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“Don't eat me!” You cry the first thought that enters your head, curling into a ball. Or, as close as you were able to, seeing how you're tangled in a net you are. Eyes clenched tight.


“We will not eat you, Selkie.” A hand gently touches your flippers, lifting them and cutting... the rope off? Opening your eyes, you see him walking around you and cutting more and more of the rope off.


“Really?” You sniffle, the tears you felt well up, slipping off your eyelashes, and fall on your face. Other men cam and dragged the net off your seal lower half.


“Of course not,” the large man kneels. Letting you get a better look at him, his eyes looked as black as a seal, and his hands... were webbed? “I am the captain of the Haaf-fish, Eric” He slipped his jacket off and put it around your shoulders, pulling it in front. It didn't have enough fabric to cover your bountiful breasts; if that was his goal. “You are lucky it was us, and not regular humans.”


“Regular humans?” You ask, calming down, you bring your long hair forward to cover the rest of your breasts.


“We are all children of male selkie's, born of human mothers.” Eric said, waving his hand to the dozen of men that were all on the deck. Some nodded, some looked weary, many looked... interested? Lust-filled, were to be more on point.


“You're free to leave,” He stood up and points to the freedom of the water. “You could stay and join us. You'll be staying in my room.” He turned and glared down the few you had the musky scent, and eyes glossed with desire. “When I say staying in my room, I should tell you. That it will be as mates. We have our own heat cycles, like you; unlike you, we have no coven to release our energies.”


“Can't you have human women?” you ask from the same human curiosity that brought you to this ship.


“We can, and will.” Eric folded his arms across his chest, “When there is a beautiful selkie in front of you, why have a human?” He put his hand out in front of him. Showing you the spread of his webbed fingers. “Besides, even the brothels' woman, are... disgusted by these.”


“How stupid,” you muttered, more to yourself than to Eric or his men. Web fingers were cool, and Eric had a tint of grey, that looked down right seal, or selkie like it.


“That's realty,” Eric said, his face twisted into something that resembled a smile. “Now what is your choice? Make it quick before you don't have one.” You didn't need that mild threat to make your choice, you already made it.


“I'll be...” you say your choice out loud.

Written by Psto1464 on 06 May 2023

Both I'll be going
Both I'll be staying
Both I'll help find you wives!

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