2:35 Lugia by
You put on the costume. Suddenly you feel a itching sensation and try to take off the costume but it is stuck.


As you watch, the familiar white and blue feathers start to appear all over your body. You hear a rip as your new tail pops through your shorts and grows spikes like those of t

2:36 Tiger by
You pick the tiger costume ,strip and slip it on.


The first thing to happen is the costume merges with your skin.


You feel your spine stretch into the tail and try moving it around.


You feel your toes and fingers gain claws.


You get a slight wave of d

1:193 The hunt by Severok
With your new senses you can see through the night as if it were day. You feel an overpowering instinct to hunt, as you need to satisfy the hunger you now feel.


Following the smell of blood, you come to a small clearing with the blood trail from a wounded animal leading into a nearby for

1:194 Following the trail by Severok
Driven by your hunger, you follow the trail of blood into the woods to find the wounded animal that left it. You come to another small clearing and in the moonlight, you see the animal that left the trail, or at least what is left of it.


You hear movement in the nearby bushes followed by

1:195 Hunt the children by Severok
Deciding that fresh pray would satisfy your thirst for the hunt and the hunger that now consumes you, you follow your acute hearing and climb a hill overlooking a small village. You see a bunch of children playing outside.


Before the instinct to hunt can force you to attack. The moon goe

1:192 More Changes by
You then notice the fur starting to creep up your body.


When it reaches your head you feel your head reshaping.


You scream but it turns into a wolf's howl.


With horror you realise you are now a full wolf.

1:191 Platypus by
Looking over yourself you realise that you have a platypus tail.


You wait for the transformation to finish but halfway through it stops leaving you half platypus and half human. You are now a human platypus hybrid

1:190 Wolf by
With a sharp pain and a rip in your pants you grow a tail.


You watch in horror as fur ripples down your legs.


You watch as 2 new legs grow from your chest.


When the transformation finishes you realise that from the waist down your a wolf and have the behind of a

1:189 Spray your butt by
You spray some of it on to your butt.


To your shock you notice that...

1:185 The spray bottle by
You get the spray bottle. Now what are you going to do with it?

1:186 Spray it on your hair. by
You spray some of it on to your hair.


You notice a mirror and look in to it.


To your shock you notice that...

1:187 Your ears have become fox-like by
<spanFullTF> Much to your surprise the back of your ears starts to grow red fur with the inside growing white fur.


As you watch your ears migrate to the top of your head changing into a triangle shape as they do so.


You look in the mirror and a nearby picture of a fox

1:188 That there is a horn growing from by
You feel a sharp pain on your forehead.


Suddenly a horn appears and starts growing.


Looking at it you realise that it's a unicorn horn. You now have a unicorn horn growing from your forehead


So what are you going to do now?

1:184 Great Eagle by Muscat
You launch off the branch, and fly up high above the countryside. Below you to the left you see a rabbit scurrying for cover.

3:21 Sleepy Card by
It says "Dragons have legendary hibernation times".


Suddenly you feel tired.


As you fall asleep you notice that your now a full dragon.


When you wake up you realise that you have been asleep for 29 days.


You also notice that you are in what a

1:177 Mountain by
You come out of the portal and land on a mountain.


You then notice you are transforming but to what?


1:178 Renamon by
You begin to scratch furiously as fur continues to spread across your body. Your chest is soon covered in white fur, which begins to grow thicker and ruffle up around your neck.


On each shoulder, 3 "Spikes" of fur extend outward. Your fingers begin to merge together, forming

1:179 You become female by
You begin to panic a bit when your crotch begins to tingle.


As you watch in shock, your manhood begins to shrink and pull back into your body, you try to grasp it, hoping to maybe keep it from vanishing, but it's futile. You quiver a little as your internal plumbing begins to rewor

1:180 You become male by
You begin to panic a bit when your crotch begins to tingle.


As you watch in shock, your groin changes. You quiver a little as your internal plumbing begins to rework itself. You groan and cup your chest as it begins to shrink.


Your breasts disappear underneath the white fur,

1:181 The changes continue by
That quickly begins to change though as you feel the bones in your head starting to shift. You yell out in pain as your hear them crack and restructure, making your head more vulpine.


Your ears move up and extend outward. The yellow fur quickly grows all over your newly formed fox head,