1:56 Stalking by Cat
You pick up the scent of blood in the air.


You move along and stalk just in case the wounded animal is dangerous.


You get to the smell and find a dead rhinoceros. You will feed tonight.

1:55 Swim towards the Sunset by Katie
You start swimming towards the sunset.


You jump into the air a couple of times, much to the delight of the native people.


They call you back towards the shore.



1:54 a village by Katie
You look around and see little children in grass skirts running around playing tag.


Suddenly, a big huge eagle swoops down and picks you up and takes you away.


You scream and scream but no one hears you.


Up ahead you see a clearing and another village.


1:51 Go with the man by Katie
You go with the man.


He leads you further and further into the jungle.


You start to get worried that he's leading you somewhere bad. You then see...

1:52 Pull away saying no by Katie
You pull away saying no. You have no idea where the stranger would take you.


You grab your coconuts and run. All of a sudden....

1:53 And fall into the water again by catprog
You fall into the water again, your skin goes all rubbery and smooth.


You realise you're turning back into a dolphin. You then notice the native man worshipping you.

1:50 Dragon(HYBRID) by catprog
As you watch, scales start to grow all over your body, with a sharp pain you grow wings, you feel your tongue fork as two horns appear on your head.


You look in a nearby puddle of water and realise that you're half-dragon and half-human.


Suddenly the changes stop. You l

1:48 Land by catprog
You realise you are becoming a myth creature of the land, but which one?

1:49 Roar by Bowie
You roar with anger as you missed the herd, you are hungry, the food source is getting scarce and the hyenas and jackals are laughing at you.


1:57 Water by catprog
You realise you are becoming a myth creature of the water, but which one?

1:47 Air by catprog
You realise you are becoming a myth creature of the air, but which one?

1:46 transmogrifying by Cat
You try again, this time it seems to work out well.


You are now an alligator.

1:45 Learning by Cat
You try your new skill and you notice your hands are becoming paws. You begin to see faint stripes, but you notice your feet have become claws. You are becoming a disfigured creature.


Maybe you should try it again?

1:44 The ground collapses by catprog
All of a sudden the ground collapses and you fall.


You get knocked out. When you awake you find that you are in a land when there is every type of myth creature.


You then notice that you are transforming but to what?

1:36 You go blind by Me
The blue light hits your eyes and it stings for a while. You open your eyes, at first you see blurs than shapes than your world tuns to complete darkness.

1:42 You flap your wings by Me
You flap your wings and attempt to fly. You lift off and before you know it you're 10 meters above the tree.

1:43 you brake through by Me
You try and breathe fire to make a tunnel but it doesn't quite get you there.


So you use your ice breath to freeze the rock. You slam your tail against it and it shatters. You then move outside into the sun.

1:40 Walk towards the hill by Katie
You walk towards a hill to get a better view of the island. When you get to the top you see?

1:41 lsdfkj by Katie
He speaks a different language.


You try hard to improvise with sign language and the native realizes what you are saying.


He climbs the next tree and gives you 7 coconuts. You thank him.


Then he pulls you towards the bush.


You then...


1:39 Friends by Cat
You notice some dolphins. You swim over and they all greet you nicely. Now you have some new friends.