1:1627 Sleeping by Ashley Natter
As the night progressed, they broke open their barrels of ale. The golden mixture was poured in a collection of mugs, some of them proper mugs you could guess they had taken from somewhere, but most of them handcrafted ones made out of pieces of armor, furniture, and bones. They cheered and sang hap

2:1754 Ask by DriftingDragon
“So what’s this all about?” you asked, quietly. “This hospital you mean?” She picked apart your question as you walked. “Yeah, I mean. I’ll be working with children, right?” “Of course!” “And this is a hospital?” “Yes?” Her draw was slow and guarded. “Why are these two

4:346 Escape by Ai Dungeon
"Nope" you say going back to the previous room. Luckily the room is still empty. You head up the stairs to find someone waiting for you. "I bet you have many question" she says. "Why do I look like a rat?" you ask. "That is the taint from the dungeon. It will be co

1:1626 Healing by Ashley Natter
The predator aspect wasn’t a clean eater, tearing off large chunks of worm’s meat and gulping them down, scattering bits of flesh and juices all over the floor. He took a special taste for smaller worms that he could swallow whole.


Then comes the medicine. The same female goblin that

2:1753 Recess watch by DriftingDragon
“Recess sounds like fun!” you say aloud. “Do you think you’ll have fun doing that job?” The guide asked you. You pondered for a moment. “Of course!” you said, perking up. “I love recess.” You continued, “I can handle children with a lot of energy.” his gaze met yours. “Sounds

1:1625 Victory by Ashley Natter
While you kept the three of them at bay with feinting bites, the viper head attacked in quick bursts, his regrown fangs could go all the way through their leather armor and even a small dose of his poison would prove fatal for a human. You don’t manage to bit anyone, but the simple fear of it is e

2:1752 Ponder by DriftingDragon
You took a quick breath and collected yourself for a moment. Your gaze met hers, and you quietly began to explain yourself. “I’m new here, looking for a uhm… job.” You glanced around, and then back at her. “I was wondering if there's some kind of um…” with crossed arms, she looked

1:1624 Goblins attack by Ashley Natter
“Kill the invaders!” You heard their scream, coming from your left, but can barely believe in the goblins coming through the breaches in the ruins like a small army. They wear no armor and come armed with blowguns and sharp obsidian blades.


The soldiers were stunned for a moment of s

2:1751 Look Around by DriftingDragon
You looked around and found similar equipment in a bin right to the side of the door. “That’s it!” you thought to yourself. *INCISION Reallocate Improvise

4:345 Rats by Ai Dungeon
The walls of the stairway down is covered in depictions of rats running along a winding path into the earth. You reach the bottom of the stairs and are immediately attacked by a group of rats. The creatures are quick and relentless. You fight back but your sword cuts through them with ease and as

1:1623 More Humans by Ashley Natter
But all your dreams of food and rest were crushed by a human scream.


“The hydra killed the captain!” A soldier by the entrance of the temple screamed, evidently lower class than their captain, wearing simple leather armor and carrying a spear and shield. “Kill the monster!”


2:1750 Leave by DriftingDragon
“Okay, let me just…” you said as you sheepishly exited the room alone. You nodded. There was silence, they stared at you weirdly. “Wait… Do you need me to..?” She began nervously before she began towards the door, pointing. “Yes!” you blurted out. “I think I’ll need a bit of help

1:1622 Attack by Ashley Natter
Not that he was going to make it easy, with a strong feet game he kept moving and deflecting your attacks with his long blade. Coming towards you with every movement and every strike going deeper.


“Now it’s your end, beast!” The human laughed and darted forward with surgical, exact

2:1749 Go in by DriftingDragon
With disregard to every warning sign, you push your way through the doors and break everyone’s concentration. Through their face masks, they look shocked. “Holy!!” one person could be heard, muffled through their covering. “Wait a minute… This can’t be…” Another one added in. “Get

1:1621 Retreat by Ashley Natter
Covered in steel, he fought as if he was invincible. He charged recklessly with the sword pointed at your heart, batting away your heads with the two-handed sword. You retreated instinctively, trying to keep a distance, but still unfamiliar to the weight and shape of your body, the blade of his long

2:1748 Check #1 by DriftingDragon
“This one.” you said, confused about your pick. It was some word you had never seen before, but it had begun with a prefix which you had recognized. “Neuro” you thought to yourself. “I can handle that.” With reassurance, you took a moment to check over your answer. “Cool.” the guide

4:344 Dungeon World by Ai Dungeon
A towering guildhall looms before you, its regal red brickwork inlaid with bands of smooth white stone. You ascend its wide marble steps, through huge wooden doors carved with the guild's symbol, a black anvil, and into the dark shadows and cool air inside. You enter a room, its walls orange in

1:1620 Goblins by Ashley Natter
A glorious creation of time immemorial, still glowing softly with strange magics that protected it from time and the elements. You take the steps one by one, the stone covered by green and black mold, the once regal door frame was forced out of its hinges, the wood rotten and breaking down under its

2:1747 Say what pops into your head. by DriftingDragon
“Uhh, technician?” when you heard your voice ring out down the gurney-cluttered hallways, the reality of what you said had sat in. “Okay, please fill out this form.” She brought out a neat looking clipboard with a piece of paper checkered with questions and spaces for a response. Anxiety gri

1:1619 Attack by Ashley Natter
He roared and the night went silent, frogs and insects suddenly going quiet as the wolf charged, its head lowered, wicked fangs pointed at you. You tried to dodge, but the fangs opened a deep cut on your neck, it spilled blood and left your vision twisting.


The strange wolf readied for a