1:1454 You are feeling weird by
You feel something growing on your feet. You look at your feet and see they are covered in yellow fur. You feel and see the fur growing on your legs. Now your feet and legs are covered in yellow fur. Then your belly begins growing fur and both of your arms are growing fur. Then you’re hands are gr

4:329 Interupted by catprog
Suddenly the two people from before bash barge through the door.


Immediately the tentacles grab onto them and start to feed on them.


You try and stop them but it is not until the stop struggling that the tentacles let go.


Hearing footsteps coming up the stairs you

4:327 Female Meowstic by Asdfjkl
Your hand is covered in blue fur. Looking down at your feet, you can see that they are also covered in blue fur, up to your knees. The rest of your pelt is a snowy white, barring the neatly-groomed tuft on your head and curly collar of fur around your neck which share the same blue coloration. Your

4:326 Male Meowstic by Asdfjkl
As your look down at your paw, you see that it is covered in white fur, while the majority of your pelt is blue. Your two tails are thick and fluffy, with white highlights on the tailtips barring a single blue stripe. Your eyes are wide and green, your ears are pointier, and you the tuft of fur on y

4:325 A different type of psychic cat. by Asdfjkl
After you have made your decision, you start to shrink, your clothes becoming too baggy for you. Blue and white fur starts growing all over you. You feel your hands and feet fuse together into dainty, digitless nubs, leaving you balancing on the very tips of your new feet. Your face pushes out into

4:328 In the Room by catprog
You stumble into the room, the pain being so great you collapse onto the floor not even reaching the bed.


You feel a number of lumps forming under your shirt, and before you are able to take it off, it bursts from the pressure.


Tentacles are growing from your shoulders, your

2:1364 Dungeon by catprog
The ghostly unicorn smiles at you.


"One of the prophesied heroes has arrived." he says holding out a staff.


"Where am I? What do you mean I am one of your heroes? " you ask.


"You are in the infinite dungeon. So called because no one has re

4:324 Dragon Attack by catprog
Suddenly the roof catches fire. Through the burning hole you see a dragon setting everything on fire.


Nearly everyone around you gets up and tries to go through the door. The staff however are going behind the bar and crouching down out of sight.


What do you do?

4:323 Zapdos by catprog
As you fall through the reality tunnel you feel your old body leave you behind as you fall into the new body.


The lightning goes through the body before the zapdos wings form on your back. The yellow from the wings spreads over the rest of your body.


Your mouth and nose stret

1:1452 Snake Hair by catprog
Your hair bunches up and turns into snakes.


You can actually see the world through each of their senses

2:1363 Crowded Room by catprog
You wake up in a large room filled with all sorts of creatures lying on the floor.


"Welcome back" you hear "We have another one alive".


Someone runs up to you and starts checking over you.


"It is good to see another one survived?" he

3:392 Wait for a momment by catprog
You wait for a moment until a smoke cloud suddenly surrounds you. You feel your head being pushed up by a new body forming from the shoulders.


New arms form from the shoulders.


The cloud dissipates leaving you a tiger taur.

1:1451 Mutiple Horns by catprog
You feel a growth from your skull. The growth comes out through the skin to form two horns jutting out from the skull.

1:1450 Lion Mane by catprog
Your hair has not only grown out but also around giving you a large lion mane.

3:391 Spiral Horn by catprog
On one of the tables you find a spiral horn. The moment you get near it, it jumps and attaches itself to your forehead as if it was magnetized.


Then you feel a sharp pain as it screws itself into your head joining to your skull.


Thankfully once it has done this, the door open

8:131 Pick up by catprog
Walking towards the light you see it coming from a depression.


Leaning down you brush the dirt away to find a glowing rock buried under the dirt. Lifting it up you find it is a spiral shaped horn.


You pick it up and hold it. Both hands being required for the weight of it. It

6:575 Mental Changes by catprog
As they enter the lab a beaker is knocked over. The liquid inside evaporates into a cloud.


Daniel's horn glows and absorbs the gas.


"At least this horn is useful" she says.


"What do you mean?" Jake asks "When we go camping it allows u

2:1362 Pollution by catprog
"Welcome Hero of the Wild" he says.


"Where am I?"


"You are in the last remaining patch of wild. You job is too remove the pollution and let the wild back in" he says as the walls fall to reveal just a tree and grass surrounded by a purple sludge.

2:1361 Planet Colonisation by catprog
"Welcome" he says "I am glad you choose us for your new life".


"Where am I?" you ask


"Your memory has not returned? This is not unexpected but rare. You are on our new planet ready for colonization. But if you have lost your memories you pro

2:1360 Goddess by catprog
As you look around you hear a noise behind you. Looking back you spot a cat-headed women. "Welcome to my temple" she says.


"I did not know, it opened by itself" you say.


She smiles "If I did not want you to enter, you would not of been able to enter.&

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