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You remembered that you had something much better to take care of. This little distraction was among the least of your worries, and you figured that even taking the time to replace the panel was too much for you to take care of right now. Promptly you placed the wooden slab haphazardly in your wardrobe, and continued to figure out what tasks you had to do.
At first, it didn’t seem to you, like sitting in a dominant position in the room- in a position facing any or all points of exit- could have been too much of an issue for you. There were even moments where you felt as if you could hear something rustling around behind you. Once, twice, even three times you checked over your shoulder, but to your relief, you saw nobody. Something smelled a bit odd, but maybe it was just the scent of the dusty insides of the vent stuck in your nose.
Suddenly, the high pitched papping of little footsteps overtook your sense of hearing, only moments before you felt a hard object slam hard into the back of your head. You fell back in your chair, having no idea what could have been the source of that sharp and abrupt pain.
“Did I fall?” You asked yourself. “How could my head hurt this much if I just fell.” You spent mere seconds pondering your situation, yet it felt like hours. “No.. I was doing something else… Getting…”
Pain shot through your body as if you were being stabbed with nail sharp claws. Their pointed edges gouged and scratched at your skin as you kicked and screamed, futilely fighting against this unknown source. You caught a glimpse of a color; rotted green, pus-filled yellow sores and pestilence, and the awful smell of fermentation. The rough callused skin brushed against you as the creature pulled you across the floor.
“Wait what’s going on?!” You were still drowsy and disoriented, taking in another image with crossed eyes, you saw the gaping mouth-like opening of the vent, your captor’s deep guttural groans echoing endlessly from deep within the vent. Soon it would be you sliding back through those cramped and suffocating walls.

Written by Driftingdragon on 25 May 2021

The end (for now)

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