1:1555 Wolf: The Fox and the Hound, II by Hollowpages
You aren’t entirely certain how to approach this subject, given the fact it’s not something you’ve ever done before. It takes you a moment to mull over how to properly speak to someone like this - it’s not the same as talking to a human on the street, after all.


But you settle on

1:1554 Wolf: The Fox and the Hound by Hollowpages
The silence lingers through the area for a good few minutes, and you eventually decide that, since the fox hasn’t run away from you yet, maybe approaching them first is the smartest choice to make.


You casually - as casually as can be done in the body of a wolf - start to move toward t

1:1553 Wolf: Pursuit by Hollowpages
You ponder it for only a short burst of time before you decide, since you’ve already gone this far, that you’re eager to get a chance to speak to this person. And so, you take off after them, you tap into the new abilities and the new body - you may appear to be a dog to others, but, you aren’

1:1550 Wolf: On the Hunt by Hollowpages
You decide after a moment of thinking it over that while the Golden Retriever is friendly, and sure, you would enjoy being able to play with dogs, you are a wolf, and not a dog. And, more than that, you want to continue to explore - but you also want to see what it’s like to meet someone else like

3:403 Run off by ChargerMain
You decide to run off, and you keep on running until you encounter a path splitting into 3 ways. The paths lead toward a forest, a cave, and.. your apartment? Well, what do you choose? I bet the apartment would be great.

1:1549 Wolf: Howling Mad or Howling Glad? by Hollowpages
You end up choosing to try to have a chat with at least one of the dogs running about, mostly because you’ve often wondered what it would be like to speak to a dog that understood you in full. You know that it won’t be a simple feat, as Akam made that clear when he said it himself - but, hey, yo

1:1548 Wolf: Parks and Recreation by Hollowpages
You sniff the air for a few seconds, and, after you mull it over a bit longer, you decide that the park sounds like a nice place to visit first. Plus, you know the park Akam is speaking of - and it isn’t that far from you. You’ve been there before to have picnics and just to kick back and relax

1:1547 Wolf: Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing by Hollowpages
You are far away enough from prying eyes that you can, at the very least, experiment with moving on all fours as you think - and you do so, taking the time to see how to walk on four legs. You recall the genie’s advice when you were trying to learn how to fly, and, you thus don’t worry too much

1:1542 Schooled II by Hollowpages
You eventually decide what it is you want to do, after considering it for a long few moments of silence. You study this selkie, then let out a quiet internal sigh.


‘What can I do as a selkie?’ you ask. ‘I’d… I’d like to find out first.’


The selkie nods slowly.

1:1541 Schooled by Hollowpages
‘Well, pup?’ the seal asks, and you snap out of your daze. ‘Are you going to remain silent or do you intend to try and speak with me? I’ve no desire to rush you, mind, but I assume you’re intelligent enough to pick this up quickly, hmm?’


You shake your head and drum up what y

1:1552 A Friend of the Tardis... by AbNom
"How are you doing that?" the man in the fez asks. "No one should be able to control the Tardis in any way but me." "All I did was push this button, and the door opened. I hit it again and it closed." "Well, clearly the Tardis sees you as a friend, or it wouldn

1:1551 A Friend of the Tardis... by AbNom
"How are you doing that?" the man in the fez asks. "No one should be able to control the Tardis in any way but me." "All I did was push this button, and the door opened. I hit it again and it closed." "Well, clearly the Tardis sees you as a friend, or it wouldn

1:1546 From Feathers to Fur by Hollowpages
You sift around between the different possibilities before your mind ends up wanting to be a land animal over the other two - returning to human form is easy, and, you feel no rush to do that yet. So, why not experience the life and abilities of an animal with four legs for a change? Now the only th

1:1540 Good Things Come to Those Who Wait by Hollowpages
You give it some heavy thought since you want to make sure you do this the right way. You settle not on trying to awkwardly climb this rocky hill to get to the other seal, but instead on waiting and watching the other seal. You figure that they will likely see you down there at some point, so, you

1:1545 Choices, Choices… II by Hollowpages
e, not for a while to the west.’


The genie’s smile doesn’t falter. “Snow is for those that live the most comfortably in the tundras and the frozen landscapes - big or small, they are at home in the ice. Stone, similarly, is in relation to mountains and caves, Master. Many creatur

1:1539 Follow the Leader II by Hollowpages
You hover in the water for a moment, pondering what feels like the better option. The strange rock formation seems like it might be tantalizing to explore, you are aware of that, but, the possibility this strange singing seal (if it is the seal singing, you aren’t sure) could be like you is far to

1:1536 Follow the Leader by Hollowpages
It isn’t difficult to decide on following, not when the chance has presented itself that you might have just seen another person - or selkie - just like you. You swim upward to the entrance to this shipwreck’s hole, and you spot a body shooting away through the waves at an incredible speed. It a

1:1544 Falcon: Free Flying by Hollowpages
You admit that you are inquisitive about seeing what sort of person it is that has been touched by magic like you - but, after a moment of flying there in sync with the car, you decide you would rather enjoy the freedom of flight a bit longer instead. Besides, you think, you have to consider what yo

1:1535 Singing by Hollowpages
he sound is… singing.


It is not the same deep noise of a whale’s song, no - this is different. It sounds more… more human, you note. It is low, soothing, and distinctly feminine - a very resonating hum that seems to sink through your flesh, piercing right into your core. As it grow

1:1543 Falcon: Green with Envy? by Hollowpages
‘A green aura…’ you muse, and you narrow your eyes, feeling them concentrate further and closer toward the faint green flicker. ‘That means a person that’s been with a djinn, right? Or maybe they have a djinn with them?’


The genie chortles softly. “I doubt they would have a