Second Change by
That – night? – he remembered his dreams more clearly. He thought he saw a figure, invisible inside its protective suit, standing by the bed, writing on a clipboard. It must have opened the drapes. As soon as he'd registered that thought, some sort of needle stung him, just briefly. He was

2:1396 Into the Cave by Hollowpages
You ponder it for a few seconds then decide, why not, and go in.


The instant you step into the cave, you notice several things at once: first, you notice the change in temperature, as the air in here feels cool. Not icy to the point of discomfort, but there is a definite change, and you

2:1391 Keep Walking by Hollowpages
You decide to snag two more coconuts and find that, despite their size, the pockets on your pants are big enough to hold onto them, bulging out like pouches. You take one more coconut to carry in hand and continue following the path as you had been before.


You soon return to a straight -

2:1390 Bite the tree by Hollowpages
You scowl and try to think of something else. That’s when an idea strikes you, and you wonder… how powerful are these new teeth of yours?


You crouch down a bit, close to the base of the trunk, and open your mouth. Your mouth opens much wider than you expect it would, and you lean in

6:612 Convince David to go after her by psto146
“Shouldn't you go after her?” Dan asked. Feeling this awkward tension in the air was making her fur stand up on end.


“Why?” David snorted. Hunching over his phone and very interested in whatever game was beeping.


“Because she's our friend and you pissed he

2:1395 The Forest Path by Hollowpages
You deliberate for a little while, pondering what feels like it could be the safest course of action - you know you aren’t going to get anywhere if you dwell in the lake for too long. Finally, you decide that while the wate feels nice, you want to try by land first and see where this weird forest