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“Let's not, and say we did.” You decide to listen to your new self, your selkie, seal self. Turning away from the ship, you head out and swim to those rocks. The closer you get, the more activity you notice. Seagulls were crying above. Still swimming, you admire them flying white birds while they travelled overhead. Near the rocks, where you could look down into the water, and see crabs. Other sea creatures scurry across the sands, and swim across the water.


“Ow!” You pop out of the water, rubbing your head, you were so focused on what was down below. You missed the rocks that were sticking out and above.


“You silly young thing,” An older female voice, that rolled with each word, spoke. Looking up, you see a woman, who looks like you; seal from the waist down. Her hair was black and her full lips, a dark red. Sitting high up on the rock, she looked down at you, and smiled. “Are you here for the event?”


“Yes, am I late?” You agree right away, wanting to blend in. What would you say? Sorry, I got transferred here today? The woman laughed and rolled off her rock. Swimming around to meet you, in front of you, see looks larger and older than you.


“Do you hear that?” She said, raising a finger in the air, and stops talking. Listening, you can hear it, how could you have missed it before? Long-range of sounds echoed all around. High thrills, to low barks, the sounds make you shiver, now that you noticed them. The woman with you notices your reaction, and chuckles. “First time?” You nod, going with the flow once more.


“Do you have a den group?” You shake your head, getting a little worried now, you make a quick excuse.


“I don't have any family, I came here out of instincts.” You weren't lying, you hope she doesn't chase you off.


“Ah, honey, no one should be alone, especially their first time.” Her dark eyes soften, and they look a bit damp, with tears? Was it tears? Shocked, you let her, pull you in for a hug, and after a moment, you return it. Your head tucking into her much more bountiful breast. There were so soft, your eyes almost drift off in comfort. “I have a small den of girls together. We help each through it every year.”


“That sounds nice,” you use your flippers to follow after her when she pulls in front of you. She nods and gives you a smile, that had you smiling right back.


“It is, you can join our den.” She waved at another selkie, a female with shorter hair, resting on a rock. Surrounded by another group of girls. “Not all the girls like newcomers, but I say the more, the merrier.”


“Thanks,” you said, looking around, things were feeling more lively. The deep barks, and thrills, were sounding off everywhere. It made your blood burn. With, with something you couldn't identify, but so many other selkies were there! It must be a normal occurrence, so you shrug it off, but you can't help but feel... fidgety.


“You're so eager!” She laughed, and waves you to her side. You swim there and look at where she led you. Before you was a series of caves. Hollowed out into the side of towering rock face. Were several large openings. “I remember I was so nervous, my mother dragged me in one cave by the arm!” She takes some of your loose hair and tucks it behind your ear. “There's no need to bother with all these yelps and barks out here.” She waved them off with her hand.


“There isn't?” You asked, not even sure what those yelps and barks were for.


“Oh no, they can't even get a cave. No girl should choose them, unlike that group I waved at earlier.” She wrinkled her nose, “No account for taste, or survival. We'll be lucky to see them next year. Don't you agree?”


“I want to survive,” you agree with a hard nod of your head. Whatever this was, if it meant living, you were all for it. You wanted t enjoy this new selkie life! No matter what.


“I thought you did, now, Conor, has had a cave for years.” She tells you this, and you smile. You were... confused about what was going on. “We lost a girl last year to a whale, so he'll accept you with open arms.”


“He will?” You ask, your mind races for the reason she's telling you this. When she swims up behind you, you struggle to ask what is going on. Without revealing, that you know nothing. “Are you sure?” Your voice sounds stressed, you can hear it pitch up at the end. You hope she won't notice!


“Of course,” her hands come around your neck, pulling your long hair back. Draping it, she used her fingers, combs it down your back. “No male would say no to a girl.” She kisses the top of your head, in what you felt was a mother like jester. “Conor is strong, and viral. He has yet not fail impregnating one of us. You are one lucky girl.” Your heart stops, and your body quakes. You can fell your lower part, your flippers and stomach. Come alive with a wet, burning feeling. Your breath picks up, and you start to pant.


“Now, the first heat, is always the hardest.” She turns you around, oblivious to how stunned you are. “Take your arms and push up those breast.” The older woman does this for you, your arms are now folded under your breast, pushing them up and over your arms. “He likes them large,” offering you a wink. She turns you around, and pushes you towards an end cave. ”Have fun, I'll go tell the others, and we'll meet you tomorrow morning. Bright and early!”


Then she swims off, you turn and watch her go. Seeing you, the woman using her hands to motion that you should go inside. Should you? The full experience of the selkie waiting inside, but were you still a regular old human. Was it enough? It was enough to stop that... right?

Written by Psto1464 on 17 April 2022

Both Plain Old Human
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