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“I'll be staying,” you say firmer than the dear Captain expected. Eric takes a step back from you, surprised. In for the minute, in for the mile. Why not stay? You even have a few ideas on how to get these guys laid, or even some wives. Your brain whirls with legends of selkies getting human husbands. Surly, a half-human husband would be better, but if they might be harder to approach than you would like…


“You know what that means?” Eric said, you slid over to him, and tug at his shirt. He bends over, his face unreadable with the shock of the turn of events. He expected you to leave. Taking his face in your hands, you go with a bold decision, pin your lips on his. Peaking your tongue inside the parted lips, you lead a kiss that Eric was fast to seek control of. The jacket slips off your shoulders, and you push your breasts into Eric's firm chest. Cat calls, and envious groans, echoed in the background.


“I think I have an idea,” you whisper over Eric's lips. Yours feel swollen, and stung with the satisfaction of a good, hard kiss. You enjoyed it, and your body thrummed for more. You weren't too sure on how it would work, seeing how your lower half was a seal, and his wasn't... you were more than happy to find out.


“I have a few ideas,” you say, feeling powerful with the immediate hold you had over Eric. Being a woman was amazing. It had you thinking of some books you read back home. It was a popular theme, and didn't everyone dream about it happening to them, if it was only once? So, this time, you're the one who had some options to give the Captain, and his crew. “What do you say, what to hear them?” Eric curled a strand of your long hair around his finger. Looking you dead in the eyes.


“What are they?” You smile, and hand him his three options.

Written by Psto1464 on 14 May 2023

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