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You have taken your transformation in stride. You choose to put on the costume, you read all the warnings. This is what you wanted, not what you expected when you entered the store, but what you needed. With that, you shrug off all your worries, and decide to give yourself a better look over. Also, you want to see what you can do.


“Whee~” Your new, soft feminine voice cried out with happiness. You dive with a grateful arch of your back. Long brown hair flows around you, as your cry disappears into bubbles. You lower half, the dominated seal half. Swam with a grace you couldn't get when you were your normal human self. Delicate grey flippers. Moves as your legs once did, without thought. Large sweeping motions; had you speeding under the surface of the water you were in.


Human hands out in front, you flew, but in water. Laughing bubbles, you don't think about anything but the rush of water that flowed pass your face. Twisting and turning, you did figure-eights, you danced, you swam! The weight of your new heavy breasts, didn't slow you down at all; turning on your back, you floated on the surface. Looking down, your breasts, bare and uncovered, it felt strange at first change.


“Feels natural,” you mutter, bringing your hands up and under the large breasts. You push them up and together. “They looked,” you pause, looking for the right words. “So human,” skin pale like the sunniest beaches sand. Your skin blended down at the waist, to a grey of your flour flippers on your seal body. Brown spot be-flecked your pale skin. Letting them go with a weighty bounce. You stretch your arms out, tangling them in the wet, silky strands that were your brown hair. It curled around your fingers, and rolled with the gentle waves of the ocean.


“How did I get here?” You think about the costume shop. The change, but you couldn't remember touching the water, or moving into some. Looking around, you saw the bright blue skies of a brilliant morning. A death breath, gave you the refreshing smell of salt, and cool fall breezes. “This is amazing.” All your cares? Tossed to the side, lost to the deep waters that you floated on. “Oh!” You flip onto your stomach, looking ahead you could see some large flat stones.


“I should go there,” your stomach fluttered with a warm sensation. That flowed through your whole body. From the human head, to the tips of your seal flippers. It tingled with an urge, that felt like nothing you had felt before, when you were one hundred percent human. You wanted to go there. A hard splash split your attention. Glancing to the sound that came from behind you. You see a ship, old and wooden. Nothing like it was being built like that now. It appeared new, but style wise, it was so old.


“That's kind of cool.” You admired the ship, that was some ways away from where you were. It looked like something a drunken pirate would stumble along. It called to you on a human level, to your pass self-knowledge. Another part of screamed it was unsafe, that you should head to the rocks. The safer, tingle place. What would you choose, the safe instincts of the seal, or the curiosity of your still human part of yourself?

Written by Psto1464 on 16 April 2022

Both Seal Instincts
Both Human Curiosity

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