6:627 Kitsune by Hollowpages
The figure chuckled, again an almost guttural noise. “Humans. How fascinating it is that some of you can be so terrified, while others are easily intrigued. I[‘ve seen many who freaked out even worse than you have, while others still have been the opposite. Nevertheless… let me try and ease yo

2:1413 To the city by
Compared to Todd, the dingo, your tiger appearance should have frightened him away, but he seemed pretty unfazed. It was quite weird to just walk up to a tiger but maybe costumers just intuitively knew who was a costumer, resident, or an animal.  Eventually you and Todd reached a clearing where sun

2:1408 Battle by
A battle quickly ensured. The thieves had you and Rocko surrounded without mercy. They tried snapping at you with swords and guns. Rocko helped fight with you. His offensive moves proved expertise against the thieves no matter the creature that they were. The flexing of his hybrid panther legs and

2:1407 Into the City by
“You’re stuck here, why?” And that can happen? “Well, I couldn’t find another costume so I’m stuck in this one.” Rocko turned around, tail moving with him. He was an anthropomorphic black panther. “Well, it’s my fifth costume so I didn’t see this complication coming.” You felt

2:1406 A new person by
“You okay there?” He was lifting himself from the ground, surprised but seemingly unharmed. “Oh… you’re…” You had a feeling you knew what he was going to say. So, you answered for him. “Yes, I am. And you?” “Yeah, let’s get you up.” He extended his hand towards you. You made

2:1405 Thieves Guild by
“Well, I’m part of the guild near the center. You’d probably like it. Maybe you’d like to join up?” You looked at your tiger friend. A guild? You’ve heard of such things but mainly from animation stuff and fans of such. Maybe from a game or two involving assassins. “What do you do?”

2:1412 A friend? by
Your arms extended and claws flexed at the end. The same occurred to your feet and you stretched your back legs. Your neck thickened and you shake your head, feeling ears move with you. Fur prickled all over your body. The once limp tail now moved with you, long and lengthy, flexible and somewhat at

2:1404 A new Environment by
Instead, you blinked and opened your eyes to find a whole new environment surrounding you.


The air smelled thick. Saturated with a various plants and fruits. The jungle surroundings called out all around you. You found yourself walking easily on four paws. The paws of a tiger—of the su

2:1403 Cerberus by Dead_Monsoon
You slip your feet carefully into the leg holes of the brown, furry costume. It has a strangely smooth texture on the inside, and it clings an awful lot everywhere you touch it, prompting you to pull it back off so that you’re able to push farther down. It’s a long, annoying process, but eventua

1:1492 The end by ashley-natter
“No,” you snap the last string and Konnor disappears in a glowing vortex, dragged beyond time and space to his own timeline.   You look around, the other transformed students are still unconscious, but no one seem to have been hurt too much, a few bruises and scratches sure, but they will be wa

1:1491 Fight him by ashley-natter
You vaulted forward and drove a back-kick towards Konnor face. A disrupted spell whizzed past you, and your claws slashed the wizard’s shoulder. Konnor summoned lightning wildly as he took two steps back. You pressed forward, trying to close the distance so he wouldn’t have time for any more spe

1:1490 More Creatures by ashley-natter
A long, serpentine naga charged towards you, four arms with sharp claws poised to strike, and you jumped towards her, striking her with both clawed feet, and the naga's forehead erupted in blood. She went down noisily.   Thunder erupted from the magician’s fingers, but you were unharmed by t

1:1489 Fight by ashley-natter
You reached out to touch it...  And the strings of magic snapped like tearing canvas.   Konnor whipped back as you jumped to your feet, he desperately howled another spell, but before he could complete it you sank your long claws bone-deep into his shoulders, and his words became a shriek of raw,

1:1488 Chase Him by ashley-natter
You follow him through the corridors, you still hear Pammy calling for you, but you track Konnor by scent through the crowd. You caught him on the gym, the door closed behind you by magic, runes covering the knobs.   You stared at him, a mix of defiance and shock on your face.   “What’s it goi

1:1487 "But you failed," by ashley-natter
"But you failed,” you could see it in front of your eyes, knowledge that seemed to spread beyond the normal boundaries of human understanding. “In the end, you couldn’t control them, your dreams were shattered in a summer night.”   "So, that’s what happened?” He asked without

1:1486 Konnor Lowell by ashley-natter
Konnor Lowell set his book down on the table next to you and slid into the chair.   “What the hell are you doing here?!”   His deep, black eyes probed deep, the corners of his mouth sketching an evil grim. Your heart missed a beat and in that pause, cold, sharp panic filled your veins. You loo

1:1485 Just in time by ashley-natter
You walked into your morning class just in time. Your friends were all there on the back of the class, chatting animatedly, they wave for you to get closer. You still hesitate for a moment, but they don’t seem to react to your new shape in any way.   At your side Pammy said, "Where have you

1:1484 More Talking by ashley-natter
You tried to wrap your head around all that. Your wing bumped a picture frame on the nightstand, and it almost shattered against the floor.    "I’ll not forget this time," you said as you tried to envision the muscles along your back relaxing, trying to keep your wings relaxed.   “A

1:1483 Female by ashley-natter
It takes you a moment to notice the perky B cup breasts in your chest and with some panic you noticed that your crotch had been changed too. You became entranced by your own image, exploring your new body with absolute wonder.   “Danielle, are you up?” Your mother was chirping up the stairs.  

1:1482 Back to reality by ashley-natter
And stopped.   For a moment, you still lay quivering as the virtual reality dissolves around you.   You were yanked awake by the sound of your phone ringing. You yanked out the VR headset desperately, your heart throbbing as you recover from the experience that had seemed so real.   A h