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That ship was way too interesting to pass up! You decide to get a closer look. It didn't take you too long to catch up with the ship. When you got closer, you see the reason why. The large ship, which was something from a pirate movie for sure, except this one was for hauling fish. Braided thick ropes, made a tied together into a large net. Large enough that it dip that side of the ship with fish, as men scurried about the deck, trying to pull it all in.


Your view wasn't the best, watching with your eyes peeking out of the water, and at a weird angle at that. You want to see it more, you never got to see something like this back at home. Swimming a little closer didn't help, your angle wasn't good. Being behind the butt of the ship, did hide your presence well. Which made your selkie self happy, but it downright sucked for sightseeing! Hearing voices speaking in sync, the flip flapping of the fishes caught in nets. Meant nothing if you couldn't see the experience.


Against your selkies judgment. Which made your fins tremble, you decide to swim around the butt of the ship. It was amazing! The fish were shimmering in the sunlight, it looks like a waterfall going into reverse! Caught like the fish in the net, with your admiration, you swim closer and closer. Only your eyes were peaking out of the water. It was fine, completely fine; until it wasn't.


“Ah!” You let out a delicate, ear-piercing scream. Somehow, in someway, your flipper got tangled in the net! Panic swept in faster than a storm. Heart pounding, blood racing, your body fails! Flapping in the water, you splash it everywhere in your attempts to escape. Nothing was working, soon not one, not even two, but all your seal flippers. Wrapped themselves in fish and rope. What could you do?


“Let me go!” You cry out, you can feel the tears building in your eyes. You pull hard, desperate, at the ropes, it did nothing to stop the tug that was forcing you up the side of the ship. Not only that, but you're so upset, the surprised cries of the men on the ship are white noise. As you tangled yourself in the net, you felt yourself let loose. Falling in a tumble of large fish, you hit the deck of the ship.


“Ow!” Your stomach and breasts stung with the hard slap of the wood. You whimper from the pain, breasts were much more sensitive to pain, than you thought they could be.


A large shadow casts over you, looking up you see the shadow of a man. He was broad shoulder, and his arms looked thick enough to snap your new female form in two. He wore a familiar looking hat on his head. With the feather, it reminded him of a certain cartoon pirate, that you couldn't name. Fear paralyzed your body, stunned you look up, and he looks down. Light blocking you from making any sort of identify marks of him. Outside, what you could make out already.


He took a step forward, a strong shine brings your attention to his hand. He was holding something... a knife! What can you do? Panic was starting to become overwhelming, your whole body shakes like you're sitting in an ice bath. You only see two choices. Fight, and run. Or, curl up in a ball and hope for the best.

Written by Psto1464 on 28 April 2023

Both Fight, and run!
Both Hope for the best

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