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“Ever heard of a reversed harem?” It was the naughtiest option that came to mind. You were in another place, a new person, a completely different species! Why not explore some option you would never touch at home? The idea was exciting, it was sending a thrill down your spine, and into your heart.


“You will take us all?” Eric eyes bulge, he got the rough idea rather well. Voices started to whisper, and get louder around you. You notice that no one was saying no, was it a selkie’s charm?


“Not all at once... but yes, why not?” Throw caution to the wind, what was the worst that could happen? If push came to shove, you could find your way to somewhere else, as anything else! “I'll travel with you... this could be a lot of fun!” You were liking the idea, there would be some bumps you were sure, but this was the new you, and once again; why not? You would explore your wild side, have some fun, and help out some guys at the same time.


“Fun?” The angry voice comes from behind, you turn and see another buff looking guy. Sailing must bring out the muscles in a guy. On his head was some red fabric, squinting, you could see it was a scarf. His brown hair hung to his shoulder, but he was not a bad looking guy. “Do you even know what you're saying?”


“Of course,” you flipped your long hair over your shoulders, and drop the jacket to the ground. Revealing your large breasts, and biggest attraction, you had to say. Your self-confidence had taken a three-sixty. You were not cowering on the deck, but owning the deck. “Don't believe me?” You taunt the man, bring your arms under your breast to bring them up like an offering.


“No,” the man said, shaking his head.


“Then come here,” you crook your finger, inciting him closer. The man was an easy catch, he stormed across the deck, and buried himself in your chest. Leaning back, you fall into the Captain's legs. Rising your arms up, you invite the Captain's, Eric's lips, back to yours. It was the start of a risqué path.

Written by Psto1464 on 20 May 2023

Both Two months Later

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