6:644 Call a friend by Jasondicks
Uneasy, Daniel glanced around frantically before spotting her phone on the bedside dresser. She hurried over - admittedly almost tripping over her own tail - and scooped up the smartphone, tapping away at the passcode to grant herself access. Maybe she could call someone - yeah, someone who could he

6:643 Dominate by Hollowpages
“Daniel,” Aria said, snapping him from his daze. She was eyeing him again, her expression almost unreadable. “I… I know this is very sudden and strange to you, but, I cannot help but feel this… desire. I feel like there may be something of a future for us just by being in your presence, al

6:642 Panic by Jasondicks
Doing a few deep breaths in the hopes of calming herself down, Daniel went ahead and made her way back to the mirror to take another look at herself. Growing uneasy, she angled her head this way and that, studying the unusual, feline structure of it; she had never seen a tiger up close before, led a

6:641 Details by Hollowpages
‘Um, Kura?’ Daniel thought.


“I do believe she’s attracted to you,” Kura replied, a mixture of amusement and interest coloring her tone. “How exciting! To not only be gifted with me, but also to find a potential mate in the same night! Hoo boy, you must be thrilled.”


6:640 Tail pull by Jasondicks
She was a tiger, whether this was some stupid dream or not. Most people would just be startled, or hell, even amazed; but not Daniel - he didn’t want to be a tiger, he wanted to be a regular human being! Maybe if I just… Daniel hesitated for a moment before he reached around haphazardly for that

6:639 Run by Hollowpages
Daniel sucked in a deep breath, and started to ignore his impulse to not crash. Instead, he focused only on running, and soon, he was able to forget entirely about the potential hazard of the trees or anything else. His body moved both in sync with him, yet also without worry; it was like it was bei

6:638 Mirror by Jasondicks
Feeling the panic rise up inside him, Daniel was quick to get up from his desk. He felt himself begin to shake, swallowing nervously as he paced the room - only to veer sharply to the nearest mirror, staring at himself in disbelief. He - or rather, she - raised a paw to her face and rubbed frantical

6:637 Experiences by Hollowpages
“Everyday tasks took on a different meaning,” Aria replied, her tone growing lighter now, gentler. “It was like I was reborn almost; one part of me recognized things like going for a walk, going to the mall, and so on, but Shina saw them through my eyes and just… enhanced it. I learned to ap

6:636 Bored by Hollowpages
“Because I was bored with my life,” Aria replied. “I wasn’t doing anything worth my time, and while I tried my best to better myself, I just wasn’t happy.” Her voice was softer now. “Then Shina came along. She appeared to me in a dream one night, speaking to me. She started to appear r

6:635 Thanks by Hollowpages
“Um. Th-thanks.”


Aria giggled. “I don’t know what it is, but the fact you’re a man who smells so… deliciously feminine… It’s quite appealing.” She eyed him for a moment before using the same tail she’d touched his cheek with to point. “Come with me, Daniel. I can sh

6:634 The other kitsune by Hollowpages
He stopped when he heard movement. He turned to the right, then looked up, as another kitsune appeared. And this kitsune was utterly gorgeous; Daniel was stricken by the silvery color of the fur, with grew darker toward the tails, with the tips of the tails all black; the same for the kitsune’s le

6:633 Vixen by Hollowpages
As Daniel raced onwards, he felt something within his mind… shift. Like there was movement in his head. He slowed his run and paused to wonder what it was, only to hear a sigh in his head.


“Um. You okay?” Daniel asked. He didn’t even know her name, he realized now…


6:632 Kitsune scent by Hollowpages
Daniel frowned, but did so. He breathed in, sniffing at the wind. A scent stood above the smells of the grass and the trees around him; a scent he couldn’t put words to, but, it stuck out and it invaded his nose. It was sweet, almost like perfume. Floral perfume at that, he noted. Either way, it w

6:631 Run by Hollowpages
Daniel didn’t know quite how to respond. But, he decided to throw caution to the wind and… well, try it out.


He started small, testing his newfound form by moving slowly. It was strange how, now that he had four legs rather than two, moving seemed rather simple and not difficult at a

6:630 The Change by Hollowpages
Daniel struggled to do this, but, he took in a deep breath. His whole body started to feel… warm. A comforting warmth, in fact, that spread from his navel to the rest of him over a manner of seconds. Then, he felt himself start to vibrate; his body shook, yet the tremors weren’t painful or unple

2:1411 Keep the Costume by
You sit right beside Rocko, he smiles. You’ve hidden the costume in your satchel. The both of you continue talking your way into sleep again. The stuffed satchel serves as a pillow as you doze off into sleep peacefully.  Your reasoning as to why you’ll be keeping it: Rocko was more experienced,

6:629 Accept by Hollowpages
“Um.” He sighed and rubbed the back of his neck. “Sure, I guess.”


The kitsune grinned wide. “Perfect.”


Without a word, the kitsune’s entire body was engulfed in a strange white flame. Daniel gasped and nearly fell backwards, only for the mass of flame to spring

2:1410 Moving on by
Rocko’s arms extended first and flexed lifelike, his claws flexing and fur blowing in the wind. His head moved and ears flicked and rotated, a growl coming from his chest as his body’s height increased from being much smaller than before. Once standing on flat feet now moved up into digitigrade

6:628 Partnership by Hollowpages
But the kitsune chortled. “No, no. Not like that. If it were a question of taking over your body completely to do my own bidding, then I would do so without wasting my time on idle conversation. No, the type of host I refer to is… a more delicate sort of balance between us.”



2:1409 Give him the costume by
Rocko looks at costume, surprised and reassured. He looks at you and says, “I can finally leave here.” His arms wrap around you. “Thank you, thank you so much!” You smiled. “No problem.” Would Rocko leave you behind? “By the way, how long are you staying here?” he asks, observing the