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You were human enough. Your new selkie part fought against your choice, almost the moment you made it. The internal struggle was a heart racing battlefield, that you won. Diving under the water, you let yourself sink. Watching the light, that pierced the upper layers of the water, disappear while you fell down. You also felt the temptation to go to that cave wane.


You sigh with relive. Not only that, but you felt like that was close to straying down the path that would keep you in this realm forever. You swim along the bottom, watching for any selkie like shadows. You creep along the sand, watching it come around you like star dust. Taking your time getting away from the selkie group, and the hot feeling that gripped your body when with them. Swimming into the depths. You vow to yourself that you will find another costume, enjoy this trip to the fullest; and go on the next one. Before, you made your way back to your plain old human skin.

Written by Psto1464 on 18 April 2022

The end (for now)

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