6:591 Accept. Eventually by Hollowpages
Daniel was, like any normal person, trying to wrap his head around all this.


He wasn’t the sort to blindly leap into things without thinking - he had never been the type, even though as a kid, he was known for having a big imagination. But this… This went beyond his realm of comprehe

6:590 An Offer? by Hollowpages
Daniel was staring at her, slack-jawed, but shook his head. He rubbed his eyes, then pinched himself, and each time, the image before him didn’t change. He was standing, awake in his room at night, while a storm was going on, and this weird wolf woman was standing before him.



6:589 She Changes by Hollowpages
Another chuckle. “In the sense you’re thinking, no.”


“Th-then… what are you?” Daniel asked. He was still freaking the hell out and wondered if he could make a run for it before the mass could… whatever it planned on doing to him.


Now, the mass sighed and shook i

6:582 Stopped by Psto1464
Daniel's claws were stopped and his feet lifted from the floor from behind. His hand disappeared into a much large one, it wasn't human. It was deep, read diamond-shaped scales. The claws were the size of one of Daniel's fingers. It curved his arm in as Daniel struggled against it. So

6:588 Wolf? by Hollowpages
Thunder rumbled outside. There was a flash of lightning. Daniel’s eyes were fixated on the black mass as it seemed to swirl around rather abruptly, taking on an actual physical shape. He watched, his heart thudding heavily, as it took on a body - a body on four legs, it looked, with a mass the siz

6:587 Confront by Hollowpages
Daniel continued to gawk at the sight of the golden eyes peering back at him in dead silence. The only noises he could hear were the pattering of rain rapidly falling upon the roof of his house, the wind outside, and his own racing heartbeat. He wasn’t sure if this was some sort of dream or not, y

6:581 Listen to what he has to say by Psto1464
“Hello Daniel.” His voice sent chills down Daniels spine. Confidence turned to weariness, as he eyes the gunmen staring at him pass their round metal hats and padded with their armoured black jumpsuits.


“I want to go home.” Daniel said quietly. He had wanted to state it with an a

6:600 Magical Boy Daniel by
Daniel was scurrying across the roof of an apartment building when he heard voices, rising clear in the dusk. He approached the edge. Even now, a fall from this high would probably kill him, but his body was too alert, too much under his control, for him to distrust it.


Someone arguing.

6:599 False Alarm by
It was just Mr. Peterson, leaning out of his door.


“Stop monkeying around up there! The next class'll be here in a second.”


He shut the door. He hadn't said anything about the suit. The fellow did seem a bit nearsighted, maybe that had saved Daniel.


1:1475 River by catprog
You follow the river downstream. During the next few hours you pick up a few new skills including survival and walking.


Around noon you end up feeling hungry, luckily a grove of fruit trees are around, allowing you to eat your fill before setting off again.


As the sun sets yo

6:586 Down the path by catprog
Looking around Daniel tries to figure out how to get back, but no matter what he does the lab does not reappear.


Giving up he starts to walk down the path. As he does so the numbers on each gate keep going higher and higher. Despite being in a foreign language he finds the writing star

6:598 School Day by
Daniel sat through the English class. He wouldn't be able to test this new body until the class was over – the school-day, rather; there would be too many people around during the break. He wasn't afraid of anyone finding out. It was a more irrational fear, as if the suit would stop work

1:1474 Stat Boxes by catprog
You feel a sense of direction from the horn and look in that direction to see the unicorn walk through a door into nothingness. "Good luck" you hear in your mind as it does so.


The notifications pop up in front of you.


You have discovered your first absorb characte

6:597 White Suit by
Inside was a swathe of white cloth and a subtle smell, like an exclusive fashion store.


Daniel pulled out the cloth. It was an outfit: a slim-lined white shirt and a pair of white slacks. When he held the pants dangling to the ground, they looked about his size. Who knew him well enough

1:1473 Another Creature by
Before you can leap into the river, a change in the lighting of the water catches your eyes, causing you to pause. You squint, trying to get a better look at whatever has your fur standing on end. Instinct has your nerves tingling like pins and needles. Suddenly, you leap backwards. Your body reacte

8:132 Fall down by catprog
You fall down as you feel the changes continue.


Looking down at your legs you see them all floppy. All the muscles and bones are gone.


The remains of your legs are merging together, forming a fish tail.


Looking at it in disbelief you realize you are now a mermaid

6:585 Cupboards by catprog
Inside the lab a wrecked cupboard sits in the middle of the wall. A door hangs by a hinge.


Daniel looks inside. Despite the cupboard only be a few feet deep the inside is lined with torii gates going deeper and deeper into the cupboard.


Turning around he finds himself looking

6:596 Surprise Delivery by
Daniel had overslept a few minutes, no thanks to the dreams wearing him out, and had to cram down his egg-and-toast to make sure he'd make it to school on time. He was just finishing his breakfast when he heard the harsh signal of the doorbell.


Daniel bounced to his feet and rushed

1:1472 Cross the River by
You sigh a breath of relief as the river comes into full view. The genie hadn’t mentioned all the potential obstacles you had faced thus far and you wondered if he knew you would be inconvenienced by a pixie and a tiny boar or not.


“Now is no time to get distracted,” you tell your

1:1471 Give a Ride by
"Wait! Stop! Okay, I'll give you a ride." You decide it is better to try than give up already. So you kneel down on all four legs and allow the pig to jump aboard your flank.


  It sits on your back and gives a happy little snort. "Fly! Fly!" You realize it is ve