2:78 Big, Angry and Snorting by nergal
You see a rubber mask shaped like a bull's head hanging on the wall. You go over, pick it up and examine it. It seems harmless enough, so you slip it on over your head. Immediately, it adheres to your head.


Brown hair spreads down your body, as your muscles expand majority. Arnold

4:14 Run Away! by underdrag
<This can't really hurt me can it? I mean, it's just a game.> You decide to prove this to yourself by pricking your finger with your knife.


"Ow!" you scream. "Okay then, I guess that it's real. O my god! It's real!" You begin to panic that y

4:15 Look out! by underdrag
While you were busy, an imp snuck aboard the ship, undetected. You are trying to figure out the controls to fly the damn ship (your marine knowledge obviously didn't include how to fly a transport ship).


The imp comes up from behind. The imp sees you bend down to pick up something y

4:16 The Evil within by underdrag
You have no choice but to follow the game and hope you survive. You go to the airlock and pull your pistol out. You pull the clip out to check it. All the bullets are there, no faults in the gun, all seems to be in order.


Then, before continuing, you think ahead. <What will happen if

4:18 Computers, messy things they are. by underdrag
You enter and you find a large room, with computers in it.


Some scientists are lying over them, dead. There is a smaller room inside this one.


It contains two bodies. One is one of the men you worked with.


The other must have been a security guard. He has blood on

3:42 Left! No, your other left! by underdrag
You look around and see two passage ways, one looks scary and foreboding, while the other does not look so as much.


You choose the less scary path and follow it, after having a battle with your inner dragon's instincts. You follow the path until you come to a split path. Using your

3:41 Mmm... Lunch... or dinner... or just a light snack by underdrag
You see the small animal dash out in front of you and your new reptilian instincts take over. You strike out at the unlucky animal.


You swallow the animal whole and gulp it down. You feel it sliding all the way down until it stops at a place that you assume is your stomach.



4:13 Mars is an interesting place by underdrag
You choose Doom, your favourite childhood game.


The next thing you know, your sitting in a debriefing room. Theres some guy at the front, talking about an accident on the Mars moon base, Phobos Labs. There has been no communication from either moon base for over an hour now. "Since

2:77 I want to know why. by underdrag
You ask the Kitsune: "Why are they attacking you?" He replies: "The dragons are under control of an evil wizard."


The siren blares again. "Quick!" he says. "Thats the last warning before they arrive. Anyone still out side is never seen again!"


4:12 Freedom, for a price by Umassday
The noise that you are hearing is coming from outside the cell. You hide in a dark corner of the room, using your known skills to blend in with the shadows.


When you hear the noise at the front of the cell door, you can see that it's a human. This person is in a light gold armor, bl

1:276 Fly away, be free by underdrag
You stretch out your new wings and try to fly. You fly for about 0.3 seconds and then you start to fall. This is because you did turn into a bird, but not a flying one.


It appears that you have turned into a chicken! You land in the soft grass underneath the tree, unharmed. &lt;What?

3:40 Mammals by underdrag
Booming Voice: "Welcome to the Class of Mamillia" The doors have written on them names of the orders of mammal. These are


<li>Taken from</li>Monotremata: echidnas and platypus Didelphimorphia: New World opossums Paucituberculata:

1:275 Other "Inmates" by Umassday
You decide you are going to need help doing this.


You try run through another wall, but the wall hits back, hard. Yo get thrown to the other side of the room, only to bounce off the other wall, and into another.


As you continue to bounce, you see a crack in the upper portion

4:11 Elven Help by Umassday
You turn to face the one who seemed to help you. You look and see an elf, you can tell by the fairness of her skin, the length of her hair, and the look of wisdom in her eyes. But it was mainly from the points in her ears.


As you gawk at her, she comes over to you. When she comes within

4:10 The Gaining of Experience by Umassday
<!-- Start Major Edit (catprog)--> And then it becomes staggeringly obvious that the barkeep is ALSO one of the werebeasts. <!-- End Major Edit -->


You are startled by this fact and by reflex hit the barkeep square in the jaw. You are surprised by your strength, for you neve

4:8 Video games by catprog
You decide to travel to a video game. But which one will you choose?

4:9 Pokemon by catprog
You decide to travel to the pokemon world. However before you can jump you must decide your new body


a pokemon a male character from the show a female character from the show remain yourself or something else


3:38 Knock out by Umassday
You run from the fox, trying to get away, but he follows you.


You decide to travel north into a room. The fox stops when you reach the door and whimpers for you not to go in.


You enter, knowing now that the fox will not follow you. As you venture into that room, you sense so

3:39 Mythical Life by Umassday
You've been changed into a Naga, a creature that you read about in books. It appears that your lower body has changed into that of a large snake, while your upper body only got covered with scales. Your arms have gained muscle mass.


Then you feel something very wrong. You look down

2:76 You quickly follow them underground by
You quickly follow them underground


"The repealing crystals are fading again" the kitsune continues. "Repealing crystals?" you ask. "Oh ,your new" she answers with.


"The crystals are what protects us from the dragons" the kitsune explai