4:342 To the VR Room by AIDungon
You take it and she leads you through hallways. You soon find yourself in a large open area with grass beneath your feet. "Where are we?" you ask looking around. "One of the VR rooms. The walls and roof are holographic displays" she explains "Here, I'll show you."

1:1605 A New Nest by Hollowpages
After a moment longer of steady gliding, you end up dropping down, and you fly toward the shop properly. You end up coming to a stop and perching on the windowsill where the window is open, the very same window you flew out from earlier that day. Seconds later, Akam floats to where you are, the vase

2:1710 DRINK UP by Driftingdragon
By the moment your device was full, you did not hesitate to throw back the water as if it was the first drink of your life. The delicious rivulets of water poured down your face as your throat moved more and more of the substance into your stomach. The fluids tasted weird and a bit bitter, something

1:1598 Talk by Ai Dungeon
You almost don't want to admit it,but you really are afraid of this kind old man.You feel as if he could see right into your soul with those sightless eyes. "Well,I best be off."You give a nervous laugh as you start walk away. You look back with a fearful glance.You can still see the

4:341 Room service by Ai Dungeon
An eternity later, you hear a knock on the door and sit up. "Room service" You get off the bed and open the door, seeing one of the tigers standing there with a plastic tray in its hands. "You need to eat. I will just leave this here for you" he says setting the tray down and wal

2:1709 Water by Driftingdragon
It was the base of all life, water. It had to be your top priority, afterall, dehydration hits before starvation. The first thing you noticed was the dewey films on most of the foliage. The thick wax lining the ridges of the leaf gave you a clever idea to catch condensation. Shortly after you had de

1:1604 Falcon: Free-Flying by Hollowpages
You soar above the shop for a moment, your eyes flicking about, to and fro - you take in the sights of the little area that seems to exist separate from the world you live in. It’s odd, of course, to consider it, yet given everything else you’ve done and been through, you feel you’ve grown to

4:340 Tigress by Ai Dungeon
When you awake the feelings of change are now complete but everyone is staring at you. "It looks like it was not a tiger vial that she grabbed" one of them says. "What do you mean?" you ask, your voice sounding strange. "It was a tigress vial" the tiger says. "I kn

2:1708 Continue on, sluggish. by Driftingdragon
You figured that you shouldn’t waste much more time. After what you did to that carcase, it must have released a warning sign to all other scavengers, and you knew your body was too full to muster the energy to fight one of them off, let alone another canine. Shaking it off, you began pawing your

1:1603 Making Changes II by Hollowpages
The ability to freely change forms the way Ali does… you can’t lie and say it doesn’t sound enticing. Being forced to deal with a time limit hinders what you feel could be a lot of fun, given how you did accept this wish’s parameters in the first place. So, you do feel strongly that acceptin

4:339 Tiger by Ai Dungeon
The fur by now is clearly white with black stripes. Your hands have shrunk and acquired a clawed appendage. Your teeth feel weird in your mouth, and you realize with horror that they have moved and shifted into a mouth full of sharp teeth. "A white tiger" the other tiger says looking over

2:1707 Take a nap by Driftingdragon
You assumed that your senses were enough to keep you on your digits as you slept for a short amount of time. After all, you were able to find this initially, surely you would be able to sense the foreign scent of another being. Slowly, you blinked your eyes closed, resting your heavy head on your pa

1:1602 Making Changes by Hollowpages
The more you consider your options - and you also listen to see what options those around you suggest - the more you find yourself leaning toward a decision that, at least for you, feels right. Alajeem may or may not be the most morally ‘sound’ being you’ve ever met, of course, but even so, a

1:1597 Selkie by Ai Dungeon
You are a male human who has fallen into a underground cavern filled with costumes.Every costume is of an animal.Looking around you finally decide on putting on a seal costume. The moment you put the costume on it comes alive and starts to cover you.Your legs fuse together and your feet become a ta

2:1706 Food?! by Driftingdragon
Your ears perked up and your fur began to bristle as you felt the inner wolf coming out of you. You dropped to all fours and slobber began to drip down your mouth, a deep hunger came over you, and the only thing occupying your mind was when your next meal was. Despite not knowing, you had confidence

4:338 Agree by Ai Dungeon
You consider her offer for a moment and then agree. You follow her to an airlock and wait as she opens it. The door hisses open and reveals a small lab. She gestures for you to enter and you do so. As soon as you are inside she grabs you by the arm and injects you with something in her syringe gun.

1:1601 Ancient Histories V by Hollowpages
You ponder this for a moment, and while you have other things on your mind, you can’t help but want to ask a little more. Finding out this information from Alajeem makes sense to you - given the fact he has the most experience with all that’s happened in the djinn realm, after all.


2:1705 Stinky door by Driftingdragon
Clearly the door without screaming death sounds was the safest. You were completely doubtless about the smelly door being the safer one, and soon realized that this wasn’t even a choice for you. To your surprise, what was on the other side was something you would have never expected. You should ha

4:337 Pick a random direction by Ai Dungeon
Picking a direction at random you continue down the path. Soon you hear footsteps behind you. You whirl around, but see nobody there. You pick up your pace and fall as you emerge into a large underground cavern. The cavern is vast with only a faint light allowing you to see the path through to the o

1:1600 Ancient Histories IV by Hollowpages
You weigh over the things you could do for a moment, before you decide you kind of want to keep conversing with this ancient djinn - except, you admit to yourself that you kind of want to see if he’d open up about his own past.


‘Alajeem, may I ask a personal question?’ you say.