1:23 You sit under the tree by catprog
You sit under the tree.



1:24 A Blue Light by catprog
A blue light blocks everything else.

1:30 You start to grow fur by catprog
You start to grow fur. Although you can't tell what colour it is yet it is spreading fast

1:31 You start to grow scales by catprog
You start to grow scales.


Although you can't tell what colour they are yet, they are spreading fast

1:32 Water Appears by catprog
Water appears and it continues to rise.

1:22 Pouncing by Cat
You make a wild pounce at the antelope but miss it by a few centimeters.


The herd then takes off, you must search for more food.

1:20 Were-Tiger by catprog
As you look at the moon, black and orange fur starts to grow, claws grow, a tail pops out and your ears become cat like. You fall onto 4 legs as they twist into that of a tiger.


You realise that you have been turned into a were-tiger.

1:21 Hunting by Cat
You notice a large antelope and your stomach grumbles. You decide to hunt the antelope and start a wild dash after the antelope

1:19 Transmogrify by Cat
You notice that the sun is going down and the moon is coming up.


You then notice you are growing hairy.


You realise you are now a werewolf!

1:18 Leaving by Cat
You exit the shop and walk back out into the sunshine.


The sun warms your body as you try and digest what has happened to you.


You drank a potion and can now change yourself into what ever you want. So are you going to try to transform or not?

1:9 Back in the cave by Maynard
You look down and with a twinge of fear realise how high you are. There is a twitch on your wings and you realise that even if you fall you can fly or a least glide.


Then you realise you can just go back the way you came. You turn around nearly falling a couple of times still not comple

1:17 Transmogrification by Cat
You drink the potion. You find that your hands are tingling.


Then a loud voice booms "congratulations you now have the power of transmogrification which means you can turn into anything"


1:8 In the shop by catprog
Unable to parse text

1:7 Trapped by Cat
You try and walk in your new form but trip over. You try again and go further before tripping. After a few more attempts you have gotten the hang of this new body.


You then walk through the passage. You get momentarily blinded by the sunlight.You find yourself trapped on the edge of a la

1:6 Making a passage out of the cave by Cat
You crane your long, neck back, admiring the scales of your flank and the heavier, thicker, darker ones that gave way to lighter spines that run along your back in twin ridges. You rub your head with a paw, feeling the fine frills along the sides of your neck... And the tail! A tail! It swings back

1:1 You are standing by a tree by catprog
There are 3 paths.


One appears to go to a jungle, one appears to go to a cave, one appears to go to a beach, you could try and climb the tree, there is a nearby shop you could go in, or you could do something else.


So what's its going to be?

1:2 You walk towards the jungle by catprog
All of a sudden the path collapses behind you. Luckily you can still continue to the jungle.


As you do you start to grow orange fur with black stripes. You feel an enjoyable sensation as the wind rushes through your fur.


Teeth fill your mouth, so big they grow out like a sab

1:3 You walk towards the cave by catprog
You go into the cave.


All of a sudden you feel a weight on your behind. You turn and manage to get a glimpse of your new tail. As you do so it hits the side of the cave and causes a cave-in. There is still light coming through however.


You watch as scales slide up your body

1:4 Walk towards the beach by catprog
You slip and fall into the water.


As you swim around, your legs feel funny. You look at them and realise why. They have joined together, along with your feet, now pointing outwards. As this happens, they go grey with a white patch on the front.


All the hair on your legs fall

1:5 Climb the tree by catprog
You climb up the tree and sit on the branch.


The first sign that something is wrong is when your skin becomes itchy. You scratch at it but it feels different. You look and notice the feathers growing on your skin.


When you're completely covered in feathers, the next cha