2:53 vampire??? by Razortail
You've always been a creature of darkness. Why not change into a bat? Heck your stuck in this room anyway might as well change into something strange.


You grab the costume and wonder how exactly you are going to change and begin to pull it on. The changes are immediate.


1:233 Rat warrior by Razortail
At the base of the hill you see what appears to be a humoniod rat man wearing desiccated amour and a weird round hat. his attention seems to be drawn to something moving in the nearby trees. Whatever it is it has him looking like a vulture ready to strike. He readies his staff as if to attack but in

1:234 Die Genie, Die by Razortail
You hate what that genie has done to you.


You can feel how your internal body chemistry threatens to rebel. You can tell by certain smells on the air that the genie wasn't joking about this being a breeding farm. He shouldn't have screwed with you, but he did and now he will pa

1:235 You find a door outside. by
You find a door outside and so you go through it.


You find yourself in the digital world. You feel a sensation not unlike pins and needles around your wounds. You look and find out that they have healed.


You try and follow the scent but it has disappeared. You try to go back

1:232 hunter killer by Razortail
Pissed off about your new changes you think that maybe this werewolf thing will wear off once day light once again graces your skin. You go running from the store and enter the nearby mall.


People there are scared nearly to death by your raging form tearing down the aisles. You look for

4:2 waterworld by catprog
You switch realities to a world that is almost all water.


The journey disorients you a bit.


You arrive and look at your body.


The only thing that different is the dolphin tail that has replaced your legs and the blowhole in the back of your neck


2:51 Renamon by
You slip on gloves that have the yin-yang simple on them. Suddenly fur shoots up your arm. You try and get the gloves off but fail.


You begin to scratch furiously as fur continues to spread across your body. Your chest is soon covered in white fur, which begins to grow thicker and ruff

1:231 attacking by Yellow13
You rush the two-headed Dragon, and manage to remove its heads.


You start to walk away but you hear a noise, looks like the dragon is a hydra as well!

1:228 Play the VR Game by
You find a pair of vr googles.


You put them on and you find yourself in a game, but which one?

You wait for a brief moment and the game loads quickly.


You start in a open field with...

1:230 You find a group of mythological creatures. by
You find a group of mythological creatures.


You go to walk up to one but which one?

2:50 Vixen by
You find a Vixen costume. You then read the instructions on the costume for how to put it on and you strip so it will fit properly. You start by slowly sinking your legs into the costumes having to make a slight effort to begin with to fill the slender egs.


Finally you get it put on up

1:227 Rampage by OJ
You feel so angry at your mistake so just have to let it out. You find your way out and burn the nearest village.


You are a fire Drake after all. After this you feel better. So what do you do now?

1:224 "I have to forage for tighter pants!" by Tom Servo!
Well, that was pointless.


Some guy standing near you is rolling around on the floor laughing and fumbling for a digital camera. You're probably going to end up on a humor site somewhere. Care to try something else?

1:225 Brian Clevenger would be proud. =^.^= by Tom
You lift the bottle hesitantly and pull the trigger again to release a stream...into your eyes. The whole store is incapacitated with laughter as you run around frantically screaming and searching for a way to remove the soapy disinfectant from your eyes, knocking display racks over and generally m

3:29 Fire wolf by LorikFurdin
You pass through the door with a flame on it and you feel a bizarre warmth course through you. As you stumble into the next room you cough up a bit of smoke and look down at your paws in confusion.


What was once soft grayish fur is now a blaze red, and you feel that there is fire coursin

1:223 Joining the Group by Mezaron
As you walk toward the band of minotaurs, your feet start to cramp as your toes fuse together. Your heels push upward, leaving you to walk on your toes, which stiffen and expand, turning black and hard, becoming black, cloven hooves. As you continue forward, you get taller, as your legs get longer

2:49 Grand Taur ;) by LorikFurdin
As you approach a costume you start to change. Your breasts shrink and your groin changes . You realise you are now male.


Seeing no immediate problem with the idea you walk over the corner of the room and slip on the plastic horse hooves. For a moment there's no visible affect but

3:28 Wolven Nights! by LorikFurdin
As you step through the door into the mansion you feel a cooling mist wash over you and you fall to the floor as thick grey fur sprouts all over you and you pant softly as a long canine tongue lolls out of your mouth, finally being concealed within a pointed canine muzzle as your ears become pointed

1:221 An uneasy meal. by LorikFurdin
((No Tfs this chapter. C'mon peeps :D feel free to expand on this storyline and please PLEASE feel free to send suggestions to my email :D ))


After a few awkward moments you turn away from the big male and dig through the fridge, finally producing a carton of e