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"Are there puppies around? Wait, why did I say that?" You ask, shocked at yourself.


He grins "It seems like we have a skill that came with the costume. Yes we do have a hospital where mothers give birth. You could also be providing milk to them, or looking over them to make sure that they are safe."


You don't understand why, but this feels like something part of you REALLY wants to're almost eager to be cuddling the pups, watching them play with each other, making sure that they are fed sounds perfect to you.


"So I guess that is a yes" he says, smiling at the expression on your face. "Follow me, please. The hospital is across town. We will need you to get you a ticket for the subway"?


"Subway?" you ask.


"Yeah, we have a large city and a large public transport network. Don't worry, you can pay me back later." He opened a door and you had to cover your eyes as the sunlight streamed through, bringing with it a variety of sounds and smells from outside.


"Wow," you say as the smells overtake your? nose "This nose is quite sensitive."


He chuckles "I guess your not used to it. After a week you should be used to it."


"A week?"


He smiles "Yep, And now we will go to the subway, Do you have your driver's license or some other ID?"


Thankful that you had remembered to pocket it, you took out the ID you had found on the dresser, showing it to him.


"Good, we can organize a transport card for you. Luckily, the local station is a big one with a very efficient office."


By now you have arrived at the station. He walks up to the ticket window "I have a newcomer who needs a card."


The person on the other side of the window nods. "If she will come through the door here, we can organize it for her."


You walk through the door and, after showing your ID, you get handed a card. On it is a 3D image of you. "This is one of the new cards. We have a 3D image system now," he explains.


You come out and show it to the person who had brought you here. "Nice, they have only recently brought that imaging system into effect!


"Now we need to go to the hospital. Put your card in the slot by the fare gate." You nod and soon you are on the train to the hospital.


You soon arrive at the hospital. "How am I going to get into the job?" you ask, nervous.


He smiles "Well, they are generally looking for people, so it should not be hard. Some of the jobs are harder to get into. Providing milk is the easiest to get into, though."


"Milk?" you ask. "But don't you have to be nursing to produce milk?"


"They can do it artificially. They have a real problem with getting enough bitches, though."


Though you feel offended at being called a bitch, you are a bit surprised to find that you are excited at the idea of feeding the puppies. Nervously, you ask "How hard is it to get into the other jobs?" Not quite sure you were ready for such a thing so soon after you were transgendered.


"Well, priority goes to those who provide milk, but there might be some vacancies."


"Vacancies in what?"


"Helping the new mothers with their puppies, making sure the older puppies play nice, those sorts of things."


You nod "I see." Looking ahead,? you notice that they have a sign saying 'RECRUITMENT' over a desk. You walk up to the desk, curious about what they're recruiting for.


A woman is sitting at the desk, reading a book. She looks up as you approach. "What's the open position?" you ask, hoping for something you could handle.


"Well there are many options for taking care of the puppies, if that is what you want."


You nod. "I'm wondering what the options are," you say eagerly, a smile on your face.


"Well, their is providing milk of course, looking after the new mothers, the older puppies...we have a lot of applications for the last two, though."


You think carefully about this...providing milk might not be so bad, but the other two jobs seem appealing, too.


Eventually, you reach a decision. "I'll..."

Written by catprog + llirbwerdnadivad on 27 February 2012

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