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Stuffing yourself past the entrance was an easy task. You took a moment to assess your situation as you slid even farther into the vent. Right away, you noticed that you had a new set of skills and senses that you were quite excited to try out. Firstly, your eyes were fully adjusted to the darkness, and you could more easily look around your surroundings without struggle. Secondly, you realized that your sense of smell was even more powerful than before. And finally, you were able to move around easily on all fours.
After a quick moment of pondering, you came to a crossroads. You analyzed your surroundings. In one direction, the rank smell of natural gas was leaking from the left, the space within seemed to shrink a bit as you went down, or maybe that was just the way the perspective was. You looked to the right and noticed that there was no smell, and comparatively, it didn’t seem to become tight as quickly.
Your decision was clear. You were going to the right. It took awhile for you to begin to see a white light coming out from the other side of the tunnel.

Written by Driftingdragon on 09 December 2020

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