4:10 The Gaining of Experience by Umassday
<!-- Start Major Edit (catprog)--> And then it becomes staggeringly obvious that the barkeep is ALSO one of the werebeasts. <!-- End Major Edit -->


You are startled by this fact and by reflex hit the barkeep square in the jaw. You are surprised by your strength, for you neve

4:8 Video games by catprog
You decide to travel to a video game. But which one will you choose?

4:9 Pokemon by catprog
You decide to travel to the pokemon world. However before you can jump you must decide your new body


a pokemon a male character from the show a female character from the show remain yourself or something else


3:38 Knock out by Umassday
You run from the fox, trying to get away, but he follows you.


You decide to travel north into a room. The fox stops when you reach the door and whimpers for you not to go in.


You enter, knowing now that the fox will not follow you. As you venture into that room, you sense so

3:39 Mythical Life by Umassday
You've been changed into a Naga, a creature that you read about in books. It appears that your lower body has changed into that of a large snake, while your upper body only got covered with scales. Your arms have gained muscle mass.


Then you feel something very wrong. You look down

2:76 You quickly follow them underground by
You quickly follow them underground


"The repealing crystals are fading again" the kitsune continues. "Repealing crystals?" you ask. "Oh ,your new" she answers with.


"The crystals are what protects us from the dragons" the kitsune explai

3:37 SSSSNAKE!! by
When you come to, you notice that you are on the floor. You try to get up but find that you cannot.


You open your eyes and see that your vision is kind of split. This is due to the extended mouth/nose you now have.


You scream out but all you hear is a hissing. You notice your

2:75 Centaur by creativesam
You walk over to fairly large mount of chestnut cloth. You decide to wear the costume.


You first slip your feet into the costume's legs. Next, you pull the rest of the costume up to your waist. Fasten the belt buckle to hold it in place. All signs of the fasteners dissolve back int

1:272 Escape by Kaztie
After a few months in the zoo being prodded and stared at by the Merfolk you have had enough of being laughed at and eyeballed. You have been watching the zoo staff for a while and find a gap in their security. You can escape, but you will only get one chance. If they catch you, you will most probab

1:273 ESCAPE by Kaztie
You decide to escape! Waiting until just the right moment, you swim away unaware of the electronic sensors they have around the edge of the cage which you're kept in. They know you're missing the instant you swim out.


You've tracked down and caught within a matter of minut

1:274 STAY IN CAPTIVITY by Kaztie
You decide that it's not worth the risk.


You stay in captivity for the rest of your life, eating fish and getting fat. After a while you get used to the life of a zoo attraction.

1:271 Quit horsing around by underdrag
You start to walk up a hill but you fall down. You try to get up and you fall again.


You decide to take off your shoes and see what's wrong with your feet.


When you pull your sock off you receive a huge surprise.


Looking at your foot you can see your toes f

3:36 People always said you were cold blooded. by underdrag
You feel an itching on the back of your hand and you go to scratch it. While you are scratching your hand it seems to be getting worse. You look down at your hand and see that you have scratched most of the skin off your hand.


You yell out in surprise. The itching intensifies as the skin

4:5 Star Trek: the Next Reality by underdrag
You both see and feel the universe shift around you. The world turns into a million different colours and sounds. You begin to feel dizzy. All the colours and sounds are too much for your brain, and you pass out.


When you wake up you are wearing a uniform. You look down and see the oblig

1:270 Huh Blue Eyes Ultimate by Gannon12345
You try and communicate with them and one responds. "Still can't talk huh" You then you get used to your new voice box. "Now I can talk." You then you tell it your story. Then one tells you "We were teenagers taking a lovely walk when all of a sudden we were this."

1:268 Male??? by
You begin to panic a bit when your crotch begins to tingle.


As you watch in shock, your groin changes. You quiver a little as your internal plumbing begins to rework itself. You groan and cup your chest as it begins to shrink. Your breasts disappear underneath the yellow fur, and you d

1:269 One more change ... by
Then you feel the change start again.


You shrink down to the size of a pikachu and your hair shrinks down. You try and speak but all that comes out is "Pika Pika Pikachu".


"This is even worse" you think "not only am I male but I can't speak and

4:6 I Say, What's that Man Doing in that Machine? by Mr.Peaches
You take some time to frolic in the water, pumping your tail and leaving some serious bubble trails. You leap out of the water, you dive to where you're sure those buried cities are (alas, the water's too dark and you can't see), and generally have a good time.


Hark! A lit

4:7 Sigh...Times Are Tough by Mr.Peaches
The smell of bread, beer and pipeweed smoke is quite prevalent. You figure, the best way to start any adventure is to take in some local scuttlebutt. You have a seat at the bar. The bartender comes over.


"Och, will doan't be breudn an' selkin, ye ferry," he bellows o

1:264 Pikachu by
Yellow fur begins to cover your body beginning with your feet.


A tail in the shape of a lightning bolt extends from the base of your spine.


You feel your cheeks change to red and a spark as your new electric sacs form and connect to them.


You feel your ears stre