2:1960 Bribe by Drifting Dragon
Well, you knew you had him wrapped around your finger. Out of all the things you could have done, the one thing you were really sure about was that if you had rolled over and submitted to the leader like a dog, you would instantly get his favor. They were just like wild animals or something anyway,

4:390 Hidden Mountain by CoggerD
Upon passing through a Torii gate-like wooden arch, the park suddenly gives way to a medieval Japanese village, with the namesake mountain looming over it, covered in deep forests and capped with a Shinto-esque shrine. The smells of traditional Japanese cooking fill the air, making your mouth water.

2:1959 Talk about Politics by Drifting Dragon
“I just wanted to be able to talk more about this wonderful pack of yours. Tell me a little bit more about what’s going on here. I’m also interested in how well everyone’s been fitting into the other pack?” You asked, honestly wondering what was going on nowadays. “How does it compare to

4:389 Mystic Waters by CoggerD
A fresh, cool, salty ocean breeze wafts towards you as you approach Mystic Waters; upon passing through an arch, you see a massive bay stretch out before you, the architecture looking decidedly Greco-Roman. A water park with slides of various sizes—seemingly made of marble, some even looking like

2:1958 Go back by Drifting Dragon
“Hey, this was fun, but I promised you that I was going to make sure you’d get back in time.” The sentiment made him shoot you a warm smile. You nodded back at him, urging him to take your advice. You knew the time was ticking. “Okay. I really appreciate the reminder.” He said. “We can g

4:395 Fog by CoggerD
After a bit of thought, you curse under your breath—you've never been good at riddles. But you figure a guess is better than nothing, and so you shout the first thing that comes to mind: “Fog!” A few moments pass, and the eyes of the bust glow bright red as a voice booms:



2:1957 Keep going by Drifting Dragon
“Let’s keep going.” You asked, looking deeply into his eyes. “Deeper into the cave?” He asked. Your eyes lit up, you knew exactly what he was thinking and you couldn’t stop thinking about the only thing you wanted to do with him from that point on. Just like earlier, you led him deeper a

2:1971 The information by -
With a digital breath, you plunged into the depths of the data terminal, embarking on a digital odyssey that would unravel the very essence of the cyberpunk city's enigma.


The first node you accessed told the story of the transformation virus's humble beginnings. It had its roo

2:1956 Go for a swim by Drifting Dragon
You figured that the best thing you could do about this problem and any of the other problems at this point is to do something to take your mind off of it. You had clearly picked up the vibes that the leader of the pack was giving you and your heart was completely stolen by his absolute charm. You w

4:394 The right passage by CoggerD
You'd rather not risk the stairway leading into the dark abyss; the brightly-lit gentle slope on your right seems a much safer bet. As you ascend, you see the walls dominated by carvings of humans... at first. The more you progress upward, however, the more the walls seem to display images of

2:1955 Romance by Drifting Dragon
Somehow, all the time you had spent with the group, helping out everyone, and working so closely with someone of such high status started getting to your head. The male elephant seal had never looked more attractive to you, his large tubular nose and the multiple layers of thick blubber seemed perfe

4:403 A sarcophagus by CoggerD
You're closer to the walls anyway, so you decide to try one of the sarcophagi leaning against them first; upon approaching the one closest to you, you struggle to move the heavy lid... but after much strain, it falls off. Unfortunately, within the sarcophagus, there seems to be nothing but mum

2:1954 Your pack’s leader by Drifting Dragon
Honestly, you had grown pretty attached to this pack as a whole. After what seemed like ages over the past few days, you had become friendly with more of the seals, but there wasn’t anyone in the pack more grateful for your help than the pack’s leader. He was a massive elephant seal, far larger

4:402 Pull the lever by CoggerD
To your relief, pulling the lever did not activate a booby trap; instead, the brazier burst into flames, followed by more braziers across the black, revealing a room with golden sarcophagi lining the walls, and a giant golden statue of Anubis, the Egyptian Jackal-god in the center. Each sarcophagus

2:1953 Stay with the new pack by Drifting Dragon
You decide to spend most of your time with the pack, after everyone settled down. Before long, you even found yourself enjoying the time you’ve spent with the rest of the pack. On your journey, you have made lots of friends and some of them were particularly interesting to you. Even after so long,

4:393 The left passage by CoggerD
You decide you aren't afraid of the dark, and choose the stairway to the left. As you descend, the light from the torches above grows more and more distant—and the path ahead darker and darker. You begin carefully feeling your way along the wall as you follow the stairs down even further, and

2:1948 Not worth it. Just go back to your Seal life. by Drifting Dragon
Suddenly, when you thought about all the dissected cryptids you had seen online, your stomach immediately filled with anxiety and you had instantly made up in your mind that going to see the humans was a bad idea. You shook yourself out of your strangely deluded state and turned back around, sliding

4:392 The pyramid by CoggerD
As you approach the massive monument, you begin to appreciate its sheer size; a feeling of smallness, of insignificance nearly overwhelms you. Upon reaching the entrance, you see no tour guide—instead, there is a sign in both Egyptian hieroglyphic and English that reads:


Traveler who

2:1947 Go by Docks. by Drifting Dragon
In the end, you decided to go up to the docks. You figured if anyone would be able to help you, it would be someone with the kind of local knowledge of not only things on the land, but some things in the sea as well. Ultimately, your upper half was that of a human, therefore if you just swam up to t

4:388 Pharaoh Land by CoggerD
As you leave the park entrance and head towards Pharaoh Land, the carefully-kept grass lining the sidewalks slowly give way to small streams filled with clear water and dotted with papyrus reeds, while the path itself changes from paved asphalt to a rough cobblestone. Outside of the streams, a vast