2:1699 Call out by Driftingdragon
“Help!” you cry out. “Help me!” you continue, whimpering like the helpless pup you were. Hanging your head low, the dank smells of this room burned your nostrils as you panted in the cold air. Despite not having exerted yourself, your anxiety had caused you to hyperventilate. You knew that i

1:1595 Battle them by Ai Dungeon
Mara explains that there is a group of human bandits who roam from oasis to oasis, looting and pillaging. "You trust me, even if I used to be a human?" You ask, a little worried. "You are my mate now. You are one of us." She says, with a reassuring tone in her voice. You find you

2:1698 My plan! by Driftingdragon
“Of course.” You took a moment to breathe, and you collected yourself completely before formulating the reply; your silence seemed deafening to the enormous creature sitting across from you. “That’s what we’ll have you think.” The weight of your response seemed to shock the middle-aged r

1:1588 Ancient Histories II by Hollowpages
‘May we have a moment to think?’ you ask.


Alajeem arches an eyebrow at you. “Awfully polite to ask me. I like that.” He nods. “I shall not eavesdrop on your conversation, though you likely know by now that you can converse without me hearing either way.”


At this,

2:1697 wait a bit. by Driftingdragon
You took a moment to calm your nerves, thinking and planning about what you were going to do next. “What was in that other room? Is that… Talking?” Your sensitive ears heard two or more voices muttering beyond the doors opposite to you. By this time, the distant footsteps had just become muffl

1:1594 Alpha female by Ai Dungeon
You awake to the sun shining in your eyes. You look around, and notice that two of the women from last night are already awake. They beckon you over, and give you some food for breakfast. You eat it happily, and thank them again for it. They just smile, and nod at you. "Come on" one says.

2:1695 Left by Driftingdragon
You entered the room on the left and quietly closed the door behind you, turning the doorknob as it passed the latch, before slowly and quietly rotating the knob into the wall. You find yourself in a broom closet; the acrid smell of chemicals stung your nose, and your ears pricked up to catch every

7:42 In the Morning by Ai Dungeon
I know a few of you are still weary about this plan and I don't blame you. I'll be honest, I have my doubts too, but it's the best chance we've got. Now whether or not we run into any Radinri patrols is another story, but assuming that we do, I want all of you to stay close and d

2:1694 DUCK! by Driftingdragon
Quick thinking! Your expertly tuned eyes spotted a corridor which seemed larger than usual, there were far fewer cameras, and only two options, about ten feet down the hallway. Agilely, you turned on a dime and darted into the wide pathway; its gaping mouth loomed over you. Which door will you enter

3:405 Look around the room by Ai Dungeon
You look around the room from your vantage point on the floor. Cool air swirls around your bare bosom, sending a shiver through your body. A window is open, offering a way out of this room, but you know that if you leave the building, it will seal shut and you will be trapped as a sphinx.


2:1693 KEEP GOING! by Driftingdragon
The anxiety clutching your being began to choke you from the inside out. They were quickly gaining on you, and the way you exerted all of your energy running up the first few flights was slowly starting to get to you. You reconsidered going so quickly at first, thinking that you could have put some

1:1593 Fight by Ai Dungeon
"That's my target" the woman says. "Good luck". She pushes you towards the wolf, and you begin walking towards it. The wolf growls, eyeing you. You feel fear, but try not to show it. The wolf prowls forward, growling. It gets down low, and begins to charge towards you. You f

2:1692 Keep going by Driftingdragon
You couldn’t be deterred, your focused mind only worked to power your pumping legs as you sprinted two and three stairs at a time. It was like a deep stretch following an exhausting press, but you trudged on like a machine. Your eyes glistened with a different kind of anticipation with every step

2:1720 Freedom II by Hollowpages
After a moment of pondering, you sigh and smile. Without a word, you make your choice known and sit down beside your two new friends. It must be a sight to behold - two human kangaroo hybrids, sitting on the ground next to a dingo human hybrid, but at this point, you don’t care much. You’re tire

2:1691 go to the roof by Driftingdragon
The clearest option to you seemed to be to get a better vantage point, and therefore you can have a proper scan of the place, just for your own safety. As you began your ascent, your legs began to feel tired after the first few flights, yet you were still a ways away from anything interesting. Or we

7:41 Flee by Ai Dungeon
The lack of resources and the new hunters made the choice inevitable. He needed to get everyone to the new city. The only problem was how? They couldn't afford to get stuck in the forests so that only left one option: the old highway. It wasn't ideal, but it was their best shot at getting

2:1690 Stairwell by Driftingdragon
There seemed to be only two directions, up and down. Much like the last time, up was always the option for you. You looked up the enormous span of stairs and figured that there were way too many floors you could have invested in. It was almost impossible for you to figure out where you were going to

1:1592 Your new pride by Ai Dungeon
You wake up and find yourself in a tent. You can remember what happened perfectly, even though you're still foggy. "I need to get out of here" you think. You panic for a second, but then remember what happened. You quickly look at yourself, confirming that your body is now female. You

2:1689 Wait the cameras by Driftingdragon
“Oh yeah” you said aloud. “Incriminating evidence.” you covered your face with your shirt and destroyed the three sets of cameras pointed directly at the front door. “That way, they won’t know which way I went. Continuing as planned, you were now able to more comfortably navigate the bui

3:404 Ankh by Ai Dungeon
A pure, golden light falls upon the ankh, falling like a halo from the heavens, crowning it with divinity. The symbol of life itself calls to you, inspiring awe as you gaze upon its perfection and beauty.


You place the ankh around your neck, feeling the weight upn your chest. A soft, gol