2:1801 Onsite by DriftingDragon
“I don’t mind.” You stated with confidence. “When can I begin?” Strengthening your conclusion. She seemed a bit taken aback, with a mouth hanging half open as if she was just about to say something before you spoke. “Well then! If you’d like, you can spend a moment in the hospital wing

2:1800 Learning by DriftingDragon
One of the first things you thought you should do was get these children organized. It didn’t seem like there was any kind of lesson plan prepared for you, so spent a moment steeling your mind about the vital topics for such a range of young puppies to need for adulthood. In a moment it came to yo

2:1799 Mutt Spicer by Driftingdragon
You took a moment to look over each of the students, studying them all carefully. You watched a shy yet skinny spaniel hiding behind a stocky creamy white bulldog displaying playfully for your attention. After vetting any others who stood out, your eyes finally fell on an interesting mural of a cani

2:1798 Stay there by DriftingDragon
You weren’t particularly sure if this was part of your jurisdiction, but you felt as though this problem would eventually solve itself. There were enough nurses and staff around the facility for them to easily find a runaway child and return them to their parents. After all, this is the onsite day

2:1797 Chase after him by DriftingDragon
Despite not yet being oriented, you figured this was a PR nightmare just waiting to happen. You couldn’t have lost a child on your watch, even if you weren’t officially part of staff yet. Immediately, you set off right behind the crying child, yet he was a bit too far ahead, and his scampering p

2:1796 Change the topic by DriftingDragon
Clearly the game thing wasn’t working out. You took a moment to reevaluate what your plan was. “So uhh, Greyson was it? What’s your favorite thing to do?” The shy young child looked unsure about what to say, yet some of the other kids helped encourage him to speak. “Yes? Uhh? I like… Pai

2:1795 Passive by DriftingDragon
“Uhh…” Your voice squeaked as you tried to speak up, the louder you tried to speak, the harder it was for you to be heard over the banter of the two fighting young canines. They were growling and barking much louder than the tiny squeaks escaping your lips. “H-hey! Can you!” You struggled,

2:1793 Play a game by DriftingDragon
You begin to explain the rules of the game, and the children seemed a bit taken aback by your dominance. Even the most dominant young child began to follow suit the way you asserted yourself in the workspace. It only took a quick moment to get them in a circle, zipping, zapping, and zopping back and

2:1794 Assertive by DriftingDragon
“Shut the Fuck up!” You barked, letting your primal instincts take you over, slowly you began to lose yourself in the anger. “Why do you guys fight! It’s just a game… Damn.” Your own temper seemed severely impacted by the rowdy childish energy circling around your feet. The aggression in

1:1642 Snow Lepoardess by novelai
You stand there perplexed and overwhelmed by the sight before you, unsure of how to proceed. Finally you decide to put on the costume of a snow leopard. It's not that bad... sort of furry-looking although you could do without the lumps on the chest area. Their is a tingling in your skin but i

2:1792 Confront neglect? by DriftingDragon
“Okay so, your parents never taught you about Zip-Zap-Zop?” your tone seemed a bit angry with the pup. Even if you weren’t he could clearly sense your own frustration. All you wanted to do was care for children, so you tried to speak out every chance you had against any injustices you’d find

2:1788 Hopping Place to Place III by Hollowpage
You give it some thought before you decide that you personally like the prospect of being open and honest, and so you see no reason in not telling her the truth of why.


“Honestly, I guess the best reason I have is because… I was following a vixen,” you reply, and you can tell how o

2:1791 So you like games? by DriftingDragon
Your mind thought back to the reason why you were here. You connect with some of the children living on your new compound. The playground contained a small simple setup, but you had suggested Zip-Zap-Zop, an interactive and reflexive game. “Oh that’s right” You remembered. “Where were we.”

2:1787 Hopping Place to Place II by Hollowpage
On the one hand, you feel that there are a lot of things you could ask Penelope, since she’s the first human you’ve come into contact with in this bizarre world where animals are big and can speak, and where people become human-creature hybrids through some kind of magic (or technology, maybe).

2:1790 too much by DriftingDragon
“Aww what a lovely name!” You said to yourself, clasping your hands together in happiness. Other children watched your favoritism and began to shuffle idly as they sat around the young spaniel. “Why not tell us a little bit about yourself then Greyson!” before you could finish the young lad

2:1786 Hopping Place to Place by Hollowpage
You take a moment to weigh whether or not you would want to actually try and engage with someone that’s obviously a normal person like you – your understanding of the rules in this weird, whacky world make it feel like it could be a bad idea, and yet, you are still quite curious to meet someone

2:1789 Ask a question by Driftingdragon
It took you a while to realize that he didn’t know the answer. In that instant, you realized you had to come up with something new, something a bit easier for his young mindto process on a moment’s notice. With diligence, you vetted every possible question you could have asked the young child, a

2:1785 Following the Fox IV by Hollowpage
You ponder your choices for a beat, but, ultimately, you kind of feel the answer is obvious to you – you’re a griffin, you have wings now, so why not use them? You give your wings a brief flutter to stretch them, since they’ve been mostly unused for a good while now (or it feels like a good wh

2:1743 Do away with the wizard by DriftingDragon
His words sounded boring and mundane in your head as they rattled around like a box of screws. For some reason, you just didn’t want to have to deal with this man. You didn’t want to follow the rules, there were already enough rules here that you had to go over already to get here, the rules and

2:1784 A Curious Conversation III by Hollowpage
You soon come to your decision, and, go from there. “Do you know where Rosha lives? I wanted to try to find her since she offered to help me out more.” You glance about, peering back toward the thicker fog. “So that’s the reason I ended up in this… area.”


Archimedes chortles.