4:345 Rats by Ai Dungeon
The walls of the stairway down is covered in depictions of rats running along a winding path into the earth. You reach the bottom of the stairs and are immediately attacked by a group of rats. The creatures are quick and relentless. You fight back but your sword cuts through them with ease and as

1:1623 More Humans by Ashley Natter
But all your dreams of food and rest were crushed by a human scream.


“The hydra killed the captain!” A soldier by the entrance of the temple screamed, evidently lower class than their captain, wearing simple leather armor and carrying a spear and shield. “Kill the monster!”


2:1750 Leave by DriftingDragon
“Okay, let me just…” you said as you sheepishly exited the room alone. You nodded. There was silence, they stared at you weirdly. “Wait… Do you need me to..?” She began nervously before she began towards the door, pointing. “Yes!” you blurted out. “I think I’ll need a bit of help

1:1622 Attack by Ashley Natter
Not that he was going to make it easy, with a strong feet game he kept moving and deflecting your attacks with his long blade. Coming towards you with every movement and every strike going deeper.


“Now it’s your end, beast!” The human laughed and darted forward with surgical, exact

2:1749 Go in by DriftingDragon
With disregard to every warning sign, you push your way through the doors and break everyone’s concentration. Through their face masks, they look shocked. “Holy!!” one person could be heard, muffled through their covering. “Wait a minute… This can’t be…” Another one added in. “Get

1:1621 Retreat by Ashley Natter
Covered in steel, he fought as if he was invincible. He charged recklessly with the sword pointed at your heart, batting away your heads with the two-handed sword. You retreated instinctively, trying to keep a distance, but still unfamiliar to the weight and shape of your body, the blade of his long

2:1748 Check #1 by DriftingDragon
“This one.” you said, confused about your pick. It was some word you had never seen before, but it had begun with a prefix which you had recognized. “Neuro” you thought to yourself. “I can handle that.” With reassurance, you took a moment to check over your answer. “Cool.” the guide

4:344 Dungeon World by Ai Dungeon
A towering guildhall looms before you, its regal red brickwork inlaid with bands of smooth white stone. You ascend its wide marble steps, through huge wooden doors carved with the guild's symbol, a black anvil, and into the dark shadows and cool air inside. You enter a room, its walls orange in

1:1620 Goblins by Ashley Natter
A glorious creation of time immemorial, still glowing softly with strange magics that protected it from time and the elements. You take the steps one by one, the stone covered by green and black mold, the once regal door frame was forced out of its hinges, the wood rotten and breaking down under its

2:1747 Say what pops into your head. by DriftingDragon
“Uhh, technician?” when you heard your voice ring out down the gurney-cluttered hallways, the reality of what you said had sat in. “Okay, please fill out this form.” She brought out a neat looking clipboard with a piece of paper checkered with questions and spaces for a response. Anxiety gri

1:1619 Attack by Ashley Natter
He roared and the night went silent, frogs and insects suddenly going quiet as the wolf charged, its head lowered, wicked fangs pointed at you. You tried to dodge, but the fangs opened a deep cut on your neck, it spilled blood and left your vision twisting.


The strange wolf readied for a

2:1746 Shy by DriftingDragon
“I’m looking for work, I heard you had some open positions.” you fumbled with your fingertips. The words seemed to stick in your throat, you remembered how poor your public speaking skills were. All your life your parents were usually the ones to do this kind of stuff, but today, it was all yo

1:1618 Run by Ashley Natter
“Monster!” The owner of the store screamed pointing at you and soon the screams are being replicated through the village. Torches were lit and an alarm bell wailed.


You raised your hands in a signal of peace, but the sight of your large claws only made the peasant run away screaming

2:1745 Lets go by DriftingDragon
you follow at his heels as quickly as you can carry yourself, and for a moment, it didn’t seem to bother you that you were out in public in such skimpy clothes. “I guess that’s what fur is for…” you thought to yourself. “So” You begin, aloud. “A Subway?” You ask. “Yeah, there

1:1617 Hydra by Ashley Natter
A genie’s magic is something ancient, far older than even elven sorcery. Their spells are no mere incantations or arcane formulae that bends reality, but a force of nature capable of reshaping and altering reality at a fundamental level.


His power is a blistering maelstrom that blows o

2:1744 Oh Wait by DriftingDragon
Before you began too hastily, you remembered the main issue: your clothes. “It’s fine you’re not going to need that.” He said, but before he had the time to finish responding, you ripped the bedsheets from the bed and wrapped them around your body in a toga-like fashion. With a quick turn an

2:1735 Hide by Ai Dungeon
You yelp in pain, before headbutting him in the nose. He shouts in pain and staggers back. You leap forward, propelling yourself off his shoulders and away from the rest of the group. You quickly scamper up a wall and grab onto a ledge, pulling yourself up. You crawl along the ledge to safety and hi

6:680 Transformation by Ai Dungeon
He follows the lights until he finds himself in a medical bay. Looking around he sees nothing but medical equipment. He feels his insides reshaping as the liquid flows through. "Please lie down on the bed to prevent injury" the computer voice says. He lies down on the bed and immediately s

2:1728 Swing by Driftingdragon
Taking another look, you realize that there is an alternative path. Vines lined the walls and hung down loosely into the center of the pit. It was as if the thick snaking greenery was mother nature’s hair as it hung, presumably all the way to the bottom. You could have crawled across, or maybe eve

1:1616 Selkie Skinwalker by Hollowpages
You ponder your next step; Moirine has been a bit vague with what else you as a selkie can do (you wonder if she’s being vague on purpose to excite your interest, or because she’s just trying to play with you… or maybe she doesn’t know enough of what you individually can do?). You admit to y