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You searched through the messy drawers, underneath the bed sheets, even in your dresser once again. To your surprise, you found a hidden door nestled in the very back of the enormous wooden box.
“What the…” you said to yourself as you knocked on the hard wooden surface. “Hollow?” you said with surprise. There was a tiny notch on the flat surface, like a handle obscuring the perfectly flush covering. With all of your strength, you hooked your slender fingers onto the latch in the wood, and pulled hard. It took enough force for you to lean backwards out of the wardrobe, and you thought about how weird it would have looked if the mysterious guy would have come back.
Suddenly, your body was thrown backwards at the mercy of gravity and you felt the heavy thud of your body against the shag rug carpeting. For a moment you laid out on the floor, winded and confused, until you looked in your hand, surprised to see the wooden slat had fallen away.
“Oh?” you thought to yourself. “I guess I got it open.” you took a moment to look at the rectangular panel as your hands mindlessly gripped at the corners. When you realized what you had done, you immediately sprung upwards again, sticking your head into the wardrobe curiously to see what was behind the panel.
To your surprise, you realize that behind the panel of wood was an entrance to an air vent. It was one of those old and large metal systems; large enough for you to crawl through it. Your interest was much more than peaked, something seemed to draw you in, despite being absolutely terrified about what was within.
From the angle you were at, your sensitive eyes could make out what little light reflected from the metal slats. You could tell that there were three directions you could have gone in, besides a path going straight, farther than your eyes could see, there were two more branching paths to each side. Which one will you take?

Written by Driftingdragon on 04 December 2020

Both Go left
Both Go right
Both Go straight
Both Leave it alone

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