2:1436 Others by Hollowpages
The fox’s smile returns. “Ah, no. You see, you aren’t the only one like this,” it uses its tail to gesture to your new form. “There are others. Many others. Male, female, both, neither. They came through other doors in other rooms and donned new skins of various kinds. Some are close, othe

2:1448 The King by Driftingdragon
“You again?” one of them hissed at the frail male lion you’ve stalked with. He only retorts in spatting. “We were hunting here.” You say to the lion. “Yeah well you followed them right into our territory.” she nearly cuts you off. The other lions now circling around you. They begin tal

2:1443 Theater by Driftingdragon
The following day is when you and the male squirrel start to execute your plan. The two of you arrive to your classes on time as to not rouse any suspicion, then during lunch the two of you meet up and discuss the logistics of your plan. “Okay so if you’re looking for a costume I think I know wh

6:652 Leave by psto1464
“You know what? Forget it.” Daniel said wiping her muzzle with her hands. Sighing, she felt tired; very tired. Not because she finished a work out and it was getting to her rest period. She had enough of them, the secrets, and not feeling safe. “Messer?” Matthew asked it softly. Daniel scoff

2:1435 What is this place exactly? by Hollowpages
You take a moment to think. “What is this place exactly? And why am I…” You gesture to your new body. “…this?”


The fox studies you with thoughtful eyes once more. “This place is detached from the mundane reality you come from. It is almost a fantasy world, a place of endles

2:1447 Hunt Together by Driftingdragon
“We should hunt together, so we’d be more likely to actually catch something.” You say as your ears perk up. “That way we can stand our own with large prey.” the much smaller lion’s eyes light up as they meet yours. “What? You’d be willing to share your prey with me?” He says, almo

6:651 Tell me / Let's go by psto1464
“Tell me,” Daniel asked Matthew. “Look unless there is some other dragon in this compound.” Daniel looked around for emphasis. There was no one else there. “I'm all you got, and all you got thinks the knight have a point.” Daniel laid her all her cards on the table, as her dad liked

2:1442 Boyfriend by Driftingdragon
The following day you find yourself back at the abandoned mills, laughing to yourself about the history of this location, the number of inside jokes shared among your peers. You spend your day being lazy and playing with random rocks you find on the ground, you turn them in your hands as you take a

2:1439 Wake Up by Driftingdragon
The next morning, you come to while sitting up, hands tied behind you, and sore you wake up in a chair, in a dark room, illuminated only by candles, only meters away from you. Farther than that you don’t seem to see anything, you hear a low drumming noise in the distance. Your pupils shrink as you

2:1434 Talk to the Fox by Hollowpages
You weigh your options for a moment longer, but your eyes keep flickering behind you where the fox is just sitting, watching on. Curiosity gets the better of you, and you turn around to face the strange fox. Without a word, you slowly move toward it, wondering if it will run away the second you get

2:1446 “So what do you do out here?” by Driftingdragon
“So what do you do out here?” You ask him. “Whatever I can.” He says in response, now cleaning underneath his nails. You find yourself growing hungry once more, now that your guard is lowered you begin to scrape the last of the flesh from the ivory bones from the carcass. Maggots wriggle fr

6:649 Bring on the knights! by psto1464
“Bring on the knights,” Daniel said raising a hand it what she hoped looked like team spirit. “That cheerleader friend of yours would do better.” Matthew said. “Let's go!” Turning on his heel and left the room in a small run, or what he frequently called it; a walk. When she called

2:1441 School by Driftingdragon
You find yourself getting forced to go to school by your parents, over the next several days. Taking your classes, hanging out in clubs, and self enlightenment, all old news to you at this point in your life. You haven’t found it in you to truly mix things up this time around. You’ve always been

2:1438 Time Passes by Driftingdragon
By the beginning of the second week you have almost come to remember the names of each individual child. You ponder to yourself how much more there is to expect about this family, as you make your usual trip back from the lake, hauling the morning catch back home on your own. Struggling slightly wit

2:1433 Land by Hollowpages
You flutter down to the ground - a soft patch of grass greets your furry feet. It feels quite nice against your skin, and while some part of your brain - the logical part, no doubt - is very much still afraid, confused, and bewildered at all that’s happened, you can ignore it fairly easily, you fi

2:1445 “I found it first.” by Driftingdragon
“I found it first.” You say, bearing your fangs threateningly. “Hey hey, no need for any of that.” He carried his frame around you and the kill, almost circling you like one of the vultures flying overhead. “I’m just here for the same reason you are.” His tail flickers, gesturing to th

6:647 Show that dragon initiative by psto1464
“Should I come too?” Daniel asked. Matthew was staring at her, really staring at her. A heat built up inside her at the intensity. It wasn't anger his eyes weren't dark enough, whatever it was that he saw; made him smile. A smile that burned her down to her toes, and had he build human

2:1432 Flight by Hollowpages
At first, you panic - you hadn’t even realized the floor beneath you was made of glass, nor that you had been so high up! You attempt to scream, but, before the noise can go from your throat to the air, you feel something, like a tug geared at your back.


Then, you realize: you have win

6:646 Training by psto1464
There are many types of hell. They came in many forms. Daniel thought homework and tests were hell once, and they were to the student he once was. Daniel wiped his, no, her; forehead. Running like a man women made it hard to focus on her pronouns. “Dragons don't sweat! Stop wasting your time

2:1444 Food by Driftingdragon
Finally you find yourself before a freshly killed carcas, your arrival causes a flock of muscular vultultures to halt their ravenous consumption of the carcass. They spread their wings in flight, taking to the sky and pulling strings of flesh apart from the body. Some still grip carion covered bones