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You don't have a real chance to decide with your head. Your body has chosen your path. Burning with a need, that you now figured out to be the selkie's heat cycle. You swim inside the entrance of the cave, it was dark and wide. You find yourself caught up in the oddness of the light. Disappearing do fast inside the entrance of the cave. Yet, you're still being able to see perfectly...


“Ow!” That once again you find yourself swimming into something. This time it left you rubbing your nose. “I need to watch out for rocks,” you tell yourself. Twice in one day, was kind of like walking into a wall a couple of times. Funny at first, but then sad and pathetic. Blinking, you try to focus on the rock you hit, but all you see is flesh. Pale, well chisel flesh. “That is not a rock!” You cry out in surprise, swimming backwards; to once again strike something. A large hand at your back.


“I am, as far as I'm aware, not a rock,” a rougher voice came, he sounded like he was finding this all very funny.


“Well, you feel like one,” rubbing your nose with both hands now. You glare up at the grey hair fox, that because he was a good-looking man, older. He would win the heart of any woman he choose. Even with his lower half having four large flippers. That put your four to shame, he would be able to get anyone he wanted. You were certain of it.


“Is that so?” He laughed, and his grey eyes lit up. You refuse to omit that you find that kind of cute, and your frantic mind can only come up with one response. That is, sticking your tongue out at him. His face freezes, and you get some satisfaction at surprising the older man. “Ah, you're a playful one.” He sighed and smiles at you. Pulling you close, you widen that smile. Looking right at you. Your world stand still, and without a word. Your night starts with his lips on yours.

Written by Psto1464 on 23 April 2023

Both 10 Months Later

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