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Before you began too hastily, you remembered the main issue: your clothes.
“It’s fine you’re not going to need that.” He said, but before he had the time to finish responding, you ripped the bedsheets from the bed and wrapped them around your body in a toga-like fashion. With a quick turn and a smile, you reassured him with your positivity and continued to follow him out of the house.
“May need it later! Gotta care for puppies, right!” he stared for a moment and smiled back.
“We need to hurry if we are to catch the transportation at the right time.” He said before nearly shoving you through the door, brushing against your body as he took up the space around you. Despite feeling a bit discomforted by the gesture, you realized he was just trying to get to business, and you didn’t think twice about it. Yet something about him seemed cold as you draped the thin sheets over your shoulders.
“Something is a problem?” You asked.
“Just worried if they’ll let you on with those.” His snarky tone seemed to be discomforted with you, though you didn’t feel the need to look further into it. Silently, the two of you continued on to the station, it didn’t take long for you both to arrive. “Well this is it.” He said, being a bit short with you as you take in the scene around you.
“Wow! It’s huge!” You said aloud. “Now what do we do?” You asked, turning to him. Without meeting your gaze, he responded.
“Just have to get you a card, of course.” He began walking towards the receptionists’ desk.


Written by DriftingDragon on 01 April 2021


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