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The wizard nodded when you got to the front desk, encouraging you to approach by yourself. Honestly you didn’t even realize that he left shortly after you got there, and you barely noticed the sound of the door closing behind him as your sensitive ears began to pick up the heart pounding away in your chest.
“Hello there!” you asid cheerily. “I’m looking to become a caretaker… Of some sorts.” You asked with a questioning tone.
“There are a few spots available.” The receptionist responded to you. “If you’d like, you can fill out this form for a moment. Once you’re done, just bring it here and then you can wait for a moment to be called.” She explained almost robotically, as if she had rehearsed that hundreds of thousands of times.
“Alright one moment!” you grabbed a seat in the corner of the lobby. You sat comfortably in your modest clothing and began to read through the thick stack of papers. It almost seemed like a book the way they were piled up between the clip almost a centimeter thick. When you began to look at the words spanning across the paper in a tiny hard to read font your head began to spin.
It was as if the tiny bold and italicized letters were a different language and it became almost impossible for you to concentrate on what it said, let alone what your response to any of the questions were
“Okay, I could do this.” You said as you steeled your mind to go through the papers. Filling out the first half of the stack was easy enough. It was almost simple enough for you to do it mindlessly. “Name, Age, Date, Species, Gender.” the standard. There were even a plethora of repeat questions, and soon after being tired out, you began to look around the room, just to take in the ambience.
The mundane task of filling out the papers had taken a toll on you, so during quick mental breaks you would look around and read signs just to clear your mind from all the big worded jargo thrown at you in the document. “Stairs, Daycare room, Hospital entrance… Refinery?” A small detail easily brushed off as you began to recenter your focus on your future job.
A few more minutes pass and you realize that the questionnaire had begun to ask some particularly odd questions.
“Are you intimately experienced with anatomy?”
“Have you taken any kind of hippocratic oath?”
“How far will you go for your goals?” but at this point, your exhausted brain was answering questions left and right. All you wanted to do was get this all over with just so you can begin your job.

Written by Drifting Dragon on 28 July 2021

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