2:1781 House by Ai Dungeon
Your eyes widen as you see something in front of you, it's a small house and its windows are covered by black curtains. You can't even make out what it is that you're looking at due to the darkness but then again this place isn't exactly bright. Then suddenly you hear a voice com

2:1736 Skinsuits by Driftingdragon
One thing you were the most interested in before your transformation was fursuits. Though in this world, you wondered how much of a market this would have been. You sat, thinking for a moment before you finally figured out what you were going to do. “Skin suits!” you nearly leaped out of your se

2:1780 Following the Fox III by Hollowpage
After you mull over your choices and how you feel, you figure out your decision.


Something tells you that the tree isn’t the den the vixen was referring to – your gut and mind tell you this in unison, and even though it’s warmer and easier to see because of all the lit torches, you

2:1766 Hands by Driftingdragon
“Any time spent making a fire would be saved time” you thought as you slowly made your moves to find a suitable stick to make your fire. First you held a flat dry piece of wood between your feet, as you used your hands to spin a stick back and forth to generate friction. It took a particularly l

2:1779 Following the Fox II by Hollowpage
You give it some thought, and weigh the options to see if anything FEELS best for you to take, since the vixen told you that your own whims may be reflected in this weird realm. That said, you don’t get a sense that one choice is worse or better than the other, so you figure that it might not matt

2:1773 They get what they pay for. by Driftingdragon
The next day, you return to work having decided not to stress yourself out over this. You were a new employee here, so of course it was fine for you to make mistakes; how else would you learn their ways? For the rest of the week you continued to unimpressively maintain the wellbeing of the surroundi

2:1778 Following the Fox by Hollowpage
You give it some thought for a beat, but in the end, you decide that you want to hear more from the strange vixen; thus, you choose to follow after her, although before you do so, you hesitate to figure out HOW exactly you ought to follow her into the forest.


The fact that the forest is

2:1772 Do your best! by Driftingdragon
The next day, you return to work with a newfound smile and passion for your work, regardless of your docked pay; though it was unbeknownst to you how long that would last. All you wanted to do was play with puppies and from the moment you walked in through the door, their tiny bodies surrounded you

2:1777 A Conversation with a Vixen II by Hollowpage
After giving it some thought and weighing how you feel, you decide that you would like to hear more from the talking vixen. There’s a lot you don’t know, and you want to take full advantage of her being a ‘guide’ for this bizarre realm, or whatever it really is.


“Could I get ba

2:1771 Docked paycheck by Driftingdragon
“Ack…” You said aloud looking at the children crowding around you. “What do I do.” You mindlessly said aloud, as if the children could have understood you. The rest of the day consisted of a ruined mood and a newfound pain in your muscles, most likely due to chasing little puppies around a

2:1776 A Conversation with a Vixen by Hollowpage
You weight the options for a beat, and your eyes continue flicking to and from the fox – said fox doesn’t move or do much beyond swish its tail about every now and then, yet you still get the sense it’s almost silently beckoning you toward it. It’s a strange thing to feel, and, you frankly d

2:1768 Deserving by Driftingdragon
“The kid deserved it. They were disrupting the class. Raising their hand and they didn’t know the answer.” other children in the room reacted with a silent gasp; everyone’s eyes were on you. Tiny snickers echoed through the small crowd in and out like a crashing shoreline, some covered their

2:1775 Scoping Out the Area by Hollowpage
You choose to take in your surroundings before you do anything else after giving it some thought, because that feels like the smartest decision. That, and, you think…


Where the heck even am I, exactly? you wonder, because you have no clue.


You glance around, scanning the vi

2:1770 Administration by Driftingdragon
“... Administration?” You asked yourself, remembering what the middle aged woman once told you. In that instant, you knew that was where you needed to go. You abandoned your duties right after, setting off to right the wrongs they had done to you. It took minutes to march down to your higher up

2:1774 Adapting to Your Wings by Hollowpage
At first, your heart slams into your chest and you start to panic that you’re dropping, because why wouldn’t you freak out – the floor beneath you suddenly turning out to be made of glass (you swear it didn’t seem to be made of glass when you stepped foot INTO the room) and then also suddenl

2:1769 Someone told me. by Driftingdragon
You tried to recover from the slight bout of humiliation, taking a deep breath, smoothing over the short tattered crop top-shorts combo stretched so tightly across your body. At this point, you had grown accustomed to wearing the more liberal clothes of this gender, yet the way she was looking at yo

3:407 Master? by Ai Dungeon
"I need to get back to normal, before it to late" you think to yourself as you continue your exploration. You have just entered a room filled with various mannequins and are starting to feel uneasy. You hear a strange sound and turn around to see a mannequin moving. It takes you a minute t

2:1767 Continue by Driftingdragon
“Listen… Little child. Can you please just tell me what you think the answer is? You raised your hand?” you tried portraying yourself in a stern way, yet you remained quiet enough, leaning in to the little spaniel as you projected your hushed voice downwards towards them. Suddenly, the facilit

1:1631 Details by Ashley Natter
Only the desperate or the idiots made deals with the devils, everyone knows that! So, which are you? Are you just dumb or maybe desperate enough to want to return to your old, boring life because the next thing you say is:


“What compensation?”


The demon smiled, because he

1:1641 Seeking Shards III by Hollowpage
You don’t blame Moirine for the fact that there isn’t a lot to work worth when it comes to these choices – she’s explained why it is the way it is, so it’s basically a game of chance at this rate until you two find the Shard you’re trying to find. That said, you went left the previous ti