4:365 Seven Days by TheGreatJaceyGee
He made it to the seventh day of skunkhood. His face was inescapable, his name on every breath. Jared the skunk man had solidified his legend after just a week of interviews and internet posting. The small city he lived in was now being marked as a possible tourist destination. A-list celebrities we

4:364 Famous by TheGreatJaceyGee
He made it to his car and rode with his sister to his parents’ house. On his way there his voice was being broadcasted everywhere. Nations outside of America knew of Jared. World leaders saw his face. Celebrities dropped their two cents on the matter, either heralding their sympathy or persecuting

4:363 Questions by TheGreatJaceyGee
He woke the next morning and carried out his routine to the best of his ability. He tried to cook himself breakfast only to knock over only three glasses with his bushy skunk tail every time he turned around. After the third glass Maria volunteered to cook for him. He didn’t argue. He plopped dow

4:362 Online by TheGreatJaceyGee
Once it was determined there was no actual emergency, Jared was put in a hospital gown and wheeled on a wheel chair to an examination room. It was on the way that he grabbed the attention of every single person he passed. Children pointed at him to the admonishment of their mothers who were just as

2:1909 Others by NovelAi
You stare at the sea, which is only a few paces away. The sudden change of location on top of your body changing has you overwhelmed with how much your senses have changed. You feel as though you're drowning in the salt water, your mouth dry and your vision blurry. You try to calm yourself, for

4:361 Back to Leland by TheGreatJaceyGee
“I don’t know! But we should do one thing first.” He clenched his fists. “We gotta pay Leland a visit.”


Jared explained who Leland was while the two of them searched for something he could wear to disguise himself. Regular pants weren’t an option, neither were t-shirts. He wa

4:360 Reveal by TheGreatJaceyGee
Maria recoiled backwards and dropped her jaw. This wasn’t anything she could've anticipated. She thought it would be a clown suit he had gotten stuck in somehow. This… wasn’t a clown suit. Still, she didn’t think it was real, just a very convincing looking fursuit or makeup. “Wow! Tha

4:359 Entry by TheGreatJaceyGee
She didn’t ask anymore questions. “OK. I’m on my way.” She hung up the phone, leaving Jared alone in the silence of his apartment. He spent the next several minutes pacing around, rubbing his paws nervously. His pink button nose twitched incessantly. His tail would flick and jitter behind hi

4:358 Sister by TheGreatJaceyGee
Terror set in. “Oh God! Oh no! Why?” He rubbed his paws all over his face, stretching the skin to find any breaches that would reveal normal human skin beneath. All he got was the sight of sharp canines sticking out from his gums. Nothing human besides his upright posture remained. Even his unde

4:357 Change by TheGreatJaceyGee
He had no time to formulate a theory before he felt the onesie tighten around his body like a bag being vacuum-sealed. His spine shot into a straight line. He looked at the mirror and saw that whatever slack the suit had was now gone. It had fit into the contours of his body, leaving absolutely no r

4:356 Apartment by TheGreatJaceyGee
He wasn’t in his apartment for more then five minutes that night before he was stripping down to his underwear so he could try on the onesie. It was laid out on his bed, awaiting his use. When he was down to his underwear, he picked it up and gave it one last look. So real. Nylon, polyester, whate

4:355 Take the Skunk by TheGreatJaceyGee
The old man squinted his eyes at it. “Which one? You mean the skunk one?”


Jared felt a tad embarrassed. “Yeah.”


The old man smiled. From across the room Jared could see how cerulean his eyes were. “Perfect. I didn’t think I’d be selling that any time soon. I’m

4:354 Jared outside of Costumverse by TheGreatJaceyGee
Jared didn’t think much of the novelty shop the first time he saw that it had opened. All he saw were some goofy looking trinkets and gadgets hanging in the window, nothing that quite gathered his interest or delight. A deeper look through the front glass revealed nothing more than counters full o

4:353 Tiger Taur by NovelAi
At once the staff begins to glow. "Accept my help, and the jungle will be yours" it says. It's strange. Your mind is spinning. You feel a mental presence in your mind, a sort of warm sensation. Something inside of you tells you to trust it. The presence takes root and you feel your bo

4:352 Jungle by NovelAi
Looking outside you seem to be in the middle of a jungle. Trees grow everywhere, their green leaves swaying gently in the breeze. Only the occasional bird chirps can be heard, and the sound of the wind blowing through the trees. The jungle is completely overgrown and impassable right on the outside

6:708 Injection by OakenFerret
The men spoke for a moment, before walking closer to him. He started to struggle against his bonds, fear beginning to build in his chest. It was just like his dreams. That’s it. It was just a dream, all a dream. One dream.


It was not a dream.


The man with the case opened it

6:707 Down by OakenFerret
Naturally, it took only a moment for them all to start walking down the stairs. After all, nothing bad had ever happened in a story about people going into a mysterious basement in the middle of the night. Either way they were far too drunk to actually think.


The smell of an old basemen

6:706 Last Night by OakenFerret
Daniel spotted a small spot on the side, most of the bench was taken up by David. Daniel expected that he would scoot over a little but.. Nothing. David didn’t move a muscle. Daniel poked him a little, before sighing and sitting with the little room he had. He feebly started to eat, looking at eve

6:705 Back in Class by OakenFerret
Daniel made his way into his next class. He was as tired as he was yesterday, not to mention how tired he always was walking into class every day. Feeling spry and alive was a rarity when he was in school.


He set his things down on his desk, pulling out a notepad and pencil. The teacher

6:704 Home nap by OakenFerret
Thankfully, he had a study block next. Since he drove to school, he was allowed to sign out and leave early instead of lingering. Today, he needed that option. Who would’ve thought that one class could take the little steam he had so easily..


He yawned as he slowly made his way through