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Without even thinking, you decided to crawl at full speed forwards. Despite any regards to what may have been outside of the tunnel, with full confidence, you realized that this was the only way.
A dark brown and black body looked like a blur as the canine- fully agalop out of the metallic prison-vent. Your feet danced across a thin canopy of weak stone, and dirt. As your eyes adjusted, you were able to see the other side of a ravine swelling in your vision. Your limb flailed without your consent; completely out of control of your body, it was as if you were trying to futilely flap your arms and fly across the gap. To your surprise, your parabolically descending body quickly became swallowed up within another cave mouth on the adjacent side of the ravine.
“Ouch! -Ouch! -Ow.” you said, as you landed against hard flat soil; you were surrounded in an almost alien environment. When you took one final look at the void where you just fell from, you realize that there were multiple branching tunnels

Written by Driftingdragon on 26 April 2021

The end (for now)
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