Books that I feel are the best of the lot:

Series that could have tf in the future



Ranking Summary  

Dragon Forged

2/5 Review A tf that is only their as an excuse for the plot Dragon Forged

The Scarlet Wolf

3/5 Review Wolf tf with litrpg
The Scarlet Wolf

Hat Trick

4/5 Review Intresting and distinct characters with nearly everything not working as you expected. Hat Trick

In Clawed Grasp

1/5 Review Not much transformation brings it down to 1 In Clawed Grasp


1/5 Review A story with a inconsistent charatcter and no real payoff for the romance plot Stray

After the Forest

0/5 Review Too many plots and not much transformation After the Forest

Dungeon of Chance: Even Odds

2/5 Review Stand human turned dungeon core. Dungeon of Chance: Even Odds

Full Moon Saloon

3/5 Review A very similar story to the previous one (Wolf Trap ) Full Moon Saloon

Wolf Trap

3/5 Review Good ideas but a little lacking in the execution Wolf Trap

Becoming A Druid

2/5 Review A story that starts off well but drags and little transformation content Becoming A Druid


0/5 Review Intresting ideas but a sence of no hope made me guve up halfway ni.

The Tiger's Apprentice

3/5 Review A decent story but nothing supprising
The Tiger's Apprentice

A Real Leader

3/5 Review Not much to say about this book good or negative.

A Real Leader

Wolf of Withervale

0/5 Review A story that had potential but sexual content and littel transformation made me give up on it.
Wolf of Withervale


1/5 Review A story that only has a little transformation content

A Dragon's Guide to Killing Gods

1/5 Review Take out the first chapter and the epilogue and you have no transformation content.
A Dragon's Guide to Killing Gods

Werewolf in Another World

0/5 Review A story that is pretty much numbers go up Werewolf in Another World

Amazonian Mistress

1/5 Review A badly edited story with no payoff.
Amazonian Mistress

Wish Upon the Stars

1/5 Review A story where the only transformation is for a minor character.
Wish Upon the Stars

My Werewolf System

3/5 Review Kind of general werewolf + gang story My Werewolf System

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