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“That was exhausting,” your face is drowning in sweat and tears. You look up to see not only the Silva, the woman you met on that first day; ten months ago. Also, four others that were part of Silva's den. A group of female selkies that banded together to raise their pups.


“You have a beautiful baby boy,” Silva said in a whisper, passing you a small baby, who like you now. He was a seal from the waist down. Cradling the little bundle in your arms, you sniffle. Forming a bond with not only the women, but Conor; who stood off to one side of the ice cave den. Giving you, the woman who surrounded you, time. It was not part of the plan, but it was one hundred and ten percent worth it!


“Conor, come see the baby!” You had earned your 'I made this' moment, after six hours of labour; the others said you were lucky. You wished you were dead, for about five of them, so what did they know?


“He's a fine lad,” Conor whispered. Touching the baby's head with his fingers, rubbing the small patch of dark hair on the newborns head. Unlike others, Conor loved seeing and raising his pups. All in all, Silva was right. You were one luck girl. What life would bring you next...


“I want ten of these,” you tell Conor when you stared down at your baby's sleeping face.


“Not all at once, I hope,” Conor said, his face twisted in a bit of wide-eyed panic. That had the rest of the women laughing. You joined them. They were good, your baby was good, and you were good. There was no reason to change anything. You had it all right there. Forgetting about the costume, the options and the other choices. You settle in for a life, right where you are.

Written by Psto1464 on 25 April 2023

The end (for now)

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