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Laying on the deck, you enjoyed your selkie form. After discovering the ability to enter a human form. Your nights with the crew of the ship, much more interesting. You were a bit tired, and lately, you've had some very hard mornings. Getting nausea at the simplest smells, getting teary eyes at a drink that spilled at a misjudge tilt of the ship. Stretching out in the heat of the sun, brought you back to your centre.


“How are you doing?” Liam, the man who had questioned your resolve a few months ago. Came up and moved your hair aside to rain a string of kisses down your neck.


“Better,” you moan to encourage him downwards. Letting your sexual nature free. You found yourself satisfied with the dozen men on board the ship. You were grateful for finding this selkies costume. This life suited you all too well.


“Do you think you could be pregnant?” His kisses didn't stop, until you turned around, that's when he went to your breast, his favourite spot.


“Maybe?” It would explain a few things, but you weren't caring about that right now. “We'll worry about that later?” You groan when he started to stroke his resting place.


“I already talked to the Captain,” he said before his mouth got busy.


“Then we'll talk about it later, at the meeting.” You arch, diving back into your new life. Pregnant, not pregnant. Your new family could deal with that in time. You didn't care right then. You would deal with that was your rump in the sun was finish.

Written by Psto1464 on 24 May 2023

The end (for now)

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