2:1838 Engage Communication by Drifting Dragon
“What’s going on!” you asked the pilot. Belting out the words as loud as you could just to get him to hear you. “One second… Yeah… Gotcha…. We may just make it…” He continued. “Listen. I don’t know you. Or how you even got here…” He continued to look out the window, slowly

2:1837 Try your very best. by Drifting Dragon
Your powerful feline eyes focused on a specific switch ‘disengage’ as well as a few of the flashing red buttons. ‘Retract’ and ‘Anchor’. For some reason, these things seemed to make the most sense to you. You steeled your mind for the task at hand- despite the ground quickly coming close

2:1836 HELP HIM! by Drifting Dragon
Instantly, your body leaped into action and you strapped yourself into the seat right next to him. He looked a bit upset by you- a complete stranger- taking control of his chopper, but in a way he also seemed a bit appreciative. “Ahh, the heck with it… We’re all gonna die anyway!” he yelled

2:1835 Helicopter by Drifting Dragon
With your two massive fingers, you gently grabbed the notch and began to twist it. It was almost difficult for you. “Maybe the door was just… Jammed?” You thought to yourself as you tried turning it with all of your might. It felt like there was some kind of change-in-air pressure that was hol

2:1834 Anthro Sphinx by Drifting Dragon
“Meh. Whatever.” You said to yourself before slipping the magical fabrics on, around your arms and legs. Instantly you could feel the cool insides of the material brushing past your skin, almost immediately after, the goosebumps on your skin began to prickle as the hairs along your arm slowly be

2:1832 Find new food by PoKeHybridTrainer
You go back to your runs, and find yourself using your nose to seek out something to fill your tummy, long and far away from the scene of the crime.


Minutes later, you’re devouring wild berries too harsh for smaller Pokemon, but perfectly fine for your hybrid metabolism. With all that

2:1831 Burn it all by PoKeHybridTrainer
Cupping your palms together, A glowing ball of fire resonates with intensity, growing bigger by the second as a sadistic smile traces along your long face.


The fat man tries to take whatever he can grab in his hands, and abandons his bookbag for what he thought was a free ride in your la

2:1833 Cougar by AI Dungeon
The outfit barely covers your manhood and your rear end, though there is a considerable amount of padding in both sections. The main part of the outfit is a furred bodice that squeezes your chest making it look larger and also supporting them. The outfit is completed with fishnet stockings, opera le

2:1830 Trick by PoKeHybridTrainer
Wanting to get their attention with a flirtatious action, you summon the mask of a lady in waiting to bring the ruffian out of the tent.


“Sweetums!” You say, opting to act out a Nasty Plot to draw out the trespasser. “Whatever shall I do to find me a hubby to share my kingdom with?

2:1829 Back to camp by PoKeHybridTrainer
It takes a few minutes to take a good drink of water, refreshing yourself with only the non-existent eyes of Zubat peering silently. Everything you bring your red eyes on is all yours, right? The shiny stones would make for pretty jewelry to decorate. Alas, daily needs are of higher importance than

2:1828 Evolve by PoKeHybridTrainer
Before you can plan out what to do with the rare mineral of evolution, your hands shove the stone against your chest. This forces you to double over onto your tails, saving you from a bad fall with their curls preventing your slip.


Trying to pull out the stone apart from your body, your

2:1827 Explore the cave by PoKeHybridTrainer
Walking to the end of the cave after about 300 steps away, the river still runs through it. Zubat flap agitated, the blind bat pokemon not wanting to be disturbed with a Vulpix lady holding onto a candle- a flame resting on an open palm.


It’s another creative use of an Ember attack, sh

2:1826 Confront by PoKeHybridTrainer
“VUL! Hey Buster!” You sneer out to the foreigner, in a demure voice, but still very pissed off. “What are you doing here? This isn’t Pixing yours!”


Realizing he has been caught, he winces and stands up in front of your domain. You get a good look at him to see what they are ab

2:1825 Forest by PoKeHybridTrainer
Identifying the human in the photo ID, the police officer in the nearby station is at least able to register your transition as to maintain continuity. Nothing is left by the time a Forest Ranger investigates the site you escaped from. No evidence remains, but you aren’t satisfied with dropping ev

6:686 More Changes by Ai Dungeon
She asks the computer "How many crew are their meant to be?" "39 crew are missing." the computer says, almost immediately. "Scan range is limited, even in the ship. Repair materials depleted" "Can you change me back to the way I was?" she asks. "Emergency

1:1644 Plants & Ruins by catprog
Picking a necklace up you place it around your neck. You look around for a mirror before noticing a growing vine growing in the room. Looking around you find it's not just the vine. the entire room is being overtaken by vegetation, with vines snaking up through holes and cracks to reach every p

8:137 Ocean by NovelAi
You head towards the ocean. And then you see it. Some sort of seal washed up on the beach. But it is just the skin. It's eyes are open and staring blankly ahead. What does this mean? Is it dead? Did it drown? Was its death caused by the barrier? Why did nobody else notice anything strange about

2:1823 INTERACT WITH THE PUPPIES by Drifting Dragon
You spent the whole morning watching the teacher as she taught the class. She forced you to take a seat among the children as you watched the way she conducted herself during the lecture. The children were more quiet than ever as she spoke, their ears were perpetually perked up in attention as the l

2:1822 TEACH PUPPIES by Drifting Dragon
Almost immediately after the phone rang, you noticed the pitter patter of many tiny weightless little footsteps. Their sloppy gait overlapped each other like thousands of rain droplets falling down during a spring storm. The sound caused your ears to perk up in excitement as you began to look around

2:1821 BEGIN WORK by Drifting Dragon
To your surprise, you followed the woman down the opposite side of the hallway. The pace of her gait made it almost impossible for you to read the titles of the rooms- maybe they were just numbers?- slowly, as you made your way through the long corridors, you began to feel as if you were becoming mo