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“I can find you women!” you declare it out loud with great pride. Your selkie senses had been leaving you to the opposite direction. You know, you know, there would be some selkie women interested?


“What?” Eric shook his head, “You think we would fall for such lines?”


“I know there are some selkies over there,” you talk over him. “With me as your spoke person, I bet there would be some that would be some interested parties.”


“Quite!” Eric, the Captain shouted, getting silence after the wave of voices rose up at your words. “Are you certain?”


“I am,” you may be new to the woman thing, and the selkie thing... but! You knew how people, or half people, minds worked. Something exciting, something new. The younger generation would take them up on the offer. If nothing else only to experience something new, being daring, bold, a trend setter. The reasons would be different, you weren't sure of the era you were in, but this plan was universal. It would work, without a shadow of a doubt.


“Should we?” Eric turns to his crew, who gave a hearty whistle, and cheers. Must have been despite to listen to your words. When they literal caught you in their net. The plan would work, and you felt bad for the poor guys. No one should be alone, getting called ugly and because of some webbed fingers! You felt your commendatory soar, it was like you had heard the insults yourself!


“Let's do this!” You cry out, lifting your arm in the air. The men cheered and you turn to Eric. “Lead the way to the wheel, I lead the way.” Eric shook his head.


“You're an odd one," Eric said, walking to the side of the ship. You followed with short belly flops, while trying to figure out a better way to move on land.


“Thanks,” if he knew how you got here. He would find you more than odd. “I try,” you grin at him.


“You do more than try, you succeed. ” Eric said with a laugh, you join him. It was the start of a real interesting relationship, that was for sure.

Written by Psto1464 on 28 May 2023

The end (for now)

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