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you follow at his heels as quickly as you can carry yourself, and for a moment, it didn’t seem to bother you that you were out in public in such skimpy clothes.
“I guess that’s what fur is for…” you thought to yourself. “So” You begin, aloud. “A Subway?” You ask.
“Yeah, there's a large public transportation up the hill, not down it though. You should never go down there.” his voice was like a droning procession. “For now, I can loan you the money for a while, with interest of course!” His slimy smile sent a shiver through your spine.
"Wow," you say as the smells overtake your nose "That hits hard.” You continue to yourself as you begin to take in the world around you as a canine for the first time. Your attention was caught by the bright sights and sounds rushing in around you, and for a moment you lost yourself, overwhelmed. The only thing breaking you from your trance was the gruff sound of his voice as he chuckled.
"I guess you’re not used to it. Should start to come natural after a day or so.” you nodded silently. “Someone seems eager to be a mother.” his creepy tone seemed to hypnotize you as he leaned in as you both walked up the hill. “Stop is just ahead. Do you have your driver's license or some other ID? Other than that tag, of course.” He continued.
“This is all I have” You said, showing him the ID you had found in the dresses.
“I see… well let’s see what we can do with this.” he said, taking the thin plastic card in his hands.
It didn’t take very long for you two to arrive at the station. You were impressed by the level of high tech surrounding you, and you wondered how such a shabby shack like the one you woke up on could have been located so close to such an energetic hub of activity. The guide turned to you.
"This is one of the new cards. We have a 3D image system now," he explained. “Check this out.” You noticed the holographic image of you in three dimensions as the card projected your likeness before your very eyes. “The hospital should be this way, there’s an intricate network leading directly there, for convenience.” He continued as he tapped his card, granting him access to pass the turnstiles. You did the same.
Soon, the two of you arrive at the hospital after a surprisingly short train ride.
"How am I going to get into the job?" you ask, nervous.
“Just be yourself, I have faith in you.” He said as you approached the hospital’s reception.
“Hello there, what can I help you with!” The woman said, cheerily.

Written by DriftingDragon on 03 April 2021

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