2:1516 Harpy by Driftingdragon
The announcer called out with a booming voice. He spoke of the type of creature you had to go up against. Knowing you were up next only made your excitement build up even more, yearning to make your teacher proud as he watched from the sidelines. You had felt confident that you could take whatever c

2:1515 Cyclops by Driftingdragon
The announcer’s booming voice, rang out through the colloseum, cutting through the crowd’s cheering as their chatter began to quiet down to listen. After a moment of talking, his thick accented voice began to announce your match, finally revealing to you the the type of creature you had to go up

2:1514 Train by Driftingdragon
fter several days of rigorous training, you had already begun to feel your body bulking up with more muscle; more than you could even have imagined, already having impressed yourself with the density of muscle you had developed alone from the transformation. Chiron had worked you day in and out, for

2:1513 Wait by Driftingdragon
Two young looking men step forward, one much taller than the other, matching your height, yet still appearing human. The two of them exited the door, extending their hands, the shorter one spoke to you, his rugged beard and spiky hair stood out to you the most, as he began to project with his gruff

2:1512 Underworld by Driftingdragon
Sharp jagged stalactites of all sizes hung from an infinite ceiling, while stalagmites below them crept with skinny veiny fingers the rest of the way up to meet them. The smell of sulfur and ash filled your nostrils, causing you to bellow as the fear and anxiety began to grip you once more. Jumping

2:1511 Centaur by Driftingdragon
You slide your legs into the front spaces of the suit, its cylindrical shape slid around your limbs with ease as you wriggled the material taut around your body. You continued pulling the cloth up your leg, unbunching the fabric as you worked your way farther into the costume.


You begin

1:1519 City Limits by Hollowpages
Well, after mulling it over, you decide to keep on with your previous plan. You fly toward the shop and descend when you’re closer to it. Once there, you circle about and notice the path you took to get to the shop.


You drop lower, fluttering your wings very slowly to ease the descent.

1:1518 Onwards by Hollowpages
You decide, after feeling the wind brush over your face, that though you are enjoying the freedom of flying about this area, being closer to home sounds like a better idea for the time being - and it’s more familiar to you, too. Thus, you opt to take off and search for the shop where you found the

1:1517 The Second Wish by Hollowpages
After thinking it over for a few minutes, you decide you want to return to your ‘area,’ which you assume somehow means the city you came from. But then, you do feel for the genie - the way he speaks makes it seem like he’s trapped in this location, and you kind of wish for him to come along wi

1:1516 Born to Fly by Hollowpages
You glance about the outside area, taking in the forested location. You ponder about whether or not you would want the genie to be with you, but, after a moment, you decide that having magical assistance could be of some help.


Granted, you know the genie may not help you without being an

2:1510 Go to ball by Driftingdragon
You promptly went up to your room when your parents finished, the lecture exhausted you to the point of sleeping for several hours after.


After fully waking up, you remember about the ball that was happening tonight. You suddenly leap out of your bed and begin preparing for your night at

1:1521 Carrots by Jacob
At first it was just one bite, but you soon wound up eating a whole stach of carrots! You shortly went outside to the forest to relax, with a few carrots in hand as you were mainly bored. You later look at the time as it was...7:00! you started to feel a slight tingle on your hand, but you ignore it

1:1520 Altered body by Jacob
You pointed to yourself as you announced your problems. “it's my body. It's not mine as this isn't the real me. that's only just for starters to begin with.”


“begining scan... searching for correct identification.” the computer said as it speaks up again. “s

2:1509 Go to family room by Driftingdragon
You wanted to leave, but your body wouldn’t allow you. The mundane words coming from your parents’ mouths rang out lowly and in a deep monotone as they continued their endless lecture. Your head begins to bob as you listen to the droning boring tones of their voice, their lack of variety as they

2:1508 Arts by Driftingdragon
You begin to pick up books about color theory, anatomy, composition, even theater and cinematography to add to your inspiration. Something had drawn you towards everything art-related. The rules, the patterns, the methodical processes and techniques. There was something freeing about you now being a

2:1507 Watch the world burn by Driftingdragon
You think some more, and the anxiety seems to almost freeze you in your spot as you realize this is a task too big for you to handle. Quickly retreating to your home again, you watch the world burn from your window as you do nothing to stop it. You ponder to yourself what you could even do at this

2:1506 Confront monster by Driftingdragon
You scream up at your mother, projecting your voice loud and hard, somehow you manage to get her to stop and negotiate with you, her booming voice rang out as she responded. It was easier than you thought to get your mother on your side, and in the matter of a quick negotiation you had found yoursel

2:1505 Give potion by Driftingdragon
Without thinking twice about it, you hand over the liquid to your mother, along with the papers containing the formula. She almost seemed to snatch them from your grip before you were even ready, jarring you slightly. “Thank you so much dear!” she said in a bubbly tone as she shot you a friendly

2:1504 No mercy by Driftingdragon
Having absolutely no mercy, you stomped them all without any hesitation. You knew there was something fishy about the queen’s behaviour, and just like their lives, you stomped out any flame of her evil plan that could have caught your kingdom ablaze. All caught up in your plans for ‘prevenge’

2:1503 Mercy by Driftingdragon
You looked your mother in the eye from the incredible height. The spark of love grew into a roaring fire of passion as you fell to your enormous knees and broke down at the foot of the cliff just beneath where she stood.


In your misty teary eyes you glanced up at your mother, the shining