3:49 Embarking! by Mr.Peaches
Off you go, galumphing along the cold floor, your lizardly senses confusing you thoroughly with every step. The voice has told you the rules, and you can't now remember anything it said; you've been turned into a bloody lizard.


This does not bode well.


But! You vagu

3:50 LIGHTNING ROUND!!!!!1 by Mr.Peaches
OK, so you're this awesome HAWT snake thing, and you use your naga-slithering to enter through a door, the nearest door, because your manhood has been stolen from you and you're not sure that's cricket.


So off you go, preparing yourself for the gauntlet of changes ahead, i

3:48 Lizard by underdrag
You suddenly feel warm, but dissmiss it as your overactive imagination playing tricks on you again (For some reason, it has done so ever since you entered the mansion) You try to get up but overbalance and fall on your face.


You push yourself up with your arms. Your weird scaly arms... &

4:28 Pick Thine Poison by Mr.Peaches
Paul's buddy steps back in surprise. He scowls.


"All right, prisoner, back against the wall."


You do so. You hear the clank of the guard's boots as he repositions himself.


"Find him?" Paul queries.


"Yep," is his

4:26 Earthquake! by underdrag
You are about to shoot the demon in the head, when the ground starts to shake. The imp gets scared and runs off.


The ground stops shaking, and you wonder where the imp ran off to. You have two choices.


Investigate where the imp went, or get back to Mars and report what happen

4:27 Hello? by underdrag
You decide to see where the imp went, and to see why it got so scared. You step out of the transport, and see a HUGE demon with a rocket launcher for an arm and a huge fist on the other. It has horns protruding from it's head, an evil grin, and above all, it looks ticked off.



4:24 Pokemon by
Well what pokemon are you going to be?

4:25 Shiny Rayquaza by DragonsXPS
You chose to become the legendary pokemon Rayquaza!


As you enter the portal to the pokemon world you suddenly double over in pain. You look at you hands and notice that scales start to form and turn green, also you notice that your clothes and shoes have disappeared.


You look

3:47 Roo's and wallabies. by underdrag
You walk through the door, and the door is suddenly shut behind you.


You look around and see nothing out of the ordinary.


You walk on. Then, you start to feel, dizzy, then hot. You start to grow fur. Before long, you pass out.


When you wake up, you have changed in

2:80 It aint easy being green. by underdrag
You look at them, and decide to put one on, just to joke around. You put the shell up over your head, and slip it on. You can almost here your friends voices mocking you, as if they knew what you are doing.


After adjusting the shell so that you can move freely in it, you put on the band

3:46 Ouch, my head! by underdrag
You realise what you have done, and start to feel sick.


Not only that, but you're having trouble staying conscious.


You are fighting a losing battle to stay awake. You can't fight it anymore. You have to... stay... awake...


After you pass out, you see...

1:278 What up, dog? by underdrag
The water starts to rise faster, and you soon realise that you are going to have to swim. You decide to do the doggy paddle.


You start to swim and then you start feeling strange. The first thing that you notice is that your movements are becoming more natural. Then you notice the muzzle

1:279 Crocodiles don't have wings. by underdrag
You start to feel a localized pressure on two places on your back. The pressure builds up, more and more, until two wings pop out of your back.


The next change is your neck growing longer. Your tail changes, and now ends in a triangular shape.


Then, realization hits you. Your

3:43 Great Southern Land. by underdrag
You choose the door labeled


"Diprotodontia: koalas, wombats, kangaroos, possums, etc."


You open the door and go through. You notice that all the doors in this room are labeled with the families of Diprotodontia.


(taken from

3:44 Insects, arachnids, crustaceans and others. by underdrag
Booming Voice says:


"Welcome to the phylum of Arthropoda!"


On the doors are labels. All the doors are labeled with one of the orders of Arthropoda(


Which do you Choose?

3:45 Flap your wings and fly! by underdrag
You walk through the door and booming voice says "Welcome to the phylum of Aves!"


You see a lot of doors. All of them are labeled with an order of Aves(


You choose...

4:20 Bang, Bang, you're dead. by underdrag
You hear the imp sneak up behind you and quickly pull your pistol out and shoot at it.


Three bullets hit it and it falls over, on the ground. You are unsure if it is dead or not, but you aren't going to take any chances. You slowly walk over to it and then it jumps up and tries to a

4:21 Do ya feel lucky punk? Well, do ya? by underdrag
You narrowly dodge it's claws again and make it to the other side of the transport, do a roll, grab the gun and turn around.


You aim carefully at the demon's head, then suddenly...

4:22 Hahahaha! What's so funny? by underdrag
You aim carefully at it, and then suddenly, for no apparent reason, it starts laughing!


You decide to ignore it and shoot the demon back to hell. You pull the trigger and a suction dart flies out and hits the imp. You know the type, for toy guns? Well, thats exaclty what you picked up.

4:23 Ouch! Hey, no scratching! by underdrag
You leap for the gun over the other side of the transport, past the imp, who slashes your stomach area, opening a nasty wound and causing pain.


You make it just as the imp is about to throw a fire ball at you. You grab the gun, spin around and shoot the demon.


You shoot it ju