6:670 Unicorn by catprog
Daniel opens the package.


Inside is a unicorn kigu. "I was thinking it would be great. This does not look that great"


"Well if you put it on and come out I can see what I can do." the storekeeper says "beside unless you want to walk around naked I sti

6:669 The End by psto1464
“Why not?” Daniel shrugged her shoulders. What was the worse that could happen? Daniel got through the crowds with ease. “Is this her magic?” Daniel whispered, seeing how no one notice her passing by them. “This is going to be awesome.” Daniel smiled and ran to catch up with the mysterio

6:668 Stay by psto1464
“Not today scammer.” Daniel sat down on her hunches. Waving her off with a talon. If it sounds too good to be true, then it was. Simple as that. “Good choice.” A deep, but feminine voice washed over her from behind. “GH!” Daniel jumped back and twirled around. Facing a brown and gold fea

6:667 Another Way? by psto1464
“Congrats Annie.” A small red and brown sphinx said, giving Annie a hug. “About time!” The old bird beside her chirped up. “It's been too long.” Other voices of praise and congratulations chimed in from around them. Both shop keepers and shoppers combined. All were happy and talking

6:666 Mystery by catprog
"That would be telling" the storekeeper says "Just go into the change room and I will get it ready."


Daniel nods and heads into the room.


"I have invested in a body scanner, so if you would take your clothes off , I can adjust the costume so that it f

6:665 Magic by psto1464
“Magic” Annie answered clapping her talons together. “I'm going to learn magic!” Daniel talon pumped. Inside her mind was crying magic, magic. Daniel basked in the absolute dream of all fantasy lovers. The ability to use magic yourself! “No, you're learning riddle making.” Anni

6:664 Option One by psto1464
“I choose one!” Daniel shouted, raising her talons up in the air like a pony prancing. She couldn't help it. Despite the strangeness of the day, no, because of the strangeness of the day! Daniel's mind danced at the idea of using magic, she could almost see herself now. Waving her talo

6:663 Follow your desires by psto1464
“Uh, sure.” Daniel took the out reached talon her heart pounding. She felt herself lifted with ease into the standing by his strength. Daniel moved her wings in front of her, blacking her face. An action out of her control, and only adding to her embarrassment. “I am Akil. My people dwell in t

6:662 Take the Risk by psto1464
No,” Daniel whisper with what courage she had. This was too much, all too much. She wasn't getting married and turned to a sphinx all on the same day. “Fine.” He said turning away from her. Daniel lifted her head. “What?” She asked shocked that he didn't put up a fight. “Indra

6:661 Stay by psto1464
“Bride?” Daniel whispered again. Stunned, wasn't she too young to marry? “Stars bless me,” Annie ran over, excited as a school girl. Her wings flapped up and down and her lion tail swished around her in wild abandoned. “I've never seen this before. It must be because your such a

6:660 Run by psto1464
“No way!” Daniel shook her head in firm denial, she was not marrying some random guy; no way not her! Daniel stood up and turned. “No!” Annie shouted but she ignored her. Daniel turned tail and leapt forward to begin her escape. She wouldn't stay here any longer and listen to Annie any

6:658 Wild Card by psto1464
Daniel in the past, had played her fair share of video games; what teenager didn't? Daniel thought through many of the games she once played. What role you choose, what class you picked made up the entire game! Picked the wrong one, well, you had to reset and start over. Daniel didn't have

6:657 Crystal by psto1464
“It does?” Daniel blinked clearing her sight. Revealing towering stone structures all around her. Daniel looked around slacked jaw, it looked like he stepped back in time! Ancient castle towers were all around him. People, or sphinx she should say were flying through the air. Young, and old were

6:656 Jungle City- Macon by psto1464
“Ugh” Daniel's head pounded. A hard and unrelenting sound, it reminded Daniel of the time Jake tried to learn the drums. There was no rhythm, only noise. His head hurt so bad, trying to open his eyes made a glare of light stab into his eyes. “Miss, miss, are you okay?” called a faint vo

6:655 Sphinx by psto1464
“A sphinx.” She pulled a baggy piece from nowhere. It looked like a hunk of skin dangling from her hands. A hunk of skin covered in feathers. It looked like an animal skin, with the lion paws sagging on the floor with life like fur. The talons of the suit where his hands would be, looked like th

6:654 Costume Shop by psto1464
“What is taking them so long?” Daniel tapped his foot outside the entrance to the shop. He was sure the store keeper inside was staring out the window wondering you the weirdo out front was. Daniel could picture the cops coming, his parents picking him up from the slammer. His mother would cry,

6:653 Costume Party by catprog
In the morning at school their is a big flyer saying 'Costume Party Friday.'


After some debate the five friends agree to try the mall for their costumes.


After school they arrive at the mall and split up.

2:1469 Attacked by catprog
As you look around you are suddenly jumped by a slime.


Your instinct take over and quickly you claw it too death.


As it dies a single copper coin drops.

2:1468 Go inside by catprog
You head inside the cave.


"Welcome adventurer" you hear as the hidden door closes behind you. "Get to the end and you will escape. Fail and stay here forever"

2:1467 Look in the jungle by catprog
Saying goodbye to your mother you head out into the jungle.


While the smells are new you find one that seems familiar and start to follow it.


As you go along you start to find traces of tiger fur in the branches. Before too long you are forced onto all fours to squeeze throug