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“Identification?” The old woman behind the desk croaked. You looked to the guide behind you, his only response: A shrug. You looked back at the woman and remembered the ID you found earlier and began to fumble for it in the folds of your flowing makeshift dress..
“Will this work?” You said as you checked in with ease. She didn’t say a word thereafter and it didn’t take her long to pull out a new and beautifully imaged picture of you on a flat card. The image itself was actually in three dimensions.
“Wow!” you said to yourself.
“Yep!” the wizard responded. “Some newfangled imaging technology.” He continued. As you both boarded the train, you spent some time admiring your cloak-like dress in the third dimension. Soon thereafter, your mind began to race once again on what the future holds for you.
“What do I do to get this job?” you ask inquisitively.
“Just be yourself! I think you can handle anything.” He said to you in a common tone. “We’ll be arriving soon!” he said to you as you gazed out the window at the city before you.

Written by Drifting Dragon on 27 July 2021


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