2:1848 Detail the plan by Drifting Dragon
After you were done, introducing yourself, you figured it’d be best to tell them about what you had learned from the others. You paused for a moment, thinking carefully about what you were going to say. “Nice to finally get acquainted.” Duke shook your hand with a hand on your shoulder. “Nic

2:1847 Reassure her. Stay focused. by Drifting Dragon
“It’s okay. We’re almost there.” You told her, as you scanned the area, gliding just above the bushy tops of trees. For a moment, you wondered if you truly trusted in yourself, or if you were just saying that to keep her calm. “It would be bad if she freaked out up here... “ you thought

4:350 I would like to learn magic by NovelAi
"I would like to learn magic" you say. The voice chuckles "Most people do. In this world you will need to attract the attention of someone who will teach you about it " You frown and shake your head. "I am not sure how to go about doing that" "Well you have a bit o

2:1846 Take her by Drifting Dragon
You decided to take the feline. Though it was a more difficult situation to lift her heavy muscular body into the air, you realized that she was probably in more urgent need of care. Her legs were mangled, blood soaking through her rough military suit- still heavy with the kevlar padding underneath.

2:1845 I am a god, a savior. by Drifting Dragon
“I am a god, a saviour.” You said in your most heroic tone, stretching out your wings dramatically just to impress them a bit more. Your plan seemed to work, despite them having a bit of skepticism the way they looked over you. Slowly, one by one, they all took off their helmets. Three felines,

4:349 All 3 by NovelAi
"I will choose 3 for all the categories" you tell the voice. You open your eyes and there is a portal in front of you. It glows a bright blue and you step through it. You wake up in a bedroom. This one at least has a door and closet. You lift the sheets and find out what you are now. The

2:1844 Investigate by Drifting Dragon
Instead of just sitting there and wondering, you took your time to carefully make your way through the branches. You hopped from one to another, making your way slowly down. Clawed fingertips dragged down the thick bark of every tree you slid down. With each powerful bound of your legs, you could fe

2:1843 Go it alone by Drifting Dragon
“Okay. I’m fine with that” you replied. The Husky almost seemed shocked by your decision. It was almost as if he was just joking, and your quick agreement must have caught him off guard. “Oh? Well I ain’t complaining!” He continued. “I’ll stay behind and take care of my old Buddy her

4:348 Death and a new life by NovelAi
You wake up and find yourself in a room with just a bed. Their is not even a closet or a door, it's just the bed. You sit up and look around you. There is nothing else in the room besides you. You have no idea where you are. You're confused and a little scared.



2:1842 Distract by Drifting Dragon
“What about the others?” you asked. “Don’t we need to go find them as well?” The question seemed to shock the two men out of their combined happiness. Their expressions quickly melted back into a mix of fear and concern as they looked at each other, and back to you. The pilot stood up, lea

2:1841 Confront by Drifting Dragon
You just left your partner to die?” you asked him nobelly. The pilot almost seemed to take offense to your question. “I wouldn’t have if I had the chance.” He continued. “You don’t know what our training has to prepare us for! That man is my best friend… That’s why I’m so grateful

2:1840 Regroup by Drifting Dragon
You spent a moment flapping your powerful wings as you glided past the landing zone. The sound of the chopper slamming into the dense jungle nearly jolted you out of your hypnotized state, but still the rush of flying for the first time on your own was something you had never experienced in your lif

2:1839 Play pretend by Drifting Dragon
You realized, you were nothing more than a stowaway thief, given your own mission to pillage whatever they were trying to retrieve from right under their noses. Suddenly you could feel the pressure in your back churning and stretching your flesh uncomfortably. It felt like something was soon to burs

2:1838 Engage Communication by Drifting Dragon
“What’s going on!” you asked the pilot. Belting out the words as loud as you could just to get him to hear you. “One second… Yeah… Gotcha…. We may just make it…” He continued. “Listen. I don’t know you. Or how you even got here…” He continued to look out the window, slowly

2:1837 Try your very best. by Drifting Dragon
Your powerful feline eyes focused on a specific switch ‘disengage’ as well as a few of the flashing red buttons. ‘Retract’ and ‘Anchor’. For some reason, these things seemed to make the most sense to you. You steeled your mind for the task at hand- despite the ground quickly coming close

2:1836 HELP HIM! by Drifting Dragon
Instantly, your body leaped into action and you strapped yourself into the seat right next to him. He looked a bit upset by you- a complete stranger- taking control of his chopper, but in a way he also seemed a bit appreciative. “Ahh, the heck with it… We’re all gonna die anyway!” he yelled

2:1835 Helicopter by Drifting Dragon
With your two massive fingers, you gently grabbed the notch and began to twist it. It was almost difficult for you. “Maybe the door was just… Jammed?” You thought to yourself as you tried turning it with all of your might. It felt like there was some kind of change-in-air pressure that was hol

2:1834 Anthro Sphinx by Drifting Dragon
“Meh. Whatever.” You said to yourself before slipping the magical fabrics on, around your arms and legs. Instantly you could feel the cool insides of the material brushing past your skin, almost immediately after, the goosebumps on your skin began to prickle as the hairs along your arm slowly be

2:1832 Find new food by PoKeHybridTrainer
You go back to your runs, and find yourself using your nose to seek out something to fill your tummy, long and far away from the scene of the crime.


Minutes later, you’re devouring wild berries too harsh for smaller Pokemon, but perfectly fine for your hybrid metabolism. With all that

2:1831 Burn it all by PoKeHybridTrainer
Cupping your palms together, A glowing ball of fire resonates with intensity, growing bigger by the second as a sadistic smile traces along your long face.


The fat man tries to take whatever he can grab in his hands, and abandons his bookbag for what he thought was a free ride in your la