2:1724 Ceiling by Driftingdragon
The best choice seemed to be sneaking through the ceiling of what seemed to be a cafeteria. Tabletops dotted with colorful meals, and the distinct line of individuals lining up for their share of food seemed all too familiar to you. At the same time, you began to think about how you hadn’t had any

1:1611 Elder Djinn Q&A II by catprog
Part of you is a little annoyed internally, because of course when you have to choose something – which you have had to do frequently today, that hasn’t escaped you now that you mull it over – you find yourself unsure of how to proceed. You didn’t anticipate you’d NEED to ask a set number

2:1723 double cross him by Driftingdragon
“Were you going to help me find the person I’m looking for?” You asked him in a soft tone. He watched your manipulative eyes as they darted back and forth across his face. How could he have possibly obliged to your kind of cuteness, wagging your tail, you flailed your lashes delicately just to

1:1615 A Breath of Fresh Air by Hollowpages
‘I think I want to learn more about what I’m able to do now,’ you say, and you turn your gaze to Moirine. ‘Are you open to showing me how I can become human? And, well, teaching me the other things I can do besides control the water around me as a selkie?’


Moirine nods. ‘I ce

2:1722 Get closer by Driftingdragon
You decided to get closer to him, asking a few questions here and there, turns out he was actually a pretty interesting person. He seemed to like you as well; maybe it was the fact that the both of you were similar in species, maybe it was just your charm. Regardless, there was chemistry, regardless

8:135 Try and communicate by Ai Dungeon
You cannot communicate with least not in a way they would understand. You watch as a few of them point at you and shout. They seem frightened, but curious. "It is the same as the artist drew. Do you think she knows where he is?"


"How do you know the creature is f

2:1719 Talk to the guard. by Driftingdragon
“Excuse me guard, I’m just looking for someone, I’m sorry for bothering.” you struggled to keep your voice soothing enough for the guard to suspect nothing. “You see, I was invited here by someone I know, and I just needed to get in.” You smiled nervously. “I just… Their phone is off

1:1610 Elder Djinn Q&A II by catprog
You know you have only a finite amount of time to speak with Alajeem, and you don’t want to waste it – you decide to shelf the curiosity you have on genie ages (you can ask Akam about that, after all), and instead, you decide to go a different route with your questioning by focusing on something

2:1718 Just go by Driftingdragon
The first moment you had a chance, you ran into the front of the building. Without any regard to what’s going on around you, it seemed to be the best possible course of action in your mind. The quicker you move, the more likely it is for you to survive. You didn’t care to remember which hallways

6:679 Falling Down by Ai Dungeon
As he explores the floor fails and he finds himself falling. At the bottom of the fall he suddenly slows and stops. Looking around he finds himself in a dimly lit hallway. "Hello?" He calls out but there is no response. There is a light sound of shuffling nearby and he turns to face the di

2:1717 Basement by Driftingdragon
You had already gone up, and you realized that your journey so far had exhausted you. It was clear that you were alone, and needed help in this new world, so why not at least get the help of gravity as you descend into the basement. “Of course, if I want to figure out what’s going on, I have to

1:1614 Selkie Wisdom VI by Hollowpages
You weigh over the choices in your head, and you can’t really lean toward one over the other – you feel like you could go either way, and you also kind of want to find out more about what it is you as a selkie can do. However, in the end, you let your curiosity win out, and you figure you’ll f

2:1716 Noisy door by Driftingdragon
You thought about it once or twice, actually a few times, for some reason the pained screams vibrating from the other side of the door didn’t seem to deter your actions. Had your environment finally gotten the better of you? Were your impulses your grandest foil! To your surprise, the only thing o

1:1609 Elder Djinn Q&A by catprog
After giving it some thought, you decide on what you want to do.


“Hey, Alajeem,” you say, and you hold the djinn’s gaze for a breath. “Would it help to, I guess, ‘ease’ your reservations with this if we make a deal?”


Alajeem arches one eyebrow, interest flashing

2:1742 woodcutting by catprog
You thought to yourself for a moment as he stood there waiting. His eyes seemed to grow more impatient by the moment, and his folded arms and tapping foot only seemed to distract you from your choice. “Wait, what was that first option?” you thought to yourself? “Uhh how about woodcutting!” y

2:1741 BEG FOR MONEY by catprog
One thing you noticed freelancers doing the most was begging for money. Despite you not having a specific product or proper skills put in place for business, you realized that some of the most successful people had simply asked others for funding. You set up a gofundme for your ‘work’ as you loo

2:1740 Leave the house by catprog
If you were going to be a freelancer, you realized that it would have been more benefit for you to do it in person, rather than on the internet. You knew that there was a lot of mistrust around online freelancers, and you wanted to make sure that your customers had the utmost amount of trust in you.

2:1715 Option to Follow a Weird scent. by Driftingdragon
At once, two things seemed to catch your attention. First it was the smell of rotting meat nearby, then the odd musky scent of another being like yourself. Who could it have been? Despite your hungry stomach, you figured it would be easier hunting big game as at least two… or more? You have no cho

8:134 Griffon by Ai Dungeon
You sketch out the basic outline of the griffon and once the tail is inked you feel the tail form ou your actual body You try to stop the inking but the pen starts to move by itself. Each individual feather inked out is another feather that appears on your back. The feathers grow longer and thicker

2:1714 Bow drill by Driftingdragon
Your survival depended on the construction of simple machines. All you needed was some string and a stick. With the help of your fire, you noticed some stringy growth strong enough for you to weave into some rope. A more rigid dryer stick worked for the base. You notched the wood and slid the knotte