1:1640 Seeking Shards II by Hollowpage
You run a hand through your hair and try to puzzle over this conundrum. Moirine merely stands there, watching you with a patient, understanding expression, as you look about.


“Is there a difference between the Shards here?” you ask.


Moirine gives an earnest shrug. “I ca

2:1731 Leave it alone by Driftingdragon
You remembered that you had something much better to take care of. This little distraction was among the least of your worries, and you figured that even taking the time to replace the panel was too much for you to take care of right now. Promptly you placed the wooden slab haphazardly in your wardr

6:684 In the morning by AI Dungeon
"Come on Daniel, wake up! The humans are coming with food soon!" "Zzzz.... let me sleep..." Daniel mutters "No! You've slept long enough! Now wake up and get chewing!" "I don't want to..." "What?! How can you say that? We're in this togethe

2:1765 Wait by DriftingDragon
You waited for a moment, but they continued to stare at you with wide dark saucer-like eyes as the moments went by. Thoughts raced through your mind as the two of you remained entranced with each other in a staredown; other children around watched as the tension in the air became thick enough to cut

1:1639 Seeking Shards by Hollowpage
After considering your choices for a beat of silence, you suck in a slow breath and feel as though you have a good idea of what seems the better one, or, you hope so, that is.


“I guess we can look for the closest Shard thing,” you say to Moirine, and you shrug. “I don’t know anyt

1:1638 Something Wicked This Way Swims IV by Hollowpage
You muse over the options, but, it doesn’t take you long to pick one – you know that going to the selkie for advice is the smartest thing to do, and, given how obvious you’re out of your own depth in this whole scenario, you’d rather be safe than sorry anyways.


You turn to Moirin

2:1764 Spaniel (Greyson) by DriftingDragon
One of the smaller pups raised their hand, it was a young King Charles Spaniel, much smaller than the rest of them, and with huge round glasses nearly the size of their tiny head; still, they were sized appropriately for the wondrous orbs eagerly pleading for you in a silent gaze to choose them. Ano

1:1630 Demon by Ashley Natter
“Why all that aggressivity, we are just talking here, aren’t we?” He spoke in a strangely soft and fluent voice that doesn’t seem to come from his mouth filled with sharp and long fangs. “Come on, don’t need to be afraid, let’s just have a friendly conversation.”


“Who a

2:1763 Activity by DriftingDragon
“Why don’t we play a little game?” you asked with a huge grin on your face. Your question was met with several looks of confusion, they exchanged glances with each other as some stared at you completely. “Has anyone here ever heard of the game Zip Zap Zop?” their eyes were glistening, stuc

1:1637 Something Wicked This Way Swims III by Hollowpage
You give it some thought for a good minute, mulling over what feels best. And after you’ve given it consideration, you feel you’ve come to a good decision on what to do.


‘If you want me to go up to try and talk to the genie, then, I will,’ you say. ‘Honestly, for me, the sooner

2:1762 Playground by DriftingDragon
Their bright eyes peered into your soul and all you wanted to do was take them to the playground and watch them happily frolic and play with each other over their recess. “Why don’t we go outside and get some fresh air, we can start off our introductions out there!” the children’s voices cre

6:683 Forgetting by AI Dungeon
"I..." the voice is right. She is very hungry again. The hay does look tasty... "No! I won't forget. My friends will save me!" "If you say so..." the voice says doubtfully. Daniel grabs some hay and eats it. It is tasty. She can feel herself getting full. The voice

2:1761 Offsite by DriftingDragon
For a while, there was a long pause. Your weak voice cracked as you barked your response, you took a moment to think. The situation around your living wasn’t the first thing you thought about when putting on the suit, but now it seemed far more significant- practical for your new job, and now face

1:1636 Something Wicked This Way Swims II by Hollowpage
‘I think I’m fine with both of you coming with me,’ you say after a beat. ‘It might help to have two selkies that know more about… well, this whole world. I’m still learning.’


‘Fair enough, pup,’ Moirine says, smiling. ‘Then, let us go and see the Seamother.’


2:1760 Babysitting by DriftingDragon
“Childcare begins in the home. I would love to find a way if I could work in peoples’ homes to help with their upbringing!” Your reply was clear and concise. You seemed to impress the receptionists, and without hesitation, she smiled. “Do you mind on-site living?” She shot you a raised eye

1:1635 Something Wicked This Way Swims by Hollowpage
About a minute later, the selkie swimming toward the both of you slows and comes to a stop in front of Moirine. You can tell from a glance at the selkie’s body that this one is female given the slender physique like Moirine’s (and yours), and you can also tell it’s a selkie due to the eyes –

6:682 Voice by Ai Dungeon
"What's going to happen to me?" Suddenly, she hears a voice in her head. "It won't be so bad. You'll get used to it." "Who are you?" "I'm you. Well, what you are becoming." The voice says "You'll get used to it." "No I w

2:1759 Begin by DriftingDragon
It’s been so long, and I’m finally getting to see some puppies!” you thought to yourself as you followed. Your excitement filled your mind completely, eager for cuteness, you barely even took note of which hallway you had turned down. “Here we are!” She said in a cheery voice. “Did you n

1:1634 A Fishy Feeling by Hollowpage
You ponder what to do for a minute, since there are plenty of options to make use of – testing to see if you can swim at superhuman speed, experimenting with your newfound hydrokinetic abilities, returning to dry land, swimming around, asking more selkie questions, and so on. They’re all solid o

2:1758 Daycare by DriftingDragon
“Daycare is my specialty. I’ve always wanted to form strong connections with multiple children in a way that would hopefully impact their lives for a long way down the line.” your pitch was clear and concise, by the look in her eye, you nailed it. “Okay, well lucky for you, we have a recent