2:1893 Go it alone by Drifting Dragon
“Wow! What a nice place!” Casey whispered at the group, just loud enough for everyone to to hear, despite being completely enamored by the scene before themselves. “Is this… It?” Duke came in just behind her, followed by Buddy, Barley, and the twins. The two house cats agreed, and soon, ev

2:1892 No time to celebrate. by Drifting Dragon
That’s it! You solved the puzzle as easily as that! To you, it was a cinch. Somehow, your memory was able to remember the entire pattern on the first try. You were proud of yourself and so were the others. They all cheered you on as everyone, one by one, started applauding- their breaths finally g

2:1891 STAY STILL by Doppelfoxx
Sighing, you step backwards, and slump into one of the chairs – having to be careful not to sit on your newfound tail. What mess have I gotten myself into. The seat was cold, but sitting helped your head stop spinning enough for you to set your jaw and make a decision. There didn't seem to be

2:1890 Stay still by Doppelfoxx
You remain frozen – body feeling physically incapable of movement as you lock your joints, and stare on in horror as the door raises with torturous slowness. The space beyond is shrouded in darkness – a corridor not unlike that which you are right now - but, as the threshold reaches half open, y

2:1889 INVESTIGATE THE HATCH by Doppelfoxx
Darking a deep breath and swallowing once more to steady your shaking form, you kneel down by the hatch, and examine it closely. It is only loosely attached, clearly designed to be removed and reapplied for maintenance or something of the sort, but the metal clips that are holding it on were tough o

2:1888 Run by Doppelfoxx
Seized by an instinct that isn't entirely yours, your legs launch into sudden action like two coiled springs, and you bolt away from the door so fast as your unfamiliar body can take you - stumbling, tripping, and almost falling over with each step. You turn back and run into the corridor behin

2:1887 Awake by Doppelfoxx
What feels like a long, long time later, your senses come back to you. You feel yourself laying flat on your back upon a hard, cold surface that is very much definitely not the wooden floor of the room you had been in earlier. After some time, your eyes blink open groggily, feeling caked with sleep

2:1886 Fox by Doppelfoxx
The door creaks in a long, pained whine, like a wailing cat, or some other pitiful creature. It hardly opens enough for you to step through before the hinges lock up altogether - seemingly caked in rust - and you have to squeeze yourself into the gap sideways. Once beyond, the smell hits you. Not en

6:687 Female? by NovelAi
"I need your help" he tried to say but all that came out was the screech of an eagle. Pammy just stared at him, frozen. Daniel was terrified that he might scare her to death.


She called back into the house "Guys, Danny is here, and I think she is trying to tell me somethin

2:1885 Make it seem like it wasn't your idea though by Drifting Dragon
“Casey?” You asked. “You see something over there too, right?” “Yeah! I do.” She replied, perking up. “It looks like a hallway with some kind of light at the end of it.” She took her time, making sure her eyes weren’t playing tricks on her. “Yeah. I can see that too.” Enabling

2:1884 Suggest a way to go by Drifting Dragon
At this point, you realized your eyes had been much stronger than most of the other teammates- maybe except for Casey. She was squinting off in a direction similar to yours, as if her eyes could have picked up on those extra few pathways just as yours. That all makes sense though, considering you’

2:1883 Significant for future stuff by Drifting Dragon
You took a moment to rest a bit longer, blinking your eyes open slowly as you waited for the other members to notice your waking. It seemed fine to you, considering that a few of the others were still asleep. Your stirring actually ended up waking them up but by then, everyone else seemed quite well

2:1882 Ask about the tomb by Drifting Dragon
You figured that if it was his domain- his tomb. Maybe he could help you with your mission. With a quick huff of your chest, you cleared your throat and stood up tall and proud to ask your question. “You say this is your domain?” You asked him. “Does that mean… This is your tomb?” You con

2:1881 Deep sleep. You trust them too by Drifting Dragon
Before you even had the chance to think about what was going on, you started falling into a deep sleep. You could hear yourself snoring but could do nothing about it as you continued to lose control of your body from how tired you were. It felt good to be able to let your mind wander as your mind sl

2:1880 Have them take a shift. You need some rest by Drifting Dragon
At this point, you didn’t want to have to hear a recap of what you just went through. Upon sitting down, you started to feel the hopeless tiredness washing through your body in waves and it became harder and harder for you to keep your eyes open. You thought for a moment, wondering how your side o

2:1879 Stay calm. It may be them by Drifting Dragon
Once again, you figured that patience in this situation was a bit more valuable than being the first to attack, or having the upper hand over something. You al quietly moved forward, hoping that the bright light from the other side of the door wouldn’t have given away your position. Slowly, everyo

2:1878 7135 by Drifting Dragon
“Wait a minute!” You said aloud. “This is a bit more literal than I could have imagined.” You said as you skillfully took a moment to juggle the little rocks around above your head, thrilled that you at least had some kind of lead about what the puzzle had been urging you to do. “L-I-E-S

2:1877 Check stones. by Drifting Dragon
Wait a minute! Barley is actually a genius! When you saw the small square-ish shaped stone bricks tumbling around. You noticed a small number inscribed onto it. Suddenly, you crouched to the ground and started flipping over every rock you could. “This is what they meant by leave no stones unturned

2:1876 It's a puzzle by Drifting Dragon
You took a moment to examine things, still mentally overworked from everything you had gone through prior. It took every ounce of your determination to figure out what this could have been about. The small threesome of yourself and the others almost instinctively took your own little section of the

2:1875 Decorative doorway by Drifting Dragon
Against the opposite wall, there were two paths right next to each other. Moderately sized archways hung overhead. To you, it wasn’t even a question about which one you were going to go through. One of them showed a pathway far more interesting looking than the other- so much so that you barely no